qnap tvs 674t banner QNAP TVS-h674t Review - A Thunderbolt NAS Perfect for Content Creation and Video Editing

QNAP TVS-h674t Review – A Thunderbolt NAS Perfect for Content Creation and Video Editing


The QNAP TVS-h674t NAS emerges as a formidable solution for small businesses and creative professionals, marrying robust performance with a suite of advanced features. Its integration of Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, a powerful 12th Gen Intel Core processor, and versatile storage options including PCIe Gen 4 slots and NVMe SSD technology, positions it as a highly recommended investment. Designed for efficiency, scalability, and future-proof operations, the TVS-h674t not only meets but exceeds expectations in facilitating seamless workflows, data security, and storage management

QNAP showcased a new collection of NAS products featuring Thunderbolt 4 connectivity. So, our QNAP TVS-h674t Review will discuss one of its products. It is an upgraded version of the TVS-h674, which we reviewed before. 

The NAS is a versatile and ideal option for small businesses and creatives. It offers scalable storage capacity, optimised computing performance, and several notable features.

QNAP TVS-h674t Packaging

When our unit arrived for this QNAP TVS-h674t Review, we started unboxing immediately. The TVS-h674t shipped in a thick cardboard box with rigid foam for more protection. 

qnap tvs 674t review9 QNAP TVS-h674t Review - A Thunderbolt NAS Perfect for Content Creation and Video Editing

We appreciate this inclusion since it prevents the NAS from moving in transit. It also helps absorb shock or physical impact. This package ships with an accessory kit held securely in a pre-cut panel within the foam. 

Overall, QNAP packed their NAS securely with excellent protection for everyone. 

Once we opened the box, we saw the product set in place. It ships with a power cord, Ethernet cable, two M.2 SSD heatsinks, and a screw box for future upgrades. QNAP also included a quick start guide for your convenience.

QNAP TVS-h674t Review – Design and Functionality

The TVS-h674T by QNAP delivers a NAS with Thunderbolt 4 integration, catering to creators and small businesses. Its primary objective is to offer seamless editing and uploading. It also aims to share 4K video content among multiple users over a network. 

This aspect eliminates the need for costly shared hard drives limited to a single connection.

While studying the design of this NAS for our QNAP TVS-h674t Review, we saw its similarity to the TVS-872XT. It is unsurprising since the latter was the debuted NAS design. Plus, it is still continuously used in high-profile releases from the company. 

The familiar 8 SATA bay shape of the QNAP enclosure holds some distinct features that set it apart. It is constructed predominantly from metal with distinguishing sections. These include the plastic front panel and trays to enhance heat dissipation for the continuous operation of a server. 

Ventilation is available on all sides with an internal fan arrangement similar to enterprise-grade setups. 

Drive Bays

The TVS-hs674t has a premium look and feel, featuring quick-release drive bays. If you need extra hardware, unscrew the case for a convenient setup. Thanks to its seamless installation process and intuitive app, you can access it locally across the internet. 

It sports six lockable, hot-swappable drive bays plus two M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 slots for fast NVMes. The latter can work for SSD caching or super-fast storage. It can also work for database, virtualisation, file serving and media streams. 

The 3.5-inch drive bays are simple to load and extract without tools. Plus, its rubber grommets help lessen unnecessary vibrations. 

Its lid is simple to unscrew, allowing you to access the two M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 hard-drive slots. You can also access the two SODIMM and two PCIe card slots (add-ons). 

PCIe Slots

While writing our QNAP TVS-h674t Review, we also took note of two PCIe 4.0 slots. A 4×4 slot has a two-port Thunderbolt 4 card. The 4×16 slot is for adding faster network ports or extra M.2 slots. 

Additionally, you can use it for adding a small and low-powered graphics card for AI-based applications, etc. 

LCD Panel and LEDs

The front-facing LCD panel provides real-time updates on system operations, complete with navigation buttons. At first glance, having an LCD panel on a NAS might seem redundant. Yet, within the IT storage community, having this additional option to observe alerts is valuable. 

You can observe the following with the LCD panel: RAID degradation and temperature sensor alerts.

