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Ajax Systems Review – The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business

Are you sorting out or improving your home security? Ajax Systems – The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business- is ideal. 

Ajax is generally an all-in-one solution that everyone should look into. Their security systems protect your home or business from fires, break-ins, or floods. 

Since the products are professional-grade, they are linked to primary monitoring stations for ease and convenience. Once the alarm is triggered, the system activates its sirens to alert you via the companion app. It will also request assistance from the alarm response company. 

Learn everything you need about Ajax Systems, such as the products, features, functions, design, and performance. 

Table of Contents

Ajax Systems – The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business – Design and Functionality

Ajax Hub 2 Plus

ajax hub 2 plus review2 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business
ajax hub 2 plus review3 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business

The external body of the Hub 2 Plus is minimalistic. Despite being mostly hard plastic with rounded edges, it gives off a clean and premium vibe. 

On the rear, under its back lid that also functions as a mounting bracket, are functional elements, including:

  • Power In
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Cable input
  • Two Micro Sim-card Slots 

The product can operate in 3G/4G networks and has four data transmission channels available. These include the WiFi, cable, and two independent SIM cards that support LTE. 

Additionally, it has a power button, tamper button, and QR code for activating the Hub via the phone app. 

Ajax KeyPad

ajax keypad review2 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business
ajax keypad review3 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business

Do you have many people who require a quality and sufficient system keypad that is durable? It does not matter whether this is at home, your business, or your office. An ideal solution to have is the Ajax KeyPad, which allows you to execute numerous tasks: 

  • Arm/disarm systems by typing a passcode.
  • Assign personal passwords to everyone and determine who could enter under a distinct identifier.
  • Protection against password attacks and password guessing.

Its exterior and buttons are made of 100% thick plastic. On its upper portion, four LED lights showcase its system status. From left to right, they indicate armed, disarmed, and night mode, as well as malfunctions detected.

Below this area are your standard keypad (1-0), a clear button, and a tiny asterisk for choosing a user group. It also lets you input personal identification, or it can work as a function button for deactivating a fire alarm. Moreover, you can use it to activate panic mode to call and alert security companies. 

Below are system buttons from left to right, including arm, disarm, and night mode. Its integrated battery is built to last two years and features a tamper alarm under a cover along its rear. The latter triggers when someone attempts to remove it from the wall. 

Next to it is the power button, then below is a QR code for activating the Ajax KeyPad. 

Ajax MotionCam

This product is a wireless motion detector supporting photo verification. Its build and design are for indoor installation, and it can recognise movement at distances of up to 12m. We love that it ignores pets if you adequately install and configure the product. 

The product works with the Ajax Security System by communicating with its Hub via secure radio protocols. The detector uses Jeweller protocol to transmit events/alarms, while Wings protocol helps transmit photos. 

Hub communication ranges as high as 1700m without any obstacles. The IR lights brighten the nighttime environment and the camera module. 

The latter can take a series of five images with a 320×240 resolution. Or, it can take three photos with a 640×480 resolution. Afterwards, these images will be displayed on the app for viewing. 

Ajax MotionProtect

ajax motion protect review2 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business
ajax motion protect review3 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business

The MotionProject is a top-notch motion detector that secures your home/business at heightened levels. The product uses an advanced IR sensor for detecting movements within a 12m range. It immediately detects unauthorised activities within range. 

The MotionProtect sports a sleek, modern design that suits any home or business interior. It is compact enough to not interfere with any of your decor. This product comes in black and white shades, which you can choose from depending on your preferences. 

MotionProtect operates on an infrared sensor positioned discreetly behind a primary plastic component. The passive fundamental operating principle revolves around measuring and detecting IR light/heat emanating from objects within its range. 

Since we are warm-blooded and emit heat through our bodies, the sensor captures and then perceives this heat within range. It extends up to a distance of 12m. 

Press the security arm button via Smartphone or Ajax accessories before leaving your home or business. If you are away and an intruder gets in or attempts to break into the area, do not worry. The MotionProtect sensor will spot their movements and alert the Hub. 

