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Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S Mechanical Keyboard Review

Keyboards are important elements for completing your build, and we’ve just recently become aware of keyboards from Akko. They have notable and well-built products, and today, we’ll check out their World Tour Tokyo 3061S mechanical keyboard. In this Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S mechanical keyboard review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the product. 

Here, we’ll see what tech they used for the keyboard and if it’s similar (or better) than its competition. Of course, we’ll also discuss its design, features, and performance to help you determine if it’s something worth considering. 

So, continue reading our Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S mechanical keyboard review to see how awesome their keyboard is. 

Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S Mechanical Keyboard Packaging

For starters, our review will focus on the keyboard’s packaging and what the company included. 

We were extremely excited when our package arrived for this Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S mechanical keyboard review. It was actually the first time we got this eager to test a keyboard. Then when we saw its packaging and how eye-catching it was, we were ecstatic. 

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The keyboard arrived in a sturdy cardboard box that sports an attractive Japanese-themed slip-out covering. Here, you’ll find a nice pink aesthetic that’s reminiscent of the colours of Japan’s beautiful cherry blossoms. 

This is probably the most stylish and artistic keyboard packaging we’ve seen. And, we greatly appreciate the effort Akko put into their presentation. 

The front of the package displays an illustration of Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji, some cherry blossom trees, and a Torii. If you aren’t familiar with the latter, the Torii is a classic Japanese gate. You’ll often find these inside a Shinto shrine or at its entrance. 

Of course, there’s an illustration of a red sun on the package too which depicts Japan’s rising sun. 

One side displays information about the company and their official accounts. At first, you would assume Akko is a Japanese brand. But when you read the information on the box, you’ll see that they’re a Chinese company from Shenzhen. 

Flipping the box, you won’t find anything much there save for Akko’s branding. At the centre, you’ll see “World Tour: Tokyo” written in three different languages: English, Chinese, and Japanese. 

What’s Inside? 

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Once we pulled out the covering, we were expecting a pink-coloured box. Instead, we were looking at a classy and premium-looking all-black package that featured Akko’s branding at the centre. We love the black and violet combination, and the simplicity of it shows off a nice, sleek aesthetic. 

When we finally opened the box, we were presented with a really attractive keyboard kept nicely and securely in place. Other than the 3061S, Akko also included a USB-C cable, a key switch opener, and a user manual inside.

Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S Mechanical Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

We love the whole look of the 3061S. So, our Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S mechanical keyboard review will first focus on its design and functions. 

After unboxing, the first thing that caught our attention was the keyboard’s pink on white colour scheme. Yes, it’s a common colour combination among products today, but Akko’s aesthetics were attractive and pleasing to the eyes. 

They used a nice shade of pink that wasn’t too bright and strong. It also didn’t look cheap which is sometimes an issue with a few products that sport this colour scheme.


akko tokoy r2 keyboard review7 akko tokoy r2 keyboard review8 akko tokoy r2 keyboard review9 akko tokoy r2 keyboard review10 akko tokoy r2 keyboard review11 akko tokoy r2 keyboard review12 akko tokoy r2 keyboard review13 akko tokoy r2 keyboard review14 akko tokoy r2 keyboard review15We tried including the 3061S to a setup sporting a black and white theme to see if it would work. And surprisingly, it looked great and its colours contrasted nicely with the setup.

Another aspect we noticed was the colour of the included USB-C cable. We appreciate Akko for keeping up with their pink scheme so the whole aesthetic will be kept uniform.

Aside from the colour scheme, the keyboard also sports a couple of cool details which are fun to look at. Sakura blossoms and Mt. Fuji adorn the space bar while each letter and number showcases the English and Japanese alphabets. 

At first glance, the entire keyboard may appear overwhelming to some, but the colours all work together which is good. 

Lastly for its design and functions, our Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S mechanical keyboard review will discuss its RGB lighting. Their RGBs are built into the keyboard, but compared to similar products, their keycaps don’t let lights pass through them. That means, the letterings won’t get illuminated. 

Don’t worry because they still look great. Plus, it also makes the RGBs more ambient since the light shines from underneath the keys. 

Additionally, the keyboard comes with a couple of RGB presets you can choose from. What’s good is that they can be recycled by utilising the 3061S without extra software required. 

Basically, if you’re a gamer or someone meticulous when it comes to their setup, having the best keyboard is vital. To achieve the perfect look and feel, correct switch types, lighting, and form factors should be on the product.

You can further enhance and showcase your style, as well as make your setup stand out. The key and goal here is to utilise custom keycaps and paint jobs.

Akko’s keyboards specialise in fun and unique designs perfect for a custom build. And their World Tour Tokyo 3061S is no exception. So if you’re focused on aesthetics and a look that stands out, the 3061S is a great option. 

Key Features of the Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S Mechanical Keyboard

Featuring Tokyo’s Iconic Images, Mt.Fuji and Cherry Blossoms

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is seen as a symbol of modern Japanese culture. Aside from Tokyo Tower, Holy Land, and Sky Tree, Mt. Fuji is another well-known attraction in the country. 

For the 3061S, Akko took inspiration from the scenic view of cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji to design the keyboard.

Akko’s 3061 Keyboard, Updated

The 3061S is an updated version of the 3061. Unlike its predecessor’s hot-swappable terminal, the 3061S offers premium 5-pin TTC gaming hot-swappable pockets that feature plate foam. With that, you can swap to another type of switch without soldering issues later on.

