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Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset Review

Today, we’re writing the Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset review to share essential details about the wireless headset. The Kaira Pro feels like a futuristic gaming headset made to work with the Xbox, smartphones, and gaming PCs. Plus, it’s a multi-platform wireless product designed for the age of streaming. Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset Review

It allows you to shift from the Xbox to a paired Bluetooth device, making it the most trusted console-mobile cross-platform product today.

Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset Packaging

Our headset arrived for this Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset review packed in a typical Razer-looking box. It’s mainly black with hints of green, while an image of the headset is in front. The product’s name, Razer’s branding, and compatibility are featured here too. 

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Inside, everything is organised and well-kept to ensure that the product and its inclusions are safe during transit. Aside from the Kaira Pro, you’ll find a boom mic, USB-C charging cable, stickers, and a user guide. 

Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset Review – Design and Functionality

This part of our Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset Review discusses the functions and design of the product. 

Gone are the brushed metal circles since Razer replaced these with a lower-profile and smoother design. Its exterior takes a less-gamer aesthetic without losing its notable features that define the product. 

The Kaira Pro is a wireless headset designed for the Xbox. It also works with other platforms that support the Xbox Wireless. To ensure convenience for everyone, Razer also made it compatible with your mobile devices.

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The Kaira Pro has a form made from matte-black textured plastic, which blends nicely with Razer’s standard vibrant green highlights. It’s a lightweight headset, but its plastic feels solid and sturdy, plus it doesn’t feel cheap. 

It feels comfortable when worn, and since it’s lightweight, the headset doesn’t cling and clamp too much on your head. Additionally, the headset has a comfy headband plus earcups of various sizes for different ear shapes. However, keep in mind that they’re still on the bulky side. 

The front showcases a port for the Kaira Pro’s removable cardioid mic. 

The Kairo Pro has an excellent control scheme that’s comprehensive and easy to use. Its left earcup has a mic unmute/mute switch, a power button, and a volume scroll wheel. 

The right earcup features a scrolling wheel to channel mixing. It even has an Xbox pairing button which you can double-tap to shift between EQ presets. 

Additionally, it comes with a Bluetooth multifunction button too. A single press switches the headset on/off, pauses/plays your media, and answers/ends calls. 

When you double-tap, it will switch on the voice command. It will also reject/swap calls, enable/disable gaming mode, and skips your tracks forward. 

Triple-tapping will skip back audio, yet holding it down for around five seconds will switch on the Bluetooth-pairing mode. And while audio feedback for volume and channel mixing settings are present, there’s no indicator when muting/unmuting the mic. 

We also checked how to connect the headset for this Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset review. 

There are multiple ways to connect the Kaira Pro to your devices. Since it’s a headset for Xbox Wireless, it can connect to the Xbox Series X/S without using a dongle. 

All you have to do is hold the pairing button on the headset and console. Once paired, the headset will connect to the Xbox automatically.?

When connecting the Kaira Pro to a smartphone, it uses Bluetooth. It supports Bluetooth connections to mobile devices, uses Bluetooth 5.0, and supports SBC and AAC codecs.

While it supports simultaneous connections, note that the boom mic won’t work with Bluetooth. 

Key Features of the Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset

Is the Kaira Pro better than other headsets designed for Xbox? Let’s discuss the product’s key features in our Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset review to find out.

A Headset for Mobile and Console

The Kaira Pro is a gaming headset that embraces the future of Xbox with its cutting-edge audio quality. This wireless headset is for Xbox Series X|S and mobile gaming and features the best drivers and microphones.

Use this headset for exceptional audio quality and clean voice chats for an unrivalled gaming experience.

Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth 5.0

The Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox works for two gaming modes. It functions well with the Xbox Series X|S for direct. It even works with low-latency console gaming and mobile devices for seamless and convenient gaming. 

This headset works with Bluetooth and Xbox Game Pass.

Razer Triforce Titanium 50mm Drivers

Razer’s new patented design enables its engineers to customise the tune of each driver. This design also allows for individual replications of low, mid, and high frequencies. It helps produce brighter sound, richer trebles, and powerful bass.

This wireless headset includes titanium-coated diaphragms for improved vocal clarity.

Razer HyperClear Supercardioid Microphone

This headset’s detachable 9.9mm microphone rejects more noise from the side than a cardioid microphone. Its pickup pattern provides notable reproduction of your voice, thanks to its low-frequency response. Plus, it has an open-microphone housing for minimal obstruction.

