omnidesk review Omnidesk Pro Review

Omnidesk Pro Review

This is our Omnidesk Pro Review, and it will focus on the electric desk and what conveniences it offers. Not only that, but you’ll receive essential details to help you decide if this desk is necessary for your needs.

Omnidesk Pro is a premium electric standing desk with a wide option of customisations. The full height-adjustable desk allows users to achieve the best and most comfortable position, whether it’s standing or sitting.

Created by the team who brought the AFTERSHOCK PC, Omnidesk Pro is an upgradeable and fully-modular electric desk platform. With its features and customisation abilities, it can open ideas to endless possibilities with any setup in mind.

Also, with its selection of accessories, shapes, size, and finishes, everyone can create a personalised setup based on their preferences.

But before that, let’s take a look at the product’s packaging here in our Omnidesk Pro Review.

Omnidesk Pro Packaging

This part of our Omnidesk Pro Review talks about the packaging and contents of the electric desk.

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We received our Omnidesk Pro with the straight edge bamboo tabletop design, and it came in two sturdy boxes. One of them is for the desk’s top, while the second box holds the motors and legs of the table. Note that the latter is heavier than the previous box, so having an extra set of hands will help.

When we unpacked the items from the box, it appeared like we had to put a ton of items together. But don’t get overwhelmed because installation is easier than you think. The company provided everything you’d need, but if you ever get confused, Aftershock Australia has an installation video available.

Like we mentioned earlier, installing the desk is more user-friendly compared to Ikea products. It’s because all of its bits and pieces are straightforward and easy to put together.

Omnidesk Pro Review – Design and Functionality

This part of our Omnidesk Pro Review is all about its functionality and design. It features a modular style, meaning, users can purchase extra accessories like monitor arms and pop-up sockets. It’s to better personalise the desk based on your preference.

Furthermore, the desk allows for a variety of tabletops; plus, the desk is adjustable from 60 to 125cm in height. This entire idea of being able to adjust the table’s height makes it ideal for everyone. This desk offers users a wide flat surface that can fit any laptop, desktop, or tablet. There’s enough room to move things around as well.

It’s also a good thing that the desk comes with pre-drilled holes. With that, you won’t have to worry about making a mess of shavings right after the installation. When it comes to its power supply and cables, they’re all fixed to the desk’s underbelly. They’re also positioned behind the desk’s metal frame to keep things neat and tidy.


When it comes to controlling and managing the Omnidesk’s electrics, you’ll find a small controller fixed to the desk. It features arrows up/down for lowering or raising the desk, a memory set button, plus four preset height buttons.

Users also set up and manage the presets, which is excellent, especially when other people also use the desk. Once the perfect height for the desk is set, users can record it into the device’s memory. Simply push in the numbers, and the Omnidesk Pro immediately moves and positions to the preferred height.

Also, there’s the presence of a USB port on the controller to make controlling the desk easier.

The next part of our Omnidesk Pro Review is all about the desk’s key features.

Key Features of the Omnidesk Pro

Signature Table Tops

The tabletops of Omnidesk Pro utilise high-quality MDF wood and are cured using a unique formulated powder-coated surface. This micro-textured powder coat surface is designed for mouse tracking, so the desk acts as a wide mouse pad.

Additionally, AFTERSHOCK PC engineered the ideal ergonomic curve for the best standing desk. The whole production process is thoroughly monitored and tested to ensure that the desk is eco-friendly.

Zero VOC, Zero Formaldehyde, and Non-Toxic

The newest coating technology and low cure powder coating do not contain volatile organic compounds or VOC. It also doesn’t have formaldehyde resin, so you can be sure that the Omnidesk Pro doesn’t emit harmful gases. Omnidesk Pro is safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic, so there are no long and short term adverse health effects.


AFTERSHOCK’s clean and green manufacturing offers an odourless Omnidesk Pro. You won’t smell the scent of new furniture, which causes health issues.

Ergonomics for Convenience

Omnidesk Pro’s console has four smart memory presets that are programmable. With that, you can save your favourite profiles, switch to your ideal positions with a single touch of a button. The new and upgraded version now has an anti-collision mechanism that is more sensitive. Not only that, but it also comes with a convenient child-lock feature.

