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Stand Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review

Today, we’re writing this Stand Desk height adjustable standing desk review to focus on a fine product from Stand Desk. Their adjustable standing desk has the best in class frames since they’re tough, durable, and well-built. It even features integrated wireless charging to make everything easy and more convenient. 

For our Stand Desk height adjustable standing desk review, we have the Bamboo desktop colour with a matching white frame. It’s a beautiful combination that works with our office setup. 

Other than what we’ve mentioned, this adjustable standing desk has more in store for you. If you’re interested to learn about the standing desk, continue reading our review. 

We will provide all the essential information about the product. Plus, we’ll help determine if it’s the ideal desk for your workspace. 

Stand Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk Packaging

Stand Desk’s packaging is secure, and we’ve proven that in our Stand Desk height adjustable standing desk review. Our standing desk arrived in tip-top shape without any dents and damages. 

We even received the item immediately, which was a plus for us. Everything we needed for assembling the product was available, and the instructions were easy to follow. 

Overall, kudos to Stand Desk for providing a secure and well-packaged product. No damages were present on the desk, and delivery was conveniently quick. 

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Stand Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review – Design and Functionality

Standing desks are continuously becoming extremely popular because of their uses and benefits. And because of the pandemic, more people started working from home, so their need for a sturdier and more durable desk has grown. 

The desk we’re discussing in our Stand Desk height adjustable standing desk review is no exception. It has a build made from top-quality materials, providing a sturdy, robust, and sleek-looking desk that would work with any setup. 

Standing desks have close connections with productivity and how you perform for work, studies, or when you’re gaming. It can even provide benefits for your health and a positive working environment. 

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Stand Desk’s standing desk helps improve your productivity while providing health benefits. Aside from those, it’s also a great way to guarantee a workspace you can thrive efficiently. 

The standing desk is a product made with solid, powder-coated steel, plus quality and efficient materials. It looks stunning with its bamboo finish and has a great size too. 

If the desk is too big for your needs, you can opt for a smaller standing desk. 

The desk also comes with a wireless charging function that is highly convenient. It also comes with a cable management tray which we consider an ideal addition to the desk. Its presence helps tidy and tuck all cords in one area. 

Adding the standing desk to your work area gives off a professional look. Thus, it will enhance the appeal and aesthetics of your office environment with its beautiful finish and sleek lines.

Another convenient feature of the standing desk is that single button you’ll push to adjust its height. You won’t need to struggle and put extra effort into elevating or lowering the desk. All you need is one press, and you’re all set. 

Different Colours for Different Preferences

As mentioned, the standing desk we’re reviewing has the Blackwash Bamboo desktop colour. Other colours are available to match your work area’s aesthetics. These are Whitewash Bamboo and Natural Bamboo. 

You can even choose the colour of its frame, and options include black, white, and Industrial Steel. 

What’s nice about Stand Desk’s products is it offers an adequate range of options for those who love professional-looking desks. 

Manage those Cables

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We received a cable management tray with our Stand Desk. this cable management tray is very simple to install, requiring just a few screws and it is incredibly sturdy. This tray enables you to store the cables that would normally run across the desk and floor and tucks them away nice and tidy. This makes your workspace not only more visually appealing but also safer.

The great thing about this cable management tray is that it is wide enough to allow you to store any power boards that you may be using. This is great as it means that you can get those plugs off the floor and it is also great for when you only have a short power cable for your devices.

Where this cable management tray differs from other companies out there is that the try can actually be opened up and dropped down on a pair of hinges, providing you with much easier access to your plugs and cables.

Benefits of the Stand Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk 

As mentioned earlier, standing desks have grown popular today, and studies show they can even benefit your health and productivity. 

Capacity, output, and work rate are linked closely to standing desks. For many, these are ideal for achieving a healthy working environment. 

Proper workspaces don’t only optimise a person’s productivity but also prevent unfavourable physical conditions from arising. 

Cons of Sitting at Your Desk for Prolonged Periods 

Generally, sitting on your chair for extended periods can be bad for your health and body. People who sit for hours at work are prone to diabetes and heart diseases. 

You only burn fewer calories when sitting for long hours, unlike when you stand and move around at work. It is why there are connections between sitting for long periods and obesity. 

If you think about it, sitting all day decreases the number of times you move around. It’s because your body is in a position that restricts movements. In the end, you’ll have aches, pains, and circulation issues. 

When you regularly sit for long periods, it leads to poor blood circulation in your legs. And when sitting, your veins work more to transport blood to the heart. It will eventually lead to swelling in the ankles, blood clots, and varicose veins. 

Health and Productivity Benefits

People who use standing desks tend to have lesser stress and more energy. When they returned to sitting for hours, this improvement returned to normal. So with that, these types of desks can highly optimise the morale of everyone in the workplace. 

Standing desks decrease the risk of stress, heart disease, weight gain, and diabetes. They also lessen the chances of back pains experienced by numerous office employees. And based on studies, there was a 33% improvement in lower back pains after people used standing desks.

