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Corsair iCUE Link Review

If you have clutter or cable management issues, we have a solution in this Corsair iCUE Link Review. What we have is ideal if you usually wish PC building was not mainly fiddling with cables, plugging, etc. The iCUE Link is an ecosystem of products you should consider for your next computer build.

iCue Link has been meticulously crafted with your PC building and upgrading endeavours in mind. It ingeniously squeezes fan, power, lighting, and data cables into a singular, reversible USB-like connector. 

This innovation lets you effortlessly daisy chain and branch connect compatible devices. It results in a significant reduction of the tangle of fan, RGB, and power cables.

If this product interests you, continue reading our Corsair iCUE Link Review. Here, you will find details related to its design, how it works, its performance, features, and more. 

Corsair iCUE Link Packaging

The RGB fans, cooler, and cable kit ship in typical-looking boxes from Corsair. All these sport a yellow-black theme, with the front featuring an image of the product, its name, and company branding. The back of these boxes provides more details about the products inside. 

Package Contents of the QX140 RGB

corsair icue link review1

  • QX140 RGB Fans x2
  • iCUE LINK System Hub x1
  • iCUE LINK Cable, 600mm x1

Package Contents of the H151i RGB

corsair icue link review17

  • iCUE LINK H115i RGB Liquid Cooler
  • Pre-installed iCUE LINK QX140 RGB fans x2
  • Mounting kit for current CPU sockets
  • Corsair iCUE LINK System Hub
  • Fan and radiator mounting screws
  • Corsair iCUE LINK Cables (600mm Cable + straight connectors, 135mm Cable + 90° Connectors)
  • Corsair XTM70 Thermal Paste (pre-applied)

Cable Kit Packaging

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The box includes iCUE Link cables with the following lengths: 

  • 600mm iCUE Link Cable x1
  • 200mm iCUE Link Cable x2
  • 100mm iCUE Link Cable x2

Corsair iCUE Link Review – Design and Functionality

Using the iCUE Link is efficient because of its bidirectional single-cable design to help decrease table clutter. Often, the latter links to gaming computers and the like. 

When you use iCue Link, every gadget incorporated with it can take advantage of an embedded microcontroller. This nifty feature allows seamless two-way communication with the System Hub and conveniently supplies power.

The capacity to unite products in a series is a pivotal aspect of the system. This aspect is convenient rather than connecting them individually to the System Hub. 

It is most evident when you attach a case fan to an AIO cooler. Here, the latter only requires a direct link to the System Hub.

The System Hub has USB 2.0 data cables and short 6-pin PCIe cables to plug into your motherboard. On either side, you will see one iCue Link channel port to connect the other ecosystem. 

None of the other components would require power or data routed to them. It is an ideal concept, considering how many cables connect to your average RGB control hub.

Its hub has an unassuming form with a modest square plastic puck shape. It measures approximately 5.08cm on each side and slightly less than 1.905cm thick.

It secures itself to the steel internals of your case thanks to the embedded magnets. However, stronger magnets would be better.

In this Corsair iCUE Link Review, we will share the following products included in this kit:

QX140 RGB Fans

corsair icue link review2 corsair icue link review6

On its fans, the company introduces two versions: QX120 and QX140. What we have for this Corsair iCUE Link Review is the 140mm version.

Other than size, you can opt for two colours: black or white. No matter what you choose, the fans have magnetic levitation for their fan bearing. Each fan has 34 RGB LEDs across two light zones to enhance your build aesthetics.

The fans also feature a temperature sensor to data log and fine-tune the RPM. You can also sync RGBs to create visual effects like slow/reverse fan rotation. Plus, it also offers tons of excellent animations. 

The QX140 RGB fans can reach impressive speeds of up to 2,000 RPM. These provide outstanding performance and breathtaking lighting effects while minimising excessive wiring, resulting in a flawless aesthetic.