60% Compact Layout Professional Keyboard

Akko continues their legend of 3068/3084 series by releasing the 3061S compact keyboard. This company is a professional manufacturer of mechanical keyboards so you can trust the quality of their products. 

And with years of experience, they were able to make the excellent small form factor keyboard. The 3061S comes with 61 keys with the 60% layout that is popular for being compact and portable.

Jelly Pink Switch

The Jelly Pink switches are 3-pin 45gf linear switches that feature a dustproof stem. While testing the product, we had a great user experience since these switches worked excellently. 

We’ll talk more about testing the 3061S later in our Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S mechanical keyboard review.

High-quality PBT Keycaps

Akko used PBT for the 3061S. This material is made through a dye sublimation process that prevents fading and ensures longevity. Its detailed texture feels good to touch and its dry surface doesn’t easily get oily.

Dye-sub PBT keycaps are highly durable and wear-resistant. Even for decades, the letters and designs won’t fade away unlike conventional ABS keycaps.

Akko Macro V1.0 for Programming + RGB Lighting

Akko Macro V1.0 lets you fully customise and program the 3061S. You can remap each key for action sequencing, except Esc and Win which are used for controlling the Macro mode. Also, the 3061S has built-in RGB backlighting that is customisable with light animation effects.

Adjustable Heights

With its tilted stand that features three levels of adjustable heights, you can have the best typing experience with 3061S.

Anti-ghosting Keys

With NKRO or N-key rollover, the 3061S supports conflict-free simultaneous key presses. This feature is highly important for optimal gaming experiences.


Now, our Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S mechanical keyboard review will check the different specs that make this keyboard supreme.

The 3061S is a compact mechanical keyboard that measures 292 x 101 x 37mm and weighs approximately 500g. Akko opted to use PBT material for their mechanical keyboard. For its OSA profile, it uses a dye-sublimation printing technology.  

This keyboard uses a USB Type-C interface with Akko’s Macro V1.0. It supports N-key rollovers, disable WinLock, Backlit, and its switches are hot-swappable too.

To note, this keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. And for convenience and peace of mind, the 3061S is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Jelly Pink Switch Specifications

Here’s the interesting part: the 3061S uses Akko’s CS Jelly Pink switch which is a linear type. It has a lifespan of over 60 million clicks with 1.9±0.3mm pre-travel and 45±5gf operating force. Additionally, its total travel is 4.0±0.3mm.

Hands-on with the Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S Mechanical Keyboard

We checked how the keyboard performed and we’ll discuss it in our Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S mechanical keyboard review. But before we share our hands-on experience with it, we’ll give you some information about its software. 

If you want to better refine and optimise the customisation of your keyboards, Akko offers their Cloud Driver software. It works with your Mac or PC and allows you to change the settings for non-system keys. 

Doing this will give you access to numerous things like mimic mouse buttons or control macro functions. The latter can also be programmed via the software which is pretty convenient. 

By simply clicking the Fn slider bar, the Fn-hotkeys can be adjusted. Plus, there are extra profile slots available so you can create game-specific profiles or those for editing software. Setting these will give you quicker access to what you need to do. 

Additionally, the Cloud Driver software also makes it easier for you to adjust RGBs on the keyboard. That means, you can easily match the 3061S with your personal style compared to when you’re utilising the shortcut keys. 

The Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S isn’t only an attractive-looking mechanical keyboard but also a comfortable product to use. When we tested it, it felt really nice to type on, was responsive, and had excellent backlighting. Also, it had amazing-looking keycaps that we absolutely love. 

For the switches, they’re our favourite by far. However, we did need enough force to prevent typos from happening. But still, they’re light enough and comfortable to use for typing all day. 

Speaking of using it all day, when we worked with the 3061S for daily tasks, there was little to complain about. Its Jelly Pink switches were extremely capable for tasks like typing, web browsing, and even gaming. Plus, these offered a nice clacking sound on each of our keypresses.

The tactile feedback of the keys was something we loved, so we didn’t have issues with its key switches. But if you aren’t a fan of audible keyboard switches, there’s no need to worry since these are swappable. You may also use a set of o-rings to reduce its noise. 

We used the product for a few weeks before sharing our user experience. To our surprise, it performed excellently and never skipped any of our keypresses no matter what game we played. It was highly responsive and it gave us a great gaming experience.

Overall, the 3061S delivered excellent performance for all the activities we’ve done. It performed flawlessly and offered all of its features, making it easy to recommend. 

Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S Mechanical Keyboard Review Summary

The 3016S from Akko is a solid keyboard that offers unique aesthetics and great performance. Although Akko isn’t one of the most popular brands for keyboards, the 3061S is a high-quality product. 

The tactile Jelly Pink switches gave us a great typing experience and we loved the quality of the PBT keycaps. We also liked its multiple connectivity options that allowed us to use it with different devices. Plus, we were able to take advantage of other features like anti-ghosting, programmable RGB, and adjustable height.

If you’re looking for a premium-quality keyboard, the 3061S is an excellent choice. Its Tokyo-themed design gives it a unique touch, and it’s made with quality materials to ensure longevity. Overall, this keyboard is a great product and we highly recommend it. 

For more information about the Akko World Tour Tokyo 3061S mechanical keyboard, you can visit the official product page.