Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Review

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In our Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro review, we will check out this optical gaming mouse from Corsair. It was launched on April 7 of this year and is the latest version of the Dark Core RGB SE.

The Dark Core RGB Pro targets gamers, yet it’s also something that’ll work for regular users.

This time, Corsair opted for the 18K DPI PWM-3992 optical sensor, instead of the 16K DPI PWM-3367. The mouse has been optimised for lower power consumption, and you can even alter its DPI steps of 1.

Other new elements you’ll see on the Dark Core RGB includes the Hyper Polling Technology and more.

But before anything else, our Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro review will first show you the mouse’s packaging and contents.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Packaging

This part of our Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro review talks about the packaging and items included in it.

The Dark Core RGB Pro arrives in your standard Corsair packaging, so it sports its usual yellow theme.

In front, you’ll find an image of the mouse, and it notes the RGB Pro’s compatibility with iCUE. Additionally, it indicates that the mouse works with Slipstream, the company’s exclusive wireless technology.

Flipping the box, you’ll find a couple more images of the mouse. There’s also a list of its key features written in different languages.

Inside the box, you’ll find the Dark Core RGB Pro, Slipstream wireless receiver, and a USB cable. The latter is a Type C to A cable.

There’s also a user manual and a warranty guide included.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Review – Design and Functionality

Of course, we won’t miss checking on the mouse’s design and functions in our Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro review.

Corsair opted for a bespoke design for the Dark Core RGB Pro. It has a useful layout with eight programmable buttons.

Plus, it’s ideal for FPS gamers who prefer dropping the cable from their setup. The thing is, it still allows you to go wired during competitive gaming situations.

Compared to the regular Dark Core RGB models, Corsair ditched the busy thumb-pad from the RGB Pro. It’s to give it a neater and cleaner look for a minimalist aesthetic.

This translates to lesser areas for grime and dirt to build up. There’s a high-gloss band at the rear, plus a little strip between the left & right mouse buttons. These are the only reflective surfaces on the mouse since the buttons themselves come with a muted matte black shade.

The left and rear panels feature a textured rubberised finish which feels comfortable to the touch. This mouse didn’t slip around the hand when the things we were doing got a bit clammy.

Programmable Zones

The Dark Core RGB Pro’s RGB comes with nine individually programmable zones. Its overall look is less showy, and its RGB configuration is pretty easy via Corsair’s iCUE software.

The right side of the Dark Core RGB Pro features an interchangeable, magnetised clasp option. If you prefer feet on both sides of the Dark Core RGB Pro, you can simply flip the modular panel instead. Then, switch it with the textured one that’s included in the packaging.

Key Features of the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro

This portion of our Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro review will focus on the mouse’s key features.

Qi Wireless Charging

If you avail the Corsair MM1000 mouse pad, you can charge the Dark Core RGB Pro wirelessly.

Comfortable Grip

The Dark Core RGB Pro features a contoured shape with interchangeable side grips for absolute comfort.

Dynamic RGB Backlighting

The mouse has nine dynamic RGB backlighting zones. These include an integrated light bar and four RGB LEDs that are individually addressable.

Pinpoint Accuracy and Precision

With its 18,000 DPI custom PixArt PAw3392 optical sensor, this mouse consumes low power. Also, you can customise it in 1 DPI resolution increments.

Hyper-Polling Technology communicates with your computer with speeds up to 2,000Hz. This is two times faster than standard gaming mice.


This time, we will focus on the mouse’s specifications here in our Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro review.

It makes use of a Pixart PMW-3392 sensor and has a sensitivity of 18,000dpi. The mouse’s polling rate is 1,000Hz, while it reaches 2,000Hz for its USB receiver.

The RGB Pro supports palm grip types and has a lifetime of 50 million clicks. There are a total of 9 RGB illumination zones, and features a total of 8 buttons as well.

The Dark Core RGB Pro measures 127 x 89 x 43mm (L x W x H) and weighs 133g. Its cable measures 1.8m in length.

Corsair also included a 2-year warranty for the RGB Pro.

Hands on with Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro

This time on our Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro review, we will talk about the mouse’s software and performance.

iCUE Software

The Dark Core RGB Pro is completely compatible with Corsair iCUE, the company’s staple software suite. It offers a vast selection of customisation and programming options but is user-friendly and intuitive.

The Settings tab at the top bar contains the settings for iCUE and the mouse. These include lighting brightness, polling rate, onboard memory clearance, and firmware updates.

There is a simple battery life indicator that uses words like “full” or “high” to describe its status. If you want, you can choose to display it on the system taskbar.

Power saving mode and sleep mode timer are other available options. The former disables all RGB lighting.

At the left, there are extended menus. The Actions options let you record and execute macros. The iCUE software is among most powerful software programs we’ve used since it allows for creating double macros.

On the second menu is “Lighting” where you can customise the RGB lights and effects of your iCUE-supported devices.

The third menu is “DPI” where you adjust the Dark Core RGB Pro’s DPI from 100 to 18,000. It also enables you to set x and y-sensitivity and configure a dedicated sniper button.

The fourth menu is “Performance”, which includes an on/off toggle for angle snapping and Windows pointer settings. Last is the surface calibration option, which is exclusive only in wired mode.

Its click-action is great across the board, too. The mouse’s left & right buttons are crisp, as well as the side-buttons that are snappy. With that, the entire mouse strikes a balance between ease and resistance, which is excellent. It’s generally useful and efficient for the additional programmable buttons.

For the wireless functions, we noticed there were no differences between the mouse and a wired one. And actually, it’s even a bit better compared to its competition.

The battery life is great and is upgradable with the Dark Core RGB Pro SE. It features wireless charging so it’s slightly more expensive.

The mouse’s battery life is notable. Corsair claims that its battery life reaches up to 16 hours in 2.4GHz wireless mode. This is with full illumination.


The Dark Core RGB Pro’s nine RGB lighting zones are excellent. They opted for the logo at the rear, scroll wheel, six side accents, plus its indicator for the CPI level. However, do note that the latter is the only element that you can’t configure.

Via the software, you can easily customise the zones independently from each other, either with a predefined or custom lighting effect. Though keep in mind that its CPI indicator can only be configured to static colours.

We loved that there are tons of predefined lighting effects, yet there are too many to describe and list here. All in all, there are 15 different lighting effects, and some of these are Shift, Gradient, Blink, Pulse, and more.

All of these can be further adjusted and tweaked when it comes to transition speed, colour palette, and direction.

Overall, the mouse performed excellently. It has a great build, an amazing design, and the RGB lighting is vibrant too. We didn’t have any issues using it, and its grip didn’t strain our hands even during prolonged use.

With that, we would definitely recommend the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro to both gamers and regular users.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Review Summary

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is one of the best gaming mice we’ve used. It has a great build quality, and it delivered impeccable performance. It was accurate, fast, and highly responsive.

Design-wise, it’s also an impressive product since it has customisable dynamic RGB lighting. Its eight fully programmable buttons allow people to customise the mouse based on their preference for better user experience.

Additionally, its switchable side grip and textured rubber palm rest provide comfort even after extended periods of use. It’s a highly versatile mouse that offers three different connectivity modes.

To conclude our Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro review, we highly recommend this product. If you want to purchase this mouse, check out for authorised retailers via the store locator on the official website.

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