Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro Review

Astro Gaming has become one of the best and consistent manufacturers when it comes to high-quality gaming headsets. With that, we’ll talk about one of their latest headsets in our Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro review.

They’ve spent years working together and establishing themselves with the help of pro eSports and gamers, worldwide. And the company aims to create high-quality and efficient gaming materials that every gamer and pro would use.

Just last year, Astro came out with their “best-performing audio system” ever. It is the Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro that allows for excellent voice quality and enhanced sound controls.

By collaborating with Pro Gamers, this gaming headset sports the Astro Audio V2 to get a more balanced sound signature. It’s incredibly vital since the Astro A40 TR headset is specially made for professional and competitive gamers.

Even if you aren’t a pro eSports player, you’d still want a quality headset to give you a competitive edge. You don’t have to sacrifice audio quality for casual gaming.

With that, let’s learn more about the A40 TR in this Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro review.

Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro Packaging

Our Astro A40 TR Headset came in a cool-looking black box that’s sturdy enough to protect the product inside. In front, you’ll see an image of the product, its name to its right, and Astro at the top-right corner. Below the image, you’ll find a list of the headset’s highlighted features.

Flipping the box, you’ll find more details about the headset, such as its features and functions. There’s also an illustration of the A40 headset with indications of its different parts.

Other than the headset, other items inside include the MixAmp Pro TR, Dolby Atmos Subscription, and a quick start guide. Cables included are 2.0m A40 in-line mute, 3.0m TOSlink optical, 0.5m Daishu Chain, and 3.0 micro-USB.

The next portion of our Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro review focuses on its design and functions.

Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro Review – Design and Functionality

Our Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro review will provide you with more details on the A40’s build. The section will also focus on its design, and what the headset can do.

Generally, the A40 itself is almost exactly like the earlier A40’s design. Yet this specific headset comes with a couple of tweaked finishes and colours.

Its exterior is mostly made of black matte plastic on its headband and ear-cups. Plus, it features aluminium struts on its sides, linking them for smooth vertical adjustments to achieve a perfect fit.

The Over-Ears

When it comes to the over-ear pads, they’re made from memory foam covered in a breathable, soft black cloth. The headband’s base features a rectangular-shaped pad of the same material as its earpads. It’s fixed between two sturdy yet flexible plastic bands.

For the ear-cups’ back panels, the company used glossy black plastic with hints of silver. These are also fixed to the headset via magnets. Astro calls these panels “speaker tags, and they leave a space above the ear-cups. They’re necessary to provide 40mm open-back drivers with a lot of space for enhanced spatial imaging.

These panels, along with the top of the headband, only feature hints of colour on the A40’s default version. If you choose the PS4 version, it comes with blue accents while red accents are for the Xbox One version.

Boom Microphone

The headset’s boom microphone is a lengthy-black rubber stick featuring a plastic capsule at the end. It’s removable, has an aluminium grille, and attaches to the rear of the left ear-cup. As for the boom arm, it’s highly flexible, allowing it to pivot a complete 360-degrees.

MixAmp Pro

The MixAmp Pro TR is for those who want perfect audio at all times. It also sports the Dolby Digital Surround Sound processing that can be switched on or off. Plus, you’re allowed to switch from your computer to console via the controller box.

The A40 TR Headset links with your choice of the device via 6.5ft cable included in the box. It features an in-line mic mute switch and terminates in a 4-pole 3.5mm plug. It allows you to utilise the product with today’s popular gaming consoles, PCs, or smartphone.

Next on our Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro review, you’ll see all the essential features of the headset.

Key Features of the Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro

Tuned with Astro Audio V2

Headsets by Astro are specifically for gaming. The company works together with developers, professional gamers, and streamers to deliver accurate sounds. The Astro Audio V2 offers a smooth, neutral, and extended frequency spectrum for detailed imaging. As a result, there’s no fatigue in the highs, mids are clear, and the bass is distortion-free.

Excellent Fit and Finish

The A40 TR Headset is lightweight and comfortable, making it ideal for the most extended gaming sessions. Its durable build is also sure to last.

Swappable Boom Mic

The unidirectional boom mic of the Astro A40 TR is highly sensitive. It focuses on capturing your voice and reduces background noise.