Futureproof with Adjustable Height

The Omnidesk Pro is an electric desk with adjustable height. It lets you raise or lower the desk based on your preferences. Plus, you can save profiles for different users to make changing its height easier.

Extended frame fits multiple sizes of tabletops from 48 to 80in. With that, the Omnidesk Pro is a futureproof product that allows for further upgrades in the future.

Fully Customisable Omnidesk Ecosystem

The Omnidesk Pro comes with accessories and options like monitor arms, cable management tools, speaker mount, and PC holders. When you upgrade your Omnidesk Pro, the company’s service team will readily create unique tools to customise your desk.

Signature Pass-Through Grommet and Ergonomic Curve

With the Omnidesk Pro, you can experience adequate comfort even after long hours of use. The ergonomic curve provides a natural and comfortable spot to rest your arms. For better wire management and mounting of your monitor’s arms, the signature rectangular grommet is present. When the desk isn’t in use, there’s a cover to make it an elegant piece of tabletop art.

Omnidesk LED Mood Lights

The Omnidesk Pro comes with attached custom LED strips for you to enjoy ambient lighting. You can add NZXT HUE 2 Ambient high-end smart lights can be added at the back for a cinematic experience. The colours of these lights adapt to what the screen displays.

3-Year Warranty Coverage

AFTERSHOCK PC backs every Omnidesk with a 3-year warranty for mechanical parts. You can also extend the warranty period up to five years.

Next on this Omnidesk Pro Review is all about the electric desk’s specifications.


The maximum height the desk can reach is 49.2″ while its minimum height is 23.6″. Its width measures 72″ while the depth is 29.9″.

When it comes to the speed of raising or lowering the desk, it’s at 3.1cm/s. It’s because the table weighs 35.5kg with the frame and its motor. Plus, the maximum load the table can handle is 130kg (including the tabletop).

Hands-On with the Omnidesk Pro

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(Ignore the poor cable management in the final photo, this is still a work in progress as the office continues to get setup. The Omnidesk offers fantastic cable management options and it will be able to easily hide all cables.)

Now in our Omnidesk Pro Review, we’re getting more hands-on with the Omnidesk Pro. Here, we’ll see how efficient it is and if it’s something worth purchasing.

The motor mechanism for shifting the desk’s height is both silent and smooth. When the Omnidesk is lowered, there’s a safety feature that prevents it from going too low and stops any potential damage from happening.

This electric desk is also an extremely stable product that does not wobble and shake your monitor. Even at its full height, the desk is still stable despite placing items with weight on it.

Generally, the Omnidesk is primarily marketed towards gamers and enthusiasts because of its extras. These include PC mounts, coloured lighting, speaker mounts, monitor arms, and more. However, having said that, this desk really is an amazing choice for anyone out there that wants an ergonomic desk that looks fantastic.

Overall, the Omnidesk Pro is a sturdy and durable desk, plus it’s also an efficient product for gamers around. Users can quickly raise or lower the desk to their desired height, and doing so is silent, which is excellent. It’s a great performer and something that we’d highly recommend, so we’re giving this electric desk five stars.

Omnidesk Pro Review Summary

The Omnidesk Pro’s appearance, design, ease of use & installation, and excellent customisation options make it a smart desk.

If you’re someone looking for an affordable electric standing desk, the Omnidesk Pro is an excellent choice. This electric desk makes it easy to adjust from sit to stand or vice-versa. The best thing about this desk is that you can personalise it with the help of the company’s service team.

The Omnidesk Pro is a flawless electric desk. It’s an excellent choice for gamers, content creators, PC enthusiasts, office workers, or anyone who needs a desk. It’s eco-friendly, customisable, futureproof, and it comes with health benefits that you wouldn’t get from other tables. Also, the service team offers assistance, so installing the desk is also hassle-free. Overall, we were highly satisfied with the Omnidesk Pro that we ordered.

To conclude our Omnidesk Pro review, we highly recommend this electric desk. If you want to have the Omnidesk Pro, order yours via AFTERSHOCK PC’s official website.