synology logo banner Synology unveils modern data and security solutions for enterprises at JuiceIT 2024

Synology unveils modern data and security solutions for enterprises at JuiceIT 2024

Australia—March 5, 2024 Synology has announced that they will be showcasing their enterprise-level products and solutions at JuiceIT 2024, held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 5th of March and the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 13th of March. This event will cover storage, data protection, and smart surveillance solutions.

Trusted by over 150,000 enterprises worldwide, Synology aims to help businesses expand the value and scope of their data by providing cost-effective, IT-friendly, and secure business solutions.

“In an era where data demands are rapidly growing and IT manpower is relatively tight, Synology’s solutions offer invaluable support for enterprise data management,” said Michael Chang, a regional sales manager at Synology.

Scalable, high-performance storage for enterprises

With the emergence of new technologies like generative AI, the demand for robust data storage and management solutions in enterprises has surged. Synology introduces a range of storage devices tailored for enterprise scenarios, including the FS6400 for all-flash solutions and the HD6500 for petabyte-level storage needs.

In addition to its comprehensive solutions, Synology is well-equipped to address tasks requiring high performance and reliable data storage, such as virtualization environments, big data analytics, and deep learning. The latest version of DiskStation Manager (DSM 7.2) incorporates advanced tools like immutable snapshots and Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA) for enhanced data security measures.

Synology empowers enterprises to deploy systems seamlessly, catering to diverse operational needs with confidence.

Comprehensive data protection solutions for enhanced BCDR

Given the growing presence of cybersecurity incidents in recent years, establishing a strong protection system is essential. Synology’s Active Backup Suite provides comprehensive protection for computers, virtual machines, and servers within organizations, extending to full protection for SaaS services like M365 and Google Workspace. Plus, mechanisms such as data verification and automatic repair ensure the swift and accurate restoration of operational systems in disaster scenarios, ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery.

End-to-end smart surveillance systems

In addition to safeguarding critical business data, Synology also offers an end-to-end surveillance solution to help enterprises protect their physical assets. This includes intelligent surveillance, a simplified multi-site vendor management system (VMS), expandable storage devices, and TV wall solutions, helping organizations overcome common obstacles in surveillance system deployment.

Moreover, with the newly launched Synology Camera, featuring high-quality, stable, 24/7 recording, and built-in AI recognition, organizations can detect people, vehicles, and space intrusions. Instant Search allows quick review of specific areas after an incident, while integration with third-party systems enables centralized management through Surveillance Station.

Chang stated, “Whether enterprises seek storage, data protection, or surveillance solutions, we believe everyone can find secure, user-friendly, and cost-effective solutions at the Synology booth at JuiceIT 2024.”

Visit the JuiceIT 2024 web page for more information.