logitech g335 review

Logitech G335 Gaming Headset Review

We know how challenging it can be to source the perfect accessories and equipment for enjoyable gaming. So if you’re searching for a good pair of headphones that won’t burn your pockets, we’ve got you covered. In our Logitech G335 Gaming Headset review, we’ll give you everything you need to know about this product from Logitech. 

It’s an aesthetic and fine-looking gaming headset that comes with a gentle price tag. The G335 is packed with a decent collection of features and a design that’s pleasing to the eyes. But before we look into these, let’s check out the packaging and contents in our Logitech G335 Gaming Headset review. 

Logitech G335 Gaming Headset Packaging

We chose the black Logitech G335 with a headband that sports a combination of the colours blue and purple. And when it arrived in our office, it came in a typical-looking Logitech cardboard package. 

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The box’s front sports an image of the headset while its name is next to it in bold blue fonts. Logitech and its logo can be found on the lower-left section of the box. Everything else is kept simple and clean, just like how the company usually designs their packaging. 

Inside, you will find the G335 gaming headset with a PC splitter for separate headphone and mic jacks. Of course, they included a user guide in the box which is a staple inclusion in products such as this. 

This time, our Logitech G335 Gaming Headset review will focus on the design and functionality of this headset. 

Logitech G335 Gaming Headset Review – Design and Functionality

The G335 comes in three different colours, one being the black headset that we chose. But despite the variety, this headset sports the same clean and bold style as that of the G733. 

To note, the other colours that the G335 has are mint and white. Yet if you’re living in Singapore, black and white are the only options to choose from. 

Although the G335 and G733 sport the same style, the biggest difference is their connectivity. The G335 is a wired gaming headset that’s perfect for people who dislike constantly charging their accessories. It makes use of a 3.5mm jack, which means that the headset can work with any platform or console. 

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This gaming headset even has a volume roller on it. And while the G335 is considered a stereo headset, it works with Windows Sonic and Dolby Surround Sound. 

Most of its exterior is made from matte plastic, but despite that, its headrest is designed to be flexible. The ring around its ear cup feels slick since it’s the only part that doesn’t have a matte finish. 

It’s lightweight at only 240g, and it’s probably the lightest headset we’ve ever tried. We love how evenly distributed its weight is, so you won’t experience fatigue when wearing it for hours. This is also thanks to the suspension style and adjustable elastic headband that keeps everything comfortable. 

Its weight and flexibility basically help offer lots of durability for this gaming headset. And since its ear cups are made out of cloth, they’ll definitely sit nice and snug on the ears. 

Let’s continue our Logitech G335 Gaming Headset review and talk about its flip-to-mute mic. 

The G335 sports a minimalist design, so its external features only include the flip-to-mute mic and a little volume rocker. You can find the latter at the back of the headset’s left ear cup which comes with an elastic headband. It’s a detachable piece needed for adjustments or when it needs to be cleaned. 

Generally, its design is simple yet crisp, and Logitech designed it specifically for plug-and-play setups. Its mic is Discord-certified, and its audio quality provides solid and clear communication so others can hear you perfectly. 

This gaming headset’s overall design and build are reasonably comfortable even if you wear it for prolonged gaming sessions. Between its ear cups and adjustable elastic headband, the G335 retains a gentle grip on the ears and head. Because of this, you’d practically forget that you’re wearing it while gaming. 

And since you can easily flip the mic up, it won’t get in the way. This is especially convenient when the game you’re playing doesn’t require you to have a mic. 

Let’s move on and check out the key features of the gaming headset in our Logitech G335 Gaming Headset review.

Key Features of the Logitech G335 Gaming Headset 

The Plug-and-Play Design 

Get into the game with ease just by plugging in the G335 Gaming Headset. You can connect it to devices with a 3.5mm audio jack like Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. Also, you can utilise it with most PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.

