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RODE PodMic Review

Podcasting has boomed ever since the pandemic so more people are searching for quality products for it. Because of that, we’re sharing with you a mic that’s perfect for the job. And, you can read all about it here in our RODE PodMic review.

After RODE released their Rodecaster Pro, the company eventually announced the RODE PodMic – the perfect companion for the Rodecaster Pro. 

The RODE PodMic is an affordable product that is a huge steal for such a top-notch mic. It has a great price point especially for beginners, along with excellent features too. 

Read our RODE PodMic review to get information on its features, design, specs, and functions. We’ll also share our experience with it to give you an idea if it’s something worth getting. 

RODE PodMic Packaging

Like our other entries, we’ll start this RODE PodMic review by discussing its packaging and the contents included. 

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RODE PodMic review7 RODE PodMic Review

The PodMic was shipped in a sturdy and thick cardboard box that will surely protect the mic inside. The front displays an image of the PodMic while its name and RODE’s branding are present too. One side of the box, again, showcases an image of the product and its name, plus its key features.

The company opted for a minimalist theme for the package which gives off a nice and premium vibe to it. The back of the box has some extra details about the product which you can check out when necessary. These are also written in different languages including English, Chinese, French, and more. 

When we opened the package, the first thing we saw was a cardboard piece that concealed the mic underneath. It’s actually a good addition to protect the PodMic while in transit. RODE also included a quick start guide for your reference. But other than that, there was nothing else in the box. 

RODE PodMic Review – Design and Functionality

We had to check out the mic’s design and functions for this RODE PodMic review. And to note, we were quite pleased with our findings. 

It’s a little dynamic cardioid end-address mic created primarily for streaming and podcasting. The mic comes in a nice black and silver grille and measures 6.8 x 2.4 x 4.3” (H x W x D). It also weighs about two pounds.

This mic sports an integrated swivel mount while the enclosure’s rear houses an XLR connection. Then behind the metallic grille, you’ll find a pop filter and damping material too.

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The PodMic also delivers 20 Hz to 20 kHz for its frequency range and records audio via cardioid pattern.

The pic comes with an internal shock mount so you won’t have to bother with an additional one. But if you have one that fits, we still think it’s something worth considering.

For its cost, the internal shock mount does a good job for its purpose. However, the taps and bumps on our boom arm sometimes made their way to the mic. But despite that, the mic is built like a tank and feels robust since its whole form is made of metal. Plus, it has that reassuring weight, letting you know that it’s a quality-made product that will last long. 

The mic is shorter than other similar products and its grille is quite rigid so it doesn’t flex. This won’t pose a problem so you don’t have to worry about it. However, it’s good to note that it doesn’t come with a desk stand, so you’ll probably need to get one. 

Additionally, the mic comes with a good swing mount. This is a good addition since it helps you adjust the angle when mounting the mic on a boom arm.

With its all-metal style, design, and finish, the RODE PodMic looks great and is superbly sturdy for its compact size. Additionally, we like its XLR code since it gives us a lot of room to move the mic from the soundboard. 

Key Features of the RODE PodMic

What makes the PodMic from RODE a unique and amazing product? Let’s discuss the product’s key features and learn what makes this podcasting mic a favourite. 

Podcasting in Any Environment with the RODE PodMic

Most podcasts are done in home studios, bedrooms, and offices – all places that have noise coming from outside. The good thing is that the PodMic has a dynamic capsule with a tight cardioid polar pattern. It’s great for capturing your voice while reducing unnecessary sounds.

Broadcast-style Recordings and Great Talking Experiences

The end-address design of the PodMic lets you get up close for broadcast-style recordings that offer deep and warm tones. 

With its compact size, you and your guests can see each other since the microphone stays out of the camera. This gives you a better and more comfortable talking and videocasting experience unlike large microphones. 

Optimised Classic Radio Sound for Podcasting

The broadcast-grade end-address PodMic is optimised for podcasting, streaming, and other speech applications like gaming and voice-overs. It features an integrated pop filter to achieve the classic radio sound you can hear on the best podcasts. It also has an integrated swing mount so you can position the PodMic where you need it.

When we tested the product for our RODE PodMic review, we enjoyed our podcasts and recordings. The pop filter worked excellently and the swing mount was easy to position which improved our overall recording experience.

Broadcast-quality Audio of the RODE PodMic

The PodMic delivers exceptional audio quality whether you’re podcasting, live streaming, or recording. Its high-quality dynamic capsule captures your voice’s detail with depth and richness. Plus, its cardioid polar pattern excellently rejects room noise.

These features of the RODE PodMic ensures excellent performance even in environments that aren’t ideal for recording. With this microphone, you and your voice will keep you in the spotlight.

Protect Sounds from Vibrations

The mic’s internal shock mount helps isolate the product from vibrations and handling noise. This is common when you’re adjusting the mic or if there’s a sudden bump or knock on the table. These sounds usually ruin your audio and recording. 

Its built-in swing mount holds the mic further and properly insulates it from low-frequency noises. 

Clean Speech with No Distractions

The mic’s internal pop filter and double mesh housing function to properly decrease distracting breathing. That also goes for plosive noises like the “s”, “b”, and “p” sounds. 

The nice thing here is that you don’t need an external pop filter to do the job. 

Get Professional Results

You can pair the PodMic with the RODECaster Pro to achieve professional results. Simply choose the PodMic microphone preset in the RODECaster Pro audio options. 

Since it automatically applies matching digital signal processing, it gives your voice more depth, presence, and shimmer. This audio quality is associated with the leading professional radio broadcasters.

Swing into the Right Position

The two wing nuts on each side of the PodMic’s built-in mount allow you to easily swing the microphone. Aside from getting the right orientation, you can lock it into place for a flawless podcasting or streaming experience. Mounting the PodMic on the PSA1 broadcast boom arm (you can purchase this separately) adds flexibility to position the microphone.

Sleek Appearance and Durable Build

The PodMic’s sleek looks and compact form factor make it great for any streaming or podcasting setup. With its all-metal body and durable stainless steel mesh grille, it’s sure to last. This microphone can withstand the rigours of recording in the long run.


Our RODE PodMic review won’t be complete if we skipped on the mic’s specifications. These are vital to help you determine what the PodMic is all about. 

It’s a podcast and streaming mic that’s compatible with RODE products, specifically the PSA1, DS1, and PSA1+. The mic comes with a dynamic principle and a cardioid polar pattern. Then, its frequency range is 20 Hz to 20 kHz. 

The RODE PodMic’s output connection is an XLR type while its output impedance is 320Ω. 

Additionally, the microphone comes with a one-year warranty that extends to two years after the product is registered.

Hands-on with the RODE PodMic

When we started using the mic, we realised that it had a very rich sound to it. It was extremely good and we were really surprised by it. 

RODE PodMic Audio Sample:

We tried and tested a ton of mics under this price range and category, but they never sounded this great. And even if it’s way cheaper compared to those high-end brands, the PodMic comes notably close in its sound quality. 

To describe how it sounds, it’s similar to that of a broadcast mic. Plus, we loved that it offered a timbre that instantly reminded us of talk radio shows. When we spoke, the sounds it produced were full with a present low end that gave us enhanced presence. 

Compared to the Podcaster, the PodMic sounds a bit more compressed in the frequency response department. So, we had to speak directly on the mic to get the best sounds. 

These are very little differences, especially when you consider the big savings you’ll have. Plus, the RODE PodMic still performed notably and we’re happy about it. 

Sound Signature of the RODE PodMic

For its sound signature, the mic was able to provide us with a clean and uncoloured sound signature. Its internal pop filter worked adequately where the damping and filter blocked our attempts to make plosives appear during recordings. 

When we paired it with an XLR mic with a good mic preamp, that’s where we saw its real potential. Here, we also began working on the mids, lows, and highs which delivered even better results.

The well-balanced sounds that we received from the mic make this product ideal for anything: from speaking, rapping, and even singing. We love its wide-range frequency response which we don’t often see in dynamic microphones.  

Clarity of the RODE PodMic

The RODE PodMic is tuned for broadcast and speech. That’s the reason why it worked excellently when we tried recording in a noisy area and in a professional studio. 

Lastly, the sounds we received were all clear. So, we didn’t have to bother with editing for pops and the like. It was a great performer and throughout the time we used the mic, we didn’t encounter any issues. 

Overall, the RODE PodMic can provide transparent and clear recordings while preventing plosives without external pop filters. If you’re planning to achieve a clean signal across multiple users, this is a solid choice to get in multiples. 

RODE PodMic Review Summary

The RODE PodMic is a great microphone that produces accurate and neutral sounds while responding to any EQ changes. Plus, its internal pop filter and damping features worked as advertised, so an external pop filter won’t be necessary.

While testing the product for our RODE PodMic review, we noticed that it was as good as the company’s claims. It recorded our vocals clearly even in loud environments. Although its noise reduction wasn’t the best, it handled more than most microphones on today’s market could. 

This microphone is great for beginners since it’s easy to use and its audio quality is great. In fact, even experienced podcasters can use this product. 

Whether you plan to use the PodMic for recording speech or singing vocals, it will work excellently. And, no product in its price range can beat its performance. That’s because RODE has a long history of producing the best vocal microphones.

If you want to start podcasting, the affordable PodMic from RODE is a great option. This affordable XLR-based microphone. It captures sound accurately and delivers clean well-balanced recordings while eliminating the need for an external pop filter. 

Overall, we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality XLR microphone that won’t break the budget. It’s best for beginners and anyone who wants to upgrade their microphones.

If you want to learn more about the RODE PodMic and plan to start podcasting, you’re all set. Just check out RODE’s official product page to get more details about the mic.