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Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT Review

Everyone wants to have a great cooling system for their build. So if you’re searching for one, our Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT review has you covered.

CORSAIR continues to push the bar within the PC industry, and they compete with themselves more than with competitors. With that, we’re focusing on the H115i RGB PRO XT in today’s review which is a PC cooler from Corsair.

It comes with a pair of Corsair ML-140 PWM fans. These give off high air pressure via magnetic levitation and enhanced blade shape. The H115i RGB utilises the iCUE software as well, and it’s capable of stopping the fans in “Zero RPM” mode.

It comes with a total of 16 addressable RGB LED lights in its pump enclosure, plus standard ML-140 fans. With that, the H115i’s RGB finds itself positioned between the H115i PRO and Platinum.

The new RGB PRO XT cooler has three versions which are the 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm. However, we’ll focus on the version that we have, which is the 280mm variant.

What’s notable is that the cooler supports all of AMD and Intel’s mainstream socket types like the TR4. Generally, the H115i RGB PRO XT sounds like a winner, but is it worth the money?

We’ll find out here on our Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT review.

Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT Packaging

This section of our Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT review is where we deal with the product’s packaging and contents.

The Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT came in a sturdy cardboard box that sports their classic black & yellow colour scheme. A huge image of the cooler is present at the box’s front, along with Corsair’s branding on the corners.

Corsair h115i RGB pro xt Photos 01 Corsair h115i RGB pro xt Photos 02

On the rear, you’ll find a list of its technical specifications, plus images of the product displaying its dimensions.

Inside, you’ll find the H115i RGB Pro XT bundled with a pair of 140mm ML-140 fans. It also includes an Intel mounting hardware and AMD sockets. It’s great that Corsair included bolts & screws for installing, a micro-USB cable to internal header cable, plus a few paperwork.

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Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT Review – Design and Functionality

This part of our Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT review focuses on the design and functions of the cooler.

The liquid cooler sports the usual premium exterior that’s common in a lot of Corsair products. Its radiator has an evenly-applied smooth black coating, as well chrome-finished Corsair logos on both corners.

H115i RGB Pro XT’s tubing is manufactured by utilising augmented rubber plus braided sleeves for a more premium appeal. The tubing’s pump ends have rotating fittings that help with the pump head’s positioning when it comes to installing.

Corsair h115i RGB pro xt Photos 11 Corsair h115i RGB pro xt Photos 09 Corsair h115i RGB pro xt Photos 10 Corsair h115i RGB pro xt Photos 08

The pump housing is mainly created using a specific type of black plastic material. It features a glossy finish on the upper section and a matte finish on the lower portion. The top part of the pump housing sports the Corsair logo with RGB colours. Around the perimeter, you’ll find an opaque plastic strip that’s also lit by RGB shades.

The pump’s base sports a microchannel thermal transfer plate made of copper, and is evenly machined. The company opted to apply a layer of their top-notch TMX-50 thermal compound to the cooler’s thermal transfer plate. It’s to help boost the installation process further.

For the cables, the cooler comes with a fan splitter plus a SATA power connector. Both are hard-wired to the pump head, together with the USB cable linking to the motherboard USB header and pump. It’s to have all wires connected to the cooler, where all fan/pump speed is managed via Corsair’s iCUE software.

It can be done by utilising the USB board connector.

The cables protruding from the top of the pump’s housing are pairs of 4-pin PWM fan connectors. These also include a SATA power connector, plus 3-pin fan connection for the motherboard to screen pump speeds.

Corsair h115i RGB pro xt Photos 06

The 4-pin PWM ML-140 fans feature an operating range that goes from 400 RPM and 2,000 RPM. You can stop these completely if the loop temperature stays under 40-degrees, and will rely entirely on passive heat dissipation.

Utilising a fully aluminium construction, the radiator is integrated with cooling fins for optimal heat transfers. The two ML-140 fans are slightly spaced, leaving about 4 to 5mm between them. It allows for better and improved cable management and control.

Each corner has a slightly concave shape, so its screws sit perfectly with the fan housing.

This liquid cooler is also fully RGB-enabled and is customisable via Corsair’s iCUE software. There are 16 illumination zones on the pump head alone, and these can display a smooth flow of colour. It’s extremely easy to synchronise different Corsair products, then create lighting patterns that trade off between various iCUE-enabled devices.

When looking at the cooler, the RGB lights make it eye-catching, making it an excellent centrepiece for your system.

Overall, the H115i RGB PRO XT has an excellent build quality, making it durable and efficient for use. Since there aren’t RGB lights on the fans, it means that the time of installing the cooler should be lesser. This is compared to the earlier RGB versions like the Platinum range.

Moreover, there will be fewer cables to manage and setup, which is something that we greatly appreciate.

Key Features of the Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT

On this section of our Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT review, we will be talking about the cooler’s unique features.

