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Wooting Two HE Keyboard Review

If you are searching for a keyboard brand away from the usual companies we know, we are here to help. Today, we are writing our Wooting Two HE Keyboard Review to see what Wooting offers. 

The Two HE keyboard is an excellent product for office and gaming use. Because of its build, form, and features, it offers an exceptional typing experience and enhanced comfort. 

But is it up to par with the popular keyboard brands out on the market? Let us find out. 

Wooting Two HE Keyboard Packaging

When the keyboard reached our doorstep, we immediately worked on this Wooting Two HE Keyboard Review. It shipped in an all-black box sporting a minimalist aesthetic, which gives a premium and sophisticated vibe. 

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The front of the package displays the Wooting branding in the upper-right corner. Then, the product name is on the lower right.

There was nothing much to see on the package, so we checked its contents. Inside, the Two HE keyboard shipped with a few inclusions like a USB-A to C cable and a keycap puller. You will also find four extra Gateron Lekker Linear60 switches and a Wooting postcard.

Wooting Two HE Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

The product is a full-sized keyboard with HQ PBT plastic keycaps. It also sports the proprietary Lekker switches from Wooting and a fully-customisable RGB backlight.

The product sports a simple design. So, do not expect flashy aesthetics that are usually present on most gaming keyboards. 

For this Wooting Two HE Keyboard Review, we checked why the company opted for such aesthetics. Here, we learned that Wooting focuses on creating understated products to make them blend nicely in any environment. It will allow you to purchase a quality keyboard without thinking much if it will look good with your build. 

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It uses a plastic chassis that barely has flex, while the top plate uses solid aluminium. We like its double-shot PBT keycaps with a coarse texture since it feels great on our fingertips. Plus, it also provides some extra grip. 

The bottom of the keyboard has eight silicone feet that excellently keep the product in place. 

RGB-wise, the product is integrated with a full RGB backlight with individually-lit keys. You will also find shine-through key legends, which make them easy to read even in the dark. 

Lastly, the keyboard has integrated cable management channels integrated into the bottom. We appreciate Wooting for including this design since it will allow us to tuck cables away for an organised setup. 

Key Features of the Wooting Two HE Keyboard

We will look into the product features in our Wooting Two HE Keyboard Review. These details will give you an idea of what the keyboard offers and if it is worth the upgrade. 

Analogue Input

The Two HE can detect full switch motion with 0.1mm accuracy. Each key releases an analogue signal which you can use for multiple features to improve your typing and gaming experience. 

Fastest Input

Wooting designed the Two HE firmware and optimised it for high input speed. Enabling Tachyon mode prioritises keyboard scanning over RGB effects and updates each analogue key position in less than 2ms.

Engineered without Compromises

The Two HE identifies individual keys and provides parallel scanning to deliver the lowest possible latency. Plus, you can completely control your actuation from 0.1 to 4.0mm.

Rapid Trigger

Rapid trigger changes the activation and deactivation of key points dynamically. It activates when you press them and deactivates when you let go. As a result, you can repeat a press mid-motion without completing the actuation point for rapid presses.

Customise the Two HE with RGB

The Two HE has per-key configurable RGB and various analogue RGB effects. You can also adjust its brightness levels to satisfy your needs.

Gateron x Lekker Switch

We also noticed the Lekker switches while writing our Wooting Two HE Keyboard Review. These have contactless magnet switched powered via Hall-effect sensors. That means no metal leaves, optics, pins, or other sensitive hardware from wear and tear and particles. 

Moreover, the switches survive and last millions of presses. If you accidentally break one, swap it for a new one, and you are all set. 

With its simple construction and quality build, you can guarantee frictionless linear presses. You will not experience bumps, scratches, or rubs, and only linear smoothness. 

Smooth Typing 

The Two HE is not your usual gaming keyboard, so it will not compromise gaming performance for a good typing experience. This keyboard uses pre-lubed Lekker switches, a foam-filled case, greased stabilisers, an aluminium switch plate, and a slim design. As a result, you get a satisfying typing experience.

