AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 Review

The audio and sound market is growing even more popular than how it was a couple of years ago. And here in our AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 review, we’re sharing one of the best live streaming microphones today. 

AVerMedia offers their XLR microphone – the Live Streamer Mic 330. It’s perfect for streaming and video creation, which a lot of people are into lately. It looks great, has that premium aesthetic to it, and the company claims that it provides outstanding audio too. 

But can it function adequately to make it stand out from the crowd? Is it better than similarly-priced USB microphones that are out on the market? 

If you’re curious about it, continue reading our AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 review for more insights about the microphone. But first, let’s check out what’s included in their package and how they presented their streaming mic. 

AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 Packaging

Like other products from AVerMedia, their streaming microphone came in a typical-looking cardboard package. It sports a black and orange theme that’s simple yet gives off a premium vibe and aesthetic.

The front displays an image of the microphone, while under it are the product’s key features. Of course, you’ll find the mic’s name at the top-centre area above the image. As for AVerMedia and its logo, these can be found in the upper-left corner of the box.

To continue this AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 review, let’s check out the box’s rear before looking at its contents. 

If you want to get more information about the product, you’ll find additional details on the box’s rear section. Here, you’ll find two additional images that display the microphone in different angles. 

AVerMedia ensured to note each part of the microphone and what these do. Then, there’s a list of the Live Streamer Mic 330’s different features that are listed in different languages. 

Inside the box, you’ll find the Live Streamer Mic 330 along with other accessories/items. These include an XLR cable (3m), an interchangeable colour ring, a 5/8″- 3/8″ thread adapter, and an installation guide. 

This AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 review will now discuss the mic’s design and functions. 

AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 Review – Design and Functionality

The Live Streamer Mic 330 is a dynamic microphone that’s less delicate even with much lower frequency response. Most of the time, it’s used in concerts for both instruments and vocals. Some also use it when they need to record the sound of drums. 

This microphone from AVerMedia is a chunky one and weighs a total of 530g. It feels sturdy and is durable enough to convey its quality. 

We won’t let it go through a drop test. Yet seeing its build, we can say that it’ll definitely survive a couple of hard knocks. 

When we first held it, we were surprised by its build quality since its all-metal body gives it adequate heft. It felt really durable and premium compared to other similar microphones that we’ve tried. 

As we continued inspecting the microphone for our AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 review, we noticed its on/off switch. It’s positioned on the upper portion of the product which is easy to slide even when you’re busy streaming. This switch doesn’t have a click to it, and it moves evenly which is great. 

We’re huge fans of the Live Streamer Mic 330’s black metal finish and red accents. The entire microphone has a solid and sleek look to it which makes it even better. 

Also, we love that it has its own bracket for mounting on a boom arm and integrated pop-filter. This feature helps remove the plosive sounds from your voice which is extremely efficient. 

What does the Live Streamer Mic 330 have in store for you? Find out in the next part of our AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 review. 

Key Features of the AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330

Dynamic XLR Cardioid Microphone

The Live Streamer Mic 330 is a cardioid mic, which means it’s less sensitive to far sound sources. It captures audio that’s right in front of the microphone so it focuses on your voice and not background noise.

Boosts Voice Clarity

The Live Streamer Mic 330 is tuned to enhance mid-high range frequencies. When using this, you can bring rich, crisp audio to your streams.

All-metal Body of the AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330

The Live Streamer Mic 330’s all-metal body works with the dynamic cartridge, offering better acoustics. With that, this streaming microphone not only looks good, but it brings good sounds too.

Podcast-Ready for Live Streaming

The AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 is ready for podcasts. That means it can deliver broadcast-quality audio to your streams. When using this microphone, your voice will sound clear and audible for your listeners.

Next up in our AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 review are the different specifications and requirements of this microphone. 


The Live Streamer Mic 330 is a dynamic mic with a cardioid polar pattern and an XLR connection. It has a frequency response of 50Hz to 18kHz and a sensitivity of -52dB ± 3dB AT 1KHz (1V/Pa). If you’re wondering if phantom power is necessary for the microphone, it isn’t required at all.

For its dimensions, the Live Streamer Mic 330 measures 56 x 167mm ( ⌀ x L). When it comes to its weight, the microphone is at 530.6g, while the bracket weighs 95.8g. 

We’re now going to see if the microphone fared well during our tests for the AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 review. Was it as good as AVerMedia says? Is it just like every other streaming microphone that’s already out in the market? 

Let’s find out. 

Hands-on with the AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330

All the AVerMedia products we’ve tested in the past were excellent. Now, we’re here to see if the company lives up to their name with their Live Streamer Mic 330. 

When you think of streaming devices, you’d assume that setting up the Live Streamer Mic 330 could be tricky. In all honesty, it was an incredibly simple process and we didn’t have any difficulties with it. 

Since the package comes with an adapter screw, attaching the microphone onto a standard boom arm was easy. Plus, its bracket rotates independently from the screw attachment, so positioning the microphone wasn’t difficult.

Take note that the Live Streamer Mic 330 requires one input for the XLR connector. That means it won’t work with a 3.5mm jack or a USB input. If you pair the Live Streamer Mic 330 with the AVerMedia Live Streamer Nexus, this will give you all the interfaces that you will need. This will also allow you to get the absolute most out of your streaming setup.

A primary indicator of a good streaming microphone is clear audio. And with the Live Streamer Mic 330, it definitely gave us the quality we were looking for. 

When we tested it for streaming, our voices sounded clear through headsets and on podcasts, as well as streams. But since it’s a dynamic microphone, we had to use a good mixer/preamp to get the most out of it. 

This microphone has a cardioid polar pattern, and with 50Hz to 18Khz frequency response, recorded audio had lots of detail. It was also able to capture vocals and punchy instruments while tuning out the room ambience.

With the Live Streamer Mic 330’s specifications, it should lack sub-harmonic detail at the bass end. However, its frequency response is balanced by the richness and connection type offered by the XLR analogue audio.

Although the Live Streamer Mic 330 didn’t have a windscreen or a shock mount, its audio quality was great. Considering its price, it does the job well and records clean, crisp, and clear audio.

AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 Review Summary

The AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330 is a great microphone for entry-level streamers. It doesn’t have the fancy features and accessories of high-end streaming mics, but it does the job well.

One of the things we liked about this product is its build quality. Its all-metal body makes it feel durable, and it’s as good as mics from top brands on the market. We also liked the Live Streamer Mic 330’s features that offer great audio quality.

During our tests, this streaming microphone performed excellently. Even without accessories like the shock mount or windscreen, it recorded our voices flawlessly. We didn’t have issues with the product, so we have no complaints about it.

Overall, we were satisfied with the AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330, and we highly recommend this microphone. It has great features, a durable build, and most importantly, it delivers excellent sound performance.

If you want to purchase the AVerMedia Live Streamer Mic 330, check out the company’s store locator to find retailers.