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OBSBOT Meet 4k Review

We will discuss Meet 4k – a webcam offering excellent image quality- in our OBSBOT Meet 4k Review. It comes with AI auto-framing and auto-focus features, among others. Here, we will also look into its design, functions, specs, and performance to determine if it is worth purchasing. 

OBSBOT Meet 4k Packaging

osmo camera review1 OBSBOT Meet 4k Review

Before our review focuses on in-depth details about the product, let us check its packaging. The company kept things simple. They shipped the product in a white package with an image of the Meet 4k and company branding.

Inside, the Meet 4k includes the following items to get you started: 

  • 1.5m USB-C to C Cable
  • USB-C (Female) to A (Male) Adapter
  • Foldable Mount (Magnetic)
  • Privacy Shutter
  • Storage Bag
  • User Manual

osmo camera review2 OBSBOT Meet 4k Review osmo camera review3 OBSBOT Meet 4k Review osmo camera review4 OBSBOT Meet 4k Review osmo camera review6 OBSBOT Meet 4k Review osmo camera review7 OBSBOT Meet 4k Review osmo camera review8 OBSBOT Meet 4k Review osmo camera review9 OBSBOT Meet 4k ReviewReview – Design and Functionality

We compared this product with other 4k webcams for this OBSBOT Meet 4k Review. Interestingly, it is smaller, compact, and more lightweight at 72g and 56 x 44 x 32mm. Its impressive design and elements allow it to capture 3840 x 2160 videos. 

The product also had a premium feel because of its rounded edges and matte finish. Despite its looks, the company ensures it is robust and solid. 

Since OBSBOT opted for a minimalist design, you will not find many physical controls on the product. However, its status button 

When you adopt a minimalist design, you will notice the absence of numerous physical controls. However, one essential button demands your attention – the status button. 


The status button is at the top and serves as a multi-purpose element. It works as a sleep, Auto Framing, and virtual background button. Thanks to this ingenious piece, you can access these functions without navigating the accompanying app.

During our tests for this OBSBOT Meet 4k Review, its light indicator notifies you of its status/feature in use.

A handy light indicator on one of the top front corners of the webcam provides information about its status. It also states which feature is currently activated. 

At the bottom, you will find a female tripod thread. It lets you mount it on a tripod or a gimbal for added stability. 

Additionally, there is a privacy cover available. But since it is small and detachable, always keep it in a safe place to avoid misplacing it. 

Key Features of the OBSBOT Meet 4k

The market offers many web cameras with unique features, but why should you choose Meet 4k? Let us discover what makes it the best product by discussing its primary features.

AI-Powered for the Best

This webcam features powerful and effective auto-farming and auto-tracking features for optimised video calls. 

Get Millions of Pixels Behind Each Frame

You can capture crystal-clear and vivid images thanks to the Sony 1/2.8” sensor. With it, you can see up to an 86-degree field of view, even in low-light environments. 

Ultra High Definition Resolution

Enjoy ultra-high-definition video capture support of up to 3840 x 2160 + 30FPS and 1920 x 1080 + 60FPS. With this feature, the Meet 4k can provide a fluid and clean video image for smoothly delightful motions. 

Keep a Perfect View of YOU

Writing this OBSBOT Meet 4k Review gave us insights into the benefits of an ultra-wide FOV camera. It also includes advanced AI algorithms. 

Its AI auto-framing feature lets you manage and set it to provide an exceptional video call experience. 

AI Automatic Framing

The AI auto-framing feature offers a video call experience with more accuracy. It sets the Landscape Close-up Mode by default to track your face and make necessary adjustments.

This AI technology also expands or zooms out when someone joins or leaves the image. As a result, it covers all the participants and allows meeting properly in Team Mode.

Portrait Mode for Social Media Content

Portrait Mode performs real-time calculations to maintain the perfect ratio when fitting your body position. This feature lets you enjoy streaming on social media platforms conveniently.

Easy Tap-to-Control Operation with OBSBOT Meet 4k

Control the AI Auto-framing feature of the Meet 34k slight taps. The best thing about it is it does not require installing additional applications.

OBSBOT Focuses as You Tell Your Story

OBSBOT AI technology empowers the Auto Focus feature on the OBSBOT Meet webcams. It keeps the focus at the centre of the image. 

Activating the Face Focus function maintains the focus on your face while adjusting the bokeh. As a result, it makes your face bright and clear. Later in our OBSBOT Meet 4k review, we will discuss additional details about its image quality and performance.

Real Shadow, Clear Contour, and Natural Light

OBSBOT Meet webcams use HDR to achieve the best contour, balanced light, and realistic shadows. Auto-Exposure makes your images look impressive under any light.

