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ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review


The ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard is a top choice for gamers and professionals, featuring the latest Intel processor support, advanced cooling, and a strong power design. Its highlights include Q-Release, M.2 Q-Latch, DDR5, and PCIe 5.0, delivering exceptional gaming and computational performance. With a robust VRM, ample storage, and superior cooling, it offers great value, blending high-end features with affordability in a stylish, practical package.


  • Supports latest Intel processors
  • Advanced cooling solutions
  • Robust 18+1 phase power design
  • Feature-rich (Q-Release, M.2 Q-Latch, DDR5, PCIe 5.0)
  • Solid performance in gaming and computing tasks


  • Premium price point
  • Can be complex for beginners

Today, we are writing this ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review to discuss this product. It is a motherboard designed for gaming enthusiasts and uses the Z790 chipset from Intel. 

The product also supports current Intel processors on the LGA1700 socket. 

In this ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review, we will discuss its design, functions, and features. We will also look into its specifications and how it performs. 

ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Packaging

The packaging for this motherboard did not change much and is still similar to its other ROG siblings. An image of the product is in front, along with its name, company branding, and hardware support. 

ASUS ROG Z790 E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review11 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review
ASUS ROG Z790 E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review10 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review

We also checked the back of this box for our ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review. Here, you will find another image of the ROG Z790-E but with its full specifications underneath. To its right is a list of features for your reference. 

The motherboard also ships with the following accessories, and these include:

  • 2x SATA 6Gb/s cables 
  • DDR5 and VRM Fan Holder
  • Thermal pad for M.2
  • ASUS WiFi Moving Antennas 
  • Package of Cable Ties
  • M.2 Backplate Q-Latch Pack
  • M.2 Q-Latch Pack
  • An ROG Keychain, Strix Stickers, and a Strix Thank You Card
  • 2x M.2 Rubber Packages
  • M.2 Backplate Rubber 
  • A User Guide

ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review – Design and Functionality

We took note of its design after unboxing the product for our ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review. The product looks similar to its predecessor with essential features like the following: 

  • An Onboard Power Button
  • CPU Cooler Screw Holes – it lets you use existing 115x socket coolers on the ROG Z790-E)
  • Q-release Button – to make it easier to remove the graphics card
  • Q-latch Style – to conveniently install your SSD 

But taking a closer look, we noticed the changes in different elements on the ROG Z790-E itself. 

The motherboard sports a matte black finish and a cool-looking ROG Strix aesthetic on its opposite side. We love its Aura lighting that displays the Strix logo. We also appreciate the I/O hood with a massive VRM heatsink array with an integrated heatpipe. 

Its metal-shielded connectors are excellent elements on the motherboard. However, the best aspect for us is its shielded USB 3.0 header. 

ASUS ROG Z790 E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review5 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review
ASUS ROG Z790 E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review9 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review
ASUS ROG Z790 E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review7 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review
ASUS ROG Z790 E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review6 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review
ASUS ROG Z790 E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review8 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review
ASUS ROG Z790 E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review2 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review
ASUS ROG Z790 E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review4 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review
ASUS ROG Z790 E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review3 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review
ASUS ROG Z790 E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review1 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review

Memory and Storage

Fortunately, most current DDR5 memory kits still work effectively with the motherboard. Since the DDR5 is maturing further, increased memory frequencies are easier on the Z790 chipset boards than on the Z690. 

Like other motherboards sporting the ATX form factor, this product has a maximum of four DIMM slots. With the slots populated, it can support up to 128GB and DDR5 7800+ by overclocking. 

Storage-wise, the ROG Z790-E supports 4x SATA3 and 5x M.2 SSDs, which is a lot for most users today. We also appreciate ASUS for integrating uniquely shaped cuts for each heatsink, making it easier to install the M.2s. 

Power Design 

Its power design is still the same 18+1 phase design as the Strix Z690-E motherboard. That means it can accommodate the 12th-generation Intel Core i9 12900K and still have loads of headroom available. 

So, we are expecting similar aspects on this motherboard with the Core i9 13900K from Intel. 

Moreover, its 18+1 phase design receives power from 18 of the ISL-99390 MOSFETs. Each of these is capable of 90A and the RAA-229131 PWM controller (both are from Renesas).  

Rear I/O

Here, you will receive numerous USB ports for everything you need. You also have the following in this area: 

  • Clear BIOS and CMOS Flashback Buttons
  • HDMI and DisplayPort (for built-in graphics) 
  • WiFi 6E and 2.5GbE LAN (network connectivity)
  • S/PDIF
  • Audio Jacks (for audio devices)

Key Features of the ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard 

To determine if this motherboard is ideal for your setup, check our list of features below. These aspects make the ROG Z790-E a notable product that is worth considering to optimise your build. 

