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WeVPN Review

There are many VPN providers out there, but choosing the best can get confusing because of its abundance. Yet, a fresh provider has managed to pique the interest of a lot of VPN users. So today, we’re going to look into it in our WeVPN review.

It’s a young provider out in the market, but we’ve heard positive comments about it despite that. We’re going to see how reliable and efficient it is and if it’s worth purchasing.

Let’s find out more as we continue discussing it further into the WeVPN review.

WeVPN Review – Design and Functionality

Before we begin our WeVPN review, let’s talk about what exactly WeVPN is. It’s generally a Virtual Private Network provider that focuses on providing enhanced privacy, speed, and security.

The company aims to make an impact in the industry by doing its best to support every major operating system. And even if it’s only a few months old, WeVPN’s device-support is excellent.

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This provider supports standard platforms like macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. Not only that, but it also expanded its services and offerings to TV sets as well as game consoles. These are made possible because of the Smart DNS feature.

Fire TV and Amazon Fire have dedicated applications that you can download from Amazon’s store. For the rest, they utilise the Smart DNS technology.

You only need to have one subscription with WeVPN to connect a total of 10 devices at the same time. It’s basically a great offer compared to other similar services around.

In addition, WeVPN provides browser extensions for Chrome, making it simpler and easier for you when browsing the web. Just note that extensions don’t encrypt other applications aside from your browser. So, it’s best to stick to the application itself.

Next on our WeVPN review, we’ll focus on the key features of the provider.

Key Features of WeVPN

Strict No-logs Policy

WeVPN doesn’t log or share your personal data. WeVPN provides more protection to their customers by using RAMDisk servers that are wiped when rebooted.

Split Tunneling on Windows

Split Tunneling allows customers to only send traffic for specific apps through the VPN tunnel.

Advanced Leak Protection

With DNS Leak Protection and IPV6, WeVPN. With that, WeVPN protects your DNS and IP requests from being exposed under all circumstances.

Kill Switch

The Kill Switch prevents exposure of your sensitive data and activities from exposure in case your VPN connection drops. With that, you can be sure that your network connection is protected at all times.


WePLAY gives access to streaming content from the best streaming providers worldwide. This submission system allows you to request particular streaming services to be enabled in your VPN platform.

Shared IP Address

WeVPN shares each IP address with other VPN users, making it impossible for anyone to trace your usage.

Advanced Auto-Connect

The Auto-Connect feature within the WeVPN app lets you trigger your Windows device and automatically connect to VPN servers. This approach will ensure that you’re never at risk of exposure.

Ultra-Fast Servers

WeVPN only utilises bare-metal servers to provide VPN services. It allows for higher performance and security while allowing it to enable P2P in all of its locations.

WeBlock Security

When you enable WeBlock, you can enjoy safer internet without malicious ads, malware, trackers, and crypto miners. This will boost your internet’s speed and provide you with a better experience.

Multiple Devices

WeVPN offers an easy-to-use VPN app for every computer, mobile device, and more. Plus, you can use one account on up to ten devices.

iOS & Android Accessibility Features

Of course, we’ll also discuss WeVPN’s accessibility features here in our WeVPN review. Using the 3D touch feature, a single click allows you to connect to your most recent server locations. There’s also a simple WeVPN widget for effortless device security.

Best Location Finder

WeVPN created a way to identify the best VPN location for your device. It’s based on speed, latency, server load, and distance. Instead of searching for the location that gives the highest speed and security, WeVPN uses its best location finder technology.


WeDNS always encrypts all your DNS queries over TLS and is active on all of WeVPN’s servers. That means your queries have no logs, and you’ll be protected from DNS poisoning. It also keeps you safe from MITM or man in the middle attacks.

Protect Your Privacy

WeVPN keeps your location and IP address hidden from ISPs, governments, and ad companies. You can also encrypt your network and prevent third parties from tracking you via your IP address.

Internet Freedom

WeVPN unblocks and gives you access to region-locked content or visit sites that are blocked in your area.

Our WeVPN review will now focus on the performance of the provider. This is where you’ll find out that it’s a great VPN.

Hands-on with WeVPN

Measuring how a VPN performs can be quite tricky. Yet to get a feel of what the service can do, it’s best to test them. We tried it out on a couple of benchmarking sites, and we received average to excellent performance during the tests.

We didn’t experience any drops or issues during the tests, making it a whole lot better. WeVPN performed consistently, and it performs better than most.

The company has a support site which is helpful when you need help with certain parts of the provider. It features a handful of articles consisting of basic FAQs with a couple of troubleshooting information.

They also have a search box that you can use if you have some other questions regarding the VPN.

Other options available to get in touch with them is via Live Chat button, their Discord channel, or email. After discussing the performance of the provider in our WeVPN review, we can say that it’s an efficient product.

Now is it something that we’d recommend? Definitely.

WeVPN Review Summary

Now, we’re ending our WeVPN review with a conclusion.

WeVPN is a promising VPN that’s fast, affordable, and efficient. It unblocks almost anything too, which is what anyone would look for in a VPN provider. For a new provider that offers affordable plans, it offers a lot of great features and excellent security.

If you compare WeVPN with other new and budget-friendly VPN providers, this is one of the best. And to conclude our review, we highly recommend WeVPN. To get started with WeVPN, check out the official website.