sound blaster g3 review

Sound Blaster G3 Review

Everyone needs a USB DAC amplifier that works efficiently and effectively. In our Sound Blaster G3 review, we’ll give you one of the best that Creative has.

For PC gamers, having that one dedicated and efficient sound card helps improve the sound quality of the system. It’s necessary even if it’s only for casual activities such as listening to music or watching films.

Enhanced sounds or sound staging via 7.1 surround sound is vital for gamers that utilise this feature. It helps players pinpoint where their enemies are, and it simply allows one to enjoy life-like environments.

That said, console gamers are somehow left in the dark with only their gaming headphones for use. Those headphones are pretty much okay, but they only offer limited customisation for optimised sounds.

To settle this issue, Creative Technology took another step by creating the Sound Blaster G3. It’s a portable USB DAC amplifier designed not only for the PC gamers, but also for console users too.

Sound Blaster G3 Packaging

This section of our Sound Blaster G3 review focuses on the packaging and contents of its box.

The G3 came in a simple-looking compact cardboard box that displays an image of the USB DAC amplifier in front. The name of the USB is on the box’s upper left portion. Below it lists the key features of the G3.

Creative Sound Blaster G3 Photos 01 Creative Sound Blaster G3 Photos 02

The rear of the package is pretty much the same, and you’ll get details about the connectivity, and nothing more.

However, it does have a QR code in front that will take you to its primary product page. Here, you’ll get all the details needed about the Sound Blaster G3.

Inside, you’ll find the Sound Blaster G3 that’s nicely packed and protected via soft foam on each side. Other than that, you’ll also get a 1m optical cable, a USB-C to USB-A converter, and an audio guide.

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Sound Blaster G3 Review – Design and Functionality

On this portion of our Sound Blaster G3 review, we’ll let you know how the product looks like. We’ll also talk about its functionality.

At a low price point, the Sound Blaster G3 is expected to be made out of cheaper materials. However, the G3 is created entirely out of high-quality plastic with two rubberised feet on each end. Not only that, but the knobs, buttons, and switches feel durable, reliable, and don’t feel loose in any way.

The G3 weighs 32g without the USB-A adapter whereas it gets slightly heavier at 37g with it. Technically, it’s still lightweight since this USB DAC amplifier is made to be portable.

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When it comes to its design, the amp is pretty much simple-looking which is excellent. It’s because you don’t require anything too complicated. All you want to do is enjoy gaming and not tinker with a challenging USB DAC amp setup.

Not only that, but considering its compact form, the G3 won’t get in the way of your gaming experience. Additionally, it’s something perfect for Nintendo Switch users.

The unit outputs as a USB-C yet has a USB-A adapter that’s useful for console or PC use. For those who prefer linking optical out, there’s also a 3.5mm headphone input and a 3.5mm mic input. Not only that, but there’s also a hybrid optical line-in with a mini TOSLINK-Kabel included.

The right portion of the G3 holds the audio mixing sitch and volume knob. The mixing switch allows you to customise the game, as well as the sound balance of game voice chat.

On the left, you’ll immediately find the unmute and mute switch for the mic, plus a mic volume control knob. At the centre, there’s a button that activates the Footsteps Enhancer Mode that turns white when you enable it.

Key Features of the Sound Blaster G3

This part of our Sound Blaster G3 review is all about the USB DAC amp’s unique features.

GameVoice Mix

GameVoice Mix allows for adjusting game and chat audio with the integrated scroll wheel. It also enhances footsteps SFX via custom EQ. Additionally, here are customised EQ profiles for the leading games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Fortnite, and Overwatch.

Control Everything with One Hand

Creative built the Sound Blaster G3 with form and functionality. With that, each side of the USB DAC amplifier has direct access to the independent mic and volume controls. While one of your hands is busy on the controller, the other can adjust the volume or mic.

High-Quality Audio

The Sound Blaster G3’s core has a sound chip supporting high-definition audio performance. It can drive studio-grade 300-ohm headphones. Additionally, the Sound Blaster G3 has a highly compact and lightweight form factor.