From the Hub, loud sirens will notify you of the incident. Since your Smartphone is paired with an Ajax Security System, you will also receive a camera view on the screen. 

Ajax DoorProtect

ajax door protect review2 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business

Another inclusion of the Ajax Systems – The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business is the Ajax DoorProtect. This product is a wireless magnetic Door Contact for securing doors and windows across several building floors. It works within the Ajax Security System and has a range of 1200 within its line of sight. 

This product uses the Jeweller radio protocol to guarantee secure communication between it and the Hub. The DoorProtect comes with two modules: the magnet and detector modules. The set has magnets: a big one installed at a distance of 2cm and a smaller one up to 1cm.  

A door or window being opened will be detected by DoorProtect since its magnetic field acts on high-quality Reed switches.  

It is easy to set up on any type of door, including metal doors. Moreover, the product is compatible with 3rd-party security systems with help from the ocBridge Plus or uartBridge integration modules. 

Ajax MotionCam Outdoor

ajas motion cam outdoor review2 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business
ajas motion cam outdoor review3 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business

Ajax Systems – The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business, also offers us the MotionCam Outdoor. It is an IP55-rated external PIR sensor with an integrated capture camera. The product works best with the current Ajax Hubs, including the Hub 2 Plus, since they support visual verification. 

We love its rear mounting plate since it conveniently slides off the unit with four primary mounting hole knockouts. It also has four extras on its bevelled sides if you opt for corner mounting. 

The tamper switch actuator has a perforated section featuring a primary and side mounting hole. This design guarantees the activation of the tamper mechanism if the unit is tampered with from its wall mount.

The Jeweller encrypted protocol works for alarm communication with the Jeweller-based Wings protocol. It has a dedicated antenna for transferring images to the Hub. 

PIR Sensor

Its PIR sensor has a 2-step algorithm for accurately spotting threats. It helps eliminate false alarms caused by pet movements, leaves, weather changes, etc. 

The PIR sensor covers up to 175 sqm of area with about a 90° view angle. One sensor is directed at a straight angle, while the other looks down. Simultaneously, these sensors cover a distance of 15m within their range. 

Viewing Angle + Image Resolutions

The viewing angle is 105°/50° (horizontal/vertical) for wide coverage for capturing the entire scene at a 90° capture angle. Its detector features settings for image resolution and the number of pictures sent upon alarm. This feature supports 320 x 176px images or 640 x 352px.

It can supply one to five images upon alarm on lower resolution, while three images are possible on higher resolutions. 

Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor

ajax outdoor curtain review2 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business
ajax outdoor curtain review3 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business
ajax outdoor curtain review4 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business

The DualCurtain Outdoor has sensors where two invisible infrared beams come from, specifically from its left and right sides. It reaches up to 15m, so if someone crosses these, it will set off an alarm signal. 

Instead of the classic approach, the IR transmitter and receiver are set at a specific distance from each other. They face each other despite the distance to create direct infrared beams between them. 

The two areas on the side are where these IR beams appear in two directions. This setup allows the DualCurtain Outdoor to conceal a line about 30m long. On both sides, you will notice its anti-masking sensors, which help prevent the product from getting spray-painted or disabled. 

These elements allow the product to detect changes immediately. The tamper button behind its bracket also prevents anyone from dismantling the DualCurtain Outdoor from the wall. 

Toggle Adjustments 

Removing its brackets will give you immediate access to the toggles. These help adjust the direction and distance of its IR beams. 

The two switches at the centre of the DualCurtain Outdoor work as beam direction toggles. Once you adjust these, the view zone of its optical system can shift horizontally by 3°. After adjusting the correct view angle, its detector will not be blocked by columns, downpipes, etc. 

There are two stitches on the left and right sides of the beam direction called Near Area Detection technology. It works by primarily protecting windows. 

These elements make the DualCurtain Outdoor emit one or more beams directed at 40° against the primary sector. It allows the detectors to notice movements close to their body. Additionally, it addresses the usual blind spot issues common in similar sensors. 

Below is the 5-step detection scrollbar, which can be adjusted to 3, 5, 7, 12, and 15m away. 

