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ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi Review

Our ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi review today focuses on the ZenWifi XD6. It’s a high-performing WiFi 6 AX-5400 mesh dual-band system ideal for those who aren’t just looking for a strong connection. 

Aside from strengthened WiFi, it can provide exceptional speed throughout the entire coverage area. This is all thanks to the high speed AX-5400 WiFi 6 radio. 

Want to know more about this product? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to talk about the design, style, functions, features, and performance of this product from ASUS. 

ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi Packaging

Let’s begin our ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi review by checking out its box and what’s inside. 

When our mesh WiFi arrived, it was packed in a standard-looking package with an image of the product in front. Its name is written above the image, while a few key features are displayed on the sides. 

ASUS XD6 ZenWifi Review 01ASUS XD6 ZenWifi Review 02

The box’s rear displays a couple more details about the product, which you can check before looking inside the package. 

Like every other product from ASUS, the ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi was packed nicely and securely. Each of the items inside is organised and placed in its own areas. So, you won’t have to worry about them bumping against each other while in transit. 

Other than the mesh WiFi, the additional contents of the box include the RJ-45 cable and a power adapter. You’ll also find a warranty card and a quick-start guide. It’s good to note that the contents of the package may vary in different regions. 

ASUS XD6 ZenWifi Review 03

Now, our ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi review will look into this product’s design and functions. 

ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi Review – Design and Functionality

After unboxing the product, we were provided with two units of the ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi. They’re entirely identical, so there’s no difference between the two in terms of design and build. 

We appreciate that ASUS opted for a contemporary and minimalist design which makes the product stand out. Also, it sports a finely brushed metallic finish together with a golden logo that gives off a premium appeal. 

Beneath the logo, you will find a LED indicator for the unit’s power.

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What we loved most about the ZenWifi XD6 is its port setup. Compared to similar products in the market, it features four ports on each unit. It’s a perfectly ideal setup, especially when you have a lot of devices at home. 

The available ports for use include an RJ-45 for the Gigabit Base-T for the WAN. There are also three RJ-45 for the Gigabits Base-T for the LAN. 

The inner portion of the ZenWifi XD6 is well-built. It comes with a chunky aluminium heatsink that helps cool the product. In total, there are six internal antennas present in the system, specifically one for each stream.

To note, this is a 6-stream router. 

This time, our ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi Review will give you all the details about its key features. 

Key Features of the ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi

ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi’s Coverage for the Entire Home

The ZenWifi XD6 system comes with a pair of AX5400 WiFi 6 routers. These have unique technologies that provide ultra-fast, secure, and reliable WiFi connections in and out of your home.

Smart and Flexible Options for Backhaul Configuration

ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi offers alternative backhaul options, which are WiFi and Ethernet. The smart router chooses the most reliable method for you, depending on connection quality. You can also opt to manually choose the backhaul connection you prefer.

WiFi 6 for True 8K Streaming

The ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi brings your network to the next level. With its total bandwidth of up to 5,400 Mbps, it’s 2.2 times faster than WiFi 5 routers.

It’s optimised to handle multiple WiFi devices, so you can enjoy fast connections everywhere. This mesh WiFi also utilises a special technology called Target Wake Time. It reduces the power consumption of connected devices by seven times to extend battery life.

Since WiFi 6 is compatible with all WiFi generations, you can connect any device to the ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi. Whether you use 802.11n, 802.11ac, or other older WiFi standards, this product will work.

Name Your Network Flexibly with ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi 

The ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi allows you to name your WiFi networks in a unique way. You can set a single name for all networks or indicate separate names for each frequency band.

Easier and More Convenient: 3-step Setup with the ASUS Router App

Setting up the ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi from ASUS is a one-time process, making it easy and convenient. Plus, it offers automatic synchronisation for all the hubs in each package. Each unit can also work as an extender node or the main router.

More Privacy, Anywhere

Instant Guard provides a secure one-click internet access via ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi wherever you are. This is all thanks to its encrypted data-tunnelling VPN feature. 

With this technology integrated into the ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi, you can take your home network anywhere. Not only that, but you’ll no longer need third-party web-based VPNs.

To get the ASUS Instant Guard app, you can download it for free via Android and iOS devices.

Making the Internet a Safer Place for All

ASUS’ AiProtection Pro is free forever. With that, you can have complete peace of mind while keeping an eye on everything that’s happening on your network. What’s best about it is you can conveniently observe via a mobile application.

AiProtection Pro comes with IPS or Intrusion Prevention System, which blocks all common internet-based attacks. It also uses Trend Micro’s official database to determine and block malicious sites to prevent viruses from infecting your devices.

