crucial mx500 review Crucial MX500 SSD Review

Crucial MX500 SSD Review

Today, our Crucial MX500 SSD review focuses on the MX500 SSD. It was a flagship SATA solution for a couple of years. Since then, the price has dropped considerably.

Compared to the BX-500 series, the MX500 SSD provides an entirely different build. It starts with the massive DRAM cache and Silicon Motion 2258.

Like a lot of current SATA solutions, the MX500 reaches the top of the 6Gbps mountain at 500MB/s read. For its write, it reaches 510MB/s. The SSDs random performance rates at 95K for its read, then 90K for its write.

Crucial designed the MX500 SSD with a couple of key features to enhance its performance. The most notable feature is its dynamic write acceleration.

It takes advantage of the SLC buffer like a lot of drives. But instead of having an established size, the MX500 can decrease or increase based on the drive’s state.

Crucial MX500 SSD Packaging

Now on our Crucial MX500 SSD review, we’re taking a look at how the company packed their SSD.

When we received our MX500 SSD, it came in a clamshell-style box that has a little insert. It includes links to Crucial’s service and support pages.

Crucial mx500 2.5 add Photos 1 Crucial MX500 SSD Review Crucial mx500 2.5 add Photos 2 Crucial MX500 SSD Review

Notice that the packaging for Crucial’s SSD lineup remains similar. The MX500 SSD is kept in a little square box with the proper labels on it to categorize the series from the rest.

Additionally, Crucial included a little sticker to note the drive’s capacity. Often, you can find the label at the bottom left portion of the SSD.

Although the packaging style stays the same, a few changes in the colour theme is seen.

This SSD is secure since the box it’s in is thicker compared to packages of the other products we’ve tried. Also, the packaging for this series provides capacity details and branding on the left section. For the model’s ID, you will find it on the right of the package.

Do note that Crucial does not display the performance specifications on the box. However, it provides details about the software add-ons and warranty.

Looking at the box’s rear, you’ll find more details about the warranty and support software.

Crucial mx500 2.5 add Photos 3 Crucial MX500 SSD Review

Next up on our Crucial MX500 SSD review is the SSDs design and functions.

Crucial MX500 SSD Review – Design & Functionality

The Crucial MX500 SSD sports a silver/grey aluminium case like their other SSDs. Similar to their previous generation of products, you’ll only find the BX or MX label on the sticker. However, it doesn’t specifically indicate which BX or MX generation it is.

For information like its capacity, serial number, etc., you’ll need to check the label at the rear of the SSD.

Close to the SATA ports at the front centre, you’ll find the Silicon Motion SM-2258 chip controller. Above the controller, you’ll see the Micron D9-STQ DDR3-1600 memory cache that has an 8GB density.

Crucial mx500 2.5 add Photos 4 Crucial MX500 SSD Review Crucial mx500 2.5 add Photos 5 Crucial MX500 SSD Review Crucial mx500 2.5 add Photos 6 Crucial MX500 SSD Review Crucial mx500 2.5 add Photos 7 Crucial MX500 SSD Review

Thermal pads are set on the controller and at the centre of the NAND chips. These aid in transferring heat from components to the aluminium case.

The Crucial MX500 SSD is built on a regular 2.5-inch, 7mm format that makes use of an aluminium case. It’s held in place by two screws on each section of the enclosure. The MX500 SSD that we have, which is the 500GB version, has all components on one side of the PCB.

For cache duties, there’s a 512MB Micron DDR-3L 1866MHz IC. Above the cache IC, you’ll find the four-channel Silicon Motion SM-2258 controller. The SM-2258 uses the 32-bit RISC CPU while supporting 3D MLC/TLC NAND and 1z nm TLC.

Next on our Crucial MX500 SSD review is all about the key features of this SSD.

Key Features of the Crucial MX500 SSD

This time on our Crucial MX500 SSD review, we will focus on this SSD’s key features.

Do All the Work Seamlessly

With the Crucial MX500 SSD, you can seamlessly breeze through all your tasks. Start your system in a snap, instantly load files, and then boost even the most demanding apps today.

Their DWA or Dynamic Write Acceleration technology utilizes a flexible pool of single-level, high-speed cell flash memory for generating speed.

Enhanced Efficiency of the Next Generation Micron 3D NAND

Cutting-edge elements are engineered from the beginning to end for top efficiency. With that, the Crucial MX500 only utilizes a small amount of power while delivering high price-to-performance ratios.

With the SSD, you can take advantage of a cooler, faster, and quieter computer for your home or business.

Upgrade to a Reliable and Highly Efficient Drive

The MX500 has hours of pre-release validations, lots of SSD quality tests, and a collection of award-winning SSD’s. Also, it’s tried, tested, and proven to be a highly-effective SSD.

With that, you can secure and protect all essential files on your drive. The MX500 will provide established dependability, plus all the advanced features that Crucial’s SSDs are known for.

Install with Confidence

For a lot of people, transferring data and opening a computer is entirely terrifying. This is why Crucial made it an easier task to follow in their step-by-step SSD Installation Guide.

It’s something that you should check out before purchasing. Then, you can set up your SSD in a snap, with all data successfully transferred without any hassles.

Micron-Quality Tested – Boosted Level of Efficiency & Reliability

Crucial MX500 is supported by the same engineering innovation and quality that produced the most advanced storage and memory.

With lasting reliability, split-second speeds, and a long legacy, the MX500 gives you the best quality, security, and performance.


This portion of our Crucial MX500 SSD review deals with the specifications of the MX500.

The SSDs sequential read is 560MB/s while its write is 510MB/s. It has a random read of 95K IOPS and 90K IOPS for the random write.

Hands on with the Crucial MX500 SSD

Now on our Crucial MX500 SSD review, we’ll get more hands-on with the MX500 SSD.

SSD Management Utility: Storage Executive

Let’s begin with the Storage Executive tool kit. It’s pretty comprehensive and allows you to check the SMART data of the drive. It also updates firmware, checks the used capacity of the drive, and monitor’s the drive’s health and operating temperature.

Additionally, it resets encryption passwords if supported, enables the Momentum Cache, and adjusts Over Provisioning. We didn’t see any built-in data integration tool, yet downloading the Acronis True Image takes care of that.


mx500 test1 Crucial MX500 SSD Review

For starters, the sequential read speed of the MX500 SSD is as other SATA drives. For the sequential speeds, they’re extremely close to the fastest drives around, which is great.

When it comes to random performance, it’s pushed and boosted as high as possible. To our surprise, the drive even surpassed the IOPS performance that Crucial claimed.

When waking from idle mode, the MX500 SSD was notably quick.

Overall, the Crucial MX500 SSD’s score shows how perfect its capabilities are. Plus, its total bandwidth score surpasses the more expensive SSDs around. When it comes to the mainstream SATA SSDs, the MX500 performs excellently, making it a perfect SSD to use.

We don’t have any problems recommending the MX500 at all. For the record, it can deliver solid performance, as well as satisfactory read and writes.

And just like we always say, you’ll never go wrong with the MX500 series from Crucial.

Crucial MX500 SSD Review Summary

Crucial’s MX500 series has been out for several years. For this SSD, it initially launched with a single capacity, which was 1TB. Later on, this changed with the lineup having 250GB, 500GB, and 2TB.

For this 500GB MX500 SSD that we tested, its build quality is on par with the highest quality SATA SSDs. Its drive endurance of 700TBW makes it a solid SSD that guarantees reliability.

With its price, the Crucial MX500 SSD is definitely one of the best picks among the affordable SATA SSDs. It performed excellently during our file transfer tests, and it has a comprehensive, user-friendly utility software. Additionally, it comes with a 5-year warranty, making people more confident in their purchase.

Overall, the Crucial MX500 SSD is also one of the excellent drives that we’ve used. It’s great as a primary drive or a gaming drive. It delivered solid read & write performances, and we got more than what we paid for.

Although there were changes on the controller, the MX500 SSD from Crucial retained the features in the MX series. Also, it has the AES-256 hardware encryption engine that supports Microsoft eDRive, RAIN, and TCG Opal 2.0 for security. Aside from these, it features the Exclusive Data Defense technology for added data protection.

Crucial successfully released another high-quality 3D TLC drive that is worthy of being part of the MX series. What makes it better is that it has an affordable price while offering more than we expected.

In conclusion to our Crucial MX500 SSD review, we highly recommend this solid-state drive. More product information can be referred to company’s official website.