With all of these features, this USB DAC amp becomes the audio upgrade that every gamer’s console setup needs.

The next part of our Sound Blaster G3 review is all about the specifications of the USB DAC amplifier.


This part of our Sound Blaster G3 review deals with the G3’s specs.

For its measurements, the USB DAC amp weighs 32g while its USB Type-C to A converter weighs 4g. When it comes to its dimensions, the Sound Blaster G3 is 210 x 39 x 15mm.

When it comes to the headphone amp, its dynamic range is at 100db. For its playback resolution, it’s PCM 16-bit | 48.0, 96.0 kHz and PCM 24-bit | 48.0, 96.0 kHz. Furthermore, the platform it uses is USB 3.0 | USB 2.0.

For primary connectivity options, the headphone-out jack and mini TOSLINK optical/line-in combo jack are all 1 x ½”. The measurement also goes for the external mic-in jack.

The Sound Blaster G3 makes use of the CrystalVoice audio technology. For computers, its supported operating systems include Windows 8.0, 8.1, 10, and macOS 10.12 or higher.

The supported smartphone operating systems are Android 8.0 and iOS 11 or higher. When it comes to consoles, the Sound Blaster G3 supports Nintendo Switch and PS4.

In addition to these, the USB DAC amplifier comes with a limited 1-year warranty for convenience.

Hands-on with the Sound Blaster G3

On this section of our Sound Blaster G3 review, we will talk about the Sound Blaster G3’s app and performance. Let’s begin with the Sound Blaster Command application.

The Sound Blaster Command app is available for Android and iOS. When using this, you can adjust various settings on the fly from your phone. Here, you can change your mic and volume controls, adjust saved EQ settings, and perform software updates.

Customising its equaliser is another thing you can do via the app. From here, we were able to comprehend the basic presets for movies and games. Game-specific presets like Call of Duty series, Overwatch, and Fortnite are also available in the application.

Additionally, we tried adjusting the 10-channel frequency with a tap and boosted the preamp, bass, and treble. Customisation options in the Sound Blaster Command app have also greatly improved. It allowed us to adjust the mic recording while monitoring its volumes.

Everything in the Sound Blaster Command app is useful and convenient. If your console is near the TV, you won’t have to go back and forth to make the adjustments. It’s a simple and effective solution for uninterrupted gaming.

We tested the Sound Blaster G3 with our computer and console. We also used a pair of high-quality headphones to see if the USB DAC amp performed well.

While gaming, we saw that the Sound Blaster G3 put us to advantage in critical situations.

When using the GameVoice Mix feature, the audio became clearer. Also, the balance between the game voice chat and game audio significantly improved. With the Sound Blaster 3, we didn’t have to fiddle around with the game or the system menu.

Even when we increased the volume, there was less peaking distortion with the Sound Blaster 3, which we greatly appreciated. This USB DAC amp helped a lot in reducing microphone noise. Because of this, our in-game voice chats were crisp and clear.

Overall, the Sound Blaster G3 performed excellently. Because of that, we’re giving it five stars for its efficiency.

Sound Blaster G3 Review Summary

With the release of the Sound Blaster G3 USB DAC amp, Creative has done well against its competitors. Its small form factor and impressive features make it a great product to enhance anyone’s gaming experience.

For its performance, the Sound Blaster G3 did as it claimed and it delivered what we wanted from it. The USB DAC amp gave our headphones an impressive volume boost when needed. Plus, the controls on its sides allowed for easier and more convenient adjustments.

With the advanced tweaking on the Sound Blaster Command App, we had a lot of customisation options. Setting up our EQ profiles were easy, and these effectively improved the sounds of our headphones.

If you have a pair of good-quality headphones, the Sound Blaster G3 is a great accessory to have. This USB DAC amp will ensure that you’ll get the audio boost you’ve needed from your headphones. If you’re looking for affordable ways to improve your audio, this product is your ultimate solution.

To conclude our Sound Blaster G3 review, it’s an excellent USB DAC amp, and we’re recommending this. If you want to have this product, it’s available for online purchase from the company’s official website.