Q-Release PCIe Slot 

The motherboard has a physical switch that unlocks the security latch of the first PCIe slot with one tap. It is a convenient feature that makes detaching PCIe cards easier when upgrading to new GPUs. 

M.2 Q-Latch

We also discovered this feature while writing our ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review. It is an innovative element that makes it easier to install or remove M.2 SSDs without using any tool. 

Its design sports an easy-lock mechanism for securing the drive and eliminating the classic screws. 

The Start Button 

Although common, the Start Button conveniently prevents manually jumping challenging to reach pins during testing and troubleshooting. 

Clear CMOS

Clearing the CMOS instantly restores the BIOS settings to their original factory defaults. Plus, it can be convenient for rebooting the computer if you select the wrong BIOS settings. 


Its LED panel displays 2-digit diagnostic codes, offering a valuable reference for troubleshooting hardware concerns and boot issues. 

BIOS FlashBack

BIOS FlashBack is another essential feature we will discuss here in our ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review. It is a simple and safe way to update your BIOS. 

You only need to set the UEFI BIOS file to the formatted FAT32 USB stick. Then, plug it into the USB FlashBack port before pressing the BIOS FlashBack. With this feature, you can update the firmware without installing a CPU or memory.  

PCIe 5.0

With the new standard, this motherboard offers end-to-end support for PCIe 5.0. The x16 expansion slot on the topmost section is 5th-generation-ready and has protection from the SafeSlot retention bracket. It bears the weight of the newest graphics cards available. 

One of its M.2 slots delivers 16BG/s read and write speeds, thanks to PCIe 5.0. The rest can provide top-notch 8GB/s transfers. 

Each M.2 slot has substantial heatsinks to help release the heat from next-gen drives. 

Power Architecture

The ROG Z790-E has 21 power stages rated to handle up to 90A. These deliver maple current to drive the latest processors through any workload.

Dual 8-Pin ProCool II Connectors

ProCool II connectors are precise, guaranteeing flush contact with PSU power lines. A metal sheath is present for better heat dissipation and lower electrical impedance.

Eight-layer PCB

The multi-layered printed circuit board dissipates heat around the voltage regulators quickly. As a result, it enhances system stability and gives more overclocking headroom to the CPU.

Alloy Chokes + Durable Capacitors

Durable capacitors and high-end chokes can resist extreme temperatures, allowing performance beyond industry standards. 

DDR5 Memory

ROG is known for providing some of the fastest performance, and DDR5 is no different. ASUS implemented a better signal routing, allowing enthusiast-grade kits to perform beyond 7 GT/s. Experienced users can tweak the extensive tuning options in the firmware.


AEMP (ASUS Enhanced Memory Profile) is now on its second version for this ROG Z790-E motherboard. It is a firmware and hardware solution for overclocking generic memory modules.

This updated version of AEMP II allows automatic kit tuning during system startup and maximises PCB trace optimisations. As a result, it pushes frequencies higher than before. 

AEMP II can overclock combined kits in quad-DIMM arrangements. It also works with most DDR5 modules that do not support XMP.

VRM Heatsink Array

Two thick heatsinks cover the power solution with well-designed airflow channels, enhancing heat dissipation. As a result, the motherboard efficiently powers high-performance Intel 13th-generation processors.

M.2 Combo-sink, Heatsinks, and Backplate

The M.2 features a heatsink with a direct-contact heat pipe to transfer thermal energy from the mounted drive. Heat goes to the path of the chassis airflow to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

The heatsinks conceal all slots to keep the onboard NVMe SSDs. These keep temperatures low for consistent reliability and excellent performance.

Aside from heatsinks, the mid-board M.2 slot has an integrated backplate. It guarantees optimal performance of the PCIe 5.0 drive even with restricted airflow.

Intel 2.5GbE and WIFI 6E

Intel 2.5GbE offers fast file transfers, low-latency gaming, and high-resolution video streaming for an enhanced overall user experience.

The ROG Z790-E has onboard WiFi 6E  that takes advantage of the latest spectrum in the 6GHz band. It provides up to seven 160MHz channels for high-speed throughput, resulting in better performance in dense wireless environments.

USB 3.2 Gen 2X2

This motherboard has two USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C connectors, offering high-speed data transfers up to 20 Gbps. One of the ports is on the rear I/O, while the other is on the front panel. The latter also features PD (Power Delivery) 3.0 technology, allowing quick charging up to 30W.


