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UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk Review

The best sit-and-stand desks have become even more popular because more people work from home. In our UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk review, we’re sharing one of the best sit-stand desks to enhance your WFH experience. 

Ordinary desks can indeed help with your tasks and work. However, a sit-stand desk allows you to do that while providing health benefits. 

While engaging in an online meeting, you can sit while interacting with colleagues. Then casually shift to a standing position to stretch your legs, and lessen instances of back pains. 

But with the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk , switching from sitting to standing is as quick and easy as pressing a button. The table is customisable and heavy-duty, plus it looks stunning. 

What we have for our UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk Review is the desk with a white desk frame. The desk drawer and cable management are also in white. 

Our version of the table uses Pheasantwood. Plus, there are notable accessories available such as a cable management bar and desk drawer which we purchased separately. Continue reading our review to learn more about the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk’s features, design, function, specifications, and how it performs. 

UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk Packaging

Let’s begin our UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk Review by looking at how UpDown packed its desk. It was a surprise to see three boxes sitting on our doorstep. However, it wasn’t an issue since we assumed it was to keep everything organised.

UpDown provided us with a neat and arranged box where all items and inclusions had secure packaging. The desktop didn’t have scratches or dents; same for its legs and other parts. 

Everything was in mint condition, so kudos to UpDown for providing everyone with a secure package. 

All the parts and tools for assembling the desk are in the package. These include the cables, motor, frame, screws, and Allen key.

UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk Review – Design and Functionality

Our UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk Review will feature one of the best sit-stand desks you’ll ever find today. It’s one of the favourites in Australia primarily due to its build and material. 

The company’s desk offers a sustainable desktop that’s eye-catching and hard-wearing. Its desktop is 2.5cm-thick and is smooth and seamless to the touch. 

Although made from wood, specifically Pheasantwood, the desk doesn’t have a rough surface. It also won’t snag your clothes accidentally. To put it simply, the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk is a good product that will optimise your work experience.  

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The product comes in three different sizes. That means you can easily find the perfect desk fit for your workspace. 

Although the tables have varying sizes, all these offer an adequate work surface for every user. If you plan to use it for office tasks, the desk has enough space for your items. You can place your laptop, books, files, photos, a lamp, folders, etc. 

It’s not only for office work since the desk is perfect for making arts, crafts, music, and floor plans. 

Aside from offering lots of leg space, you can comfortably slip in your trolley organisers, file cabinets, etc. Generally, the desk is your ideal work table. It’s suitable for those who want a command station that provides easy access to all your work essentials.

Pheasantwood Desktop

Again, the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk version we have has a Pheasantwood desktop. This specific kind of wood is durable, strong, and native to South/Southeast Asia. It’s classified as hardwood and is planted widely in the tropics. 

It’s called Pheasantwood since it has a distinct pattern and grains resembling a pheasant’s feathers. 

The Pheasantwood desks from UpDown feature a clear-wearing finish that makes the desktop mildew and water-resistant. If you accidentally spill water/liquid on your desk, clean the wet area immediately, and you’re all good.

Incremental Height Adjustment plus Four Memory Buttons

While writing our UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk Review, we were surprised by the little features the desk offers. Whenever you need to share your desk with colleagues, use the desk’s memory button to adjust the desk’s height. 

There are four memory buttons available where you can save your preferred table height. So if you have a group you regularly work with, press the memory function you saved. Doing so will allow you to start using the desk height you need.

Use the preferred height while working with your group, then return its height to your personal preference. 

Anti-Collision for the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk

Additionally, the desk features an integrated anti-collision feature to prevent damage when leaving your chair under without decreasing its height. The table’s height controller has soft-touch buttons that allow you to shift the desk higher or lower. It will give you the best level for your needs to prevent back and neck strains. 

Like other standing desks, the desk from UpDown has a user-friendly control panel that’s easy to master. You only need to press the up/down buttons to adjust your table’s height. To get the right height level, always check the display screen. 

Adjust the settings for standing and sitting heights for those using the desk. And because of its dual-monitor technology, each height transition is seamless, silent, and vibration-free. 

The desk features a cable management setup, but it’s an optional function. You don’t need to pay an extra amount to get a set of grommets. 

