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Razer Stream Controller Review

Today, we are writing our Razer Stream Controller Review to discuss all the essential details related to the product. 

The Stream Controller, created by Razer in partnership with Loupedeck, is a multifunctional desktop gadget that powers game streaming setups. It can help boost your video editing workflow for increased efficiency.

This partnership uses current Loupedeck Live designs and added a slightly modified look. It also included the Razer branding on its exterior for added aesthetics. However, the real upgrades lie with the plethora of new software elements and tweaks made for Razer fans.

We put the controller through a couple of tests for our Razer Stream Controller Review. Continue reading to know if this product is worth purchasing for your streaming activities.

Razer Stream Controller Packaging

The product shipped in a standard-looking cardboard box and arrived just in time for our Razer Stream Controller Review. It sports a dark colour scheme that gives off a premium vibe.

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The front of the box displays an image of the product, its name, and the company branding. You will also find a note that says “Powered by Loupedeck”. Beneath the image is a list of some of the product features.

Inside the box, you will find the Razer Stream controller, a 2m USB-A to C cable, and a detachable stand.

Razer Stream Controller Review – Design and Functionality

This part of our Razer Stream Controller Review will focus on the design and functions of the product. If you think about it, the product is the same as the Loupedeck Live, save for the Razer branding.

That means you will see the same input options in front, which is quite a comprehensive offering. Its six-stepped dials also work as buttons, while there are eight physical buttons and 12 small touchscreens. The latter offers a plethora of flexibility.

Build-wise, it offers a sturdy and solidly-built body which is nothing new to any Razer product. It sports a laid-back design with an all-matte black body and a Razer nameplate with a subtle gloss. This nameplate is premium, but it feels somewhat flimsy along the back.

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Its metal faceplate adds a more solid and durable feel to the product. Then, its solid plastic backplate has no creaks/flex. Even if we applied some force to any of the buttons, knobs, or touchscreens, there were still no creaks.

Speaking of its touchscreens, these are clear and bright. There is no physical push; instead, the entire unit provides a gentle vibration to notify you of an action. Its rumble is weak, and depending on your desk configuration, you might not even notice it.

The included stand is alright, but we cannot call it perfect. Why? Because it only links with small clips. But despite the concern, it never detached when we used the controller.

We all know that Razer products always feature high-quality parts. But it makes us happy to see this quality trend continue despite having a partnered manufacturer.

Key Features of the Razer Stream Controller

You will need to know the different features of the Stream Controller, so we are listing everything for your reference. These will help you determine if it has all qualities you need to upgrade your streaming sessions.

Immediate Control with Infinite Creativity

With the Stream Controller, you can express your creativity whether you are a content creator or broadcaster. Use the touchscreen, buttons and knobs to access any functions quickly. 

Doing so will allow you to concentrate on interacting with fans and expanding your following. You can also create shortcuts and juggle tasks with ease.

All-in-one Razer Stream Controller for Streaming and Content Creation

During tests for our Razer Stream Controller Review, the controller can go live, adjust audio, switch scenes, and more. The Stream Controller effortlessly manages streams with the help of shortcuts for a variety of programs. All these appear in an organised manner via custom icons and layouts for intuitive use. 

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

With the 12 Haptic Switchblade keys, you can get immediate access to shortcuts and actions. You can perform these with a simple tap of the touch key. 

Since you have ultimate control, you can adjust its haptic feedback for your preferred tactile response levels. 

Get On-the-fly Audio Adjustments and Customisations

Six tactile analogue dials allow you to conveniently control your levels of media, audio, and other channels. These dials help establish the perfect mix even during streams. 

Manage everything at a glance via the dynamic LCD touchscreen of the controller. 

Immediate Access to Actions and Layouts 

Eight programmable buttons are available so you can transition between layouts. Doing so will provide you with a new set of shortcuts right away. Alternately, use them to complete routine tasks more quickly.

Made for Extreme and Precise Multi-tasking 

With intuitive organisation and navigation, you can put together commands into dedicated layouts. Doing so will let you cycle through these via a dynamic touchscreen.