Ajax StreetSiren

ajax street siren review1 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business
ajax street siren review2 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business

StreetSiren from Ajax is a wireless security siren for outdoor use. It notifies you about sensor activation via light signals and loud sounds that will alert everyone. The mobile application allows you to adjust the volume levels and siren duration. 

Its body is five times larger than the HomeSiren. 

The front part of this product is a cold, metallic body surrounded by a solid LED frame. Its buzzer produces loud noises that reach 85 to 113 dB. 

Beneath its cover is a power button, an external power supply connection terminal, and a QR code. Although a tamper button is absent, Ajax installed an accelerometer so the StreetSiren can feel when it is removed. 

Ajax HomeSiren

ajax home siren review2 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business
ajax home siren review3 Ajax Systems Review - The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business

The HomeSiren is a compact, powerful indoor siren that provides an audible warning during a security breach. Its streamlined design and advanced technology work as a security alert and deterrent to intruders.

The exterior of this product is made from cloth, and its buzzer can produce 81 to 105 dB of noise. Its rear has a removable cover that conceals its power button, tamper button, and a QR code. You will also find a little input for an external LED. 

Key Features of the Ajax Systems – The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business

Ajax Hub 2 Plus Features

Connected via Cables, WiFi and LTE, 24/7

Contact with the world outside is vital for alarm control panels, and the Hub 2 Plus does just that. It is 100% efficient, ensuring prompt delivery of alarm signals to system users and the Alarm Receiving Centre. 

This feature allows the Hub 2 Plus to guarantee absolute external communication stability. It also has four communication channels that support LTE. 

This configuration lets you link the product to two IPs via WiFi and Ethernet. Two extra cell services are also ready for backup. Thanks to this feature, shifting between channels becomes seamless. 

Photo Alarm Verification Within Seconds

Photo verification is essential for the security industry since it is a technology ideal for homes and businesses. It is easy to access and designed to respect privacy. MotionCam detectors provide users with animated photos, allowing you and CMS operators to assess the situation. 

Hub 2 Plus can handle up to 200 MotionCam detectors, allowing it to send you and alarm-monitoring companies, photo confirmations. The best part here is it delivers in just nine seconds, thanks to its LTE support. 

100% Delivery of Alarms + Photo Confirmations

Jeweller Radio Protocol 

It helps guarantee a continuous and seamless operation of devices within your security system. Jeweller allows clear communication between detectors and Hubs at distances reaching 2000m. Moreover, it lets you remotely control the Hub 2 Plus while sharing alarm signals in less than .15 seconds. 

Jeweller also makes use of time frames for the following:

  • Sync Communication with Linked Devices
  • Eliminate Forgery via Authentication
  • Protect Against Data Leaks via Encryption

Since Jeweller is an energy-efficient element, it allows detectors to work continuously for years, even with pre-installed batteries. 


Wings is an ingenious radio protocol for quick visual data transmission over distances. It uses a Hub 2 Plus antenna to optimise channel dependability. 

Wings delivers photos as far as 1700m thanks to the integrated re-uploading and package-checking algorithms. So, even if the signal is unstable, this feature can get the job done. 

Because of this feature, you and CMS operators can view the first snapshot of an issue immediately. You can receive it as fast as 9 seconds after hearing a motion alarm. 

Ajax Hub 2 Plus Automated Security

This innovative solution can accommodate 63 scenarios, significantly reducing human involvement in ensuring location security. It can promptly switch on or off the entire security system or specific curtain groups based on a predefined schedule. 

Furthermore, it automatically activates smoke security mechanisms upon detecting intrusions. It also alerts when power supplies are disrupted and initiates emergency lights.

An added functionality of the Hub 2 Plus is its capacity to cease water flow. This element is vital in the event of a leakage, effectively contributing to damage control. 

The product seamlessly oversees the management of lights, roller shutters, and electric locks through automation devices. Scenarios can be triggered during alarm activations, changes in security modes, or responses to specific button commands. This multifaceted system offers a comprehensive and automated approach to enhancing security measures.

