corsair 5000t banner Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review

Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review

Today, we’re going to talk about the iCUE 5000T in our Corsair iCue 5000T Case review. It’s the latest addition to Corsair’s 5000 series which showcases a whopping 208 individually-addressable RGBs.

The 5000T is on the pricier side, however, it’s packed with all the essentials to make the most extravagant build. That’s because Corsair is aware of what people want: a compact enclosure with enhanced airflow, and lots of RGB. With that, all of these elements are present on the 5000T case.

Want to know more? Continue reading our Corsair iCue 5000T Case review to get all the information you need about the product.

Corsair iCue 5000T Case Packaging

Like every review we make, we’re going to start things with the packaging and what’s inside it. When our 5000T arrived, it came in a plain-looking cardboard box

The front features an illustration of the chassis which is positioned at the centre. Then, the unit’s name can be seen on the lower-left corner of the package.

On the side, you’ll find the unit’s name again. But this time, it comes with the company’s branding and a list of its specifications. To note, the specs are written in 11 different languages so users can easily understand what it’s all about. 

Flipping the package, the rear displays an exploded diagram of the case which indicates letters from A-L to note each part. Below the diagram, you’ll see 11 languages again, but this time, these cover something else. The parts from A-L describe which corresponds to the letters indicated on the diagram. 

On the other side of the box, you’ll see a list of inclusions that CORSAIR added to the package. These are all illustrated to give you an idea which of the parts those are.

Next to the illustrations, you’ll see some information about the company, as well as the product’s warranty. Here, you’ll find a sticker displaying the unit’s model plus its serial number too. 

On the rightmost portion of the box, you’ll see another sticker that shows the colour of the unit. In our case, we have the white iCue 5000T. The sticker also indicates what material is used for the case’s side panel. 

Below everything we’ve just mentioned, you’ll find illustrations of the case showing different angles. This is also where you’ll find the product’s measurements. howing 

corsair 5000t rgb review1 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review

When we opened the box, we saw the case protected by two large pieces of Styrofoam on each end. These fit perfectly in the box which keeps the chassis steady and in place. The setup prevents any unnecessary movements during shipping so you don’t have to worry about the 5000T getting damaged. 

Earlier in this Corsair iCue 5000T Case review, we mentioned that the package displayed the box’s contents. To note, these are (20x) short fan screws, (18x) MBD/HDD screws, and (8x) SSD screws. Corsair also included (8x) washers, (12x) Velcro straps, and (10x) cable ties. 

Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s continue our Corsair iCue 5000T Case review and focus on the functions and design of the case. First off, its main design sports a drop-down front panel that conceals three 120mm intake fans that are RGB-lit. It even has a similarly-sized side panel vent that can hold a 360mm radiator. 

For the front panel, it can hold a pair of 140mm fans but the mount beneath the side panel can’t. 

corsair 5000t rgb review14 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review15 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review16 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review17 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review

Looking at the front part of the iCue 5000T, you’ll see that its bezel’s centre is wide open. Plus, it has a black mesh insert made out of little triangles that is surrounded by plastic. The latter is where you’ll spot three huge openings that are specifically well-rounded curves. 

We also love how its corners are angled and created smoothly. Thus, it blends nicely with the rest of the case’s style. 

Shifting to the top of the case, you’ll immediately see the front I/O panel. Here, you’ll find a reset button, a USB 3.1 Type-C port, plus a mic/headphone combo jack. 

Then, there are four USB 3.0 ports and a power button with a white LED light. This is to display the storage drive activity. 

The top and front panels of the case are toolless. However, you’ll need to put a bit of force to remove the top panel. Strangely, it’s different for the front panel which is too easy to remove.

Attaching it was quite simple, but pay attention and ensure that it’s connected properly before you try moving the case.  

corsair 5000t rgb review9 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review11 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review

Panning down to the left side of the case, you’ll see its bottom frame. It matches the style of both the front and top portion of the iCue 5000T. 

The bulk of what’s seen here is the case’s 3mm tempered glass panel that’s supported by a thin metal frame. This part helps keep the door panel sturdy while simultaneously providing optimised attachment. 

Hinges are also present in this area so the doors can easily swing open. Plus, these make them easy to detach. 

For the right side portion of the case, it’s also designed the same way as the glass panel. That means, it can readily swing open from the front. 

The panel is indented along the edge. On the lower portion of the door panel, there’s a triangular-shaped mesh. This will allow for more airflow to enter when you add more cooling options. 

corsair 5000t rgb review10 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review

Along the rear, there’s a 120mm fan mount with available screw slots. This is necessary for height adjustments of any small radiator or fan that’ll be installed here.

Also in this area, you’ll find seven slots aligned to the motherboard’s area. There are also two vertical slots for mounting a graphics card with the fans being showcased. 

Along the bottom, there’s a PSU opening as well. 

corsair 5000t rgb review7 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review8 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review6 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review2 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review3 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review12 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review13 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review4 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review corsair 5000t rgb review5 Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review

Lastly, let’s focus on the case’s interior in this part of the Corsair iCue 5000T Case review. 

The iCue 5000T is large for a mid-tower case and is just an inch shorter compared to its full-towered sibling. This is the 7000D Airflow. Because of its size, the biggest graphics cards and CPU tower coolers can fit in the iCue 5000T without problems. 

Behind the motherboard’s tray, you’ll see the iCue Commander Core XT which is a huge RGB/fan hub. It’s a convenient inclusion to the case since it can hold up to six fans and six RGB headers from Corsair. 

Key Features of the Corsair iCue 5000T Case 

Impression that Lasts

With the 5000T’s unique style and design, you can make heads turn. The integrated RGB lighting complement its angular accents and unique contours offering unparalleled aesthetics.