Similarly, the capability to cycle through its LCD options to identify its IP address and identity streamlines access is essential. Why? Because it eliminates the need for network scanners to locate the NAS.

In addition to the LCD panel, the TVS-h874t features multiple LEDs that indicate system activity. Its presence has become a trend in many NAS brands that have moved away from LCD panels. 

These LEDs monitor various aspects, such as the health and activity of the eight storage bays. It also observes system access activity, USB access, and network status. 

It even includes dedicated indicators for the M.2 NVMe SSD Bays. You can adjust the brightness or deactivate the LEDs and the LCD panel.

Key Features of the QNAP TVS-h674t

Streamlined Workflow for Creators

The TVS-h674t does more than archiving and backing up files. It provides a comprehensive solution with various innovative technologies for creative needs to make game-changing workflow improvements.

Two Thunderbolt 4 Ports 

The TVS-h674t features two Thunderbolt 4 ports and seamlessly works with Intel processors and Windows computers. It is also compatible with Macs with Apple Silicon.

This NAS features the One-Touch-Copy function, which made importing files faster during our tests for this QNAP TVS-h674t Review. It is a handy feature for creators working with large files.

12th Gen Intel Core Processor

The TVS-h674t uses the latest Intel Core processor with Intel UHD Graphics 730 to deliver excellent performance. As a result, it offers enhanced multitasking capabilities, reliability, and high-grade security for creators.

SSD Technologies That Accelerate Productivity

The SSD technologies of QNAP improve NAS performance. NVMe SSD volume for video editing offers high-speed volume with M.2 NVMe SSDs to work on current projects. This feature lets you store previous projects and archived data on larger, cost-efficient HDD volumes.

SSD caching for VMs setup SSDs for cache acceleration for better overall NAS performance.

PCIe Gen 4 Slots – Ready for the Future

QNAP equips the TVS-h674t with two PCIe Gen 4 slots, allowing you to add more functionality like high-speed network connectivity. This feature meets the increasing demands of workload and business requirements.

25/10/5 GbE Network Card

This network card allows lightning-fast throughput to accommodate the bandwidth demands of virtualisation and 4K production.

Economic Storage Expansion with JBODs

The default storage capacity of the TVS-h674t is 110TB. With JBOD enclosures, you can use up to 352TB of storage capacity when your space requirements increase.

4K HDMI Output of the QNAP TVS-h674t

The TVS-h674t features an HDMI monitor output supporting 4K resolution (4096 x 2160p) @30Hz. It provides numerous benefits for video production, industrial design, editing, and similar applications requiring high resolution and media storage.

OS with Data Self-healing, Catered to Creators

The QuTS Hero is a ZFS-based OS that offers flexible storage management, complete data protection, and optimised performance. QNAP designed this OS to meet the demands of creative professionals.

Data self-healing

As file sizes grow and data transfer speeds increase, the risk of silent data corruption also rises. QuTS Hero can identify and automatically repair corrupted data, safeguarding file integrity.

RAID Z for Important Data

QuTS Hero supports multiple RAID levels like Triple Mirror and Triple Parity. These offer enhanced data protection. 

SSD Failure Prevention

The NAS automatically and regularly detects RAID-level SSD lifespan to prevent failures, enhancing data protection and system reliability.

Work with Your Favourite Software for Video Editing 

One of the things we enjoyed while testing the product for this QNAP TVS-h674t Review is its software compatibility. The NAS works with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, and iMovie. You can also build a collaboration environment for editing with Adobe Premiere Pro Productions or DaVinci Resolve.

Additional Protection for Your Work with the QNAP TVS-h674t

Creators highly prioritise data backup, which QNAP can accommodate. All you need to do is schedule jobs, and you can rely on the NAS.

You can backup your NAS files to cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. It also works with over 30 supported storage services, with MARS or Hybrid Backup Sync. Backup destinations can be external storage devices or remote servers.

Aside from data backup, the TVS-h674t uses Snapshots to protect data from accidental deletion and modification. It saves your files from hardware failure and the impact of ransomware. Enjoy scheduled, lightweight and no-time-consuming snapshots to protect your NAS content.

myQNAPcloud  for Flexible Video Management

Enhance your video production with the versatile TVS-h674 to store large RAW files during pre-production and perform video transcoding effortlessly. In post-production, you can archive smaller files to myQNAPcloud Storage for convenient remote access, synchronisation, and file sharing.

