teamgroup memory card reader 2024 TEAMGROUP Announces the PD20M Mag Portable SSD and the ULTRA CR-I MicroSD Memory Card Reader

TEAMGROUP Announces the PD20M Mag Portable SSD and the ULTRA CR-I MicroSD Memory Card Reader

TEAMGROUP, the global leading provider of premium storage solutions, announced the launch of two new lightweight solutions today: the PD20M Mag Portable SSD, exclusively designed by TEAMGROUP and MagSafe【1compatible, and the ULTRA CR-I MicroSD Memory Card Reader. Starting the year strong with leading technology and innovative product design capabilities, TEAMGROUP continues to provide users with novel and compact solutions to meet diverse application needs.

The TEAMGROUP PD20M Mag External SSD is a storage device exclusively developed by TEAMGROUP, MagSafe【1】compatible, making it a perfect fit for mobile devices. It has excellent portability, weighing only 40 g and measuring 70 mm in length, 62 mm in width, and ultra-thin at just 8.2 mm. With a maximum storage capacity of 2 TB, it is capable of continuous 4K 60fps recording for up to 144 minutes when recording in ProRes format. The PD20M Mag External SSD utilizes a USB 3.2 Gen2x2 Type-C interface, is compatible with the Apple iPhone 15 Pro【1】series, and supports Thunderbolt interface ports. Whether connecting to a desktop or laptop running Windows or MacOS, it can achieve a maximum transfer speed of 20 Gbps【2】, effortlessly and efficiently handling user data transfer needs.

The TEAMGROUP ULTRA CR-I MicroSD Memory Card Reader supports UHS-I interface slots. When used with TEAMGROUP MicroSD memory cards, the maximum data transfer speed can achieve an impressive 180MB/s【2】【3】. The portable reader is extremely lightweight, weighing only 2.7 g, and is ideal for everyday use with smartphones or other mobile devices. The ULTRA CR-I MicroSD Memory Card Reader features a USB Type-C interface, which allows easy connection to desktops, laptops, or mobile devices running iPadOS and iOS. The reader is plug-and-play compatible, ensuring smooth and easy transfers.

Capturing daily moments with our mobile devices has become an integral part of our lives, and the demand for increased storage capacity has never been greater. As a key industry player, TEAMGROUP continues to introduce diverse and innovative storage solutions to meet market demand. The TEAMGROUP PD20M Mag Portable SSD and ULTRA CR-I MicroSD Memory Card Reader will be available in North America at the end of March on Amazon and Newegg. Please stay tuned to TEAMGROUP’s official website and social media channels for the latest news.


TEAMGROUP ULTRA CR-I MicroSD Memory Card Reader


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