creative t100 review

Creative T100 Review

The T20 and T40 2.0 Gigaworks speakers from Creative had a marvellous run for the last ten years. But today in our Creative T100 review, we’re focusing on the new Creative T100.

It’s the successor to Creative’s 2.0 speaker format, sporting a design following the style of their Creative Stage series. With that, the T100 features a similar glassy body and silicone buttons.

The thing is, are the speakers as good as what Creative claims them to be? We’ll find out in our Creative T100 review but first, let’s check out its packaging.

Creative T100 Packaging

This section of our Creative T100 review talks about the packaging and contents of the Creative T100. The T100 came in a tough and durable package that guarantees 100% protection from damage.

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Its box sports a clean and simple theme. The front displays an image of the speakers, while “Creative” is on the upper left corner of the package. On the lower left portion, the name of the unit, T100, can be found.

To the right of the speakers’ image, you’ll find a list of its key features.

Inside the package, you’ll find the left and right Creative T100, plus an AC power adaptor 18V 2A. The ACs cord length measures 1.8m or 5.91ft, which is long enough for use.

Aside from these, the box also includes a remote control, the quick start guide, and warranty leaflets.

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Creative T100 Review – Design and Functionality

This section of our Creative T100 review will talk about the speaker’s design and functions. Let’s begin with its design.

T100 Design

By looking at the T100, you can tell that it sports a minimalist design similar to Creative’s Stage Air. The speaker’s drivers are protected by black grills featuring a silver logo of Creative at the base.

The sides of the Creative T100 show off a glossy black finish that adds to the aesthetics and style. The top portion of the speakers has a matte finish.

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When it comes to the buttons such as the volume and power, they all sport a textured rubber finish. Plus, they’re all positioned on the right unit to keep things organised.

Compared to the T20, where its BasX-Port is at the top of the speakers, the T100’s is at the rear.

When it comes to the onboard controls, they’re pretty easy and straightforward. All of them are positioned at the top portion of the right speaker unit and are intuitive, which is great.

Overall, the Creative T100 looks stylish with its clean and minimalist exterior. It’ll let you combine it with any desktop theme you may have. Generally, its design is a huge enhancement compared to Creative’s T20 Series II.


The T100 has a remote control for a lot of functions that aren’t available at the top of the speaker. Here, you’ll find four custom EQs, as well as volume and bass & treble adjustments.

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Key Features of the Creative T100

This part of our Creative T100 review will focus on the speaker’s key features.

Minimalist Design

The T100 from Creative is the ideal set of desktop speakers for minimalists. The units will sit elegantly on each side of your monitor without taking up a lot of space. Also, it delivers exceptional sound quality that you’ve never asked for.

Plug-and-Play Setup

Setting up the Creative T100 is extremely simple. Connect the AC adapter and choose from its different connectivity options, then enjoy your music. For other adjustments, you can configure these with the included remote.

Enhance Your Audio

The T100 brings the enhancement you deserve for your computer or laptop audio. Creative spent a lot of hours optimising these speakers’ acoustic profile to achieve a wide and realistic soundstage. The speakers also offer more depth, making your music sound better.

Powerful Acoustics

With its 40W RMS and integrated high-powered digital amp, this 2.0 sound system is powerful. It produces 80W peak power, and in a medium-sized room, you can enjoy a theatrical audio experience filling the area.

Amazing Audio Clarity

Creative included a 2.75″ full-range driver and a 1-driver configuration to handle the whole sound range spectrum. It’s to ensure the T100’s audio quality and consistency. With that, the T100 speakers deliver clear and powerful audio with detailed vocals. Additionally, the enhanced BasX-Port technology improves the bass, making it sound richer without using a subwoofer.

Improve Your Smart Audio

Connecting the T100 to your smart devices via a 3.5mm cable can also enhance your Echo Dot audio. Command the devices like usual and play your favourite audiobooks or songs without having to get up from the bed.

Next on our Creative T100 review will be all about the speaker’s specifications.


This is the part of our Creative T100 review that talks about the T100’s specifications. Let’s begin with its measurements.

Both the left and right speakers measure 12.3 x 9.0 x 21.6cm. There’s a full-range 2.75-inch driver with integrated digital amplifiers that fires up to a total of 40W RMS. Additionally, the T100 has peak powers that go up to 80W.

When it comes to the BasX-Port Technology, it’s not only available on the T20, but also the T100. It’s a feature that helps optimise bass to create deep and rich tones without the need for subwoofers.

For its connection, there are various ways of linking to the T100 compared to the T20. Aside from the 3.5mm jack, you can utilise a USB, optical cable, or Bluetooth 5.0 to connect.

The speakers’ USB input supports hi-res songs with FLAC, MP3, and WAV audio formats.

Hands-On with the Creative T100

This part of our Creative T100 Review will get more hands-on with the Creative T100.

When it comes to configuring the system, the only thing you need to do is link the included cable to the right speaker. Then, you should also connect it to the port on the rear of the left speaker.

After, you can insert the power cord to the right speaker’s input before plugging it to a nearby outlet. When powering the T100, a little LED at the back of the right speaker’s grill shifts from red to blue.

There are four preset EQ modes available for the Creative T100, and these offer slight varieties to its sound signature.

The default mode is Music, which gives you a balanced audio spectrum. Cinema mode slightly optimises the lower bass. When you choose Concert mode, it removes the treble from centre stage to increase the bass. This specific mode is perfect for toning down tracks that are treble-heavy.

Gaming mode sharpens and enhances the treble to get more transparency. If you want, you can still tweak the bass and treble levels based on your tastes and preferences. Do note that there isn’t any way to determine the adjustment levels since there’s no indicator present.

What we loved about the Creative T100 is that we didn’t have to bother with software installations.

For audio quality, the T100 produced rich and warm sounds with outstanding bass response. We tried playing a variety of music genres, and everything had a smooth and clean sound to it.

It’s pretty great for parties since you can crank up the volume pretty high without the audio getting distorted.

Considering the size of the speakers and drivers, we were highly impressed with the T100’s bass delivery. It wasn’t overpowering in any way and even had clear highs, which was great.

For its bass performance, the T100 is something we prefer over the T20, especially with the deep low ends. You can feel and hear the low bass that’s produced by the speakers, but without it overpowering the treble. So if you’re someone who enjoys deep reverberating bass, then the Creative T100 is your best option.

Overall, the Creative T100 performed excellently, and it produced clean, clear, and powerful sounds. Not only that, but it has a durable and stylish build that, despite its simplicity, looks great. So, you can easily match it with any desktop build you have.

With that, we’re giving the Creative T100 5 stars.

Creative T100 Review Summary

Creative T100 is one of the company’s newest speakers released in the previous year. From its design to its audio quality, it’s also one of the best products on the market today. If you’ve used the T20 and T40 speakers, you’ll definitely love the T100.

The T100 delivers warm and balanced sounds that are customisable via equaliser and multiple connectivity options. If you’re looking for a compact set of speakers that delivers top-notch performance, this is the perfect choice for you.

Aside from its size, it has an elegant design and numerous connectivity options. It’s the set of speakers that won’t compromise performance for design.

To conclude our Creative T100 review, we were satisfied with the speakers’ performance, and we highly recommend it. If you want to get your hands on the Creative T100, you can purchase these from the company’s official website.