The Ideal Storage and Collaboration Centre

This QNAP NAS incorporates apps for management, storage, searching, synchronisation, and archiving data. It supports protocols like AFP, NGS, and SMB/CIFS, simplifying file sharing across devices with different operating systems. This NAS solution is ideal for professional file management.

Multi-point Sync and Sharing with Near-LAN Access Speeds to the Cloud

HybridMount allows low-latency access to the cloud via local caching on the TVS-h674t by supporting cloud storage gateway mode. It supports file storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox and object storage like Amazon S3. 

Teams working from different locations can access, share, and sync cloud-based files via HybridMount. The Local Area Network will not limit accessibility with this feature.

Comprehensive Privilege Settings and Security 

The TVS-h674t has versatile security measures and privilege settings like IP blocking, HTTPS connection, and QNAP Authenticator. Aside from those features, you can use more apps to ensure excellent NAS protection against hackers, malware, and other threats.

Cost-efficient and Versatile Storage Expansion

QNAP provides straightforward storage capacity expansion to accommodate the needs of increasing data and growing businesses. The NAS allows attaching expansion enclosures and easy management via the Storage & Snapshots Manager app. You can also mount remote file servers or cloud storage to increase capacity.

Another option is installing your NAS hard drives into a larger QNAP NAS without losing your existing data and settings. Finally, you can upgrade the RAID capacity by hot-swapping low and high-capacity drives to expand the NAS.

Health Check for Hard Drives

Hard drives are the core of a NAS, so a regular health and reliability check is crucial. QNAP offers various methods for safeguarding your files and data. These include SMART and back block scanning, DA drive analyser, and Seagate IronWolf health management.

Up to Five Years of Warranty Extension for the QNAP TVS-h674t

QNAP provides a limited three-year warranty for every purchase of the TVS-h674t. You can also purchase a warranty extension for up to five years of coverage.


  • CPU: Intel Core™ i5-12400 6-core/12-thread 
  • CPU Architecture: 64-bit x86
  • Graphic Processors: Intel UHD Graphics 730
  • Encryption Engine: AES-NI
  • System Memory: 32GB SODIMM DDR4 (2x 16 GB)
  • Memory Slot: 2x SODIMM DDR4
  • Max Memory Capacity: 64GB (2x slots with 32GB capacity)
  • Flash Memory: 5GB (Dual boot OS protection)
  • Drive Bays: 6x 3.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s, 3Gb/s
  • M.2 Slots: 2x M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4 x4 slots
  • 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports:
  • Thunderbolt Ports: 2x (Thunderbolt 4)
  • PCIe Slots: 2x (PCIe Gen 4 x16 and PCIe Gen 4 x4)
  • USB Ports: 1x Type-C USB 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps and 2x Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps
  • Fans: 2x 92mm system fans (12VDC), 1x 60mm CPU fan (12VDC)
  • Dimensions: 180.2 × 264.3 × 279.6mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 6.36 kg

Hands-on with the QNAP TVS-h674t 

We tested the TVS-h674t to share its setup process and performance in this QNAP TVS-h674t Review. Before we discuss how well it performed, we will focus on the QuTS software.

QNAP QuTS Software

QNAP provides the TVS-h674t with a comprehensive software and services package of QuTS. It is currently in version 5.0.1, and its interface highly resembles Windows 11 and Android OS. QuTS runs hundreds of applications, functions, and services, followed by upcoming mobile and desktop client apps.

QuRS also includes additional SSD tools for anti-wearing and improved ZFS-HDD/SSD profiling. You can also separate the media into storage, tiered storage, and caching.

SSD Caching

The distinction lies in the versatility of the 2280 slots within QNAP compared to the Synology M.2 NVMe SSD slots. Unlike other NAS brands that limit read/write caching usage, QNAP slots provide broader functionality. 

