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RODE RodeCaster Duo Review

Today, our RODE RodeCaster Duo Review is all about this all-in-one podcast production studio. It is versatile and convenient as it lets you edit, record, mix, and release pro-quality podcasts directly from it. 

Moreover, it has 4 XLR microphone inputs, an intuitive touchscreen, eight-track recording, and other features packed into a portable product. 

In our RODE RodeCaster Duo Review, we will look further into its features, performance, design, functions, and specs. Doing so will help determine if it is the correct production studio for your needs. 

But before we get in-depth with the product, let us check its packaging and the contents RODE included.

RODE RodeCaster Duo Packaging

The RodeCaster Duo ships in a sturdy box that ensures the safety of everything inside the package. Together with the product, you will only find several accessories to help you start recording. 

RODE Rodecaster Duo Review1 RODE RodeCaster Duo Review

Inside the box, you will find the RodeCaster Duo, a power adaptor, and a USB-C to C cable.

RODE RodeCaster Duo Review – Design and Functionality

As the condensed iteration of the RodeCaster Pro II, this model reduces the count of Neutrik combo inputs by half. Specifically, it is from four to two while retaining the high-gain Revolution preamps. 

It has a 13.9cm touchscreen along with the APHEX audio processing functions.

The RodeCaster Duo has a sturdy metal construction for added durability. This design allows it to endure the rigours of transporting it between various recording sites. Despite incorporating sophisticated technologies, RODE has maintained a depth of less than 20.32cm to ensure portability.

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Its angled-control surface offers convenient access to all controls necessary during recording sessions. Plus, its touchscreen allows quicker and more seamless recording, mixing, and editing. 

Overall, its design leans on portability, durability, and accessibility rather than aesthetics, allowing you to take it anywhere. With this product, you do not need to set up many gears and cables. 

The RodeCaster Duo sports a high-performing audio engine, three virtual and four physical faders, and two combo inputs. It also has six SMART pads, 6.35mm headset outputs, 3.5mm headphone output, functional display and sound effects, etc.

Its little changes include the omission of a record button and the presence of a headphone port on its front edge. 

Despite the absence of the record button, you can still make recordings since it is now on full display.

As we continue our RODE RodeCaster Duo Review, it has other connectivity options, including the following: 

  • Dual-channel wireless receiver for linking two Rode Series IV wireless transmitters
  • 3.5mm TRRS output to plug headphones/headsets.

RODE RodeCaster Duo Faders

As expected, the number of physical faders on the RodeCaster Duo is reduced compared to the RodeCaster Pro II. Instead of it having six faders, it only has four instead. Additionally, it has three virtual faders to control over seven channels. 

It is worth noting that you can control over seven mixing channels at a time. Also, three of these can be completed with the help of virtual faders. Moreover, you can configure which inputs stay on the physical faders and which are set to virtual controls via software.

Connectivity Options

One of the most noteworthy enhancements from the original Rodecaster Pro is an extra USB-C port along the rear. It establishes a connection with a secondary PC. The latter is most advantageous for streamers who want to separate their gaming setup and streaming configuration. 

The enhanced routing table functionality lets you direct various inputs to the USB connections as necessary. Notably, this same port can also work for linking a mobile phone. It is an ideal feature for introducing callers or engaging in streaming activities through mobile applications. 

While the initial model allowed phone connectivity via Bluetooth, multiple options ensure a superior-quality connection.

Bluetooth connections provide more scope to allow other audio sources. Moreover, you can program the six pads to trigger any audio you want. 

XLR Combo Jacks

The presence of two XLR combo jacks speaks volumes about the target audience for this product. The initial Rodecaster Pro and its subsequent version were tailored for in-person. It was also for multi-guest podcasting scenarios, and their versatility has significantly contributed to their widespread appeal. 

There is a growing number of tools like Adobe Podcast and Zencastr. Because of these, you do not need to host similar flesh-sacks for HQ audio from all speakers. 

With that, the RodeCaster Duo is an excellent option for content creators, from streamers to podcasters. It is also an ideal choice for video editors and music producers who need high-quality audio for their works.


RODE has introduced an additional function: a fresh TRRS (3.5mm) port positioned in front. It enables the direct connection of headphones or a headset to the front panel, which is advantageous for streamers. 

In cases where a gaming headset is employed, the cable length might prove insufficient. It is especially true for threading around its rear while retaining ample room for movement. 

This port can also receive audio input to add another microphone input option. Although it is only a minor enhancement, its significance is noteworthy.