With all these positive effects, it’s easy to say that standing desks help boost the productivity of your workplace. People will start displaying a positive increase in their work performance and be more enthusiastic about doing their jobs. These desks can also make it more bearable for people to work behind their PCs. 

Burn More Calories and Speed up Your Metabolism

Standing desks are good news for people working from nine to five since it surprisingly helps reduce waistlines. On average, working while using a standing desk burns 200 or more calories daily. 

Standing instead of sitting helps burn 25 or 50 calories per hour, depending on your weight. It may not look significant in a 2,000-calorie day. 

However, making changes to standing for hours can help burn an extra 100 to 200 calories. You can lose four to nine kilograms over one year. 

While using the standing desk, walk back and forth for a couple of minutes. Doing so will help keep you energised. 

Increase Energy

The use of standing desks shows a positive influence and improvement on your overall well-being. During a week-long study, people using height-adjustable desks had lesser fatigue and stress. 

Additionally, those who utilised standing desks reported a boost in their energy levels throughout the day. Upon returning to their usual working position, their mood reverted and somehow decreased their energy. 

Reduce Back Pain

Sitting down most of the time adds up to 90% more strain on your back, unlike when you’re standing. Also, sitting too long at a desk doesn’t promote proper posture.    

Usually, when you’re sitting, your shoulders and back are slumped while your head and neck push forward awkwardly. This bad posture is a common contributor to neck and back pains. 

By standing, you’ll release pressure on your back and neck since it provides better posture. Standing for over just an hour a day decreases the neck and back pains you feel by over 50%. 

Outstanding Build Quality 

The standing desk from Stand Desk itself looks excellent. Its bevelled lines on the edges offer a clean and sophisticated exterior. Then combined with its finish adds a beautiful grain to the whole product. 

Its desktop is solid, smooth, and finely made, while its mechanism works efficiently and stays silent. The controls are easy to use, and its memory settings are efficient. 

For its functions, the standing desk moves up/down smoothly and quietly, while its wireless controls work adequately. 

Overall, the build quality of the standing desk is perfect, and there’s nothing to complain about the product. 

Key Features of the Stand Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk 

Why is the Stand Desk better than standing desks sold by other Australian retailers? Let’s discuss its key features in our Stand Desk height adjustable standing desk review to find out what these are.

Top-notch Frames that are Fast, Quiet, and Strong

Stand Desk’s frames have a total weight capacity of 150kg and can move at 40mm per second. It also operates quietly and emits a sound of less than 40 dB. This standing desk has three-stage legs, powerful dual motors, integrated anti-collision technology, and soft start/stops.

Stand Desk’s industry-leading height range of 620 to 1270mm caters to users who are 5’0” to 6’6” tall. It also has programmable memory that allows you to save preset height positions for multiple users.

Wirelessly Charge Your Device on the Desk

The integrated wireless charger of the Stand Desk is in a set position on the desktop. Here, you can charge any device that’s compatible with wireless charging, and you can get rid of annoying cables.

Cable Management – A Standard for Stand Desk

Unlike other Australian standing desk retailers, Stand Desk has a built-in cable management tray that’s easily accessible. It comes as a standard, so all under-desk cables have recessed cable channels to hide these and keep everything organised.

Programmable Schedule with the Compatible App

Stand Desk will release an application in July 2022. It will connect to the desk via Bluetooth. The app’s features include voice commands through Bixby and Siri, intelligent hot-desking options, sit/stand scheduling, and more.

Made with Environment-friendly Materials

Stand Desk commits to providing an environmentally friendly product by using sustainable materials. The company used plantation-based bamboo desktops and solvent-free paint for the powder and coated frames.

Easy Assembly with the Instructional Video

Assembling the Stand Desk only takes 20 minutes. The desktops have pre-drill bolt inserts, and the company has an instructional video for full-desk assembly. 


CleanShot 2022 07 14 at 10.54.50 Stand Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review

The standing desk we got has the Blackwash Bamboo desktop colour with a stunning white frame. If you’re not too keen on that shade, the standing desk has other colours available too. These include Blackwash Bamboo and Whitewash Bamboo.

If you don’t want a white frame, you can opt for black or Industrial Steel instead. 

The desk measures 1800mm x 800mm, and it includes a wireless device charger and cable management as a standard. 

Stand Desk offers a 10-year warranty for the product, Smart technology, plus free shipping & returns.

Hands-on with the Stand Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk

For this part of the Stand Desk height adjustable standing desk review, we will discuss our experience with this desk. We planned to utilise it for a week or two but ended up using it entirely for our workspace.  

After unboxing, we immediately installed the standing desk, which was an easy and quick task to complete. All parts were smooth and well-made, and there weren’t any uneven edges or any damage on the desktop. 

Installation of the Stand Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk 

Again, setting up the standing desk was easy since we didn’t require help. One person is enough to do the job. There was an instructional video on the website, which was helpful in every way possible. 

If for some reason you do need assistance we can say that customer service is exceptional. They are incredibly knowledgeable and very quick to respond to any questions that you may have.

After installing and positioning the desk in our preferred spot, we realised how stunning its wooden desktop looked. Its legs were solidly-built, and adjusting it was smooth. 