Protect Large Areas via Complex Internal Organisation

Factories, business centres, and multi-storey villas featuring outbuildings need the Hub 2 Plus since it can protect/secure complicated properties. This new Hub manages up to 200 devices thanks to its radio signal range that reaches as far as 2000m. It also has a total radio network coverage reaching 35 km2. 

This product can manage up to 25 security groups with 200 users. It lets security personnel divide massive premises into various zones to better organise staff access. 

Attack and Sabotage Resistance

No matter what happens to the Hub 2 Plus, you and alarm monitoring companies will get notified about the situation. When such situations arise, a tamper alarm will go off, including instances where intruders try to unmount/detach it.  

Once the Ajax Cloud server loses its connection with the Hub, it will send notifications within 60 seconds. The latter is made possible thanks to the short ping intervals. 

During blackouts, the product protects your premises for up to 15 hours and is powered by an integrated backup battery. 


The product runs on the Malevich OS – an operating system developed by Ajax Systems. It is 100% stable, secure from cyberattacks, and immune to viruses. 

The modular architecture simplifies its ongoing upgrades. Software updates provide the system with new features numerous times a year. The process does not involve anyone; it only takes minutes to complete. 

The Hub 2 Plus is the pinnacle of efficiency among Ajax control panels. It features a processor that boasts a remarkable speed that is 4.5 times faster than its predecessor. It also has an increase that is eight times in flash memory capacity. 

Such robust hardware configuration ensures prolonged functionality over years of use. The nice thing about it is you receive quality while maintaining its relevance in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology.

Controlled Conveniently with Apps

Instead of using archaic interfaces and adding buttons to the control panel, Ajax opted for apps to ensure safety. These connect to a Hub via a secure channel with the Ajax Cloud. It is a server solution available in some AWS data centres. 

Apps let you control and manage security, configure connected devices, edit Hub settings, monitor events, and create scenarios. You can do all these with the convenience of your Smartphone or PC, either away or on-site. 

Installation Without the Fuss

Upon unboxing, Hub 2 Plus is ready for immediate use. It arrives equipped with a PSU, pre-installed communicators, and a backup battery. 

Initiating the system setup involves plugging it into a power socket and connecting it to the internet. It also includes inserting SIM cards and scanning the QR code using the dedicated app. 

SmartBracket eliminates the need for device disassembly when mounting, streamlining the installation process.

The security system settings are available in the app 24/7. Even when you are away from the Hub, you can do the following:

  • Connect CCTV Cameras or Security Devices
  • Add Users
  • Test Radio Signal Strength
  • Connect a Hub to Alarm Monitoring Companies
  • Create Security Groups

Ajax Keypad Features

Operating Principle

This product activates security modes upon entry of a digital code through the keypad. Indications are provided to signal the current security status, potential issues with detectors, or disruptions in communication with the Hub.

Out of the box Operation 

The battery is pre-installed in the Ajax KeyPad, so there is no need to disassemble and fuss over batteries. A single click lets you connect it to the Hub via the mobile app and conveniently mount it on the SmartBracket.

Access Even for Unregistered Users

KeyPad supports 99 keypad access codes for unregistered users in the Ajax System. Because of this feature, you do not need to create accounts for the realtor, cleaning company, or office employees. It is enough for assigning access codes to an individual within the Hub settings. 

Ajax MotionCam Features

No More False Alarms

With special optics and a software filter for false alarms, you will not have to worry about false alarms again. With professional installation, you will receive top-notch detection accuracy for home and business use. 

Specialised Lens

The Fresnel lens sections have a pattern determining the significant differences between IR radiations. This pattern can also determine whether it detects animals, humans, or thermal noise. 

Large parts of the lens capture radiation along an adult’s head and torso. The smaller portions, on the other hand, make the diagram more concise and detailed. 

The MotionCam Jeweller lens offers accurate information to the detector about thermal objects within the detection zone. It also informs of the nature of its movements.

Expert Installation

Properly situating the MotionCam Jeweller at the ideal height and angle allows it to perform adequately. Set it perpendicular to the anticipated intrusion path to guarantee a comprehensive thermal diagram for informative purposes. 