Dual Omni-directional Microphone with Noise Reduction

The omnidirectional pattern of the microphone allows your voice to be natural and audible. It also reduces noise to improve the recording quality.

Unlock the Inner Power of Your OBSBOT Meet 4k

The inner technology of OBSBOT enhances your video call quality and makes images immersive while focusing on you.

Higher Quality Video Calls

OBSBOT offers virtual background features that enhance your video call experience. You can upload an image from your local storage and set it as your background during video calls.

Customise Your Video Call Background

When using Meet 4k, you can upload your favourite picture and set it as your video call background during meetings. 

Easy, Simple, and Effective Privacy Cover of the OBSBOT Meet 4k

The Meet 4k has a built-in cover. It is an essential element to keep your privacy while keeping you safe.


Product specifications are always essential, no matter what you plan to purchase. So, we will include these in this part of our OBSBOT Meet 4k Review. 


  • Without the mount: 56 x 44 x 32mm | 72g
  • With the mount: 56 x 44 x 53mm | 133g

Product Specs

  • Max Video Resolution: 4K @ 30FPS,1080p @ 60FPS / 30FPS / 24 / 20 / 15, H264, MJPEG, YUV
  • Supported Resolutions: 3840 x 2160, 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 640 x 360
  • FOV(D): 86/78/65 degrees
  • Focus Type: AF/MF
  • Digital Zoom: 4x
  • Aperture: F2.2
  • Power Interface: USB C Connection
  • Built-in Audio: Dual Omni-directional Microphone
  • Data Port: USB Type-C Connection

OBSBOT Meet 4k System Requirements

  • macOS 10.13 or later
  • Windows 7/later (Windows 8.1 or higher required for resolutions that are greater than 1080p)

Hands-on with the OBSBOT Meet 4k

Being a plug-and-play device, you do not need any initial setups before using the Meek 4K. This well-crafted webcam is conveniently designed to ensure its user-friendliness.

During our tests, the webcam performed seamlessly upon plugging it in. We did not see any firmware or compatibility issues, which was excellent. 

One feature became our favourite during our tests for this OBSBOT Meet 4k Review. Specifically, it is the ability to snap magnetically to its mount. 

You will also notice that the webcam sports a magnetic base for landscape mode. It also has a magnetic side to allow portrait mode. 

But what sets it apart from its competitors is its auto-orientation functions. It allows the webcam to adjust footage based on its physical orientation. 

OBSBOT Webcam App

The OBSBOT Webcam app has an intuitive interface with many settings to enhance your videos. You can change the field of view, adjust the exposure to set a specific mood or set a focus lock.

Although the settings are not highly extensive, it has many customisation options. Switching Auto Framing off allows changing the frame, choosing the field of view,  and panning the camera.

One of the best things about this app is its user-friendliness. Despite having many customisable settings, finding what we needed was easy, thanks to the clean layout of the interface.

Installing the OBSBOT Webcam app requires Windows 10 (64-bit), macOS 11.0, and later versions.

Performance of the OBSBOT Meet 4k

The f/2.2 aperture camera and 1/2.8-inch Sony sensor of the Meet 4k worked perfectly. Surprisingly, the image quality is sharp and impressive, even under imperfect lighting. 

We love the Auto Framing feature since it is highly intuitive and responsive when following its subject. The camera keeps our faces at the centre of the frame in video calls and works smoothly with the transitions. When we moved around, we could rely on this product and ensure it would not annoy viewers with jittery footage.

Luckily, when you have even lighting, it delivers significantly improved performance. It also excels in handling noise, even in challenging conditions. 

There is a notable absence of chromatic and luminance noise, even in the darkest scenes. Plus, it does not overly smooth the image. This aspect is valuable because some parts of our space lack natural light. 

Moreover, its auto-exposure feature adjusts to capture clear and visible videos even when lights are off. It also efficiently works when there is minimal light to work with.

OBSBOT Meet 4k Review Summary

The Meet 4k is an impressive, feature-rich web camera. Its AI-powered functions surprised us while testing it for this OBSBOT Meet 4k Review since it significantly enhanced our videos. We noticed the improvement in lighting, focus, and overall quality.

Aside from the high-quality image, we loved its user-friendly app, intuitive features, and user-friendliness. We had no issues using the product, and installing it was convenient and hassle-free.

We highly recommend Meet 4K from OBSBOT for remote conferencing, content creation, and live streaming. This web camera has many easily adjustable settings and works well under limited lighting. 

Learn more about the Meet 4k by visiting the official product page of OBSBOT