Advanced Parental Controls

Another part of ASUS’ AiProtection Pro is Advanced Parental Controls. This feature lets you view or change security settings on each family member’s devices with ease. With that, you can ensure that the kids have a safe browsing experience.

The Internet Activity Dashboard lets you view each family member’s internet activity on a graphical dashboard that’s easy to understand. It shows the peak time and the kind of content they view. Additionally, you can set schedules for blocked times and filter content with just a few taps.

Easy Child-Safe Protection lets you choose the preset that matches your family members’ age range. It will suggest schedules for internet access and content filters for all the devices.

The advanced filtering integrates Trend Micro’s DPI or Deep Packet Inspection engine. It filters website URLs and internet packets, so it will filter content within mobile apps, rather than just web browsers.

Great for Smart Homes

The ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi works excellently with smart home devices and is integrated with Alexa capabilities. That means you can control the ZenWifi XD6 using voice commands via Alexa-enabled devices. 

With that, you won’t have to lift a finger to control the mesh WiFi. It’s an excellent and convenient feature when you’re busy at home, or you have your friends around.

AiMesh Technology: Easy Setup and Flexible Management

Using the ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi isn’t a hassle since it’s made for every user. It’s easy to use, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to quickly set it up. At the same time, it has comprehensive, advanced features for networking, which experienced users can take advantage of.

If you need wider coverage or new functions, you can add another compatible router to the AiMesh network.

Now, let’s continue with our ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi review to discuss the XD6 Mesh WiFi’s specifications.


The router’s 2.4GHz wireless has WiFi 6 of up to 574 Mbps (2×2 40 MHz). For its 5GHz wireless, WiFi 6 goes up to 480 Mbps (4×4 160 MHz). It utilises a Broadcom BCM-6750 1.5 GHz triple-core CPU while its WiFi features WPA3 802.11 k/v, AiMesh.

For its power supply, it has 110V ~ 240V (50 – 60Hz) for AC input. When it comes to the DC output, it is 12V with a maximum of 2-A current. 

The ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi has 256 MB flash memory and 512 MB RAM. It has OFDMA and boosts speed while its high data rate is at 1024 QAM. Bandwidth is at 20|40|80|160 MHz, while the operating frequency of this router is 2.4 GHz / 5GHz.

If you’re wondering about its weight, the ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi from ASUS weighs a total of 435g. 

Now, our ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi review will discuss everything about this router’s performance. Did it fare well? Is it better than other similar products out there? We’ll find out. 

Hands-on with the ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi

It’s an understatement if we consider the ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi’s features as extensive. That’s because products under this series are some of the most customisable mesh WiFi systems around. 

It runs the usual ASUS WRT interface that’s easily configurable with tons of additional features. 

For its configuration, we can say that it’s much easier to use the mobile app than the web interface. Most of its arrangements are present on the application except for a few niche functions. In addition, remote management features through a free ASUS DDNS service are available too. 

What’s great about ASUS products is that they have frequent updates for their firmware. During our tests, we already experienced two firmware updates, and that’s pretty cool. 

Now, let’s continue our ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi review and talk about its performance. 

2021 07 15 11 02 18 Speedtest by Ookla The Global Broadband Speed Test

Since this is a mesh WiFi system, it performed well despite being a dual-band system only. The strong signal coverage coming from each of the units provided reliable and fast performance in the whole WiFi area. 

We tried the speed test using our laptop that was linked over the WiFi to the mesh node. For its overall WiFi performance, the outcome was excellent. No matter if the ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi was on its own or as a mesh WiFi system, it gave us positive results. 

The ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi utilises 802.11 k/v, providing great roaming assistance to our devices. It worked well on all devices that we tried. So, our smartphones were able to easily and automatically switch to faster networks while moving around the area.

Since a lot still have the work-at-home setup, the Adaptive QoS feature will be something people will appreciate. When we tried it out, we saw multiple profiles available. These allowed us to choose one option based on how we wanted to optimise the network. 

We love the Work-from-Home profile since it greatly optimised the stability of calls from Zoom and the like. 

ASUS ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi Review Summary

The ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi has a lot of unique features that are all useful for home networks. One thing we like about this product is its customisation options that aren’t available in other mesh WiFi systems.

Another thing we appreciate is its strong WiFi coverage and fast network speed. Its performance was great throughout our tests, and we have no complaints at all. The mesh WiFi was stable and consistent, so it gave us a great experience.

Overall, the ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi is among the best choices if you’re looking for wide coverage and fast speeds. With its sleek design, it’s also easy to place anywhere in your home, making it a huge bonus. So, we highly recommend the ZenWifi XD6 Mesh WiFi.

If you want to know more about this mesh WiFi, check out its product page.