bequiet pure loop 360 review Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review

Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review

Liquid cooling today is the latest method for cooling CPUs. With all those added cores and threads into the mix, regular cooling fans just don’t cut it. If you’re looking to upgrade your cooling system, then our Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 review can help you.

Be Quiet! is known for their talents in providing high-end quality products for computers. They are Germany’s leading manufacturer of PSU components. Therefore, when we look for a company, we can trust, Be Quiet! is sure to always impress us.

Alright, now let’s head over to see what’s in store.

Be Quiet! Pure loop 360 – Packaging

Our Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 review won’t be complete without discussing the package and its contents.

When it came, the Pure Loop 360 arrived in a long black rectangular box. It is covered in a shady black finish. You will find the product model and the name in the front of the box.

BeQuiet Pure Loop 360 Review 01 Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review BeQuiet Pure Loop 360 Review 02 Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review

At the sides, you will find the descriptions of some of the functions of the product and its features, along with its general specifications that indicate the finer details of the product.

Flipping the box to its back, you will find the diagrams of the different parts. This also indicates the unique features of the parts hold and its design. 

Once open, you will see a cardboard mould. This keeps the Pure Loop 360 in place. It also protects it from sliding around the box during shipment.

Inside the mould, the Pure Loop 360 is wrapped in plastic. This prevents any substances like water or dust from entering the product. You will also see that the parts of the Pure Loop 360 are separated individually. 

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The first thing you’ll notice is the radiator, which is covered in a thin long rectangular cardboard box and its pump. The pump is wrapped in plastic for safety reasons. 

There is also a bottle of fluid for the radiator and pump. This acts as an extra cooling agent.

This is used for maintenance when you drain the radiator and refill.

There are three Pure Wings 2 fans. These are the fans in the radiator for the cooling system. They are wrapped in plastic individually and are about 120mm in size.

The instruction booklet can also be found inside. This provides you with the necessary information on how to install and utilise Pure Loop 360.

Lastly, there is a small box with all the mounting equipment you need to place it in your PC case. 

Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review – Design and Functionality

We’ll now discuss the design and functions of the radiator in our Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 review. 

This CPU radiator’s aesthetic design adds three Pure Wings 2 fans to its system. It effectively circulates the airflow within the CPU. This includes the motherboard and hard drive, where heat is easily trapped. 

When looking at the radiator, you will notice first its pump design. Unlike most pump designs, Pure Loop 360 has its pump on the tubing. This is uncommon for most liquid coolers as the pump remains on the CPU block. 

BeQuiet Pure Loop 360 Review 04 Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review BeQuiet Pure Loop 360 Review 05 Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review BeQuiet Pure Loop 360 Review 07 Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review BeQuiet Pure Loop 360 Review 06 Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review BeQuiet Pure Loop 360 Review 08 Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review BeQuiet Pure Loop 360 Review 09 Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review BeQuiet Pure Loop 360 Review 03 Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review

With the pump on its tubes, it lowers noise levels within the radiator. It’s a decoupled pump that’s in line with the tubes and has a speed range of 5500 RPM. The pump is powered by a three-pin fan header that can simply be connected to the motherboard.

Another benefit of the pump is that it allows the CPU block to be more compact. Be Quiet! has taken that approach to secure the durability of the CPU block. This extends the life of your radiator as well as your CPU. 

The CPU block has a white brushed aluminium like the plastic cover. Around the perimeter of the top cover is a light diffuser. This is for the LED lighting placed in the CPU block. Majority of the CPU block is made from plastic. 

Flipping over to see the base, you will find that the metal sheet is nickel plated. This is unique to most radiators as they use copper plated ones. 

The nickel plate allows the radiator to use the liquid metal thermal compound. This is an alternative fluid agent that helps keep the CPU cool.

Moving to the sides of the CPU block, you will notice the tubing ports. There are articulated 90-degree fittings that can help you out in adjusting the tubing placements. This also helps maneuver the CPU block easily when put in a tight spot. 