Flowknit Memory Foam Ear Cushions

The Kaira Pro features Razer’s new breathable weave that minimises heat buildup and sweat. Its ultra-soft foam’s improved density reduces clamping force, allowing you to stay comfortable during gaming marathons.

Dedicated Mobile Mic of the Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset

This Xbox Series X|S wireless headset has a second dedicated microphone that works without the HyperClear Supercardioid Mic technology. It’s a handy feature when you need to communicate while on the go.

EQ Toggle and Xbox Pairing Button

On the right ear cup of the Kaira Pro is a button for easy pairing with your Xbox. Pressing it twice cycles through four EQ settings.

Windows Sonic

Windows Sonic delivers a realistic surround sound experience that provides highly accurate audio. This immersive experience heightens your in-game awareness and gives you an advantage over the competition.

Advanced App Configuration

Razer Headset Setup for Xbox app supports the Kaira Pro, so you can get the exact sound you want. It provides access to deeper audio customisation options like personal EQ presets and mic monitoring.

Razer Chroma RGB

The Kaira Pro offers complete RGB immersion with Razer Chroma RGB. You can customise it with its 6.8 million colours, dynamic lighting effects, and countless patterns. 


Now, our Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset review will show you the different specifications of the product. 

The Kaira Pro’s frequency response ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Its sensitivity is 108 dB, while the impedance is Ω (1 kHz). The headset’s Triforce Titanium drivers measure 50mm in diameter.

The headset connects directly to Xbox or via an Xbox Wireless adapter for Windows 10. Its wireless range is 10m, while its frequency is 2.4 GHz or  5Ghz.

Additionally, the headset’s total weight is 330g.

The mic has a unidirectional pick-up pattern while its frequency response is 100Hz to 10kHz. Then, it has a sensitivity (@1kHz) of 54 ± 3dB. 

Its battery can last up to 15 hours with Chroma Lighting and 20 hours without Chroma Lighting. The headset uses a Razer Chroma RGB lighting. 

Hands-on with the Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset 

We used the product to share our user experience in our Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset review. This process is essential when writing our reviews since it will help determine if this product meets your needs.

First, we’ll talk about setting up the Kaira Pro.

Setting up the headset is straightforward. When you already know how Xbox consoles work, it will be easy for you too. Like a controller, pairing it once allows it to automatically connect to the Xbox every time you switch it on.

When connecting via PC, the Kaira Pro requires an additional adapter for Xbox Wireless. After pairing, the headset also links to the PC.

At its price, we expected that the Kaira Pro would perform exceptionally. Fortunately, it did. It was excellent and also one of the best Xbox headsets we’ve used.

We played various titles, and no matter the game we played, the Kaira Pro delivered rich and full audio. Thanks to the titanium-coated 50mm drivers, we received the ideal balance between lows, mids, and highs.

Its surround sound was also great since it helped us precisely determine the location of the enemies’ firing. With its accurate audio, we could pinpoint the source of various sounds like footsteps and more.

Music-wise, the Kaira Pro’s profile was warm but quite uneven due to its overemphasised bass. But despite that, it was suitable for EDM since it enhanced the thump and rumble of sound effects.

The vocals and lead instruments were slightly harsh and muddy, and the uneven treble range caused some sibilants. Fortunately, the Kaira Pro works with Razer Synapse 3, so we adjusted its sound profile for music.

As for the microphone, it performed as excellently as most cardioid mics of other premium headsets. It captured our voices even though it picked up some unnecessary ambient noise.

Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset Review Summary

The Kaira Pro is an excellent wireless headset for Xbox consoles. It has a solid construction, is comfortable to use, and has ultra-low latency. The headset also has a graphic EQ for tweaking sound profiles and a customisable RGB lighting scheme.

While testing the product for our Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset review, we noticed its flawless performance. Its unparalleled audio quality and stable connectivity are some of the things that all gamers need.

The best thing about this headset is the Windows Sonic technology that provides realistic in-game audio. This feature significantly improved our gaming performance, and we highly recommend it, especially for FPS.

Overall, we were satisfied with this product, and it’s great for all gamers who want improved game audio.

Visit Razer’s product page for more details about the Kaira Pro for Xbox Wireless Headset.