audeze lcd gx review Audeze LCD-GX Review - An Audiophile Gaming Headset For Gamers That Want The Best Audio Quality

Audeze LCD-GX Review – An Audiophile Gaming Headset For Gamers That Want The Best Audio Quality

Several gaming headsets have appeared with optimised performance, aesthetics, and overall quality. So, we will look into one of the products of a trusted brand here in our Audeze LCD-GX Review.

The LCD-GX is a high-calibre planar dynamic headset featuring a removable boom mic. It also packs lots of eye-catching features that are worth your attention. 

Other than its features, we will also discuss its design, functions, specs, and how it fares when in use. Curious about it? Let’s start the review by checking what is in the box.

Audeze LCD-GX Packaging

Our headset arrived in time for this Audeze LCD-GX Review, and it ships in a sturdy, durable box. The company ensures everything inside is securely protected, so you do not have to worry about damages while in transit. 

audeze lcd gx review1 Audeze LCD-GX Review - An Audiophile Gaming Headset For Gamers That Want The Best Audio Quality
audeze lcd gx review3 Audeze LCD-GX Review - An Audiophile Gaming Headset For Gamers That Want The Best Audio Quality

Inside the box, you will find the following items and accessories: 

  • Audeze LCD-GX
  • 8-foot long cable with microphone (1/8-inch TRRS connector)
  • LCD Standard Cable without Microphone (1/4-inch TRS connector)
  • Splitter (1/8″ TRRS to dual 1/8” TRS connectors)
  • Audio adaptor (OMTP – CTIA)
  • Economy LCD Travelling Case
  • Warranty Cards and User Guide

Audeze LCD-GX Review – Design and Functionality

On its design, the LCD-GX has an almost similar style to the LCD-2 from Audeze. It sports massive, circular earcups that link to a two-piece headband. It connects via slim, C-shaped struts and metal stems that are notched. 

Its metal yoke rods are notched for quicker adjustment since the product can be challenging to adjust when worn. However, we love that the headset stays in place once set. 

The LCD-GX has a wide selection of adjustment options. Each of the yoke rods reaches about 44.5mm, with a length ranging from 241.3mm to 330.2mm.

Since it sports an open-back design, the product has red grilles, not the usual black on most headsets. It also has black aluminium grates with a large A on them. 

The company integrates its magnesium case. It saves lots of weight, even if its size is like classic LCD headphones. 

Almost everything on the headset is metal; only its omissions are synthetic leather. These are the pads and suspension straps. Then, its magnesium case feels adequately durable. 

Despite being lightweight, it is not malleable. Plus, it does not easily dent. Its faux leather pads feel premium and will last long.

Connecting the Audeze LCD-GX

The only model available is a wired version, the headset in this Audeze LCD-GX Review. You do not have to bother with Bluetooth or anything else. 

It has cables linking to the base of two earcups with the help of mini-locking XLR connectors. They are slightly fiddly but are still very robust. 

The cables in the package, a twisted 1/4-inch TRS jack terminated cable without a mic. The other is a 3.5mm TRRS cable that houses a boom mic and mute switch. 

This first cable connects to top-notch source components when listening to content. The other turns the product into a high-quality gaming headset. 

If you have a computer with individual mic and headphone jacks, you can separate the TRRS audio output and input. You can split these into 3.5mm TRS jacks with its included adaptor. 

The setup will cover common connection issues that you could encounter.

Audeze LCD-GX Microphone

The LCD-GX features an LCD boom microphone cable with a directional, non-attenuating boom mic. It is attached to the left earcup and an inline mute switch. Using the same microphone as the Audeze Mobius headphones, it includes a pop filter/windscreen for optimised audio quality. 

The microphone is on a flexible 101mm gooseneck arm and has a removable foam pop filter. 

Notably, this headset is purely analogue without any software-based processes for noise isolation or cancellation. This setup ensures a straightforward and pure audio experience.

The boom extension guarantees flexibility and sturdiness, allowing it to maintain its position. It has a microphone mute switch positioned just below the cable split. At the end of the cable is a 3.5mm TRRS connector. 

Audeze has thoughtfully provided an adaptor for the connector. It offers quicker adjustment of the ground and microphone order based on whether you connect to Android/PC or iOS.

Key Features of the Audeze LCD-GX

Check this list in our Audeze LCD-GX Review to know if the headset is ideal. These elements are the highlight of the LCD-GX and what makes it a notable product to consider.

Reference Planar Magnetic Sound Quality by Audeze

Audeze based the LCD-GX on the LCD series. It combines Fluxzor, the company-patented magnets, and ultra-thin Uniforce diaphragms to deliver superior audio quality and immersion. 

The headset uses advanced LCD Planar Magnetic drivers twice the size of other drivers in different headphones. As a result, the LCD-GX reproduces better bass, soundstage, and resolution for monitoring, mixing, editing audio, and gaming.

This headset is strictly analogue without digital processing, catering to serious gamers. It is for users who want the best audio quality with a spacious, more accurate soundstage.

Durable, Lightweight, and Comfortable

Audeze handcrafted the LCD-GX in the company factory located in California. The headset features a magnesium chassis, a suspension headband for reduced weight, and open-cell foam ear pads. These features guarantee excellent comfort for marathon gaming sessions.

Fluxor Magnets and Uniforce Diaphragm

The LCD-GX uses a single-sided Fluxor magnetic structure and the Uniforce diaphragm. It provides low distortion and high sensitivity, allowing the headset to work with various devices. Audeze recommends pairing the LCD-GX with a high-quality amplifier and DAC for the best output.

Noise-attenuating Mic

One of the detachable cables of the LCD-GX has an integrated directional noise-attenuating boom mic. This carefully designed mic cable also has a mute button and a flexible gooseneck arm, allowing a customisable position. 

