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Logitech Blue Yeti Review

Back in 2009, the Blue Yeti debuted as a premium USB mic. Its design is for singers, semi-pro, pro & aspiring broadcasters, and everyone else. We will look into its performance, features, design, and everything related to the product in our Logitech Blue Yeti Review.

Here, we will help you determine if the mic is fit for your needs and if it surpasses the older Yeti. 

But before getting into detail, let us check its packaging and contents.

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Logitech Blue Yeti Review  – Design and Functionality

With its classic look and minimalist design, Yeti gives you that studio vibe, even if you are recording at home. The front of this mic sports a volume knob and mute button for convenient adjustment and access.

At the back part of the Yeti, there is a gain knob and switch for 4-directional pattern noises. These include stereo, cardioid, bi-directional, and omnidirectional patterns.

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While writing this Logitech Blue Yeti Review, we also saw that the mic swivels in its stand for repositioning. To get better flexibility, you can unscrew the Yeti from its base and mount it on a standard mic stand. Or, you can even mount it on a boom arm instead. 

Key Features of the Logitech Blue Yeti

Know what makes this the top-selling microphone as we discuss its features in our Logitech Blue Yeti Review.

Broadcast Vocal Effects

Blue improved the Yeti with the new Blue VO!CE software, accessible via Logitech G Hub. Yeti makes achieving professional streaming audio quality easier with enhanced broadcast vocal effects, HD audio samples, and advanced voice modulation.

For Multiple Uses and Applications

This mic is your best companion for recording music, Twitch streaming, professional podcasting, and Youtube videos. It will transform your audio to studio-quality levels.

Blue microphones use proprietary tri-capsule technology, allowing you to choose from four distinct pattern modes. You can use Stereo, cardioid, bidirectional, or omnidirectional.

Comprehensive Recording Control with the Logitech Blue Yeti

Yeti has studio controls, including instant mute, headphone volume, pattern selection, and microphone gain. These put you in charge of every single part of the recording process.

With these controls, you can adjust the microphone sensitivity easily if there is distortion or feedback. You can also mute it instantly if you want to take a break.

This microphone also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing you to hear what you are recording in real time. It has no latency or delays.

Innovative Design for Easy Recording

Yeti features an innovative design, and we noticed it while testing the product for our Logitech Blue Yeti Review. Also, this microphone allows you to pivot and adjust it based on your sound source to optimise the audio quality.

When you finish adjusting and setting up the Yeti, you only need to tighten the set knobs. Doing this will keep the microphone secure in its place, allowing you to capture the best audio quality. 

Start Recording Immediately

Using the Yeti does not have a learning curve since it is a convenient, no-hassle microphone for a smoother workflow. 

You can set it up in seconds with the included desktop mic stand or connect. Another option is to connect it directly to a mic stand.

The easy-to-reach controls and the side-address operation of the Yeti microphone lets you record comfortably. Speak, sing, or play on the same side and capture professional-grade audio.


Our Logitech Blue Yeti Review will list all the product specifications you need to know about the Yeti. It will help you determine if the mic is compatible with your setup. 

Logitech Blue Yeti Microphone

The power it consumes is 5V 150mA with a sample rate of 48kHz and a 16-bit rate. It has three Blue-proprietary 14mm condenser capsules and four polar patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo modes.

Also, it has a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response and a 120dB (THD 0.5% 1kHz) max SPL. 

The Yeti measures 12 x 12.5 x 29.5cm when extended on its mic stand. It weighs 1kg with the mic stand, while the microphone without accessories only weighs 0.55kg.

Headphone Amplifier 

We will also discuss the headphone amplifier of the microphone in our Logitech Blue Yeti Review. It has a 16-ohm impedance and a power output of 130mW. THD is 0.009%, signal-to-noise is 100dB, and its frequency response is 15Hz to 22kHz.  

System Requirements 

For Windows users, you need to have Windows 10 or higher, plus a USB 1.1/ Then for Macintosh, you need the macOS 10.14 or later, plus a USB 1.1/2.0/3.0.

Hands-on with the Logitech Blue Yeti

In this section, we will discuss our user experience with the Yeti. We will let you know about the setup process, BLUE VO!CE, and product performance.

Setting Up

The Yeti does not require any complicated setup. Bring it out of the packaging, and then link your microphone to your PC via a USB cable. Then that is it. 

To test, we tried it with some Apple and non-Apple products, and the Yeti worked well together. Plus, it was easy to use, whether we were on a PC or an Apple device. 

We opted for an echo and noise-free room to get the best quality audio. Plus, we set the mic vertically and directly in front of us. Of course, we ensured it was at a distance of about 4 to 10” from the mouth. 

Ideally, the positioning of the Yeti should be on a boom mic stand. This setup prevented it from coming into direct contact with our table. 

Logitech G Hub Software

Blue VO!CE is a collection of real-time microphone effects that provides clear, professional voice communication. Logitech G HUB supports and enables access to the BLUE VO!CE.

As a result, you have the option to adjust your voice to your personal preferences. With that, everyone can hear you well. Using it will also make you sound like a professional streamer.

Real-time filters remove background noise to make you sound clean, rich, and resonant even in hectic gaming environments. These enhance your best vocal qualities and modify loudness levels.

Performance of the Logitech Blue Yeti

Our Logitech Blue Yeti Review will discuss how the Yeti performed during our tests. Was it good, bad, or just like every other microphone? Let us find out. 

The cardioid mode icon resembles a heart, which is perfect because we like this option. For the majority of podcasters, it is the best way to operate.

This environment is suitable for streaming, gaming, music recording, and podcasting. We even tried recording voice-over commercials with the Yeti, which was straightforward. It effortlessly added music to those commentary tracks for professional-sounding results.

Bidirectional is the best option for one-on-one interviews since it captures sound from the front & back of the mic. In our experience, the recordings were clear and precise. Plus, we did not record with a digital voice recorder since the mic eliminated our need for it.  

Omnidirectional is the ideal mode for roundtable discussions and group chats since this pattern captures the voices of multiple people. The only disadvantage of an omnidirectional pattern is it captures every shock and bump.

The omnidirectional mode captured the many voices of people. Our recordings were also loud, clear, and precise, like the cardioid and bidirectional patterns.

When we used this pattern, our guests told us to keep our hands to ourselves and avoid fidgeting or tapping. Plus, we listened to the recordings and noticed how the Yeti captured most sounds. Though imperfect, this made us realise that the Yeti is a powerful microphone.

Aside from capturing the sounds, the Yeti increased the impact of taps and bumps. That is why we suggest using a pop filter to minimise such sounds.

Stereo mode recorded sounds from the left/right audio channels, which made it ideal for music recording. When we asked some musicians to listen to our recordings with the Yeti, they only had good remarks about this.

The audio quality was clear and detail-filled, which was excellent for music recording. However, we recommend using a pop shield for the best results.

Logitech Blue Yeti Review Summary

The Yeti remains a favourite for podcasting and recording due to its ease of use and affordability. It is an efficient product whether you are recording alone or with multiple people.

This plug-and-play microphone is one of the best for newbie podcasters and streamers. With its included accessories, you will not need to purchase additional equipment, making it an affordable option.

We highly recommend the Yeti if you want a budget-friendly microphone that offers quality and versatility.

To learn more about the Logitech Blue Yeti, visit the official product page of Blue.