This precise placement substantially enhances detection accuracy. Additionally, professional installation contributes to the heightened effectiveness of the pet immunity feature.

Thermal Interference Filter

The detector immediately analyses the thermal diagram via the sensor. It considers factors such as:

  • IR Radiation Intensity
  • Size of Heat Spot
  • Motion Speed
  • Total Time within the Detection Zone
  • Other Essential Parameters

Ajax engineers thoroughly analysed numerous IR sensor activations in humans and animals and the thermal interference they induced. It led to the development of SmartDetect. 

This software algorithm swiftly and accurately identifies markers associated with false alarms. Consequently, the detector provides precise responses to human presence while minimising nuisance false alarms for the user.

Temperature Compensation

Temperature compensation software is designed to maintain the thermal diagram contrast. It works even when the ambient temperature closely matches our body’s temperature. 

During each temperature measurement, the detector adjusts the PIR sensor data based on the coefficient table in its memory. The feature ensures its effectiveness across the entire operating temperature range.

Sensitivity Levels

The sensitivity setting allows the detector to adapt to the conditions of a particular room, considering possible thermal interference, etc. 

With decreased sensitivity, this detector is less likely to respond even when an active pet is around. With high sensitivity, it will boost the alarm when it senses motion within the detection zone. 

You can configure its sensitivity via the Ajax app either remotely or on-site. 

Distinct Wireless Technology

The MotionCam detector employs dual radio protocols simultaneously – one for alarm notifications and Wings for transmitting photos. It ensures prompt alarm delivery, with Wings delivering the initial photo from the scene within nine seconds. 

This functionality lasts even during communication breakdowns or weak signals. The detector can be installed for optimal effectiveness with a communication range of up to 1,700m to the Hub.

More Focus, Less Concerns

Up to 70% of false notices occur when disarming your security system. With the MotionCam, you and monitoring company operators can verify in seconds whether the alarm responds accordingly. 

More Security

You and rapid response teams must understand what happens when an alarm occurs. With MotionCam, it displays the number of armed intruders, and whether they are still within the room. It will help security companies prepare for patrol while you avoid danger. 

Evidence in a Smartphone

A sequence of dynamic images furnishes law enforcement with instant descriptions of intruders, eliminating delays. MotionCam excels in capturing images even in total darkness, thanks to its IR backlight. This capability significantly enhances the likelihood of apprehending burglars in the act.

Ajax MotionProtect

Principle of Operation

MotionProtect detects a human within range by their IR levels using a passive sensor. The data it acquires is processed digitally to prevent instances of false alarms. 

Sensitive Sensor

This product immediately boosts or drops sensor sensitivity to accurately detect motion in cold or hot weather. 

Quick and Convenient Operation Out of the Box

Ajax installed a battery into MotionProtect, so after unboxing, click and connect it to the Hub via the mobile app. You can mount it to the SmartBracket within minutes. 

Ajax DoorProtect

Long-lasting Security

The DoorProtect offers long-lasting security. Because of its features and construction, it can operate for up to seven years without replacing its batteries. 

Wireless Opening Sensor

This feature works based on the following: 

  • Two-way Radio Communication
  • Information Encryption
  • Device Forgery Protection

Additionally, DoorProtect has an opening detector with communication systems that let it work up to several floors in buildings. It can also function at a distance of 1200m from the main alarm panel, given no obstacles. 

Additionally, this sensor protects windows that are open to get adequate ventilation. It lets the accelerometer detect shocks, vibrations, or tilts to alarm the control panel. 

Ajax MotionCam Outdoor

Outdoor Surveillance and Alarm Verification – MotionCam Outdoor PhOD

MotionCam Outdoor is also offered with the Photo on Demand (PhOD) feature. These detectors capture images upon detecting an intrusion and can also take photos upon request through the Ajax app.

Attention to Detail

Ajax opted for glass and metal instead of plastic optics for the waterproof lens. The wide-angle lens spans the entire protected area, providing a comprehensive view of the surroundings. 

An infrared filter is automatically applied for distortion-free colour reproduction in well-lit conditions. Two powerful IR LEDs assist in detecting intruders even in complete darkness.