Wootility – User-friendly Software from Wooting

If you want to customise the Two HE, you will not need to break a nerve with complex settings. Wooting made the Wootility simple for all users.

Onboard Memory

You will not need to run Wootility in the background since all features work straight from the keyboard. You can conveniently save your custom settings on the 16MB onboard memory.

Compatibility with Every OS

The Two HE will work on Windows, macOS, or Linux. No matter what you use, it will work efficiently. 

Layers and Smart Shortcuts

You can reach peak productivity with layers, functions, and intelligent solutions. The Two HE keyboard offers four keyboard profiles with two programmable layers. 

All these are accessible with function keys, and you can remap everything without restrictions.


We looked into the specifications of this product for our Wooting Two HE Keyboard Review. So, we will share these details with you, so continue reading to learn more about the Two HE. 

This keyboard sports a 100% full-sized form factor with 108/109 keys. It uses a detachable USB-A to C connector and utilises the Lekker switches for optimised efficiency. 

The product measures 460 x 150 x 39mm and weighs 950g. It is not too heavy nor too light, but it has enough weight to ensure a solid and sturdy build. 

This Wooting Two HE keyboard has a 1000Hz polling rate and 1000Hz (less than 1ms) scan matrix. Memory-wise, you get a 16MB onboard memory which is adequate for most users. 

As we mentioned earlier, the keyboard uses the Lekker Linear60 switches that have a lifespan of 1M clicks. Its total travel distance is 0.0-4.0mm, while its actuation point is 0.1-4.0mm. 

Lastly, it has MX (cross) keycap stems and is hot-swappable with other Lekker switches. 

Hands-on with the Wooting Two HE Keyboard

Before we share our hands-on experience with the keyboard, our Wooting Two HE Keyboard Review will discuss the Wootility software. 

Like keyboards from other manufacturers, the Two HE has a companion software called Wootility. Wooting optimised its software by giving it an interface that looks more current. It also has numerous new lighting effects.

The previous version only had four profiles and three analogue profiles. After the update, you can create, import, and export game-specific profiles from the Wootabase website. 

You can check this site to see if someone created a profile for a particular game. Once you import a profile, you can adjust it to your liking if you want to make changes.

The other five tabs in Wootility include Performance, Remap, Gamepad Mapping, DKS (Dynamic Keystroke), and Gamepad Response. Performance is where you can adjust actuation points and activate/ deactivate Tachyon Mode or Rapid Trigger.

Remap is where key remapping happens, which allows setting two Fn laters and binding keys.

The Gamepad Mapping, DKS, and Gamepad Response tabs are exclusive for Analogue profiles. Gamepad Mapping works like Remap but has Xbox or Classic Controller buttons instead of a virtual keyboard preview. The DKS GameResponse tab is for binding inputs in one analogue keystroke. 

Finally, the Gamepad Response tab is where you adjust the analogue curve.

The overall interface of Wootility is easy to use, thanks to the simple interface. If you have questions, you can chat on the Wooting Discord server to get some help.

So what is it like using this keyboard? The Two HE feels good to type on and has adequate resistance. And once we pressed the keys, everything immediately smoothened out, which was excellent. 

Also, pressing the keys provided us extra grip, thanks to the double-shot PBT keycaps with a slightly rough texture. This keyboard is a joy to type on, and we love that Wooting allows changes to the actuation point. 

Overall, we had a positive experience with the Two HE keyboard from Wooting. And after some tweakings here and there via software, most of the current games worked excellently, as expected. 

Wooting Two HE Keyboard Review Summary

Wooting did an excellent job on the Two HE. It is a well-built and solid keyboard that works perfectly for typing and gaming. Plus, it has all the features that users need in a keyboard.

During our tests for this Wooting Two HE Keyboard Review, we enjoyed using the product. It performed well in different tasks, and we had a better experience after tweaking some settings on the companion software. Using Wootility also offered a good experience since it was easy to use.

The Two HE is a well-designed and constructed keyboard, so we highly recommend this product.

Learn more details about the Two HE Keyboard by visiting the official product page of Wooting