asus tuf gaming b motherboard banner ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review

ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review

Today we have our ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review, which will show you everything about the B650-PLUS. The motherboard delivers vital elements of the current AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors, combining them with game-ready and durable features. 

The TUF Gaming B650-PLUS features an optimised power solution. It also has a comprehensive cooling system and is engineered with military-grade components. 

This motherboard has more features to offer. But more than that, it goes beyond expectations with its stable and solid performance for non-stop gaming. 

Continue reading our ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review to learn more about the product. We will focus on its features, functions, design, specifications, and how well it performs. 

But like always, let us check its packaging and what ASUS included in the box. 

ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Packaging

Our motherboard for this ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard  Review arrived in a sturdy black cardboard box. It sports the usual aesthetics of TUF series motherboards with a black theme. 

The front of the box displays an image of the motherboard, its name, the company logo, and its highlighted features. You can find more details about the motherboard by flipping the box and referring to its rear. 

asus tuf b650 plus review1 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review asus tuf b650 plus review2 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review

Everything inside the box was safe and secure since ASUS packed all the items thoroughly. Aside from the TUFGaming B650-PLUS, other accessories were shipped in the package, and these include the following:

  • Two SATA 6GB/s cables
  • One ASUS WiFi moving antennas
  • Two rubber packs for M.2
  • A screw pack for the M.2 SSD
  • One TUF certification card

ASUS included everything you will need to start using the motherboard. So once you receive your TUF Gaming B650-PLUS, you can build immediately after unboxing.

ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review – Design and Functionality

Let us look closer and discuss its design and functions in our ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review.

The motherboard sports an ATX form factor, measuring 30.5 x 24.4cm (LxW). It is a mid-range gaming motherboard built on the standard AMD B650 chipset. What makes it an excellent choice is it has features aimed at gamers. 

The motherboard can work with the latest desktop processors from the AMD Ryzen 7000 series. So it features an AM5 socket and only supports DDR5 memory. 

This product sports a robust appearance with top-quality components. It also has massive, durable, and effective heatsinks that help optimise performance. 

asus tuf b650 plus review3 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review asus tuf b650 plus review4 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review asus tuf b650 plus review5 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review asus tuf b650 plus review6 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review asus tuf b650 plus review7 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review asus tuf b650 plus review8 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review asus tuf b650 plus review9 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review

There are plenty of storage and expansion slots on the TUF Gaming B650-PLUS, and all these are fast. Its PCIe express lanes connecting to the processor are the following: 

  • An x16 mode PCIe 4.0 slot for graphics cards
  • One x4 mode M.2 PCIe 5.0 slot for a fast SSD
  • An M.2 PCIe 4.0 (x4 mode) slot for quick SSDs

Then, its AMD B650 chipset offers its PCIe lanes, and slots linked to it include:

  • A PCIe 4.0 x16 slot (x4 mode)
  • Two PCIe 4.0 x1 slots
  • An x4 mode PCIe 4.0 M.2 slot 
  • Four SATA 6Gb/s ports

The motherboard sports a 2.5Gbps Realtek Ethernet chip and a MediaTek WiFi 6 card. In addition, it supports 2×2 MIMO on the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. 

Bluetooth is present, and ASUS used version 5.2 for the motherboard. You also get a Realtek 7.1 surround sound high-definition codec with 24-bit/192kHz audio playback. 

On the rear I/O (input/output) panel, you will find the following:

  • USB-C 3.2 Gen 2×2 port
  • Three USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports (one Type-C and two Type-As) 
  • Four Type-A USB 2.0 
  • A DisplayPort
  • One HDMI port and WIFI module connection
  • Five audio jacks
  • A 2.5Gb Ethernet port
  • The BIOS FlashBack button

You can find four DDR5 DIMM slots on the top-left corner of the mainboard. Specifically, it is next to the standard 24-pin ATX primary power connector. 

The product can support up to 128GB of memory and tons of memory frequencies. The latter ranges from 4800 MT/s to more than 6400 MT/s during overclocking.

There are other internal I/O connectors on the motherboard, like a USB 3.2 Gen1 connector for USB Type-Cs. 

It has a 3.2 Gen 1 header for two extra USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports. And it also has two USB 2.0 headers. The latter can handle up to four USB 2.0 ports for your PC chassis front panel. 

You will also find fan controllers, RGB headers, a Thunderbolt header, and front panel audio are present as internal connectors. 

Key Features of the ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard

We will list all the product features in our ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review. These details will make it easier to see what the TUF Gaming B650-PLUS offers. Plus, you can better determine if the product is worth considering. 

