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Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Review

When using your iPad Air, there are times when a trackpad and keyboard combination is necessary. These are essential to ensure productivity and efficiency at work. If you are searching for one, our Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Review has a product for you. 

The Combo Touch offers quality and comfort. It is an ideal alternative to the Magic Keyboard from Apple, which costs hundreds of dollars. 

Aside from comfort and quality, the product offers top-notch protection for your iPad Air. Additionally, it has a keyboard and trackpad to give your tablet a laptop form factor. 

Continue reading to learn more about the design, features, functions, specs, and performance of the Combo Touch. These will help determine if this product is ideal for your needs. 

Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Packaging

Our Combo Touch arrived in time for this Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Review. When it reached our office, we saw it shipped in a simple-looking white box similar to Apple products. The exterior has minimal designs and text since the company kept things to a minimum. 

The front only displays a product image, name, and details about the Combo Touch. Additionally, Logitech kept things to a minimum, so you will only find the Combo Touch and user documentation inside. 

Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Review – Design and Functionality

The Combo Touch comprises a protective case and a detachable keyboard, offering more versatility than the Apple Magic Keyboard. In addition, its case boasts soft rubber edges and accurate cutouts save for the USB-C port. 

A notch is present to house an Apple Pencil while charging. However, Logitech could improve on securing the pencil in place. Also, adding a little strap/clasp can work efficiently. 

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While writing this Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Review, we saw that the case has a woven material covering its form. We love its texture since it feels gentle to the touch. Another element to note is the Logitech logo positioned on its rear. 

The case features a built-in stand for a 10 to 60-degree adjustability, which is also sturdy and durable. When looking at its interior, its walls are soft and include a Smart Connector on the inner-back portion. 

The case links to the keyboard with the help of its Smart Connector, which has a magnetic and sturdy hold. However, remember it will still disconnect if you wiggle it too much. Generally, this is not an issue since you will not wiggle the Combo Touch anyway. 

Other than the case, the keyboard also sports the same woven material as the case. We also love its decent trackpad, full-sized keys, and a line of iPad OS shortcut keys. 

Key Features of the Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air 

Our Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Review will discuss the primary features of this product. Here, we will let you understand what makes it better than other keyboard cases on the market. Knowing these will help you decide if it suits your needs when you use the iPad Air.

Not a Laptop, but It Does so Much More

The Combo Touch is an outstanding keyboard case that offers a whole new level of versatility. It protects your iPad Air on all sides and corners when you type, read, and sketch. Plus, it has a click-anywhere trackpad to make everything more convenient.

Four Use Modes

You can accomplish any task faster with the four use modes of the Combo Touch. These include Type Mode, View Mode, Sketch Mode, and Read Mode.

Easily Detach the Keyboard

When you finish typing, you can detach the keyboard of the Combo Touch. Its detachable design allows reading, watching videos, or sketching, without anything between you and your iPad Air screen. Plus, you can use the adjustable 50-degree tilt of the kickstand to get the perfect viewing angle.

Form-fitting and Secure

The Combo Touch offers protection and peace of mind since Logitech moulded this keyboard case to fit the iPad. As a result, it keeps the front, back, and corners safe from bumps and scrapes. You can take it on the go thanks to its security and protection.

Premium Multi-TouchClick-anywhere Trackpad – the Largest from Logitech

The new click-anywhere provides more control, precision, and freedom when you perform tasks. With its massive area, you can have more space to work. Plus, it uses all the gestures from the Multi-Touch trackpad.

Reliable and Highly Responsive

The Combo Touch uses Smart Connector technology, which requires no pairing. It is also highly responsive and offers top-notch navigation to help boost your productivity.

Later in our Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Review, we will discuss our user experience with the Combo Touch. We will also focus on its performance and responsiveness.

Type in Day and Night

The backlit keys of the Combo Touch have 16 brightness levels that automatically adjust to your environment. So even if you type at night, you can see your keys and stay focused. Additionally, the Combo Touch has shortcut keys, which you can use to adjust the brightness of the backlighting.

Smooth Typing

Your typing experience on the Combo Touch is like on a laptop keyboard. Logitech has applied over 20 years of typing innovation to this product, resulting in accurate, fluid, and natural keystrokes. 

A Row of Shortcut Keys

The Combo Touch has a row of shortcut keys, media & volume control, brightness level adjustment, etc. So you can say goodbye to scrambling through on-screen menus to search for standard functions. 

Smooth Woven Fabric

The woven fabric used for the Combo Touch makes it appear elegant and feel premium.

One Click for Power and Pair

Smart Connector is a unique feature that instantly connects the Combo Touch with your iPad. This keyboard case does not need batteries since the iPad is its power source. 

Charge Your Apple Pencil

Your Apple Pencil (2nd gen) may run out of power when on the go. Fortunately, the Combo Touch has an open side for charging when you need a quick boost. 

Automatic on and off

Opening Combo Touch can also wake your iPad and switch the keyboard on. When closing the keyboard case, both go into sleep mode automatically.


We listed all the product specifications of the Combo Touch in our Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Review. Refer to these and determine if the keyboard case is worth purchasing for your needs. 

It measures 25.2 x 18..93 x 1.71cm (H x W x D) and weighs 574g. The detachable keyboard has four mode types: View, Type, Read, and Sketch. Moreover, it has auto-adjusting backlit keys, 10 to 60 degrees of viewing angles, and works via the Smart Connector. 

Lastly, the system requirement for the Combo Touch is the iPad OS 13.4 or later. 

Hands-on with the Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air

Our Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Review will discuss the set-up process and performance of the Combo Touch. In addition, we can help you determine if this product will work well for you by sharing our user experience.

Setting up the Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air

Setting up the Combo Touch is highly straightforward and convenient. Upon connecting the keyboard to the iPad, you are good to go. Next, the iPad prompts you to download the Logitech Control App, allowing you to check updates for the Combo Touch. 

Using the Logitech Combo Touch

The Combo Touch offers an excellent user experience. Typing on it is comfortable and feels similar to the Apple Magic Keyboard. Plus, it has a wide range of adjustability. With the keyboard removed, the product offers good protection to the iPad Air.

One of the best things about Combo Touch is the accurate trackpad, thanks to its Smart Connector. It is highly responsive, feels natural to use, and shows no signs of ghost touching. We also appreciate the size that allows for more movement.

Another thing we like about the Combo Touch is its keyboard. With the direct connectivity of Smart Connector, it works even better than Bluetooth keyboards. 

Although it is a thin and lightweight keyboard case, it has tactile feedback and adequate travel. Plus, keypresses do not feel mushy, so working on the Combo Touch is more enjoyable. Its silent keys also complement the iPad Air since it is suitable for working in quiet environments.

Overall, the Combo Touch delivers excellent performance and outstanding user experience.

Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Review Summary

The Combo Touch is an excellent product since it has the essential features of an iPad keyboard case. These include its adjustable kickstand, a premium fabric exterior, and a backlit keyboard. And you get all these for a more affordable price.

During our tests for this Logitech Combo Touch iPad Air Review, we enjoyed its features and how it performed. Its connection was stable enough to make the Combo Touch highly responsive in everything we did. We also did not encounter issues during our tests, which was great. 

If you need an all-in-one keyboard case solution for your iPad Air, we highly recommend Combo Touch. This product offers a premium aesthetic, durable construction, and excellent performance.

To learn more about the Combo Touch iPad Air, visit the official Logitech product page