Keep in mind that UpDown will drill the grommet holes themselves. Just ensure the company drills these and not you. It is necessary so they won’t void the huge trial period.

Different Types of Wood Used for the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk

UpDown’s sit-stand desks offer the highest-quality products in Australia. The company utilised fine materials that ensure excellent quality and durability for their tables. 

Other than the Pheasantwood version, more varieties of wood are available for the  desk’s desktop. These include Beech Melamine, Bamboo, White Melamine, Black Bamboo, Brown Bamboo, Natural Bamboo, White Bamboo, Acacia, and Recycled Messmate. 

The other available woods include Messmate, Rubberwood, Victorian Ash, Recycled Oregon, and Jarrah.

Cable Management Tray and Metal Drawer

Aside from its solid build quality, the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk provides a wide range of options for personalisation. You can base the aesthetics depending on your needs and preferences. 

The cable tray is excellent for helping organise the power boards and cables that run under the desk. We have the white coloured tray, but you can also opt for a black one. 

The presence of a cable tray can help guarantee that all cables are kept neat and in order. The cable tray is 70 x 11.5 x 7.5cm (LxHxW). 

The drawer is underneath your desktop, so you can easily store items in a locked and secure drawer. It means the drawer is always on the right level, no matter how much you elevate your desk.

Dimensions and Measurements of the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk

When installed, the desk measures 34 x 19 (WxH). Without its handle, it’s 33.5cm deep, while with it, it measures 35.5cm deep.

Individually, the upper storage/laptop storage area is 34 x 9.5 x 33.5cm (WxHxD). Then, its drawer’s internal storage measurements are 26.5 x 7.5 x 32cm (WxHxD).

Perfect for Ergonomics

The PRO Series Electric Desk from UpDown lets you work while standing or sitting. It all depends on your choice, so you have all the freedom when adjusting it. The product allows you to adjust the height of the table based on your preferences and what’s comfortable for you.

Since they’re height-adjustable, the workstations let you effortlessly shift between standing and sitting while working. Plus, they also come in a variety of designs. 

If you’re wondering how to lower the desk, you can adjust it electronically for convenience. Other versions allow you to set these manually instead.

Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

What are the benefits of using a standing desk? Should you upgrade your desk to this ergonomic piece of furniture? Let’s find out by discussing its numerous benefits. 

Burns Calories

Standing burns more calories than when you’re sitting. So just by standing still and working, you can lose more calories.

Remember that standing and sitting don’t have a difference in calorie burning. Standing burns 100-200 calories per hour, while sitting burns 60-130 calories. But as time passes, it can add up. 

Boosts energy levels

Having a desk like the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk helps encourage people to spend more time on their feet. Studies show that 66% of people felt more productive while 88% were more energised by standing while working. 

Little active movements throughout the day will help you stay alert and awake. That’s how the sit-stand desk helps you. 

Enhances Posture and Lessens Back Pain

Using the sit-standing desk from UpDown has the proper ergonomics to help provide good posture while using the computer. It will allow you to have your monitor at eye level, about 20” from your face, at a 20° tilt. You’ll also be able to bend your arms at a 100° angle at your sides.

Your wrists can comfortably rest on the keyboard with your weight shifting adequately between your legs. 

Improves Blood Circulation

Thinking of how humans evolve, you know that our bodies should move. When standing, leg muscles are enhanced. That also includes our core strength and balance. It also stops blood clots from appearing in the legs. 

When we sit for long periods during plane rides and the like, blood slows down and accumulates in the legs. And in worst cases, it can lead to blood clotting. 

When we stand, our legs move and doing this gets the blood flowing throughout the body. In some studies, people who tend to sit for long hours have shorter life spans because of poor cardio health. 

When they stand often, it leads to a healthier lifestyle. 

Improves Mood

When you’re distracted at work, get up from your seat to bring back your concentration. It also offers a mood boost to increase productivity. Studies show that people who occasionally stood up at work were more productive by 50%.

Standing helps you feel healthier. And once you feel better, you’ll automatically have a better mood. Studies where participants stood while working reported to have improved mood. 

So if you’re having a stressful or slow day at work, stand and get on your feet.

