haloy mage banner Creality Halot Mage Review - One of the Best Resin Printers Going

Creality Halot Mage Review – One of the Best Resin Printers Going

Since its beginning, 3D printing has progressed significantly. With that, Creality is one of the companies that have fueled this innovation further. So today, we will discuss one of its offerings in our Creality Halot Mage Review

The Halot Mage was recently released and is the next-generation solution for excellent resin printing. The printer has plenty of notable features in store, and we will discuss them in our Creality Halot Mage Review.

Aside from its features, we will also explore its design and specs. We will also share our experience with the product we used for a week. 

Creality Halot Mage Packaging

Our printer arrived in a basic-looking cardboard box featuring a product illustration on the front. Inside, the printer ships together with other items, including the following: 

  • FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) Resin Print Film
  • Plastic Scraper
  • Metal Scraper
  • Power plug
  • Allen Keys
  • USB Stick
  • After-sales service pack
  • Hex Tools
  • Hose for air filter
  • Filters
  • QA Card
  • Installation Guide
  • Cloud App Barcode for Software Instructions

Creality Halot Mage Review – Design and Functionality

The Halot Mage sports a design inspired by users in mind since it can handle issues common in 3D printing. These include sluggish printing speeds, inconvenient resin retrieval, strong resin odour, inconvenient lids, plus restricted size and accuracy. 

We did not experience these when we tested the printer for our Creality Halot Mage Review. It means the company optimised the overall efficiency and user experience, which we appreciate. 

The first thing you will notice upon unboxing the resin printer is its vibrant orange lid. It can block out 99% of ambient UV lights, making it a perfect element for several tasks.

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Unlike most resin printers that require you to lift the lid, you can flip the one on the Halot Mage. As a result, it is easy to open and close, which everyone will appreciate.

The best thing about this product is it arrives pre-assembled, so you will not go through tedious steps to assemble the resin printer.

The printer sports a 26.2cm 8K LCD screen on its front for curing resin layer-by-layer. It is also a monochrome display for optimised details in prints like large figurines or little keycaps. 

Since the display has an 8K resolution, it offers higher precision for the X and Y-axis. As a result, it is excellent for miniature prints.

In front is a colour touchscreen measuring 10.9cm, and close to it is the USB-A port in front.

Looking at the back of the printer, you can see the carbon filter outlet, power inlet, and switch. The carbon filter outlet called the intelligent filter, reduces the concentration of harmful chemicals in the air. It is also where you connect the supplied hose, which is expandable.

Key Features of the Creality Halot Mage

Get Everything Big with its LCD

The printer has a massive LCD screen perfect for a 228 x 128 x 230mm build volume. This size is 45% bigger than a 22.6cm printer. Now, you can do more and make magic more expansively and efficiently. 

Compact Class Body

While looking at the printer build in our Creality Halot Mage Review, we realised it is 32% more size-efficient. It has become the most compact product among mid-sized resin printers sporting a similar volume build. 

That means you have more room and freedom to do other activities. 

8K Magic for More Details

The printer uses an 8K mono LCD with 29.7μm XY resolution and 33,177,600 pixels. It is a notable optimisation from the 50μm of the standard 4K. 

Once you print, skin texture, hair, fabric, and organic shapes come to life, so everything is a sight to behold. 

Create a DIY Collection That Will Turn Heads

With the Halot Mage, you can begin printing your miniatures, figurines, and even cosplay props. Creating your pieces will give you a sense of achievement that you will not get from purchasing pre-made items. 

High-precision and Integral Light Source

The 3D printer sports a self-developed and built-in light source with a 5000 ± 10%μW/cm² light intensity. So, its distribution becomes more uniform on the entire screen. 

Curing the layer requires 1 to 5s with the standard 405nm resin. Hence, it optimises printing efficiency while simultaneously accentuating model detail. 

The MageArch Flip Lid

The feature allows you to open/close the lid with one hand. Plus, you do not have to bother placing it aside. Why? The printer only becomes ¼ taller when opening, which saves a lot of room. 

It also features an orange tint, which is practical for blocking 99% of ambient UV lights for decreased interference. 

Air Purifier to Save the Day

The printer features a replaceable activated carbon filter that is directly powered and controlled by the printer. It is 5.8 times larger than others, allowing adequate and efficient absorption of resin odour. 

Additionally, it features a vent hole on the printer rear for connecting a vent tube. 

Steady Z-axis + Dual Linear Rails

The Z-axis of this printer features dual-rigid linear rails driven up/down by an efficient motor. It helps decrease wobbling while dealing with heavier and more massive prints. 

Better Slicing, Wider Choice

While writing our Creality Halot Mage Review, we discovered that this printer adopts an intuitive 4-stage workflow. It features plenty of presets and is compatible with other slicer software.

Glass LCD Protector

A tempered glass with tight sealing conceals the LCD screen of the printer. It can hold well against scratches, impacts, and resin leaks. 

8K High Precision Resin Option from Creality

Enjoy high-quality precision with low viscosity and shrinkage. Its water-washable solution offers less odour and skin irritation. Plus, it gives you bright and vibrant colours too. 

Odour-free Printing Environment with Creality Halot Mage

The printer has an integrated active carbon filter 5.8 times more extensive than other filters. So, it can efficiently filter and absorb resinous odour and pungent fumes for an odour-free printing area. 

Creality Official Service

Fortunately, the company offers a 12-month after-sales service for its printers, including the Halot Mage. You can contact them and receive a response within 24 hours regarding inquiries and support. 