Intelligent Controls 

The ASUS TUF Gaming series features comprehensive controls. So, this TUF Gaming B650-PLUS motherboard includes versatile tools to fine-tune your system.

It allows performance tweaks to tailor and customise everything specifically to maximise your workflow productivity. 

CPU Performance Optimisation 

AMD Precision Boost Overdrive, or PBO, boosts performance by pushing the current and voltage budgets of the CPU. The AMD algorithm can take advantage of the robust power solution of the motherboard. It is done by aggressively tuning the PBO parameters.

Exclusive Energy Efficiency

The Power Saving function includes many settings that allow optimisation of power consumption and maximising energy savings. For example, you can enable a CPU power limit, dim Aura lighting, and change fan profiles to power-saving mode. 

You can also enable or disable Microsoft Windows’ Power Saver plan.

Solid Quality Performance

The TUF Gaming B650-PLUS motherboard is ideal for your next high-core-count AMD battle rig. It has upgraded power delivery and cooling options to power the latest AMD CPUs. Plus, it has support for faster memory and storage.

Teamed Power Stages for Efficient and Stable Performance

Each of the 12+2 power stages of the TUF Gaming B650-PLUS can handle 60A. This motherboard can deliver efficiency, power, and stable performance with high and low-side drivers and MOSFETs. As a result, it is ideal for building a capable AMD system.

8+4-pin ProCool Power Connectors

ASUS ProCool connectors work better than conventional power inputs. These can ensure complete contact with PSU power cables. In addition, the lower impedance helps prevent connector failure and hotspots.

Integrated Digi+ VRM

With the integrated Digi+ VRM, the processor will deliver ultra-smooth and clean power.

DRAM Overclocking Performance – DDR5 OC 6400

ASUS designs TUF Gaming motherboards with comprehensive memory tuning options as their cornerstone. So when using the TUF Gaming B650-PLUS, you can extract the maximum potential of your DDR5 modules.

PCIe 5.0 Support

The TUF Gaming B650-PLUS has a PCIe 5.0 M.2 slot to offer high-speed data transfers up to 128 Gbps. In addition, all M.2 slots support NVMe RAID configurations to maximise the latest and highest speeds. 

Connectivity Options of the ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard

Another notable feature we will discuss in this ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review is its connectivity. The TUF Gaming B650-PLUS reaches new heights with the current PCIe. 

It is also promising in the performance department with its collection of USB ports, including three Type-C connections and Thunderbolt. These expand the bandwidth and compatibility of the motherboard further. 

DIY PC Building with Ease

ASUS designed TUF Gaming motherboards to offer easy setup for every builder. With the TUF Gaming Alliance ecosystem, the motherboard guarantees compatibility. With intuitive tools from Armoury Crate, you can build, configure, and optimise your dream rig. 

Confident Building with the ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard

TUF Gaming Alliance, the collaboration between ASUS and top PC component brands, ensures compatibility across different products. ASUS continues to increase partnerships and compatible components to grow stronger.

M.2 Q-Latch 

The TUF Gaming B650-PLUS features the innovative Q-Latch, which allows easy installation and removal of an M.2 SSD. With its simple locking mechanism, you will not need to use screws and other tools. It will keep the M.2 SSD secure.

Safeslot Core+ and SafeDIMM

ASUS added the SafeSlot Core+, a reinforced metal sheath, to the PCIe slot to keep cards installed securely. This motherboard also uses the SafeDIMM to protect and support memory modules, allowing installation with accuracy, speed, and confidence.


The onboard Q-LED troubleshooting lights provide a quick indicator to confirm the proper function of primary components during startup.

Removable Captive Screws

The specialised M.2 slot screws reduce the possibility of dropping and losing a screw in your chassis. In addition, you can remove the M.2 heatsink with peace of mind, thanks to the captive screws.

2.5 Gb Ethernet for High-speed Gaming and Streaming

This motherboard offers onboard 2.5 GbE to boost your LAN connection. It can improve your bandwidth by up to 2.5x, allowing you to enjoy smoother, lag-free gaming. Also, you can stream high-resolution videos and transfer files faster.

Two-Way AI Noise Cancellation

The Two-way AI Noise cancellation is a powerful ASUS-exclusive technology. It uses deep learning to reduce and eliminate background noise. This feature also retains voices in recordings and calls, so you will not have to worry about inaudible sounds.

AI Noise Cancellation reduces keyboard clatter, mouse clicks, and other unwanted noise from your environment. With this feature, your voice will be visible in voice chats.