Adjustable for the Perfect Fit

The G335 features a soft elastic headband that you can adjust to perfectly fit your head. You can also slide the ear cups up and down based on your preferences.

Play in Style

Logitech’s G335 Gaming Headset’s soft elastic straps are reversible, giving you two colours to use. Each strap comes with matching earpads, and all these are washable to guarantee freshness and cleanliness at all times. 

Integrated Controls

On the G335’s ear cup, there’s a volume roller to turn up your audio. If you want to instantly mute, just flip the mic, and you’re all good.

40mm Neodymium Drivers and Discord Certification

The G335 Gaming Headset has 40mm neodymium drivers that deliver clear and crisp audio. Plus, it’s Discord-certified to ensure fully audible voice and crystal clear communication.

Next, you’ll find the different specifications and requirements of this headset in our Logitech G335 Gaming Headset review.  


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The G335 gaming headset measures 189 x 180 x 79mm (LxWxD) and weighs 240g including the cable. 

It works effectively with the PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and even smartphones with 3.5mm audio jacks. In addition, Logitech included a 2-year limited hardware warranty to the gaming headset. 

The Headphones and Microphone (Boom)

The G335 gaming headset itself makes use of a 40mm driver while having a 20Hz to 20KHz frequency response. It has an impedance of 36 Ohms while its sensitivity is at 87.5 dB SPL/mW. 

For its microphone, it has a cardioid unidirectional pickup pattern while its frequency response ranges from 100Hz to 10KHz. 

Hands-on with the Logitech G335 Gaming Headset 

The most essential portion of our Logitech G335 Gaming Headset review is the audio quality and performance of this gaming headset. In terms of its drivers, you can’t really compare the G335 to its pricier siblings. This headset uses the standard 40mm neodymium audio driver, whereas the more expensive headsets have ProG 40mm drivers. 

But even without surround-sound functions and having a standard driver, the quality output of the G335 was reasonable. And if you’re like us who prefers gaming at moderate volumes, you’ll be satisfied with this headset’s audio output. 

We greatly enjoyed the G335’s performance, whether it was the sound of rockets going off, explosions, or rapid-firing crossbows. It was able to deliver crisp and clear audio that’s reasonably good for its price. 

Of course, you shouldn’t expect any of the fancy 7.1 surround sound tricks. But despite that, this gaming headset does an amazing job at footstep detection in various competitive games. 

We had to boost the mic via our computer’s sound settings to get audio across Discord. When we left it on the default audio settings, people on the other side had a tough time hearing us.

Although the mic may appear short for some, it worked well and easily picked up sounds. It flip-to-mute option was good too, and it immediately muted audio when we flipped it up. Plus, the headset’s microphone easily flexed and bent for improved placement options. 

Logitech G335 Gaming Headset Review Summary

Once we completed our Logitech G335 Gaming Headset review, we can say that the G335 is an excellent gaming headset. It’s stylish, comfortable, and performs efficiently for its price range.

Logitech’s Colour Collection has become a favourite among gamers. Previously, the G733 was the only headset available in this selection, and it had a high price tag on it. 

Yet when the G335 appeared, it became an excellent option for gamers sticking to a theme while keeping a budget. The selling point of this gaming headset is that it’s part of the Colour Collection. But other aspects that make it stand out is that it’s lightweight and offers quality sounds. 

Overall, the Logitech G335 is a great gaming headset, and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with it. The headset may not have any of the fancy surround-sound features, nor does it do anything special. But despite that, it delivers clear and crisp sounds that will satisfy regular gamers out there.

Not only that, but it’s extremely easy to set up and utilise with other devices. Though if you’re an iPhone user, do note that you’ll need an adapter for it. 

When it comes to comfort, it’s great to use even when you’re playing for long hours. It’s breathable, lightweight, and your ears won’t get too hot or sweaty which is great. 

In conclusion, we are satisfied with the G335 and we’re recommending this headset. To get your hands on this product, you can purchase it from the company’s official website.