Below, our Creality Halot Mage Review provides a list of product specs for your reference. 


  • Printing Technology: LCD MSLA
  • Build Volume: 228 x 128 x 230mm 
  • Product Dimensions: 333 x 270 x 608mm
  • Package Dimensions: 420 x 350 x 675mm
  • Gross Weight: 15kg
  • Net Weight: 12kg
  • Computer OS: Windows/Mac
  • Display Screen: 10.9cm Colour Touchscreen
  • LCD Resolution: 8K (7680×4320)
  • LCD Screen: 26.2cm Monochrome Screen
  • XY Resolution: 29.7μm
  • Light Source: Integral Light
  • File Transfer: USB Drive
  • Light Intensity: 5000±10%μW/cm²
  • Slicing Software: Halot Box, CHITUBOX, Lychee Slicer
  • File Formats: STL/OBJ

Hands-on with the Creality Halot Mage 

We will share our hands-on experience with the speaker here in our Creality Halot Mage Review. We used it for a week to see how well it performs, but let us first discuss the Cloud App. 

Creality Cloud App

The Creality Cloud is a free downloadable app on iOS and Android. It is the first integrated 3D platform with multiple features. 

It allows sharing and trading models, remote control printing, remote video monitoring, and cloud slicing. Plus, it is an interactive software for social exchange among 3D printing enthusiasts.

This app offers many handy features for several scenarios. It also helps save time when finding a model for a printing project.

Setting up the Creality Halot Mage

The first thing you need to do is plug the power cord. The printer should boot in a minute or less, and the display will show the Creality logo.

After loading, you will see the main menu on the touchscreen display, which displays three options: Tool, System, and Print. Since the latter is self-explanatory, we will only discuss the options under the Tool and System sections.

First, you need to raise the platform to remove the foam underneath. On the touchscreen display, go to Tool, then press Manual, and you can manually move the platform up and down. Also, you can select from 0.1mm, 1mm, and 10mm values.


After raising the platform, the next step is calibrating the LCD screen. But before that, you will need to remove the resin vat. 

Next, place the calibration paper (the sheet with the FEP) on the LCD screen to protect it. It will help you calibrate the screen properly since it has the same thickness as the FEP film. 

Take the Allen key to loosen the build plate. Once loose, you can move the build plate. Remembering this step is vital to avoid cracking the LCD.

Return to the Tool menu on the touchscreen display, then go to Manual and press Home. The build plate will hit the top home twice and then go to the bottom.

When the build plate reaches the bottom, apply light pressure and tighten its screws by hand. Ensure it is tight enough to prevent the build plate from moving around, especially when printing a model. Once again, press the Home button on the touchscreen to raise the build plate.

Next, place the FEP and resin vat back, then secure these with the hand screws. 

Preparation Before Printing

Before printing, the most important thing to remember is to wear your protective equipment (goggles and nitrile gloves).

Next, spray some PTFE lubricant on the FPE to prevent sticking. Once dry, you can pour some resin.

Next, go to the Print option on the touchscreen display, and search for the file you want to print. Once selected, press the Play button to start printing the model.

Touchscreen Display

As mentioned above, the first option under Tool is Manual for raising or lowering the platform. The next option under Tool is Exposure, which lets you test whether the screen works. The given time for Exposure is 15 seconds. 

Pressing Next will lead to another display showing the pattern the screen will expose.

Going to Air Filter, you will see its timing closure set at 10 minutes and automatic. So, when the Halot Mage finishes printing, it will ventilate air from the fan at the rear. 

The Stop option is an emergency button to stop everything instantly.

Clean is similar to Exposure but exposes the entire screen for 15 seconds instead. It is a good feature for checking for debris or anything on the print base. 

You can expose a thin film layer across the printing base and then peel one sheet off. This function will waste some resin but eliminate all the tiny particles at the bottom.


The System section shows the current firmware version, and there may be an update if necessary. You can get the latest firmware version from your computer or insert it via the USB stick.

Under System, you can go to Volume to switch off the beeping sounds of the printer. Another option lets you change the language.

Print Quality and Performance

The Halot Mage is an excellent product, and we experienced its excellence while writing our Creality Halot Mage Review. 

The Halot Mage works perfectly, and thanks to its new features, printing models have become convenient. 

Its touchscreen dimensions and responsiveness exceeded our expectations. Plus, its intuitive interface made everything more efficient.

The WiFi connectivity proved to be exceptional, and the app performed flawlessly. There was negative feedback on the initial software release. Fortunately, its updated version received adequate optimisations and proved excellent. 

Finally, our prints with the Halot Mage had excellent clarity and adequate detail. This machine printed our models without issues, and it was also fast.

Creality Halot Mage Review Summary

The market has many new ground-breaking printers, and the Halot Mage from Creality is one of these. Its innovative solutions pushed the limits of the 3D printing industry. 

Creality designed the Halot Mage series of printers with user needs in mind. As a result, each product has advanced features that step up your 3D printing game. These include 8K resolution, an integral light source, and a resin pump.

Aside from newly implemented innovations, the company addressed common concerns of customers to improve user experience with the Halot Mage.

The Halot Mage has excellent build quality and is ideal for those who want to work on resin printing. It has superior features, can print almost everything in excellent quality, and perfectly matches the price. Overall, we highly recommend this product since it sets a new standard in 3D printing.

Learn more about the Halot Mage by visiting the official product page of Creality.