Key Features of the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk

With many standing desks on the market, how do you choose the best one? We’ll help you out here in our UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk review. Find out if this electric standing desk is what you need as we discuss the desk’s key features.

UpDown PRO Series Electric Standing Pheasantwood Desk

Upgrade your home office or workplace by creating the perfect work environment with the desk. The company designed this for quick and safe height adjustment, allowing you to transition between sitting and standing. All you need is a single touch of a button, and its smooth and quiet adjustment won’t interrupt your workflow.

With the height adjustment mechanism, you can share the desk with people who are taller/shorter than you. It has four height memory buttons, and you can save your preferred height settings.

100-day Trial Period with Free Returns

UpDown offers a 100-day trial period for all 100-day Pro Series Electric Desks. This industry-leading trial period lets you experience the desk and understand its excellent ergonomics.

If you decide to return the desk, the company will also pay for the shipping cost if you’re in Australia. You won’t see other standing desk manufacturers providing their customers with this offer.

A Step Closer to Your Dream Workspace with Easy Installation and Video Guides

Are you worried about assembling the desk? Good news! There’s no need to worry since setting it up is quick and easy. You only need a screwdriver or drill.

UpDown also provides full written instructions and handy instructional videos for setting up your standing desk. There are two videos: one for assembling the legs and the other for attaching the legs to the desktop. It’s ideal to refer to videos for tips and measurements.

If you need assistance, the company offers an installation service for Melbourne customers at a small cost. UpDown’s staff come to you to set up the desk at your home or workplace.

This standing desk is excellent because you can personalise it with a few extras. You can include an under-desk drawer, a cable tray, or metal cable hole grommets. Plus, you can purchase the anti-fatigue mat with supportive foam to combat strain on your legs, knees, and feet.

Sturdy and Wobble-free

What makes the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk better than other standing desks is its sturdiness, thanks to its solid construction. Standing desks from competing manufacturers are prone to wobbling, so getting any work done is difficult.

The UpDown PRO Series Electric Deskstays stable at any height and has a lifting capacity of 150kg.

Aesthetics and Durability of Pheasantwood

Pheasantwood is a beautifully striking timber named after its unique patterns and grain resembling a pheasant’s feathers. It features a smooth, natural finish and rounded corners. Plus, it’s highly tactile.

Ergonomics That Increases Productivity and Improves Your Health

Sitting in front of your computer all day can cause problems on your shoulders, back, neck, hips, or legs. Having constant pain or discomfort makes working productively a challenge.

But with the desk, you can sit or stand anytime and do some leg lifts while working. This ergonomic desk isn’t only beneficial for your mental health but improves your work experience. 

With its large work surface, there’s more than enough space for a computer setup, desk plants, lamp, and more. You can also add drawers underneath the desk.

Unparalleled Frame Stability and Strength of the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk

Unlike other standing desks, the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk has a heavier desk frame weight. But this equates to superior sturdiness and ensures that your desk is wobble-free, no matter what height setting you use.

When we started using the product for our review, we tried changing its height setting numerous times. Even after several tries, we didn’t notice wobbling.

Adjustable Frame for Different Desktop Sizes

The width of UpDown’s desk frames is adjustable to suit desktops measuring 105 to 240cm.

Quiet Operation and Quick Speed Adjustments

The desk’s dual-motor lifting mechanism operates smoothly and without vibration. It has a speed of 32mm per second and is easy to adjust with a single button press. 

The height adjustment system lets you save your favourite settings. The UpDown Desk’s up/down button lets you easily adjust the desk’s height. The anti-collision system keeps your setup safe from knocking against anything.

Long-term Warranty Period

The UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk’s frames have a 10-year warranty covering the desk frame and all electrical parts. It covers any material faults that prevent you from using the product.

The desktop comes with a 5-year warranty.


CleanShot 2022 07 14 at 11.12.49 UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk Review

The frame of the sit-stand desk has an anti-collision mechanism that is sensitivity adjustable. Its height ranges from 61.5-127cm without the desktop, while its base’s width ranges from 105-240cm. Additionally, it suits desktops which makes it very convenient for all users. 

The frame weighs 41kg, and its movement speed is 32mm/sec. It comes with dual motors and has a 150kg load capacity. 

It isn’t that noisy when operated and has a noise level of 40dB in motion. The desk’s input power is 230-240V and has a power-saving mode that switches off after 15 seconds of non-use. 

As we mentioned, a cable management feature is present but is optional. Plus, it has a 4-button memory control panel and upper/lower limits that are programmable. 

It can protect from overload, and UpDown gave it a 10-year warranty. 

Desktop Specifications

Our UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk has a Pheasantwood desktop and a clear, hard-wearing finish. The desktop measures 140 x 75cm and weighs 23.1kg, while its thickness is 2.5cm. 

The desktop has eased edges, and this specific part comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Hands-on with the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk

We’re now sharing our hands-on experience with the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk. The manual claims you can assemble the product in 20-25 minutes. We took longer than that because we took everything nice and slow, at a relaxing pace. we can certainly see however that assembly could easily be achieved in 25 minutes or so. All up it took us about 45 mins to get everything the way that we liked it.

Since the desk came in separate boxes and aren’t the lightest things ever, extra hands are always welcome when it comes to unboxing and assembly. If you don’t have anyone that can help you, it can certainly be completed with by a single person, just take care when lifting. 

We advise that you take a little extra time for assembling so that you can make sure to reference the installation guide and instructional video as you go.

The instructions were easy to follow and all we required was screwdriver, tape measure, and a drill to help us with some pilot holes. A drill is not required but it made life a little easier for us. Other than these, everything else you need is available in the package. the numbered parts in the guide made it easier to know where every screw should go. 

If you’re having difficulties assembling, you can contact UpDown and inquire about their installation services. Their staff are polite and accommodating, so they’ll provide everything you need like pricing, requirements, etc. 

Once assembled, we found that the desk was incredibly sturdy and had no wobble to it at all, unlike other desks that we have used in the past. Control of the desks height was made incredibly simple via the control interface on the front of the desk. This interface allowed us to not only adjust the height of the desk but also store these height settings to memory, with 4 memory buttons available in total. This made is easy to quickly switch between different preset heights.

One of the things that surprised us was just how quiet the motor was for the desk frame with adjusting the height of the desk. There was barely a sound made when the desk top was moving and movement was buttery smooth.

We knew that the desk was going to look fantastic thanks to its hardwood, however we were concerned that the desk might be easy to scratch as we know a lot of other brand desks suffer from this issue, even if they say it’s hardwood. We are pleased to say that not only is the desk surface resistant to scratching for us but it was also resistant to any liquids that spill. Just make sure that you clean up any spills as soon as they happen.

Aside from the standard UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk, we also installed the cable management tray and also the metal drawer which was as simple as screwing in a few screws to the underside of the desk.

The cable management tray made it very easy to conceal the cables from view and made cable routing a breeze. We store our power boards in there as well so that all the plugs and outlets can stay off the floor.

As for the desk drawer, the thing we absolutely love about this is that there is a gap on top of the drawer that allows you to store a laptop, or in our case a Mac Mini, under the desk. It provides more than enough airflow to ensure that everything stays cool, whilst allowing you to get it off the top your desk.

The drawer slide mechanism was silky smooth and silent which made using the drawer a pleasure.

It is important to note that the cable management bar and desk drawer was purchased separately and does not come standard with the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk.

Excellent Customer Service

We have to discuss their customer service in our UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk review. UpDown has a user-friendly website, and its live chat feature made it easy for us to inquire. 

UpDown Desk customer support are able to answer any questions that you may have and they were friendly and accommodating which made communicating with them an enjoyable experieince.

UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk Review Summary

This desk has the quality, charm, and sophistication that will beautify any workspace. It combines aesthetics with convenience, durability, and ergonomics. Its large surface can be a multipurpose desk for office work and artistic hobbies.

Another benefit of the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk is it’s eco-friendly. It uses sustainable materials that make it durable and sure to last. So, you won’t have to buy another table in the upcoming years.

We highly recommend the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk since it’s a long-term investment with multiple benefits. It will improve your workspace, overall health, and productivity. If you’re willing to spend for a high-quality desk, this product should be at the top of your list.

To learn more about the UpDown PRO Series Electric Desk, visit UpDown’s official product page for more details.