MotionCam Outdoor conveniently takes two consecutive shots, even if you take just one photo. It captures images at long and short exposures. Its processor combines the shots, equalising the balance between light and dark areas before compressing it for quick transmission. 

Because of this feature, the detector uses a lesser IR backlight at night, saving its battery. 

Smart False Alarm Filter

This product has two PIR sensors that analyse signals via a two-step LISA algorithm. When these detect motion, LISA works and correlates and spectral analyses the signals. This process is vital to helping distinguish real threats from false ones. 

Multilevel Anti-sabotage Security

Even if someone disarms the MotionCam Outdoor, it cannot be switched off without being noticed. Its detector has masking sensors that react to covering, hindering, and even lens painting. 

Conveniently, the Hub will take less than one minute to detect a loss of communication with the detector. Then, it immediately informs you and the central monitoring station about the issue.

Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor

ELSA Digital Algorithm

Signal analysis is crucial in operating the motion detector since it acquires limited information. The latter concerns objects in the protected area taken via its 4.5° horizontal field of view. Accurate analysis is essential for swift responses to human presence while avoiding reactions to animals and environmental interferences.

The DualCurtain Outdoor incorporates ELSA. It is a three-step software algorithm for analysing signals from two focused PIR sensors within the optical system.

Near Area Detection – Efficiency within its Range 

This product also has a distinct feature that allows you to expand its protected area. When you enable Near Area Detection, the upper PIR sensor gets an extra narrow viewing sector. It has a direct 40° angle that looks down the primary sector. 

The feature also lets the sensors detect movement when humans cross the protected perimeter. It can address the common issue of detector blind spots. 

This feature also protects windows and other passages in your home or office. The detection of proximity zone vectors helps reduce the effectiveness of pet immunity. 

One enclosure + Two Independent Detectors

The two optical systems of the product are adjustable independently, enabling precise configuration of the guarded perimeter. This customisation helps prevent false alarms triggered by factors like swaying bushes or individuals walking on a public sidewalk.

Horizontal shifting of the optical systems ensures that the field of view remains unobstructed by columns or downpipes on buildings. The app allows you to fine-tune sensitivity or deactivate one of the optical systems.


DualCurtain Outdoor cannot be blinded or disabled unnoticeably even if someone disarms the Ajax System. The latter is possible because its detector’s optical systems have advanced masking sensors. These respond to obstacles or instances when the lenses are covered or painted on. 

The tamper will not allow anyone to remove the device from its mount. If someone tries to destroy the detector, the Hub will notice a loss of communication in less than a minute. 

From there, it will inform the necessary parties about the problem. 

Ajax StreetSiren

Durable and Reliable

This product is durable and reliable, as it is rated IP54. The detector has a strong body with a metal mesh that safeguards the buzzer. It also sports an autonomous power supply.  

Notifies About Alarms, Security Mode Changes, Delays, and Doors Opening

This product has a high-power buzzer plus vibrant LED lights. These elements allow its signal to be visible and audible despite long distances.  

Ajax HomeSiren

Easily Blends in Your Home

The HomeSiren is about four times smaller than the outdoor version. Its dimensions allow you to conceal and blend it with your furniture, making it challenging to spot and dismantle. 

Tampering Alerts

This feature protects HomeSiren from unauthorised dismantling and has become regular for Ajax products. When someone attempts to disarm it, you will receive an alert via mobile, even if the system is unarmed. 


Ajax Hub 2 Plus

  • Capacity: up to 200 (for wireless Ajax devices), up to 100 (IP cameras or DVRs), up to 200 (users), up to 64 (automation scenarios), up to 25 (security groups), up to 50 (rooms)
  • Radio Signal Modulation: GFSK
  • Radio Signal Range: up to 2000m
  • Communication Channels: Ethernet, Cellular, WiFi
  • Cellular Bands: 2G/3G/4G
  • Dimensions: 163 x 163 x 36mm
  • Weight: 351g
  • Warranty: Two years