A Lightshow at All Angles with 208 LEDs

The 5000T features 160 RGB LEDs in its front, roof, and floor panels. Plus, it has 48 individually addressable LEDs in the included fans. This case will immerse you in an amazing multi-zone lighting that will never give you a dull moment.

Maximum Cooling Potential

With the 5000T’s spacious interior, you can fit up to ten 120mm fans or four 140mm fans. Along with that, you can install a 360mm radiator with up to 60mm-thick fans in front or on the sides. If you’re installing the radiator in its roof portion, the case can support those with 85mm-thick fans.

This chassis is expansion-friendly and offers room for extensive liquid or air-cooled configurations. Also, its fan mounts have wider cutouts so you can flexibly install fans.

Build-friendly Features of 5000 Series Chassis

Like other products under Corsair’s 5000 series, the 5000T also has build-friendly features. One of these is the removable mesh panels in front and on the roof. These are optimised to deliver high airflow.

The chassis also has hinged tempered glass side panels that allow you to showcase your components and RGB lighting. The opposite side features a steel panel that is also hinged for easy access. 

Additionally, it makes cable routing easier through a hidden channel with 30mm space behind the motherboard.

Extreme Versatility of the Corsair iCue 5000T Case

Enjoy the highest levels of versatility with the 5000T. Its I/O ports are easily accessible on the front portion of the top panel. Plus, it comes with two combo drive trays and three SSD mounts that support multiple SSD and HDD.

The chassis’ motherboard tray also has customisable fan mounts. With these, you can side-mount up to three 120mm fans or a 360mm radiator for added cooling.

Corsair’s World-class Support

Corsair offers a comprehensive 2-year warranty when you purchase the 5000T. The company also offers extended customer support for your peace of mind.

Unite Your Setup with iCue Software

Corsair’s iCue software brings your setup together by offering intuitive control. This gives you a fully immersive ecosystem that improves your overall user experience.


Let’s continue this Corsair iCue 5000T Case review and look into the case’s different specifications.

The iCue 5000T is a mid-tower case that has a GPU length of 400mm while its PSU length is 250mm. For its total CPU cooler height, it measures 170mm. 

This chassis comes with a total of seven vertical and two horizontal expansion slots. Plus, there are two 3.5” and four 2.5” case drive bays available. 

This product is compatible with radiators measuring 120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm radiators. For Corsair liquid coolers, it works with the H55, H60, H80i, H75, H90, and H100i versions. It’s also good with H105, H110i, H150i, and H115i coolers. 

Then lastly, the iCue 5000T has an ATX case power supply form. 

Hands-on with the Corsair iCue 5000T Case 

We also tested the product so we can share our experience with you in this Corsair iCue 5000T Case review. This is to let you know how well it performed and if it’s a chassis suited for your needs. First, let’s discuss the iCue software and its interface.

iCue Software

Before using the iCue software, we first downloaded and installed the latest version. Currently, the program is on its fourth version. Upon launching the iCue software, we clicked on the 5000T icon at the top to start tweaking its settings.

In the 4-pin Effects section, we were able to customise the LEDs. For its lighting, iCue software offers 19 preset options, the Lighting Link, and then select custom. Here, we were also able to change the speed, direction, and colours of the lighting mode.

Next was the Cooling section where we adjusted the fan speeds. Out of the box, the fans run in Quiet Mode. 

When using iCue software, we had more options: Balanced, Extreme, and Zero RPM modes. There were dropdown menus on the smaller windows, and from there, we were able to adjust fan speeds.

We clicked the gear icon on the upper-right section of the interface. Doing so allowed us to see which version was being used by the Commander firmware. In our case, it was the latest version since we downloaded and installed this before trying everything out. 

Other elements in this section included a brightness slider, an option for case colour, and a switch for synchronised lighting.

Thermals and Noise of the Corsair iCue 5000T Case

During our tests, we were pleased since the 5000T managed to keep temperatures low even under heavy loads. We didn’t notice any throttling since the mesh design and LL120 fans delivered adequate airflow to keep our components cool.

In terms of acoustics, it was slightly audible but it wasn’t loud enough to bother us. If we compare it with other chassis, there are more silent cases but those didn’t deliver efficient cooling. Also, there were louder cases that didn’t even match the cooling performance of the 5000T.

So when it comes to noise, we can say that the 5000T was fantastic with its effective cooling under heavy load, it definitely delivered great performance.

RGB Lighting

In terms of the 5000T’s RGB lighting, these also worked excellently. The lighting presets were flawless across all of our Corsair components. We also enjoyed playing with various effects and settings since there was no trouble synchronising its lighting.

Corsair iCue 5000T Case Review Summary

The 5000T from Corsair aims to stand out from the crowd that is full of RGB cases. With its more than 200 addressable LEDs, it definitely shines bright. But of course, Corsair didn’t skimp on practicality and performance.

With this product, Corsair has proven once again that they can design a simple yet efficient chassis. It’s well-designed, offers high levels of flexibility for cooling, and makes building an easier process.

When we tested the product for our Corsair iCue 5000T Case review, we were pleased with it. The chassis had great features that allowed us to build with ease and it performed great just as Corsair claimed.

If you’re an RGB lover who uses Corsair components, you’ll instantly love this case. Its open mesh design and room for cooling allow for efficiently regulating the temperatures of the hottest components. Also, it’s durable and built like a tank.

If you don’t mind paying a larger sum for a chassis, we highly recommend this product. It has excellent features and it’s sure to house multiple builds in the coming years, making it worth the purchase.

You can check out Corsair’s official product page for more details on the iCue 5000T case.