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Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD Review

Today, we are looking at the MP600 CORE, a product introduced to us early this year. We’ll talk about it in our Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD review, discussing its features, design, specifications, and more. 

It is one of the fastest SSDs available today, with sequential performance ranging up to 5K Mbps.

If you are interested to know more about this product, continue reading our Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD review.

With all the essential details we have, you can decide if this product is something for you. 

Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD Packaging

To give you an idea of what you’ll get when you purchase the SSD, we’ll discuss everything today. When the package arrived for our Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD review, it came in your standard Corsair-looking box. This featured a yellow and black theme with white text.

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In front of the box, Corsair’s branding can be found on the upper-left corner, while the centre showcases the SSD. The product’s name is on the lower-left corner, and if you look to its right, “nvm express” is written. 

Below these, Corsair displayed the SSD’s sequential and random read/writes, as well as its storage capacity. The box’s rear displays a list of its main features, and these are written in seven different languages. 

You won’t find much inside the box. The only present items there are the quick start guide and MP600 CORE SSD itself. 

Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD Review – Design and Functionality

We’ve looked into the design and functions of the SSD for our Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD review. And after unboxing, we saw that the SSD can be detached from the heatsink. A feature that’s always a plus for us. 

When looking at its build and form, we noticed that it also follows the smaller M.2 2280 form factor. With that, you can easily fit the product in most ATX boards that are capable of M.2. 

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A removable heatsink is preferred since it lets you utilise the built-in M.2 heatsinks. These are usually found in 4th Gen enabled boards. We’re extremely delighted that Corsair is giving us the option to either use or remove it. 

When looking at the end of its heatsink, you’ll see that it has seven rows of cooling fins. However, one thing that’s missing from the heatsink are screws. 

Corsair opted to go toolless with their design for this specific product. So basically, it’s held together with clips. With these, you can readily unclip one side, then remove the drive from the heatsink with ease. 

Key Features of the Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD

Our Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD review will now focus on the different key features of the SSD. We’ll see what makes it better than other similar products in the market. 

High-speed Gen4 PCIe x4 NVMe M.2 Interface

The MP600 CORE uses PCI Express 4th Gen technology, allowing it to deliver maximum bandwidth and unparalleled storage performance.

Built-in Aluminium Heatspreader

The MP600 CORE features a built-in aluminium heatspreader that helps disperse heat and reduce throttling. This also helps the SSD maintain its sustained high performance.

High-density 3D QLC NAND

Another new technology in the MP600 CORE is the 3D QLC NAND. This offers better value than the TLC NAND while being capable of storing more data in the same physical space.

Strong Endurance of the Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD

You can rely on the MP600 CORE to store your data through long years of use. That’s all thanks to its endurance of 1,440 TBW.

M.2 2280 Form Factor

With its form factor, the MP600 CORE easily fits into your motherboard and you won’t need to use cables. The installation process is easy since it goes directly into your motherboard.

Comprehensive 5-year Warranty

We learned about the product’s 5-year warranty while creating our Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD review. It’s great that Corsair included it for the SSD since long-term reliability and quality customer support offers peace of mind to every user.


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We’re also discussing the product’s specifications for you to know if this will work with your system’s components. It’s to also let you know what other components you should have if you’re upgrading your PC.

The unformatted capacity of the MP600 CORE is 1TB, and it comes with Smart Support too. It makes use of a PCIe Gen 4.0 x4 interface and max sequential read of up to 4,700 Mbps. For its max sequential write, it goes up to 1,950 Mbps. 

Max random write and read of the SSD is up to 480 K IOPS and up to 200K IOPS respectively. 

It sports an M.2 2280 form factor that measures 80 x 23 x 15mm. Plus, it has a 5-year warranty included. 

The MP600 CORE utilises the 3D QLC NAND technology, has 3.3V, as well as 225 TBW endurance. This SSD’s MTBF is 1,800,000 hours and comes with an AES 256-bit encryption. 

The MP600 CORE’s storage temperature is from -40°C to 85°C while operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 70°C. This product has an SSD shock of 1,500G. It even has vibrations of 20Hz to 80Hz/1.5mm, 80Hz to 2,000Hz/20G. 