We enjoyed using this headset while testing them for our Audeze LCD-GX Review. The gooseneck arm allowed us to work better since we found the best angle for the mic.

Versatile and Compatible with Most Devices

The LCD-GX has two exchangeable cables: the standard LCD series cable and the boom mic cable. You can use the LCD series cable if you do not always need the boom mic. 

The boom mic cable has a 1/8-inch TRRS 4 conductor plug. It is compatible with all Macs, PCs, mobile phones, and other devices. Audeze packs the LCD-GX with a dual 1/8-inch splitter for separate mic and headphone inputs.


  • Headphone Style: Over-ear, open-back
  • Transducer Type: Planar Magnetic
  • Magnetic Structure: Single Fluxor Magnet Array
  • Magnet Type: Neodymium N50
  • Phase Management: Non-Fazor
  • Diaphragm Type: Ultra-thin Uniforce
  • Transducer Size: 106 mm
  • Maximum Power Handling: 5W RMS
  • Maximum SPL: over 130dB
  • Impedance: 20 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 50kHz
  • THD: less than 0.1% @ 100dB
  • Recommended Power Level: over 250mW
  • Minimum Power Requirement: over 100mW
  • Weight: 454g

Hands-on with the Audeze LCD-GX

We tested the headset for two weeks to see how well (or not) it performs. In this Audeze LCD-GX Review, we will share our experience to help determine if it is ideal for your needs. 

Audio Quality

Like the other headsets under the LCD line of Audeze, the sound profile of the LCD-GX was warm. It also offered an enjoyable listening experience.

Initially, we assumed its game audio would be underwhelming. However, its performance surprised us during our tests. All sounds were detailed and accurate, making it highly immersive.

We also analysed the frequency response and other audio aspects of this headset.

Audeze LCD-GX Bass

The bass performance of the LCD-GX, akin to other headsets from Audeze, stands out for its remarkable quality. It showcases a steady and uniform extension into the lower frequencies. This characteristic, while subtle, does not significantly detract from the overall bass experience, which remains notably profound. However, it’s worth noting that the bass, despite its depth, tends towards a more restrained or lean profile rather than being overly pronounced or boomy.

In terms of resolution, the bass of the LCD-GX distinguishes itself with exceptional clarity, surpassing what is typically observed in other gaming headsets. This high level of definition ensures that each bass note is not only perceptible but also distinctly enjoyable, offering a refined listening experience. The bass on the LCD-GX is not just about power; it’s about providing a detailed, immersive experience that enhances the overall audio landscape, making it particularly appealing to users who value both accuracy and pleasure in their audio experience.


The midrange of the LCD-GX is equally impressive, maintaining a balanced and even tonality that allows it to blend seamlessly with both the upper and lower ends of the audio spectrum. The natural timbre in the midrange stands out, free from the congestion often found in lesser products, showcasing the LCD-GX’s superior design and engineering.

For gamers, the clarity and distinction in the midrange offer a significant advantage, enhancing speech intelligibility and allowing for clear differentiation between dialogue and background game sounds. This feature makes the LCD-GX an ideal choice for multiplayer gaming environments, where the ability to discern speech over other audio cues can be crucial. 


The treble performance of the LCD-GX was notably pleasant, providing a listening experience that was both easy on the ears and rich in detail. The high frequencies had a slightly subdued brightness, contributing to an overall smooth and harmonious balance without the harshness often associated with treble peaks.

The LCD-GX showcased its ability to produce a wide and unrestricted soundstage. The treble frequencies were broad and airy, with the uppermost highs remaining distinct and free from any undue sibilance or overstated sharpness.

For those looking to fully unlock the acoustic potential of the LCD-GX, we suggest pairing it with a high-quality audiophile digital-to-analog converter (DAC) instead of a standard sound card. This setup can further enhance the headset’s performance, particularly in the treble region, for an even more refined listening experience.

Soundstage, Imaging, and Layering

The LCD-GX offers a wide and immersive soundstage, excelling in both imaging and layering capabilities. This precision made it easy to pinpoint the origins of different sounds in gaming environments, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

The separation of instruments was impressively clear, allowing for easy distinction between vocals and individual instruments. The headset adeptly conveyed the nuances and layers of music, outperforming many competing headphones in this regard.

Audeze LCD-GX Microphone Performance

The mic was also a notable aspect of this product when we tested it for this Audeze LCD-GX Review. It may lack the processing options available in USB and wireless headsets, but its sound was impressive. Despite being on an analogue headset, its recording quality was superb.

We got warm and clean voice recordings from this mic and tweaked the audio to enhance the quality. Although it captured some background noise like computer fans, the mic worked well for voice chats. Our friends found our voices intelligible in voice chats while gaming.

The overall performance of the mic was good. Of course, a dedicated USB microphone is ideal for heavy recording or streaming. 

Audeze LCD-GX Review Summary

The LCD-GX is a superior product that simultaneously caters to audiophiles and gamers. It is an impressive audiophile headset that works excellently for mixing, monitoring, and editing music. Also, it aims at the gaming community by delivering high-quality game audio. 

This product impressed us when we tested it for this Audeze LCD-GX Review. After using it, we can say it is one of the best gaming headsets available. It is not portable due to its size, but it delivers optimum sound quality, specifically when used with a DAC/AMP.

Some gamers may find this headset expensive. However, purchasing the LCD-GX lets you enjoy audiophile and gaming headsets in one package. What makes it even better is it costs less than most audiophile headphones.

The LCD-GX is a versatile headset with two different cables, and we highly recommend it. It offers superb audio quality for music and gaming, and its microphone can also make clean recordings with adequate clarity.

Visit the official Audeze product page for more information about the LCD-GX.