ROG SupremeFX is a unique combination of hardware and software utilities that achieve premium audio quality. The ROG Z790-E uses the ALC4080 codec to deliver up to 32-bit/384kHz high-resolution playback across all channels. The built-in Savitech amplifier streams the front panel output and drives high-fidelity acoustics to most headsets and speakers.

ASUS Aura – Stand Out and Outshine Your Competition

Like all ROG Strix motherboards, the ROG Z790-E uses ASUS Aura, which enables comprehensive lighting control. You can choose from various presets for onboard RGB LEDs and third-party accessories. 

 Aside from customisation, you can sync effects across compatible ROG monitors, keyboards, graphics cards, and mice for a unified appearance.


  • CPU Socket: LGA1700
  • Chipset: Intel Z790 
  • Memory: DDR5, 4x DIMM Slots, Un-buffered
  • Maximum Memory Capacity: 192GB
  • Memory Support: Dual-Channel Architecture, Intel XMP, Optimem II
  • Graphics: 1x HDMI port (maximum 4K@60Hz support), 1x DisplayPort (maximum 8K@60Hz support)
  • Storage: 5x M.2 slot, 4x SATA 6Gb/s ports
  • Expansion Slots: 2x PCIe 4.0 x16 slots (x4 mode supported), 1x PCIe 5.0 x16 slot
  • Ethernet: 1x Intel 2.5GbE
  • Wireless & Bluetooth: WiFi 6E,Bluetooth 5.3
  • Rear USB Ports (12x total): 4x USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports  (Type-A), 7x USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports  (6x Type-A and 1x Type-C), 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 port (1x USB Type-C)
  • Front USB Ports (9x total): 2x USB 2.0 headers, 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 header, 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 connector (USB-C with up to 30W PD Fast-charge supported)
  • Audio CODEC: ALC4080
  • Operating System: Windows®11, Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Form Factor: ATX (30.5 cm x 24.4 cm)

Hands-on with the ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard

Before we discuss its performance in our ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review, let us look into its BIOS. 


The BIOS of the ROG Z790-E is user-friendly, making navigation easy. When booting, it launches to the Easy Mode page by default, which shows the system status.

You can also set the Resize BAR on or off. This feature helps boost system performance.

Pressing F7 switches to Advanced Mode, which has more settings for tweaking your processor, memory, etc. You can adjust the voltages, AI Overclock Tuner, ASUS EZ Flash, Aura Sync, and many other options.

The advanced tab is where you configure the NVMe, storage, chipset, and onboard devices like LAN, USSB4, Bluetooth, and audio. You can overclock your memory and CPU or set the processor voltage and frequency.

Performance of the ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard

CleanShot 2024 03 11 at 07.36.05 1 ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review

We tested the ROG Z790-E for gaming, memory performance, cooling, and power consumption. Like many ASUS motherboards, this product performed impressively.

Its memory performance was competitive, and DDR5 operated seamlessly. Latency was low and on par with other Z790 motherboards. 

There were no unwanted bottlenecks on the CPU, GPU, RAM, and ROM. Plus, the motherboard also had remarkable scores in our synthetic benchmarks. CPU performance was impressive and ran better than expected.

With its overall efficiency, solid VRM configuration, and excellent cooling solutions, it performed impressively in performance-hungry tasks like video rendering.

As expected of a gaming motherboard, it splendidly performed when we tested various games. Its performance was consistent with high frame rates in multiple video games.


Thermal results in our tests were impressive, and VRMs sat at around 55°C at sustained loads. Temperatures remained low, thanks to the thermal pads and thick heat pipe over the VRM configuration.

We also noticed the effective cooling capabilities of the integrated M.2 heatsinks. Heat or throttling did not hinder our SSDs, and we enjoyed stable performance throughout our tests.

ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review Summary

The Z790-E is the perfect motherboard if you want excellent performance without extra fancy features. It has all the necessary technologies to perform fast while maintaining low temperatures. Also, its gamer aesthetic is a bonus if you want to enhance the look of your PC build.

Our test results for this ASUS ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard Review justify the product price. Its performance was excellent in all aspects and delivered more than we expected. We loved all the tech upgrades that make it suitable for the latest components. 

We highly recommend the ROG Z790-E if you want a high-performance motherboard without paying the high price. It packs all the impressive features that make it capable of heavy computational workloads like video rendering and game development. It balances premium design, robust performance, and a reasonable price altogether.

Visit the official product page of ASUS for more information about the ROG Z790-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard.