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RODE NTH-100 Headphones Review

For the longest time, RODE has always been a popular name when it comes to quality mics. And just recently, they introduced their very first pair of headphones to the market. Today, we’re discussing this product in our RODE NTH-100 headphones review to see what it has in store for us.

The NTH-100 is the company’s first-ever headphones, and are aimed specifically for audio pros who need studio-grade performance. Despite this, the headphones are also great for anyone searching for top-notch headphones for an enjoyable listening experience.

So whether you’re an audio professional or audio junkie, the NTH-100 will be a great option for you. And today, we’ll share everything you need to know about it here in our RODE NTH-100 headphones review.

RODE NTH-100 Headphones Packaging

Our headphones arrived in a typical-looking cardboard box that showcases an image of the headphones in front. The product’s name is displayed in this area along with the company’s branding as well. 

The sides of the box displays the headphones’ name again, but it comes with its key features this time. 

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When we opened the box for our RODE NTH-100 headphones review, the headphones were placed inside a RODE storage pouch. This is quite convenient since you can keep the NTH-100 in there while travelling or when it isn’t in use. 

Other than the headphones and its pouch, you’ll find a 2.4m black headphone cable in there. Then, RODE also included a 3.5mm to 1/4″ adaptor, plus a COLOURS ID set in their package. 

To note, the COLOURS ID is a collection of little plastic rings that snap on the cable on both ends. The colours available are green, orange, pink, and blue. 

RODE NTH-100 Headphones Review – Design and Functionality

The NTH-100 has a classy and professional look that matches its quality build. Also, all the elements that make up the product are designed to last. Thus, providing it with top-notch durability. 

Because of this, the NTH-100 can readily handle the rigours of day-to-day use. 

Do note that these headphones only come in one shade – black. But despite that, it still looks awesome.

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It has triangular-shaped earcups with rounded edges that somewhat match your ears’ contour. The grilles within each earcup display the L and R markers while the outer panels display a huge RODE logo. 

Additionally, you’ll find Braille markings as well. 

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To continue our RODE NTH-100 headphones review, let’s focus on the product’s ear cushions. With their asymmetrical shape, signature RODE gold-dot accents and single-sided forks, the NTH-100 looks elegant and eye-catching in every angle. 

Instead of the common protein, faux, or leather material, RODE opted for the Alcantara fabric that’s more breathable and suede-like. You can find the material wrapped along the headband and its ear cushions.

Because of this, the ear cushions feel amazing against the ears and on your head. Plus with the relatively-deep sides, you’ll enjoy a roomy and airy pocket for your ears, no matter its size.  

The deep cushions offer an acceptable fit for those who wear eyeglasses. It has enough pivot and swivels in its hinge components to allow these earcups to rest flush against the head. 

And inside the adequately-padded ear cushions, you’ll find a memory foam that makes use of CoolTech. It’s a RODE-made gel that is claimed to keep one’s ears from getting too warm for comfort.  

The company claims that these are quick and easy to swap if ever you need to replace them. However, the most interesting design aspect of the NTH-100 is its FitLok size adjustment structure. 

Most of the headbands on similar products utilise index sizing. These are little notches that allow you to decrease or increase the headphones’ measurement in small increments. 

These headphones sport a solid and durable construction made from sturdy materials such as its stainless spring steel headband. It even comes with smaller components made out of solid plastic which gives off an attractive and robust design. 

Even the earcups’ swivels feel more sturdy and solid compared to its competitors. The thing here is, this specific part of headphones is usually its weak point. So, it’s very reassuring when it comes to the NTH-100’s longevity. 

Key Features of the RODE NTH-100 Headphones 

This part of our RODE NTH-100 headphones review showcases the different elements that make the NTH-100 highly notable and worth purchasing. 

Highly Accurate Audio, as You Should Hear it

RODE crafted the NTH-100 meticulously to make it deliver superior sonic performance. It’s excellent for critical listening whether you’re monitoring, mixing, or mastering audio. Plus, its custom-matched dynamic drivers are tuned for accurate frequency response and low distortion.

The headphones’ unique contoured earcup build are optimised for exceptional clarity and detail too. As a result, the headphones deliver astounding natural audio. With its memory foam cushions, the headphones offer excellent passive noise isolation.

The NTH-100 is crafted with precision to retain all details and nuance of the audio it produces.

Top-notch Accuracy and Exceptional Clarity

The custom voice coil of the NTH-100 has a four-layer aluminium alloy with extremely high tension at its core. It’s combined with three layers of ultra-stiff Mylar diaphragm.

Inspired by the award-winning NTH5 microphone, RODE included an innovative phase plug and a rare-earth neodymium magnet. These premium-grade components ensure accurate phase and frequency response across the entire audible spectrum to achieve the ideal listening experience.

Extremely Comfortable

Next to audio quality, comfort is one of the most essential factors to consider when it comes to headphones. Thanks to the high-quality materials used for the NTH-100, these headphones can deliver absolute comfort.

The Alcantara earcups and headband cushions provide a comfortable feel that enhances the sensory experience when worn. This material is soft and highly breathable. 

Beneath the Alcantara is a layer of RODE’s revolutionary CoolTech gel that absorbs and dissipates heat. It actively cools your ears and head to reduce fatigue when wearing the headphones for long periods.

Aside from the premium materials used, the NTH-100 has a unique ergonomic design. The bi-directional movement and memory foam combined offers a custom-fit feel for all head shapes and sizes. Its fully adjustable headband that features the FitLok system helps retain the same fit every time you wear it.

Uniquely Stylish Design of the RODE NTH-100 Headphones

The NTH-100 is an iconic pair of headphones that perfectly combines classic aesthetics and advanced industrial design. Its clean lines and sleek finishes with its ergonomic build make it look good as it feels.

You can customise the headphones with its included high-quality cables that come in four vibrant colours: blue, pink, orange, and green.

Designed to Last

The NTH-100 is excellently constructed to withstand long periods of use. RODE chose each material carefully: from the high-strength spring steel headband to its scratch-resistant coating. This is to ensure the headphones’ durability. 

For the cushions and cable, these are replaceable. So if these wear out or break, you won’t have to worry about buying new headphones. Additionally, the NTH-100 has a modular design so it’ll surely last even with regular use.

Next up in our RODE NTH-100 headphones review are more details on what the NTH-100 has to offer. These are vital specifications that can help you determine if the product can work with your preference and needs. 


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These dynamic headphones have a transducer that measures 40mm. Its frequency response ranges from 5 Hz to 35 kHz, has an impedance of 32Ω, and sensitivity of 110dB/V.

When we speak of its total power input, the NTH-100 has 1,700mW, 1% THD @ 1 kHz. Then, its ambient noise attenuation is measured at 20 dBA. 

For its connection, the NTH-100 makes use of a dual TRRS cable attachment. 

The headphones measure 80 x 190 x 188mm (L x W x H) and weigh 350g. When it comes to its included cable, it’s 240cm long. 

Let’s continue our RODE NTH-100 headphones review and focus on the most important part – how the headphones performed. 

Hands-on with the RODE NTH-100 Headphones

We used the headphones for over a week, and the first time we wore it was terrific. It fit perfectly and felt extremely comfortable, then the earcups sat perfectly on our ears without us feeling any discomfort. 

These headphones really have a sturdy and durable build since it felt thick, solid, and gave off that premium feel. 

There was even a time when it accidentally fell from the desk. When we got hold of it, the headphones were still intact. And upon inspecting, there were no scratches or dents on it which just shows how durable the product is. 

Next is its sound quality. It was extremely striking when we tried listening to different tunes since it delivered extremely open sounds which was great. And since it has a closed-back design, we could listen loudly without people around us hearing our tunes.

Again, we can’t stress how good and spacious it sounded. Plus, it was extremely reminiscent of what open-backed headphones would offer. So, we were extremely happy and impressed with what we heard. 

RODE’s attention to detail was clearly delivered in their NTH-100, and we were once again impressed by it. No matter if it was piano and voice, or an entire symphony orchestra, the headphones performed excellently. 

It gave us the most transient details of harmonics, dynamic variations, and all those little extra sounds in instruments. We could hear everything from each of these, yet all the sounds blended wonderfully. 

Based on its audio performance, the NTH-100 didn’t falter and gave us outstanding audio. No matter what type of music we played, the output was great, crisp, clear, and clean. 

Since it’s designed for professional use, it surpassed even our expectations. But again, it’s also something worth recommending to people who enjoy detailed audio listening. 

The NTH-100’s sound profile was clear and balanced which impressed us. We listened to different tracks, used it for gaming and calls, and we were able to hear even the subtle nuances. It provided us with lively and energetic audio with natural warmth.

For the bass, it was punchy but not overpowering while the midrange had a lot of detail. Low mids were rich especially in orchestral tracks, and the presence of high-mids retained punchy sounds.

Its soundstage wasn’t panoramic, but it was wide and it delivered precise placement for vocals and instruments. Even with volume changes, the NTH-100 handled sounds smoothly and without distortion. If there were any distortions, these may have only been audible beyond listening volume levels.

Although it has a closed-back design, the NTH-100 offered the advantages of open-back headphones but without sound leakage. It delivered spacious audio with great separation and reduced fatigue, making it ideal for long periods of use.

With the NTH-100, we were able to hear a lot of elements and instruments distinctly. Even in dense mixes, the headphones delivered superior clarity with no distortion at high volumes. The presence and weight of the tracks were excellently conveyed with adequate headroom. 

Also, there were no signs of compression which is common in a lot of headphones.

RODE NTH-100 Headphones Review Summary

Like the high-quality microphones of RODE, we can see the NTH-100 becoming a studio staple in the coming years. It will likely be in bedroom workstations and even world-class recording studios. These headphones have a robust yet comfortable design and deliver clear, spacious audio. 

A lot of professional-grade headphones cost a fortune, but the NTH-100 is different. It’s an affordable product that doesn’t compromise audio and build quality. Plus, it’s made of carefully selected materials that allow it to offer comfort, durability, and performance in a single package.

Overall, we highly recommend the NTH-100 to anyone who wants to enjoy more detail in their audio. For its price, it offers adequate detail and clarity which makes it worth the purchase.

To find out more about the NTH-100 from RODE, check out the official product page for more details.