SSD caching has long been used in the NAS industry to enhance performance. It works by leveraging the faster speeds of SSDs alongside more economical hard drive RAID setups. 

The process involves using SSD space to expedite file writing processes as a primary write area before data relocation. It also applies to accelerating access to frequently accessed files on the NAS by duplicating them onto the SSDs. 

It is important to note that this optimisation impacts smaller files. On the other hand, larger blocks or sequential data remain largely unaffected.

If you integrate this drive into your content workflow or post-production setup, consider using the M.2 NVMe SSD Bays. Employ them as your editing space. 

You can connect to the NAS over 10-25-100GbE via an upgrade card. If QNAP decides to release one, you can link to a Thunderbolt 3 or 4. 

Meanwhile, the HDD RAID array can back up and archive content. Additionally, it can create individual ZFS RAID pools for warm-cold storage. Then, it is usable as a remote NAS, USB, or Cloud space for syncing and backup purposes.

With features like Non-Linear Editing (NLE), WORM, and locking capabilities, data remains unaltered despite having multiple users. Additionally, leveraging QNAP programs like QSync enables the creation of native synced NAS folders on various client devices. These include iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux). 

These elements allow cross-platform sharing and collaboration among teams accessing data on the NAS.


While the TVS-h874t supports SSD caching in its bays, it also extends support for QTier functionality. QTier operates similarly to caching but merges the available HDDs and SSDs into a unified storage space. 

It employs intelligent algorithms to analyse file access and requests. Then, it moves them between the appropriate storage media for optimal performance.

If desired, the NVMe SSD bays can be exclusive for creating a high-speed storage pool and volumes. With these two bays, the TVS-h874T offers top-notch storage capabilities. 

While the M.2 bays can also accommodate system upgrades, the available options are currently limited. The Google TPU M.2 upgrade was the primary recommendation for improving AI system processes last year.

Setting up the QNAP TVS-h674t

Setting up the TVS-h674t is straightforward. All you have to do is plug it into our network. Access the supplied web address and follow the given instructions. Once completed, you can start running the NAS.

The QuTS operating system is highly intuitive and user-friendly. As a result, setting up storage and caching is a breeze. It also has a rich app store that offers many apps, allowing you to maximise the TVS-h674t.


When evaluating the performance of the QNAP TVS-h674t, it’s important to consider its integration of cutting-edge technology, including Thunderbolt 4 connectivity and a 12th Gen Intel Core processor.

This NAS device demonstrates an exceptional blend of speed, reliability, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for small businesses and creative professionals requiring high-performance data storage and access solutions.

This robust configuration enables the device to handle intensive data processing tasks, multi-tasking, and real-time video editing workflows with ease. As expected of a QNAP NAS, it delivered impressive performance with fast file transfer speeds.

These speeds highlight the device’s ability to handle simultaneous data transactions efficiently, making it suitable for high-demand environments. It’s important to note that actual performance can vary based on network infrastructure and configuration settings, but the TVS-h674t consistently delivers high throughput rates that can accommodate a wide range of applications.

With dual Thunderbolt 4 ports, it facilitates seamless 4K video editing and sharing among multiple users, eliminating bottlenecks typically associated with shared storage solutions.

The addition of two M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 slots for NVMe SSDs dramatically enhances the system’s overall speed and responsiveness, especially in applications requiring high-speed data access, such as video editing and database management.

The QNAP TVS-h674t stands out as a high-performance NAS device, offering a comprehensive set of features designed to meet the needs of demanding business environments and creative workflows.

QNAP TVS-h674t Review Summary

The TVS-h674t is an impressive NAS with high-capacity components and flexible functions. It is an excellent NAS for content creators and businesses. This modular NAS has a high-performance processor and impressive RAM that deliver superior performance.

The best thing about this product is it can serve you for many years. Its future-proof features, like PCIe Gen 4, make it ready for upgrades. Plus, it eliminates worries you may face when changing your storage solution.

We loved the performance of this product when we tested it for this QNAP TVS-h674t Review. Its excellent operation makes it easy to recommend. Although more expensive than competitors, it is a worthy investment for content creators and business owners.

Visit the official QNAP product page for more information about the TVS-h674t.