synsolution Synology to showcase enterprise data management solutions at Synology Solution Day 2023

Synology to showcase enterprise data management solutions at Synology Solution Day 2023

Synology announced Synology Solution Day 2023 for 14th November at Hotel Chadstone, Melbourne. Synology will showcase its four core data management solutions: data storage, backup, video surveillance, and business productivity.

“Synology’s business solutions have grown tremendously over the past three years, nearly doubling,” said Joshua Orren, ANZ Sales Manager for Synology. “As we continue to expand our offerings, we welcome interested IT and partners to experience first-hand why our solutions are disrupting cost and maintenance tradeoffs demanded by traditional solutions.”

Storage and File Management

Digital transformation of all industries is accelerating due to emerging technology like generative AI. Organizations face significant challenges as the amount of data they generate and store is ever-increasing, together with management and security requirements that outpace IT resources. Synology is showcasing how its agile private and hybrid cloud data management solutions fit the task in today’s changing environments, ranging from large multinationals to synchronizing numerous franchises cost-effectively and ransomware-proof.

Data Protection

More than just having backups is needed to ensure business continuity. Synology will present why comprehensive coverage, routine drilling, and a dependable total solution are needed to significantly reduce the time needed to recover from worst-case scenarios and ensure your organization can continue operating. Most importantly, building a backup and disaster recovery plan doesn’t need to break your IT budget.

Video Surveillance

In addition to securing your business against cyber threats, a dependable video surveillance system is not a luxury but a necessity. Synology offers a comprehensive solution built around our class-leading video management system, Surveillance Station, and AI-enabled cameras. Whether you’re overseeing a sprawling industrial complex or multiple retail outlets, Synology’s surveillance solutions provide the scalability and flexibility needed.

Business Productivity

The essence of business lies in efficiency and collaboration both within and outside an organization. Synology will present its private cloud solutions that streamline team collaboration, ensuring data ownership without compromising accessibility and usability. From office docs, email, to instant messaging, see how Synology’s solutions offer comprehensive security, soon-to-be augmented with generative AI capabilities for even more control over your organization’s data.

Event Registration

To explore the innovations and breakthroughs Synology brings to enterprise data management, reserve your spot today. Additionally, complimentary food, beverages, and parking will be provided for your convenience and enjoyment.

Date: 14th November 2023

Time: 17:30 – 21:00

Venue: Hotel Chadstone Melbourne

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