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RODE Wireless Pro Review

If you are a filmmaker or content creator, you understand the importance of achieving top-notch audio quality. You can choose from directional on-camera microphones and desktop USB microphones to achieve excellent sounds. However, our RODE Wireless Pro Review will show you the best choice. 

The Wireless Pro from RODE is an ideal wireless mic solution since it offers convenience, quality, and efficiency. 

This product meets the needs of content creators and filmmakers. Plus, its compact wireless system is the most powerful that the company has created. It offers high-quality audio and versatility to satisfy the most demanding users. 

Aside from its impressive features, this RODE Wireless Pro Review will discuss its functions, design, specs and performance. But before anything else, let us check what items the company included inside the box.

RODE Wireless Pro Packaging

Once shipped, you will receive a complete kit with a pair of transmitters and receivers, but that is not all. You also get a charging case that keeps then secures everything in transit. 

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It also charges everything simultaneously using a single USB cable. Also, it has a power source for charging the RX and TX units. 

We learned more about it while writing this RODE Wireless Pro Review. The company also provided an accessory case for storing extra items. Also included are two Lavalier II mics and the MagClip Go magnet clips. 

You will also see numerous cables, which include the following: 

  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm analogue cable for connecting the receiver to the cameras 
  • USB-C to Lightning Cable for iOS devices
  • USB-C to C Cable

The case also has furry bayonet-fit wind shields necessary for transmitter units. 

RODE Wireless Pro Review – Design and Functionality

Everything about the product and its inclusions is top quality. The receiver has a convenient sprung clip designed to match the width of a hot shoe. It allows you to effortlessly attach it directly to your camera. 

This receiver provides audio level and charge indicators for both microphones. It also features an audio monitoring jack and offers the flexibility to configure with its narrator microphone.

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The transmitters feature integrated microphones, allowing you to clip them onto your shirt or attach them magnetically. You can directly clip the transmitters onto clothing and use their built-in microphones. Or, to have more precise speech capture, you can connect Lavalier microphones to the transmitters.

While writing this RODE Wireless Pro Review, we noticed the transmitters with a twist-lock. You will also find a 3.5mm lav socket that does not accidentally pull out. While its windshields can be challenging to line up with, the transmitter microphones will not fall off.

You can employ a single mic/transmitter setup perfect for straightforward configurations. However, when using the mic/transmitter units, you can combine their output into a single stereo. Also, you can channel or record them as distinct, individual channels.

The product comes equipped with advanced timecode synchronisation capabilities. These help simplify the process of syncing audio to your video during post-production.

It boasts an internal timecode generator, allowing you to harmonise audio with any camera. You can do this using a computer or mobile phone through Rode Central.

Key Features of the RODE Wireless Pro

Our RODE Wireless Pro Review will discuss the primary product features to learn what makes it an excellent microphone.

Advanced Wireless Audio

RODE developed the compact wireless microphone with the original Wireless GO and brought this legacy with the Wireless Pro. The company uses the proprietary codec with almost zero latency and the latest Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission. Plus, it has a 128-bit encryption for stabilised, crystal-clear audio with up to 260m distance.

Never Lose Recordings with the RODE Wireless Pro 

The worst thing that could happen is realising you cannot use your recording upon importing it into your editing software. RODE solved this problem with the Wireless Pro by making a backup every time you record. It can recover anything too quiet or loud in post-production, so you do not have to worry.

Audio and Video, Perfectly in Sync

The Wireless Pro allows you to synchronise your audio and video effortlessly using its timecode feature. As a result, it eliminates the need for costly external timecode systems.

Pristine Audio in Any Situation

The 32-bit float onboard recording and other features of the Wireless Pro guarantee pristine audio. It also uses the GainAssist technology to make the sounds smooth and balanced. With this microphone, you can always enjoy perfect recording quality.

Your Ultimate Kit for Professional Recording 

RODE packed the Wireless Pro with all the accessories you need for cordless recording. Aside from professional-grade lavalier microphones from the company, it also has furry windshields for outdoor recording. Plus, RODE included an accessory bag and charging case to make things more convenient. 