What’s more, the MP600 CORE is backwards compatible, so the PCIe 3.0 will work just as well. However, its interconnect is divided in bandwidth per generation, and this has a huge effect on the product’s performance. 

The latest iteration of Windows 10 natively features an up-to-date NVMe 1.3 protocol driver. So, it’s unnecessary to install 3rd party drivers. 

Next up, our Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD Review will discuss the MP600 CORE’s performance and efficiency. Were there any hiccups or issues when we used it during our tests? Or did it function smoothly and without problems? 

Let’s find out. 

Hands-on with the Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD

We won’t skip checking the performance of this product. It’s the most important part of the review to let you know if it’s something you should consider purchasing. 

Corsair SSD Toolbox Software

Corsair offers the free downloadable SSD Toolbox software that complements the SSDs they sell. With the company’s full-featured software, you’ll be able to monitor SSD health, update firmware, and clone your system. Plus, it’s even possible to perform a secure erase because of it. 

To put it simply, the SSD Toolbox software is one of the best in existence. And, it’s also a good value add. 

Read and Write Performance

To measure the write speed of the MP600 CORE, we copied a 30GB folder containing high-quality movies to the SSD. This way, we were able to observe how efficient it performed.

Writing all these data took an average speed of 854 MB/s. Although it wasn’t the fastest that we’ve seen, it was great for a 1TB QLC NAND drive. In fact, its performance was impressive since the file transfer was smooth and there weren’t any breaks in the process.

The next test we did was measure the speed of the MP600 CORE’s when reading a compressed folder. For this test, we created a backup copy of a folder that contained 59 game titles. The total file size of this folder was 28GB.

For the read speeds of the MP600 CORE, we got a result of 1807 MB/s. The drive was able to finish the task flawlessly and it successfully read all these files. As expected from the QLC NAND Flash and Phison E16 PCIe Gen4 controller which deliver great read performances.

Big numbers fascinate a lot of people, especially when it relates to the performance of SSDs. But for us, how the MP600 CORE works on daily workloads is the most vital determining factor of its efficiency. Luckily for us, Corsair made use of highly impressive hardware for their MP600 CORE. 

When used with a PCIe 4.0 board, games like NBA 2K21 loaded in less than 15 seconds. For a PCIe 3.0 board, load times increased to around 45 seconds to a minute. This isn’t bad at all, but there’s obviously an increase in load time when it comes to last generation hardware. 

In our opinion, it’s evident how effective and efficient this SSD is. What’s more, it can even be better when loading games.

Installing games with the MP600 CORE had our average loading time drop dramatically. We don’t need to explain how huge this improvement is. This is especially for a game that usually gets bogged down by poor load speeds. 

However, it’s good to note that despite its excellent performance, the MP600 CORE still isn’t that perfect. There were instances when it struggled when we opened multiple programs simultaneously. Also, the loading speeds dipped quickly at times. 

Some elements that loaded for just minutes sometimes took four to five minutes instead. There were a few instances during heavy load transfers, speeds would drop too. 

For the MP600 CORE’s overall performance, it was simply exceptional. Its read and write speeds were great, and the loading times for games were fast as well. 

Of course, loading speed will vary depending on the motherboard you use. To get excellent results, it’s best to use this SSD with PCIe 4.0. With the performance it delivered during our tests, it’s easy to recommend Corsair’s MP600 CORE.

Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD Review Summary

While creating our Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD Review, we realised that Corsair always offers more than its competition. And this SSD is not an exception.

The MP600 Core has a sleek and innovative design, but what makes it better is its removable heatsink. Additionally, it comes with the free to download software, Corsair’s SSD Toolbox. It’s an excellent complement to the product since it’s user-friendly and it performs all necessary functions, including cloning.

The MP600 CORE may be a bit expensive especially for those who still use PCIe 3.0. But if you’re using or planning to upgrade to PCIe 4.0, this 1TB SSD is something you should consider. It delivers excellent performance and with its great endurance, it’s sure to last.

The Corsair MP600 CORE is a solid and secure option for PCIe 4.0 users. It offers everything you’ll need when upgrading your system since it’s also future-proof.

Overall, we were satisfied with this product and we highly recommend it. To get your hands on the MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe SSD, check out Corsair’s store locator for sellers near you.