The tubes are black and are very durable. They are 400mm in length from the CPU block to the pump and come in a premium braided fashion. From the pump to the radiator, it is about 50mm in length. 

As one can tell, Be Quiet! has done well to maintain their standards. With the new pump design connected to the tubes, this keeps the product silent and quiet. 


The radiator has similar designs to most liquid cooling radiators. It has a long rectangular shape made of aluminium. Also, it is 27mm thick in width and a dense fin arrangement. At the end of the radiator, you will see a fill port. 

Unlike most radiators, Be Quiet! has designed to be refillable. They have encouraged users to open up the radiator to restock with the provided 100mm bottle of coolant. Most radiators need to be refilled every two years, so with this, it gives the users the responsibility to do so.

This prolongs the life of the Pure Loop 360, lasting the user for more than what they have expected it for. During operation, the liquid inside most radiators evaporates, pushing users to buy an entirely new radiator. 

With Be Quiet!, they cater to the needs of their customers by helping them supply the fluid needed.


The fans are the Pure Wings 2, which are provided by the company when you buy the Pure Loop 360. These are high-speed fans which maintain up to 2000 RPM. They are the optimal choice when running with the Pure Loop 360 radiator. 

Be Quiet! built their fans, so they are sure to stay silent during operation. The instruction manual will guide you on how to install all these different parts and how to maintain them individually. 


Several things come with the Pure Loop 360. First is the 100mm bottle of coolant, which is a propylene glycol mixture. It is used for refilling the radiator once every two years. 

Next is a plastic bag full of insulation hardware. It has mounting kits for both CPU brands. They are AMD and Intel, which are the top two well-known companies for processors. It also has a power adaptor for the CPU block and the pump.

Lastly, there’s also a small tube of thermal compound. The radiator isn’t pre-applied; therefore, the application needs to be placed thoroughly. 

Regardless of all the technical details, Be Quiet! has made an astounding product. They thoroughly focus on reliability and longevity of this product. 

Now, Let’s look at its key features in our Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 review.

Key Features of the Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360

High Cooling

One thing to look at when it comes to coolers is its stability and performance. The Pure Loop 360 offers reliable cooling power for complex applications. With its design and functionality, even the most exhausting applications can be surely used.

Processors are the most challenging when it comes to cooling. They require an immense amount of cooling power. That’s why Be Quiet! has put this into focus by improving their CPU block as well as altering the pump’s design.

This fully maximises the space and durability of the CPU block to keep the processor safe and cooled. It also allows breathing room within the case, to keep the atmosphere cool. It removes any trapped heat that is stored within the case. 

Maximum Performance

If you want to maximise the performance rate of the processor consistently, you have to keep it level headed. This is done through cooling. 

With the constant liquid cooling placed by the CPU block in the processor, it allows the processor to run efficiently under maintenance.

Running 4K resolution, playing games at 120 fps or video editing large amounts of files can be draining for processors. That is why Be Quiet! has attentively put care into their radiator. With this, you can expect a consistent supply of a constant temperature that protects the processor from overheating.

Doubly Decoupled Pump

Be Quiet! has a unique design when it comes to the pump. With the pump now in the tubes rather than the CPU block, it allows silent and smooth operations. It has effective damping, which causes only minimal vibration and noise when running. 

This is what makes Be Quiet! famous. They focus on silent operations which prevents users from being distracted by any unwanted noise during usage. 

Pure Wings

Be Quiet! has provided three high-quality grade fans. These are the Pure Wings 2 which are 120mm and run up to 2000 RPM. They are well-known for being quiet when running and have a high cooling performance. 

It has nine airflow-optimized fan blades that help make Pure Wings 2 the best option for their Pure Loop 360 radiator. With these fans, it not only cools but helps reduce the heat levels inside the case. These keep your case safe from heating damages that can affect your computer hardware. 