You can allow Dynamic Mode to switch profiles according to the detected application.

Works with Current Streaming Software for Plug-and-play Convenience

During the tests for our Razer Stream Controller Review, we learned how convenient the controller is. You can instantly set up using ready-made profiles for content creation, streaming, productivity, etc. 

You only need to download specific plugins for tools like OBS Studio, Twitch, Spotify, Voicemod, etc. So basically, your options are endless.

Make Your Own Space with Customisable Icons

Have fun and personalise the appearance of your controller with distinct static and animated icons. Select from more than 80+ downloadable icon packs, or create some based on your aesthetics.

Do note that this is a carousel featuring a panning animation. So, utilise the Play and Pause button to start/end the actions.

Stream Seamlessly and Work Smart

You can easily stream using the controller since you can conveniently manage audio, chat, video, etc.

Also, immediately access vital apps and websites without any problems.

Edit Fast and Design Effortlessly

With the controller, you can edit fast by optimising your creative methods via actions and shortcuts. Plus, you can design with ease to bring your visions to life. 

The Stream Controller keeps all your digital tools close for ease and convenience.

Centralised Customisation

You can find all the tools you need for streaming on one handy platform. Create your custom actions and go further with macros that execute a series of commands with a single press. 

To find the plugins, profiles, and icon packs that best fit your requirements, browse the Loupedeck marketplace.


Let us discuss the product specifications in this part of our Razer Stream Controller Review. The system requirements to use it include macOS X 10.14 (or later), Loupedeck software, and Windows 10 systems. 

The controller measures 151 x 101.5 x 30.2mm and weighs 210g (controller only). Including the detachable stand, its angle stand measures 216g.

The Stream Controller uses 12 LCD touch buttons for its interface. It also includes eight multi-function buttons and six multi-function dials. Lastly, it uses a 2m USB-A to C cable for its connection. 

Hands-on with the Razer Stream Controller

Since we tested the product for a couple of weeks, we know how it performs. So in this Razer Stream Controller Review, we are sharing our experience with the Stream Controller. 

First, let us discuss its setup process to see if it was an easy or challenging method. 

With everything set up and ready to use, the Stream Controller displayed a default arrangement of practical shortcuts. Although the delayed haptic feedback response for each touch screen area is not perfect, it is still better than nothing.

We love anything that saves us from having to access our PC to launch the software. However, the fun started when we created personal workspaces and tinkered with the customisation options. 

Including sound bites can make the Stream Controller into a full-fledged soundboard. 

You can assign specific commands to the numbered buttons on the controller base. Nevertheless, these are better for choosing different screens because the touchscreen can show colourful graphics and logos.

With the controller, we successfully set up pages of customised buttons linked to simple mouse and keyboard inputs. With that, they ended up acting as a form of a virtual dashboard. 

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For almost a week, we streamed using the Razer Stream Controller instead of our controller. Whenever possible, we reproduced our most used operations on the Loupedeck software. These operations include scene switching, audio control, and soundbites. 

While editing photographs and putting together videos in Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop, we used default shortcuts for both programs.

Even though the touch screen does not have a pleasant tactile reaction, it still provides haptic feedback. It also has one benefit – the ability to swipe on the controller screen to switch between pages within a workspace.

Razer Stream Controller Review Summary

The Stream Controller shows that Razer worked with Loupedeck to produce such a product. We consider the move a smart one since the Stream Controller is an excellent streaming product to have. 

It is a powerful alternative to the Stream Deck line of Elgato. Thus, making it an excellent option for content creators who want to take their creations to the next level. 

With a ton of control over programs, the Stream Controller provides a level of refinement and functionality. And interestingly, these are not mimicked by the LCD of its competitors.

Although the program can get sluggish and is tedious to learn, its potential appears limitless. 

With Razer, the controller is ideally tuned for game streamers, offering an alternative for everyone. The Razer Streaming profile also makes it easier for plug-and-play use while also refining and optimising streams.

Overall, it is an excellent controller for your streams, so we highly recommend it. To get more information on the Razer Stream Controller, visit the official product page of Razer