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Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review

Building mechanical keyboards is an enjoyable hobby. If you’re into this, our Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard review will help you look into an awesome Vissles product.

The Vissles V84 Pro mechanical keyboard is an ideal pre-built keyboard that can help you get started. It’s a great way to build a keyboard that’s tailored and designed just for your preferences. 

Vissles has continuously produced innovative, high-quality, versatile electronic equipment and accessories. Their V84 Pro is the company’s first 84-key wireless mechanical keyboard with a compact design and ergonomic comfort. 

If you’re interested in this product, continue reading our Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard review. This will provide you with more information about the keyboard such as its design, functions, features, specs, and performance. 

Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Packaging

Before we look further into the product, our Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard review will focus on its packaging. This is also where we’ll see the extras that the company included in the box. 

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When it arrived, it came in a typical-looking cardboard box. It was sturdy and durable enough to protect the items inside. So, you don’t have to worry about any damages while in transit. 

Inside, the V84 Pro is kept nicely and securely in place so it won’t wobble or move about during shipping. Vissles included a couple of items such as a switch puller, quick start guide, keycap puller, and a user manual. They even added a wrist pad, magnetic feet, non-slip pads, Windows-specific keycaps, and a USB-C to A cable inside.

Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

The V84 Pro is a 75% keyboard with 84 keys in total. It means, you’ll get to utilise all the essential keys including numbers, letters, and navigational buttons. Additionally, you’ll also find a row of function keys along the top portion of the keyboard. 

Though keep in mind you won’t have a ten-key number pad on the V84 Pro. 

When it comes to build quality, the keyboard greatly exceeded our expectations since it wasn’t as expensive as its competition. The company makes use of durable and quality plastic, giving off a solid and durable feel to match. 

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Although smaller, it’s slightly heavier than expected, but it isn’t an issue or anything. Since it sports a high-quality construction, it only means that the keyboard will perform well. Plus, its build just shows that it will last for a long time.

Right out of the box, the keyboard is configured for the macOS. This will be convenient for Mac users since the function keys come mapped and labelled by default.

Of course, we had to make sure that it worked for Windows users too. While checking out details for this Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard review, we learned that it works for Windows too.

If you’re a Windows user, simply swap the Option and Command keys for the Alt and Windows keys. Just use the provided key puller and keycaps, then you’re good to go.

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The hot-swappable five-pin linear switches on the V84 Pro are MX-styled switches. That means, you can easily change them with other brands like Gateron, Cherry, Outemu, and Kailh. 

To continue our Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard review, let’s discuss its RGB lighting. The keyboard’s lighting effects are beautiful and eye-catching. With that, it offers an outstanding way to track your position on the keyboard even in a dark room. 

It also comes with 19 lighting patterns, so we’re sure that you’ll find a few that you’d love. 

For the keycap and switch pullers, they’re both of excellent quality and easy to grip. This made it easier for us to insert and pull keys or switches, giving us a convenient and smooth experience. 

Its wrist pad is comfortable, soft, and plush with a perfect cut for the keyboard. We also loved its elevated typing angle which made it even more comfortable to use even for long hours.

For the magnetic feet, these fit perfectly on the V84 Pro. Though whether they’re on or not, it didn’t really make much of a difference when we used the keyboard. Though if you’re quite sensitive to such things, this option will be pretty convenient when you use the keyboard. 

Key Features of the Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Our Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard review will now share the different key features of the product. These are the elements that make it a favourite among many users. 

Wireless & Wired Modes Keyboard

The V84 Pro supports wired and Bluetooth connection which is a convenient feature for all. Its stable connection is due to the 5.1 chipset which lets you seamlessly switch between five Bluetooth devices.

Pair it with your laptop or smartphone then readily switch among devices with ease. It’s the best for home, gaming, or office use while linking with your smart devices. 

A Simply Sophisticated Keyboard

The V84 Pro’s sleek and classy look makes it an eye-catching product. Although it sports a minimalist design, it showcases a premium quality appeal which will work perfectly with any build theme.

Additionally, it sports an optimised 84-key layout that’s still functional and compact. These make it an excellent product in terms of user experience and aesthetics. 

Option for Hot-Swappable Switches 

The keyboard works great with almost all MX-styled 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches. The SMD-LED compatible switches are ideal for displaying backlights. And with the hot-swappable option, you can freely customise your typing experience. 

Programmable RGB Lighting & Macros

The V84 Pro features 19 RGB dynamic lighting effects plus nine monochromic lighting effects. With the help of a dedicated software, you can readily personalise the RGB lighting and program macros conveniently. Also, you can make program-specific shortcuts with a user-friendly design. 

Durable and Sturdy PBT Keycaps

Each keycap is made of thick double-shot PBT material while the PBT keycaps’ surface gives a granular textured feel. What’s also great about it is that these don’t easily collect fingerprints. 

Plus, these PBT keycaps are made of high-quality materials, making them wear-resistant, tough, and extremely sturdy. 

Self-Developed Linear Switches

This feature allows you to enjoy smooth yet rapid keystrokes that give off a linear and smooth feel. Since it’s comfortable to type on and has 56g of actuation force, these are ideal for both gaming and typing. 

Additionally, these sport silicone mute cotton to decrease noise coming from the bottom keys. Then, they’re red, brown, and blue switches in ABS keycaps that have an operating life cycle of 60M keystrokes. 


This section is an important part of our Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard review. Here, you’ll find the keyboard’s specifications to help you see if it’s an adequate product for your needs.

The V84 Pro sports a 75% ANSI layout with a total of 84 keys. It sports a hot-swap socket design as well. Then, it’s made to use NKRO on wired mode and 6KRO on wireless mode for its N-key rollover.

This keyboard works well with Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows, plus it uses Bluetooth 5.1 too. For its RGB lights, it has a total of 19 dynamic backlights and nine monochrome backlight types. 

Its interface is a detachable USB-C while the battery used is a 3,750 mAh lithium type. For its dimensions, the V84 Pro measures 316 x 126 x 39mm and weighs 864g. Then, its footpad weighs an additional 8g. 

Lastly, the keyboard uses a 5V/1A input. 

Hands-on with the Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

We were able to use the keyboard immediately at full speed without us feeling uncomfortable in any way. There were no instances where we had to “retrain” our fingers or alter our typing patterns to adjust to it. 

Its keys are spaced adequately and nothing was cramped in place. Then, its media control keys were positioned perfectly too, and were labelled ideally for us to see.

Also, while testing it for our Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard review, we felt that it was really sturdy. That also goes for the spacebar. 

To our delight, the V84 Pro gave us a satisfying sound while we typed. It was enjoyable to the ears but not loud enough to annoy others.

For its Bluetooth capacity, we tried pairing it to five devices. To our surprise, it allowed us to easily toggle between devices with just a couple of keystrokes. 

It didn’t only perform flawlessly with each device, it also switched to them in an instant. Honestly, we were expecting some delays, about a couple of seconds, but we didn’t experience any of that. 

Vissles V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review Summary

The V84 Pro is a fantastic mechanical keyboard from Vissles in terms of looks and performance. Its switches offer smooth movement and great user experience, making it easy to recommend.

Out of the mechanical keyboards we’ve used, the V84 Pro is the best for customisation. The prebuilt board only has premium-quality parts that deliver a satisfying typing experience, stunning RGB effects, and highly customisable features. And with its affordable price, this keyboard is definitely a great deal.

Want more details?  You can get more details about the V84 Pro Mechanical Keyboard by visiting Vissles’ official product page.