Easy Refill

With the Pure Loop 360 radiator, it comes with a refill port. This simplifies the refilling process and extends the lifespan of the radiator. 

The refill port is simple to access and makes refilling safe and painless. The included bottle of coolant is already provided; therefore, you won’t need to buy or look for it anywhere else. 

Convenient Handling

The Pure Loop 360 has dark braided tube sleeves that make it durable and comfortable. The CPU block has a 90-degree knob that connects the tubes, allowing quick and direct movements when adjusting the hardware around the case. 

All-Black Design

Be Quiet! is known for designing their products with dark features. This is true with the Pure Loop 360. It gives off a futuristic cyberpunk look that fits into any aesthetic case. When it comes to product design, Be Quiet! likes to add style into play. 

The Pure Loop 360 also has a white LED illumination. This gives a contrasting feature to the already darkened skin type. With the LED illumination feature, it provides an elegant look that shines discreetly within the CPU block. 

Service and Support

Be Quiet! cares about their customers on what is wanted and needed. During product conception, they always visualise what would work for the average everyday gamer. Putting them first helps shape their design and quality, leading to a more refined product. 

Be Quiet! also ensures the product’s safety and liability. They offer a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase the product. This secures that if ever any part of the Pure Loop 360 device gets damaged, it can be replaced or swapped easily. 

Overall, the Pure Loop 360 is perfect for gamers who look to play at a higher pace. With that, let’s get to the specifics in our Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 review. 


The product Pure Loop 360 is weighed at 1.36 kilograms. This keeps the product tight and easy to carry around. 

It has socket compatibility for Intel 1151, 1150, 1155, 2066, 1200, square ILM [2011(-3)]; AMD: AM3(+), AM4. This allows the product to adapt to a diverse range of processors.

Provided are 3 fans with 120mm size. Noise levels for the fans are 19.8 at 25%, 27.5 at 50% and 40.5 at 100% RPM.

Pump speed is around 5500 RPM. It comes with 3-pin pump connectors. It also has a tube length of 400mm.

Now that we’re done with the technical information let’s move forward to the next part of our Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 review. 

Hands-on with the Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 

Installing the product was easy. With the product being lightweight, it wasn’t a hassle to carry and rotate around the case. The 90-degree knobs and braided tubes allowed easy maneuvering inside. 

Mounting the radiator to the case was incredibly simple and installation of the AIO was not difficult at all. All in all, the time it took was less than 20 minutes to install. 

For the tests, we first checked the acoustic performance to tell whether they stayed silent. Be Quiet! has stayed true to their words when they said it would stay silent. Noise levels were lower than expected and the cooler operates almost silently.

We then moved to the thermal test. During the test under normal usage, we observed that the temperatures never exceeded 45°C. When we put the CPU under load ut kept the temperature under 62°C. During this time, we expected noise levels to increase quite a bit, which, to our surprise, it didn’t. 

Be Quiet! was sure enough to exceed our expectations once again. They stayed true to their claims of keeping silent. With the Pure Loop 360, this is one of their best products yet. 

The Pure Loop 360 is effective and durable. It has excellent results that prove that Be Quiet! deserves their place amongst some of the best cooling manufacturers around today.

Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 Review Summary

Before we end our Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 review, we will provide you with our conclusion of the product. This is the part where we let you know if the product is worth it. 

The Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 is an impressive cooler that has brought a lot of great features to the table. The high-speed Pure Wings 2 fans keep the system cool and safe. It also has a unique refillable radiator that extends the life of your cooler. 

Lastly, the silent operating pump that keeps noise levels to an optimal low is just awesome.

These are quality features that help define what it means to be top tier. Every time we check the latest products from Be Quiet!, we already know what’s in store for us. High quality, efficiency and silent operations truly make this product one of the best in the market. 

Overall, we were blown away with the Be Quiet! Pure Loop 360 and we highly recommend that you take a spin on it too. 

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