Key Features of the RODE RodeCaster Duo

Features make or break your need for a product. So, we will discuss these in our RODE RodeCaster Duo Review. 

What makes the RodeCaster Duo ideal for your needs? Does it offer everything to produce top-notch quality sound recordings? Continue reading and find out.

Perfect Audio in a Snap

You can easily navigate the RodeCaster Duo thanks to its large HD touchscreen. It also features broadcast-quality faders and a tactile rotary encoder for hands-on controls over every aspect of your audio. 

Set up your project in seconds using the professionally tailored presets and VoxLab processing editor. With these, you can also dial in accurate audio with a twist of a knob or tap of a button.

Revolutionary Audio of the RODE RodeCaster Duo 

While writing our RODE RodeCaster Duo Review, we learned it features the popular Revolution Preamps. These elements give you pristine audio quality no matter what mic, headset, instrument, or line-level source you use. 

Designed for the RodeCaster series, these low-noise, high-gain preamps offer plenty of output while remaining extremely quiet. It also eliminates the need for lifters, mic boosters, or external processing. 

Pro Processing and is Powered by APHEX

APHEX lets you customise and craft your audio with studio-quality processing capabilities. The RodeCaster Duo integrates a collection of authentic emulations of hardware audio processors. These include Aural Exciter, Compellor, and Big Bottom. 

Additionally, it has a noise gate, studio-quality compressor, high-pass filter, three-band equaliser, and de-esser for every channel. Simply put, the results will sound exceptional each time you record. 

Customise and Show-off Your Creative Streak with the RODE RodeCaster Duo

Regardless of your content type, this product can enhance its audio. You can configure the RodeCaster Duo perfectly to accommodate your workflow and needs.

The product allows you to assign eight inputs to any physical/virtual faders for your setup. It can also customise effects and processing for each channel, transforming the RodeCaster Duo into a personalised studio. 

Super Compact, Highly Portable

We have proven that this product is versatile and powerful after testing it for our RODE RodeCaster Duo Review. But aside from these, it is also portable and compact enough to take to the road.

With the RodeCaster Duo, you can create content in the comfort of your home or the office. Just set your things aside to keep your livestream looking nice and clean. 

Get Creative and Control with SMART Pads

The RodeCaster Duo has programmable SMART pads that provide creative controls at your fingertips. It can trigger audio, music beds, and even on-the-fly voice effects, including echo, reverb, robot FX, and pitch. Moreover, it can activate automated mixer actions (fade-in and fade-out), send MIDI commands to external software, etc.

Link Audio Devices with Ease Using the RODE RodeCaster Duo

Whether your setup is basic, classy, or outrageous, RodeCaster Duo can accommodate and provide flexible connectivity. It is a perfect option to consider when you want a single control centre for your audio productions/activities. 

It has two USB interfaces for dual PC setups and an MFI-certified USB port for iOS devices. Moreover, you can record ultra HQ calls or stream HD audio using the advanced Bluetooth connection. 

Helpful Tutorials and Tooltips 

The RodeCaster Duo has built-in step-by-step tutorial videos with helpful tips when you use the interface.

Although it has many advanced features, the RodeCaster Duo keeps the learning curve shallow. Newbies can quickly learn the basics and master its complex functions over time.


  • Frequency Range:
    – Mic Inputs: 20Hz – 20kHz
    – Monitor Outputs: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Preamplifier Gain Range: 0 – 76dB
  • Microphone Input Impedance: 4KΩ
  • Instrument Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Bit Depth/Sample Rate: 24-bit/48kHz
  • Maximum Line Output Level: 4dBu
  • Equivalent Noise (A-weighted): -131.5dBV 
  • Headphone Output Power: 250mW
  • Power Requirements: USB-C PD (9V, 3A)
  • Recording Storage: Removable USB-C Drive (Minimum 100MB/s exFAT). microSDHC, microSDXC
  • Internal Storage: 4GB (SMART pads)
  • Data Transfer: 130MB/s via USB 3.0 SD Card Reader
  • Network Connection: WiFi 802.11g/n/ac (2.4GHz and 5GHz bands)
  • Operating System Requirements: Windows 10 Version 1803 or later, macOS 10.15 or later,
  • Dimensions 23.5 x 22.5 x 7.6cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 1.13kg

Hands-on with the RODE RodeCaster Duo

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We used the product in various applications to share our testing experience in this RODE RodeCaster Duo Review. Putting it through different tests is necessary to determine if it is as good as claims. But before we look deeper into its performance, we will discuss its audio processing and touchscreen layout. 