Addressable Gen 2 RGB Header

The three addressable Gen 2 RGB headers can support up to 500 LEDs on Gen 2 RGB products. Plus, Aura Sync can automatically optimise the lighting effects across your build. The new headers are also backward-compatible with existing Aura Sync devices.

Realtek 7.1 Surround Sound 

This motherboard has an audio codec created with Realtek, making it perfect with the TUF Gaming B650-PLUS. 

It offers an unprecedented 108dB signal-to-noise ratio for the SNR, then a 103dB for its line-in. So you can receive pristine and beautiful audio quality. 

DTS Audio Processing

DTS Audio Processing reduces distortion to improve your headset and speaker audio experience. It also offers deeper bass to enhance the audio of music and movies. With audio settings, you can customise the sound based on your preferences.


This military-grade innovation integrates premium surface-mounted capacitors and advanced signal-coupling technology to enhance throughput. Plus, it protects the motherboard from static electricity and lightning strikes.

Stainless Steel Back I/O Panel

The TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel back I/O panel with chromium oxide. The latter increases its lifespan by three times longer than traditional variants. In addition, these motherboards passed the 72-hour salt fog tests thanks to this protective feature.

See the Future via this New Platform

To experience advanced performance, build your next system with an AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processor and ASUS TUF Gaming motherboards.

The AMD Ryzen 7000 processors ensure you are ahead of the game. It offers up to 16 Zen 4 cores and 32 threads. Plus, it boosts clocks of up to 5.7GHz and 80MB cache.

With AMD Socket AM5, you will also gain access to new gaming features. These are DDR5 memory speed and PCIe 5.0 increased bandwidth. 

AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors and AMD socket AM5 motherboards can be overclocked. These allow customising your experience the way you want.

Overclock your DDR5 memory with AMD EXPO technology to get more optimised performance. 


Let us continue our ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review and discuss its specifications. 

The motherboard works with Windows 11 and 10 (64-bit) operating systems, and as mentioned, it sports an ATX form factor. 

ASUS used an AMD socket AM5 and the AMD B650 chipset for this motherboard. On its CPU compatibility, the TUF Gaming B650-PLUS works with the Ryzen 7000 series desktop processors. And it supports DDR5-6400 + (OC) up to 128GB. 

On graphics, the motherboard has one DisplayPort 1.4 and an HDMI 2.1. And for networking, ASUS used a Realtek 2.5G LAN and WiFi 6 for optimised performance. 

Lastly, it has the Realtek S1200A codec for its audio. 

Hands-on with the ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard 

We will discuss our hands-on experience with the motherboard in this ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review. But before we look deeper into how it performed, let us discuss its BIOS. 


The BIOS for the TUF Gaming B650-PLUS is straightforward to understand. Its first page displays the default Easy Mode, which only shows the memory and CPU information. 

You can enable the Extended Profiles for Overclocking or EXPO memory and the Re-size BAR support from AMD. Both of these can provide you with an extra performance boost. 

If you choose Advanced Mode, you will find all other options you can check to tweak your memory, processor, etc. 

This area is also where you can adjust voltages for the memory and processor. 

When you visit the Advanced Tab, it lets you configure and manage the settings for CPU, storage, chipset, and NVMe. You can also set up onboard devices like audio and LAN.

For overclockers, the BIOS lets you overclock some memory and CPU. Plus, you can manage the CPU voltages and frequency too. 

However, remember that B650 is not for extreme overclocking. So to make the best out of this product, avoid doing such. 

ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Performance

CleanShot 2023 03 13 at 12.39.15 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review CleanShot 2023 03 13 at 12.38.34 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review CleanShot 2023 03 13 at 12.36.28 ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review

ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard Review Summary

The TUF Gaming B650-PLUS is the latest motherboard ASUS designed for budget-conscious gamers. Although it does not have the bells and whistles of a gaming motherboard, it delivers excellent performance.

Like all TUF products, it is well-made with high-quality parts. This product has tons of potential with its many USB and SATA ports, triple NVMe, and DDR5 EXPO support. Also, it has a reliable power design, allowing it to deliver stable power and superior speeds, resulting in exceptional performance.

The TUF Gaming B650-PLUS is a solid motherboard with an excellent feature set, subtle aesthetics, and superior cooling. It may not have the fancy extras, but it has all the necessary features enthusiasts need. In addition, this product guarantees longevity for a 2023 system based on the modern AMD Ryzen chipsets. 

We highly recommend this motherboard for building a PC around the AMD Ryzen 7000 processor. Its price, design, features, and construction make it among the best on the market today.

To learn more about the TUF Gaming B650-PLUS Motherboard, visit the official product page of ASUS for additional information.