Compared to other similar tables we’ve used, the standing desk from Stand Desk had perfectly-made legs. We didn’t have problems shifting the height since there weren’t any rough edges that prevented seamless movements. 

Zero Issues, Just Pure Perfection

The Stand Desk’s tabletop is sturdy, solid, and virtually has zero wobbling when set at a seated height. Its LED screen is off 24/7 and only switches on when pressing a button. 

For its wireless charger, it works well, though we wished it were closer to the desk’s edge. 

We love that its cables are hidden from view and organised neatly to avoid any unsightly mess. Since we have a lot of gadgets on the desk, this feature helps keep everything tidy and coordinated. 

It’s a standing desk categorised on the heavier side, so we suggest you think ahead of where to position it. 

We compared a few other standing desks available on the market. And surprisingly, the product from Stand Desk costs almost the same as most other standing desks. But the difference between them is this standing desk has a superior build. 

A Very Positive Experience

Purchasing the standing desk was a great experience for us. From when we ordered the product through assembling it, we didn’t experience any issues. 

From the very beginning the customer experience was fantastic. When referring to Stand Desk’s website, their interface was easy to navigate and organised in a user-friendly manner. 

The instructions for assembling the product were incredibly clear and easy to follow. That means you don’t need to worry about being a skilled handyman or anything like that.

Their website also offers assistance, but we don’t think you’d need this because installing the desk was seamless. If you do however need some help, the Stand Desk support team is always there to assist.

This desk is heavy-duty enough to handle the weight of an iMac, desk mounted monitor, speakers, headphone amp and DAC, keyboard and mouse, and you could still load up much more if you wanted to.

Again, the standing desk wasn’t wobbly in the slightest and didn’t show any signs of tilting, even when bumping the desk. Even when we roughly leaned on it, the standing table barely shook. That means that your devices are perfectly safe on your desk.

So overall, the standing desk from Stand Desk is brilliant and we think it is easily one of the best purchases that someone can make for their office or gaming room. It’s spacious, looks sophisticated, and features a solid build. This desk is a product we’d highly recommend. 

Best Ways to Use the Stand Desk

Having a standing desk has a lot of potential benefits. But like any other product, it’s necessary to use it properly to take advantage of these benefits.

We’re sharing the tips we followed to help maximise the Stand Desk and minimise any possible problems. 

Alternate Between Sitting and Standing

We all know that our increasingly sedentary lifestyle is damaging to our health. But that doesn’t mean we should stand all day since it also affects your lower back.

The key is balancing your time between sitting and standing. Research shows that your sitting to standing time must be 1:1 or 2:1. These ratios are excellent for optimal comfort and energy levels without affecting productivity.

So for one to two hours of sitting, you should spend an hour standing. Try to stand after every 30 to 60 minutes of sitting.

Adjust Your Desk’s Height and Screen Position

Having the correct desk height is one of the things you need for an ergonomic workspace, but that’s not enough. Your computer screen should also have the proper position for better posture and comfort.

When standing, the optimum setup is having your desk around elbow level when your arms are on your side. Your monitor should be 50 to 75cm away from your face. The screen should be at or slightly lower than eye level.

Also, the monitor should have a slightly upward tilt between 10 to 20 degrees. With the monitor set this way, you’ll have a comfortable position since you won’t need to tilt your neck.

When sitting, the ideal setup is having your knees at a right angle. Your feet should also be flat on the ground. 

The desk’s height should also be at your elbows, like the same rule in your standing position. Also, your elbows should be at a right angle and close to your body.

Use an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Professions like product lines or shop counters require long periods of standing, so they often use anti-fatigue mats. They combat fatigue by encouraging subtle leg muscle movements. 

Anti-fatigue mats also improve blood flow and reduce discomfort by taking the pressure off your joints and feet. 

Use the “Stand Up!” Application

Stand Up! is a free application that lets you set your sitting and standing schedule. Aside from scheduling, it has other unique features and only gives reminders when you’re in the office.

As we mentioned, Stand Desk is launching a compatible app with the standing desk. It will allow automatic sit and stand schedules, voice control, and other features. 

Stand Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review Summary

When choosing the best standing desk, the first step is considering your budget, performance requirements, and your home’s aesthetic. But when acquiring a standing desk for a truly ergonomic workstation, there are more factors to consider. It needs the appropriate features and accessories to maintain correct posture while keeping your setup neat and organised.

We had high expectations after reading other customers’ reviews about this product. But when we tried it for our Stand Desk height adjustable standing desk review, the desk exceeded our expectations. It’s impressive and performs as advertised.

Overall, we were extremely happy with this standing desk. It looks great, has a solid construction, is easy to install, and operates quietly. Also, the additional accessories, like the integrated wireless charging, work flawlessly.

It’s the best standing desk we’ve used, and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants an ergonomic workspace. We also look forward to Stand Desk’s app to further maximise this impressive standing desk’s features.

To learn more about the Height Adjustable Standing Desk, visit Stand Desk’s official product page for more details.