The touchscreen is the heart of the RodeCaster Duo since it is the foundation of audio processing with this product. Its interface allows navigating through all sound banks, effects, and configurations to boost your workflow. Plus, you can personalise the interface and your recordings based on your needs. 

The touchscreen was highly responsive in our product tests and had no issues like lags or delays. The clean, organised, and well-designed layout made navigating easy. Plus, it provided access to recording, mixing, and editing functions.

The first thing you will see on the touch screen is a virtual representation of your SMART pads and faders. Here, you can adjust and customise their settings. 

Tapping the Outputs submenu shows six options and lets you access comprehensive controls on your output audio. Also, the Processing option with the Master Compellor compressor controls the outcome of the captured sounds.

It is worth noting that you can unlock a collection of top-tier APHEX processing tools by tapping on each line. The processing section features three distinct components: depth, sparkle, and punch. 

Adjacent to this is the Effects section, which offers echo and reverb options. For the more upgraded level of control, the Advanced button leads you to a collection of transformative APHEX effects. The latter is known for its superior functionality and exceptional quality. 

Among these effects are a high-pass filter, a de-esser, and a noise gate. It also features a compressor, an equaliser, the Aural Exciter, and panning capabilities. 

Notably, beneath these controls, you can choose from three distinct presets – neutral, podcast studio, and broadcast. Each of these sculpts audio to suit specific scenarios and tailor the output accordingly.

The advanced settings of this touchscreen interface may appear complicated to some users. Although complex, it allows you to maximise the audio quality of the RodeCaster Duo.

The most complicated is Routing, which allows typing sources to faders and creating mixes. It enables mix-minus and sub-mixes when you decrease sources, allowing you to redirect the audio mixes to varied outputs. 

 It will take some time plus trial and error to master the advanced settings of the RodeCaster Duo. But once you figure it out, you can create the best mixes for your needs. 

We took a few days to understand how to use the advanced settings. Fortunately, RODE did not break its promise, and learning the RodeCaster was not difficult.

Performance and Audio Quality of the RODE RodeCaster Duo

We performed various product tests for this RODE RodeCaster Duo Review. It worked perfectly for multi-track recording, which was handy when making adjustments since the interface records audio as a separate input.

Sound quality is crucial for podcast production studios. Fortunately, the RodeCaster Duo can deliver that. In our tests, its audio capture and processing was professional, resulting in pristine podcasting sound.

With its high-headroom microphone preamps and ultra-low noise, the RodeCaster Duo delivered studio-grade audio from the XLR inputs. The preamps offered a broad signal level range, making it capable of handling loud dynamic and high-sensitivity ribbon mics. What made it even better was it had no crosstalk or distortion between inputs.

The RodeCaster Duo recorded uncompressed WAV files at 24-bit depth. Its high-resolution audio ensured the preservation of dynamic range and quality from our microphone inputs to the finalised podcast file. 

We were also impressed with the audio chops of the RodeCaster Duo. The headphone outputs and preamps delivered clean and loud sounds with an ultra-low noise floor. Plus, It powered the most quiet microphones we connected.

Its clean gain was impressive for driving all the microphones we tested with the RodeCaster Duo. 

Aside from the high-quality audio, we loved its other features that enhanced our recording experiences. The integrated editing tools allowed us to trim or split tracks and apply APHEX processing.

RODE RodeCaster Duo Review Summary

The Rodecaster Duo is an excellent audio solution that offers everything you need. It is also the perfect option for a more compact and affordable version of the Rodecaster Pro II.

Broadcasters, podcasters, and YouTubers can maximise this product since it has all the necessary content creation tools. It is also highly beneficial for musicians since it has instrument inputs, high-gain preamps and audio processing options. 

Aside from these, the Rodecaster has a user-friendly interface to make your audio tweaking more convenient. It allows you to record high-quality sound, even when you are not in the studio. 

We enjoyed using the product and all its features in our tests for this RODE RodeCaster Duo Review. Although compact, it is rich in features that allow it to capture high-quality audio. We did not have issues with its performance and operation.

The RodeCaster is more affordable than the RodeCaster Pro II, which RODE released last year. The primary differences between these two products are their physical aspects, including the reduced headphone outputs and SMART pads. It does not compromise audio quality despite cutting down some parts of the previous model.

All these differences and the decreased price of the RodeCaster Pro II make the RodeCaster Duo the perfect choice. It is an affordable, well-rounded audio solution with high-quality audio. We highly recommend it to anyone who wants a space-saving interface with adequate versatility. 

Visit the official RODE product page for additional details about the RodeCaster Duo.