Ajax KeyPad

  • Classification: Radio Channel Touch Keypad
  • Keypad Type: Touch, wireless
  • Installation: Indoors
  • Compatibility: Works with all Ajax range extenders and Hubs
  • Power Supply:  4x ААA batteries
  • Battery Life: Up to two years  
  • Communication Range w/ Control Panel: Up to 1,700m in an open space
  • Self-adjusting RF Output Power: Up to 20 mW | Block encryption with a dynamic key
  • Polling Interval: 12−300s
  • Dimensions: 150 × 103 × 14mm
  • Weight: 197g
  • Warranty: 24 months

Ajax MotionCam

  • Compatibility: Hub 2 2G, 4G, Plus, and Hub Hybrid 2G, 4G
  • Compatible Range Extenders: ReX 2
  • Communication: Jeweller Communication Technology
  • Total Effective Radiated Power (ERP): Up to 20 mW
  • Radio Signal
    Modulation: GFSK
    Range: Up to 1700m 
  • Encrypted Communication: All stored and transmitted data are block encryption protected with a dynamic key
  • Sensitive Element: PIR Sensor
  • Motion Detection Distance: Up to 12m
  • False Alarm Prevention: SmartDetect
  • Motion Detection Angles
    Horizontal: 88.5°
    – Vertical: 80°
  • Motion Detection Speed: From 0.3 to 2.0 m/s
  • Photo Resolution
    640 × 480 px
    320 × 240 px (by default)
    160 × 120 px
  • Pictures in a Series
    From 1 to 5 images + resolution of 320×240 / 160×120px
    From 1 to 3 images + resolution of 640×480px
  • Power Supply: 2x CR123A Battery
  • Dimensions: 135 x 70 x 60mm
  • Weight: 167g
  • Operating Temperature: From −10°C to +40°C
  • Operating Humidity: Up to 75%
  • Protection Class: IP50

Ajax MotionProtect

  • Type of Detector: Wireless
  • Installation Method: Indoors
  • Sensing Element: PIR sensor
  • Alarm Signal Delivery Time: 0.15s
  • Motion Detection Distance: Up to 12m
  • Detection Angles
    Horizontal: 88.5°
    Vertical: 80°
  • Time for Motion Detection: 0.3-2m/s
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable to 3 levels
  • Recommended Installation Height: 2.4m
  • Pet Immunity
    Weight: Up to 20kg
    Height: Up to 50 cm
  • Battery: CR123A battery, 3V
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 years
  • Jeweller Radio Technology: Yes
  • Temperature Sensor: Available
  • Operating Temperature Range: From -10°C to +40°C
  • Permissible Humidity: Up to 75%
  • Anti-sabotage
    Protection Against Fraud
    Jamming Detection
  • Dimensions: 110 × 65 × 50mm
  • Weight: 86g
  • Warranty: Replacement and repair within two years after the date of sale

Ajax DoorProtect

  • Compatible Hubs: Hub Plus, Hub 2 (2G and 4G), Hub 2 Plus, Hub Hybrid (2G and 4G)
  • Compatible Radio Signal Range Extenders: ReX, ReX 2
  • Maximum ERP (Effective Radiated Power): up to 20 mW
  • Radio Signal Range: up to 1200m
  • Radio Signal Modulation: GFSK
  • Battery: 1x CR123A
  • Detector Dimensions: 90 x 20 x 20mm
  • Detector Weight: 29g

Ajax MotionCam Outdoor

  • Coverage/Range: Adjustable, from 3-15m
  • Angle of Detection: 90° (Horizontal), 80° (Vertical)
  • Camera Angle: 105° (Horizontal), 50° (Vertical)
  • Pet Tolerance: Yes
  • Vertical Coverage: 0.8-1.3 m
  • Photo Resolution: 320×176 pixels (by default), 640×352 pixels
  • Power Supply and Voltage: 4x CR123A batteries, 6V
  • Protection Class: IP56
  • Dimensions: 206 x 108 x 93 mm
  • Weight: 470g
  • Warranty: 2 years

Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor

  • Compatible Hubs: Hub Plus, Hub 2 (2G and 4G), Hub 2 Plus, Hub Hybrid (2G and 4G)
  • Compatible Radio Signal Range Extenders: ReX, ReX 2
  • Radio signal modulation: GFSK
  • Maximum ERP: up to 20 mW
  • Radio Communication Range: up to 1700m
  • Viewing Angles: 4.5° (Horizontal), 90° (Vertical)
  • Motion Detection Speed: 0.3 to 2.0 m/s
  • Detection: 4x IR sensor
  • Motion detection distance: 4-15 m for each side
  • Power Supply: 2x CR123A batteries
  • Dimensions: 174 x 123 x 88mm
  • Weight: 615g
  • Warranty: Two years

Ajax StreetSiren

  • Compatibility: All Ajax Hubs and radio signal range extenders
  • Notification Type: Acoustic and LED
  • Alarm Volume: 85-113 dB at a distance of 1m (adjusted in the Ajax app)
  • Alarm Duration: 3-180 seconds (adjusted in the Ajax app)
  • Power Supply: 4x CR123A Batteries, 3V
  • External Power Supply: 12V, 1.5A
  • Maximum ERP: 20 mW
  • Radio Signal Modulation: GFSK
  • Communication Range: up to 1,500m in open spaces
  • Polling Interval: 12–300 s (Adjusted by PRO or user via system configuration)
  • Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 51mm
  • Weight: 528g
  • Warranty: 2 years

Ajax HomeSiren

  • Classification: Radio Channel Security Sounder
  • Notification Type: Sound
  • Sound Volume Level: 80-98 dB at 1m distance (adjustable)
  • Alarm Length: 3-180 seconds
  • Alarm Signal Delivery Time: 0.15 seconds
  • Power Supply: 2x CR123A batteries, 3V
  • Dimensions: 75 x 76 x 27mm
  • Weight: 97g
  • Warranty: Replacement and repair within two years after sale date

Hands-on with the Ajax Systems – The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business


You can install the wireless system from Ajax without laying out wires or drilling walls. This feature is a treat for renters or people who occasionally transfer their systems to different parts of their homes. Just get the Ajax installer to start setting up your system to enjoy a quick and painless process. 

Scan the QR code with the company app to link devices to the primary Hub. It only takes a minute to complete, and the professional installer guarantees that all potential entry points are covered. This installer will also check if everything is working seamlessly. 

The Ajax Systems are wireless because the company designed them for quick and easy maintenance and installation. They are free from wires, and you will not have to deal with complicated installations. Additionally, the products run on long-lasting batteries to help lessen frequent replacements. 

Ajax is a professional-grade system with many features that guarantee continuous and reliable operation. Its Grade 2 certification demonstrates its solidity against skilled attackers equipped with specialised tools.

Data being transmitted is encrypted, and during interference or jamming attempts, the system shifts to a free radio frequency. The latter occurs while sending notifications to you and the security company. 

Its central Hubs work on the Malevich OS, which is software resistant to crashes and safe from viruses. 

During power outages, the Hub uses its backup battery to sustain operation for 16 hours. Moreover, the system incorporates multiple concurrent communication channels, providing redundancy in an emergency. 

For instance, the Hub 2 Plus includes Ethernet, WiFi, and two 2G/3G/4G SIM card slots. In summary, you can guarantee secure protection at all times.

Ajax Systems – The Perfect Pro Alarm System for Home and Business Summary

Ajax offers a comprehensive alarm system for homes and businesses. It uses multiple communication channels to ensure reliable connectivity. You can install this system even in areas with poor or interrupted network connection since it guarantees adequate security.

Ajax Systems uses a cloud server to send notifications and store data. As a result, you can quickly and easily access vital information and updates. 

Ajax also uses the Jeweller wireless protocol, a highly reliable technology for communicating with the control panel. It delivers fast data transmission while keeping your access secure. This feature makes Ajax one of the most reliable and advanced alarm systems today.

When choosing the best alarm system, you must consider several factors. These should have multiple communication channels, a cloud server, and premium technology that ensures reliable communication. Ajax ticks all these boxes, making it the best choice for businesses and homeowners who want optimal safety and security.

Visit the official product page of Ajax Systems for more details about these Ajax devices for a professional alarm system.