Moreover, the system helps better customise and optimise fan response curves. It establishes an adequate equilibrium between permissible noise levels and operational performance. 

iCUE Link H151i RGB Cooler 

corsair icue link review18 corsair icue link review19 corsair icue link review20 corsair icue link review21 corsair icue link review22 corsair icue link review23 corsair icue link review24

Optimise your PC-building experience with the help of an efficient all-in-one CPU cooler. It integrates the iCUE Link technology, making your building process smoother, quicker, and neater than ever.

Thanks to the split-flow copper cold plate, your processor’s capability and capacity also improve. It features the Corsair XTM70 thermal paste pre-applied for your convenience. 

Furthermore, the system incorporates auto-adjusting pump speeds controlled through the iCUE software. Doing it guarantees optimal performance and temperature regulation.

With PWM control at your fingertips, you can accurately configure fan speeds to match your needs. This intelligent control minimises fan noise by ensuring they spin only as fast as necessary. It also supports Zero RPM, enabling the fans to a complete standstill during lighter workloads.

iCUE Link Cable Kit

corsair icue link review11

The kit has five cables, giving you the versatility to organise and guide your connections. With a range of cable lengths to suit your unique build, it guarantees a smooth and tidy setup. You will not have to deal with the hassle of clutter.

Key Features of the Corsair iCUE Link

Reignite Your DIY PC Building Passion

The iCUE Link is a revolutionary innovation that makes PC building streamlined and more exciting with a single ecosystem. You can control and synchronise up to 14 iCUE Link devices using one centralised System Hub,

One Connector for Everything

Managing cables and connectors will no longer be frustrating since iCUE Link unifies everything with a single connector. As a result, you can freely connect and route any way you want.

Hassle-free Assembly with Corsair iCUE Link

Corsair simplifies PC building to make it newbie-friendly. With this product, even inexperienced builders can create their dream PC.

Smarter Build 

Our Corsair iCUE Link Review will discuss the exclusive features supported by this product. It has Time Warp lighting mode and an integrated microcontroller for two-way communication with the System Hub. Plus, its temperature sensors provide comprehensive details when monitoring your system.

Showcasing Your Build with iCUE Link Components

iCUE Link has a broad range of components to build your perfect PC. You can choose from many fans, Hydro X series custom cooling, AIO coolers, etc.

Unlocking the iCUE Power

Experience the convenience and power of iCUE software. It allows you to configure components and synchronise RGB for a personalised experience. 

The streamlined interface and 5MB modular installer include everything you need for your iCUE devices. The latest version makes setup faster with minimal system resources.


QX140 RGB Fans

  • Fan Size: 140mm x 25mm
  • LED Color: RGB
  • Speed: 400 – 2000 RPM
  • Power Draw: 1.02A
  • Sound Level: 10 – 37 dBA
  • Static Pressure: 0.19 – 3.5mm – H2O
  • Airflow: 12.1 – 82.5 CFM
  • Flow Type: Static Pressure

iCUE Link H151i RGB Cooler and Cable Kit

  • Lighting: RGB
  • Radiator Dimensions: 322mm x 140mm x 27mm
  • Cold Plate Material: Copper
  • Radiator Material: Aluminum
  • Cooling Socket Support: Intel 1200, Intel 1150, Intel 1151, Intel 1155, Intel 1156, Intel 1700, AMD AM4, AMD AM5
  • Radiator Size: 280mm
  • Tubing Length: 400mm
  • Cold Plate Dimensions: 56 x 56mm
  • Tubing Material: Black Sleeved Low-Permeation Rubber
  • Fan Control Method: Digital
  • Supported AMD Processors: Ryzen
  • Supported Intel Processors: Pentium; Celeron; Core i9, i7, i5, and i3
  • Fan Speed: 400 – 2000RPM 
  • Fan Airflow: 12.1 – 82.5 CFM
  • Number of Fans: 2
  • Fan Static Pressure: 0.19 – 3.5mm -H2O
  • Fan Dimensions: 140mm x 25mm
  • Warranty: 6 years
  • iCUE Link Cable Kit Weight: 0.233

Hands-on with the Corsair iCUE Link 

Before we discuss its performance, our Corsair iCUE Link Review will share details about the iCUE app. 