Mod Kit Ready

The headset has synthetic leather ear cushions for noise cancellation, a voice-isolating microphone, as well as closed back Speaker Tags.

Dolby Audio, Game and Voice Balancing

For cinematic, 3D broadcasts and gaming audio experiences, the Astro A40 TR headset features Dolby Audio. Game:Voice balance allows for easy adjustment of the ratio of game audio and voice chat.

Digital Daisy-Chain

Digital Daisy-Chain enables lag-free vocal voice communications and interference. With that, you can connect the MixAmp Pro TRs with your team members who use the Astro solution.

Customisable Stream Output

With Astro A40 TR Headset, you can manage what your audience hears, like the levels of chat and game audio. It also allows for broadcasting 2-channel Dolby Surround Sound.


On our Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro review, the focus will be on A40 and MixAmp Pro’s specs. Let’s begin with the headset.

It features a 3.5mm mini stereo & PC splitter connector, while the boom mic is a unidirectional 6.0m piece. The headset’s overall weight without the cable is 369g which is pretty good.

The A40 TR has a dynamic and open 40mm Sound Driver that’s tuned specifically for gaming. Aside from that, it has a frequency response ranging from 20 to 20,000Hz, a nominal impedance of 48 Ohms, and THD < 0.1% distortion.

MixAmp Pro

The MixAmp Pro’s input rear includes the TOSLINK optical cable. It also has the USB micro-B, 3.5mm aux in/out, 3.5mm stream output, and two digital daisy-chain ports. Additionally, its input front is the headset connector, specifically a 3.5mm TRRS.

When it comes to its physical specs, it weighs a total of 296g and measures 137 x 80 x 38mm. Talking about technical specifications, the MixAmp Pro has 100 dB SPL sound power out.

Up next on our Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro review, we’ll get more in-depth with the headset’s performance.

Hands-on with the Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro

This portion of our Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro review focuses on the product’s software and performance.

Before checking the performance of the Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro, we started first with the setup. To connect the MixAmp Pro TR, we plugged the 10ft micro USB cable into a free port on our PC. When we placed the switch on the right position, the computer automatically detected the MixAmp and the headset.

On PC, the A40 TR Headset and MixAmp Pro are customisable via the Astro Command Center software. It allowed us to customise four EQ presets with a 5-band equaliser and adjust the mic’s gain and sidetone levels.

We also found settings for the audio levels that come out of the 3.5mm stream port. Because of this, we were able to separate voice chat audio and mic input. Overall, the software was straightforward and user-friendly, so we don’t have any complaints with it.

For the headset, it produced excellent sounds on its own. It gave us rich bass, as well as a tactical emphasis on heightened tones. Resounding explosions were outstanding with the open-back cups. As for the Dolby Atmos, it enhanced our sense of positional awareness which is perfect for gaming.

Generally, the Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro is a tournament-ready gaming headset for pros. With that, we acquired excellent audio, perfect controls, and aesthetic design. We can say that it’s ideal for anyone who wants to play games professionally or competitively with your mates.

During gaming, we learned that the headset is one that gives the best sound balance, especially when playing FPS games. We were able to fully enjoy the games weapons and sound ambience. But despite this, the A40 TR was able to highlight the vital factors in games such as voices and footsteps.

Overall, the combination of the A40 TR Headset and the MixAmp Pro gave us well-balanced sounds that we enjoyed. Its bass was great which helped add to the gaming immersion.

The microphone’s quality was excellent, and we were able to adjust the noise gate options based on the environmental noise. It’s a great feature to use if you’re going to create content.

Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro Review Summary

The Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro comes with features that are excellent for competitive gamers. The headset and amp combination does not only deliver exceptional audio, but it also comes with long-lasting comfort and durability. Its solid construction has a premium look and feel that is sure to last.

Although expensive, the Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro offers impressive sound quality. The audio is also customisable via the Astro Command Center Software, which was user-friendly due to its simple interface. With its wide range of customisation options, we were able to enhance our audio based on our preference.

The Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro is undeniably one of the best headset and amp on the market. It provides clear and detailed audio that is customisable, which is perfect, especially for gamers and streamers. We liked everything about this headset & amp combination, and we have nothing to complain about.

To conclude our Astro A40 TR Headset with MixAmp Pro review, we highly recommend this product. If you want to purchase this, it’s available for online purchase from the official website.