High Performing Pump and Cold Plate

The Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT has a thermally optimised pump and cold plate, allowing for high clock speeds. With that, the cooler provides maximum cooling efficiency even while performing under high CPU loads.

Magnetic Levitation Fans

Corsair’s ML Series fans offer enhanced airflow to keep your CPU’s components cool. These fans deliver excellent unrivalled performance and silence with its custom rotor design and magnetic levitation technology. This modern design allows for increased airflow and static pressure.

Pump Head with Dynamic Multiple RGB Zones

The H115i RGB Pro XT features 16 individually customisable RGB LEDs that illuminate the pump head. These lights produce stunning effects to match your entire build.

Zero RPM Mode

Corsair iCUE software offers zero RPM cooling profiles to stop fans when the CPU’s temperatures are low. With that, the cooler performs with reduced noise since zero RPM eliminates fan noise.


This section of our Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT review is all about the liquid cooler’s specifications.

To begin, the H115i RGB Pro XT’s radiator measures 322 x 137 x 27mm, whereas the fan is 120 x 25mm. The speed of its fans is 2,200 RPM, while airflow and noise levels are 63 CFM and 36dBA, respectively. When it comes to the fan’s static pressure, it’s generally at 3.0mm – H20.

Other than that, the H115i RGB Pro XT has a 5-year warranty from Corsair, which is excellent.

Hands-On with the Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT

This time on our Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT review, we will get hands-on with this CPU cooler. But first, let’s begin with the iCUE software before talking about the liquid cooler’s performance.

iCUE Software allows for control and synchronisation of the H115i RGB Pro XT’s RGB lights with other iCUE-compatible products. It also lets you monitor your CPU’s temperatures or adjust the speeds of fans and pumps from one interface.

If you’ve used some of Corsair’s peripherals in the past, the iCUE software will be easy for you to use. We’ve used and reviewed numerous iCUE-compatible products in the past, so we’re familiar with how the software works.

The iCUE software provided quick access to performance and lighting controls, so we were able to adjust these with ease. Also, we were able to synchronise the lights with other Corsair components. Other parts you can customise include the pump head’s RGB LEDs, pump speeds, and fan speeds.

When it comes to the H115i RGB PRO XT liquid cooler’s 16 RGB LEDs are all customisable and addressable via iCUE software. Combining different colours offers a unique effect and adds to a build’s unique aesthetics.

In iCUE software, you can enable zero RPM mode to stop the fans completely when the CPU’s temperature is low. It’s best to enable this if you don’t want to hear the fans’ noise at all.

Aside from offering excellent aesthetics and compatibility, the H115i RGB Pro XT also performs exceptionally well. It gave us enhanced performance, and we believe it’s because Corsair took all the best elements from earlier iterations. From there, they put all these elements together in a single package.

During our thermal tests, the H115i RGB PRO XT performed notably. When we increased the CPU core frequency, additional space from the 280mm radiator maximised airflow from the 140mm fans. The liquid cooler was able to beat some tough competitors that made it one of our top favourites.

On Balanced mode, the fans stayed below the maximum RPM levels throughout the test. With that, it sure makes a reasonably quiet fan which is something we highly appreciate.

Overall, we were extremely impressed with the H115i RGB Pro XT. We can also say that it’s perfect for people who don’t require RGB fans for radiators. Generally, it’s an excellent way to get some edge over the cooler without spending tons of cash.

Likewise, if you’re already part of the Corsair ecosystem, then the cooler’s integration with the iCUE software makes everything easier. It’s also a cost-efficient cooler, so it’s the best option for new gamers and builders searching for enhanced cooling.

With that, the H115i RGB Pro XT has an excellent build, has quiet fans, and performs excellently. So, we’re definitely giving it 5-stars for these.

Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT Review Summary

The Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT is an excellent liquid cooler. It offered impressive performance, and it kept an overclocked CPU’s temperatures low, and the noise levels were lower than usual.

One of the key selling points of the H115i RGB Pro XT, besides the fantastic cooling, is its RGB lighting. Although it’s only customisable on the pump, iCUE software offers 16 individually configurable LEDs, which is a great feature. Aside from RGB control, it also allowed us to monitor the CPU’s temperature, fan speeds, and the pump’s RPM.

Overall, the H115i RGB Pro XT is a stable and reliable cooler. Its understated appearance makes it easy to install in any build without worrying about aesthetics. With customisable RGB zones and synchronisation, you can easily match this cooler with your whole setup.

Also, it has a lot of customisable features for you to achieve excellent performance. Most importantly, it kept our CPU cool during heavy loads and while overclocking. Its five-year warranty is another thing that makes it a great cooler.

To conclude our Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT review, we were satisfied with this cooler’s performance, and we’re recommending it. If you want to have this cooler, it’s available for online purchase from the official website.