The Corsair iCUE APP is a versatile software package that enables you to monitor the following:

  • RPM 
  • Temperatures
  • Fan RPM Control
  • A Range of Data 

Furthermore, you can fine-tune the RGB LED colour settings according to your preferences.

After installing the latest version of the iCue software, you can try out various effects available. Each offers numerous layers of creative potential. You can also configure individual zones on every piece of equipment, allowing you to perfect the illumination of each LED. 

With 34 RGB LEDs per fan, the scope for creativity knows no bounds. You might even indulge in a bit of whimsy, recreating the aesthetics of the classic Microsoft background. 

The LEDs may not capture the essence of lush green hills from the XP background. Despite that, they shine brilliantly in the Windows logo colours.

Upon successfully installing the latest iteration of the iCue software, plenty of effects become readily available for your selection. Each has layers of creative potential and features individual zones on every piece of equipment. It allows you to highlight individual LEDs to achieve your desired aesthetic. 

With 34 RGB LEDs per fan, you have ample room for fun endeavours. These include recreating the nostalgic vibes of an old Microsoft background, etc.

The software automatically identifies compatible coolers, fans, and other Corsair components. It then presents a user-friendly interface for LED and pump control, plus fan control/monitoring. It then streamlines your customisation and management experience to your liking.

Fan Modes

You can separately program each fan and choose from the following profiles:

  • Quiet
  • Zero RPM (switches fans off until the coolant reaches 40 Degrees C)
  • Balanced
  • Extreme

You can also create your profile if you need more customised settings.

These features grant you the freedom to navigate as you see fit. When performance is your priority, you can have it, even if it means accepting a bit more noise. 

Conversely, if tranquillity is your preference, you can achieve it since it is the advantage of software-based control. 

For this assessment, we will opt for a setting that emphasises quiet operation and strikes a balance. The balanced mode is the most suitable choice.

LED Control

When you select LED control, you can choose a personalised RGB-lit Corsair product. You can choose from many options, including static, off, and various animations. The latter includes blink, colour pulse and shift, rainbow (the default setting), and temperature-based lighting.

Using iCUE Link

We built a PC with the product to share our experience in this Corsair iCUE Link Review. Here, we will discuss how convenient it was to install the components.

The new hub connected effortlessly, allowing us to tuck the cables behind the motherboard tray. We installed all the fans with one cable, enabling us to control the fan speed and curve. Finally, we connected the cable to the iCUE Link System Hub, the controller for managing fan speed and lighting.

The best thing about installing the fans is we did not need separate cables for the PWM fan and RGB control. 

After connecting our fans, we connected them to the H151i RGB Cooler using a chain configuration. This setup made mounting and linking the fans possible without plugging individual fan-header cables.

The streamlined approach simplified the building process, making it more convenient and efficient. Surprisingly, controlling the cooler and all fans was seamless, and we had no issues despite using the same chain.

We loved the ease of use of iCUE Link since it eliminated cable clutter. As a result, we had a more enjoyable PC-building experience. Using one cable for plugging multiple components into a USB 2.0 header cable made PC building more fun.

Corsair iCUE Link Review Summary

Corsair brought its iCUE products to a new era with easy connection, structured cabling, and convenient installation. The company streamlined everything by connecting all components with a single cable. As a result, it eliminates cable clutter and other PC-building challenges.

One of the best iCUE features is its single-cable technology that allows per-device control. You can monitor your components and access settings to power, RGB, etc. 

We enjoyed our PC-building experience with the product when we used it for this Corsair iCUE Link Review. Installing the components was fast and highly convenient with the new and improved technology. Plus, the user-friendly iCUE app made monitoring and control easier.

Corsair improved the RGB of all new iCUE Link products by having power and data pass through a single cable. It supports daisy-chaining with other components, making PC building more convenient and fun. With fewer cables, you will not need to locate compatible adapters and cords.

Visit the official Corsair product page to learn more about iCUE Link.