With all these additional items, the Wireless Pro is ready for recording out of the box. We will discuss its performance and audio quality later in our RODE Wireless Pro Review.

Connect the RODE Wireless Pro to All Your Devices

The 3.5mm analogue and USB-C digital outputs make the Wireless Pro universally compatible with many audio devices and cameras. It also works with Android & OS smartphones, tablets, and Windows & Mac computers.

User-friendly Controls and Easy Configuration

With its bright LCD and on-the-fly settings, you can conveniently check your audio levels. It has dedicated controls for gain adjustment, triggering recordings, and other functions. You can also use the RODE Central app to customise the system based on your needs.

Compact and Portable Form Factor

The ultra-compact and lightweight design of the Wireless Pro is also what made the Wireless GO series a top choice. It is discreet and highly portable, perfect for any recording setup.

Monitor and Record with the RODE Wireless Pro 

With its headphone output, you can monitor your audio when recording with the Wireless Pro. Its high power makes it compatible with many headphone models available today.

Locked, Loaded, and Secure

There is no need to worry about accidentally pulling out mics mid-shoot with the locking 3.5mm Lavalier connectors. RODE paired the included Lavalier III premium mics with these locks to keep them secure when recording.

Second Audio Channel

The Wireless Pro can output a second audio channel lower by 10 dB than the primary channel. The lowered volume ensures the microphone works even when the signal overheats and clips the camera input. It works like an insurance policy when a recording gets ruined.

Ready for Outdoor Recording

RODE packed the Wireless Pro with a smart charging case to keep the microphone charged and ready for action. This feature is one of the things we loved when we tested the product for this RODE Wireless Pro Review. It made content creation more convenient since we also recorded videos outdoors.

Aside from portable charging, the Wireless Pro allows high-speed data transfer to export recordings quickly and on the fly.

Internal Memory of the RODE Wireless Pro

The Wireless Pro has 32GB of internal memory, saving over 40 hours of onboard recordings. Plus, the dedicated buttons on the transmitters allow you to start recording.


Acoustic and Electrical Specs of the RODE Wireless Pro

  • Acoustic Principle: Pre-Polarised Pressure Transducer
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Equivalent Noise (A-Weighted): 22 dBA
  • Signal-to-noise Ratio: 72 dB
  • Maximum SPL: 123.5 dB SPL
  • Transmission Range: 260m within line of sight
  • Digital Connectivity: USB-C
  • Power Requirements: USB-C (5V, 0.4A)_
  • Operating Time: Up to 7 hours


  • Weight: 35g (Transmitter) / 36g (Receiver) / 177g (Charging Case) 
  • Dimensions of the TX: 46.5  x 44 x 20mm (W x L x H)/
  • Charge Case Dimensions: 101 x 82 x 70mm

Hands-on with the RODE Wireless Pro

When we used the Wireless Pro for our tests, we saw its outstanding audio quality. On a day with a light breeze, we tested the product and the windshields of the transmitters worked excellently. We monitored the audio while filming to ensure the wind did not buffer excessively.

We also used the Lavalier mics when we tested the product for this RODE Wireless Pro Review. The plug-in Lavalier II microphones provide focused speech pickup. However, the microphones on the transmitter units alone had a better sound quality.

When we tested its range and reliability, the Wireless Pro surprised us. It maintained high signals excellently, even when we blocked the line of sight to the receiver. 

Other microphone systems claimed to have a longer wavelength, but the Wireless Pro performed better. Although there was some static, its range was incredible.

RODE Wireless Pro Review Summary

Finding faults on the Wireless Pro is challenging since it is another impressive RODE product. Although you can find many affordable options, this microphone has all the essential features and accessories for recording professional audio. Its intuitive layout keeps things convenient and ready for recording anytime and anywhere.

Wireless microphone setups are often challenging, but RODE made things hassle-free with the Wireless Pro. Aside from superb features, it delivered a terrific performance that impressed us when we tested the product.

We highly recommend the Wireless Pro from RODE, especially if you like outdoor recording. This product takes audio recording and content creation to the next level.

Learn more about the Wireless Pro when visiting the official product page of RODE