D Link DCS 8526LH

D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera Review

D-Link recently unleashed their full HD camera, and we’re discussing it in our D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera review.

Today, we can’t deny that there are a bunch of indoor security cameras available. These sport wide viewing angles and other features. However, these come with some limitations, and can’t entirely cover 360-degrees of the surroundings.

Yet with the latest full HD indoor camera from D-Link, you can do more than ever with the DCS-8526LH. With this, you’ll be able to pan, tilt, and see each angle in any area of your home. For convenience, you can do this via a smart device in real-time.

If you think this is something for you, continue reading our D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera review for more information.

D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera Packaging

Our D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera review will first focus on the packaging and contents of this camera.

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When we got our hands on the DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera, it came in D-Link’s classic-looking box. The packaging featured the usual blue and white aesthetics, and an image of the camera in front.

Aside from the camera, the model’s name, some of its features, compatibility, and other details are present on the box.

Inside the package, you’ll find the DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera set nicely and securely in place to avoid damages. Other items you’ll find include the micro-USB power supply, and the UK 3-pin and EU 2-pin plug adapters. Also, a ceiling/wall mounting kit is included.

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D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera Review – Design and Functionality

Now, our D-Link DCS-8526KG Full HD Camera review will discuss the camera’s build, design, and some functions. These details will somehow help you decide if it’s something you may consider for home security.

When it comes to the design, the camera sports an egg shape body that’s made from sturdy and durable plastic. Despite using this material, it still gives off a premium and a solid feel to it, which is great.

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We love the combination of the black lens and white colour for most of its body since it’s very unassuming. With that, the DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera is excellent to set anywhere without getting spotted or standing out.

In front of the camera, you’ll find two IR LED lights, as well as a light sensor. There’s also the 1080p lens situated at the centre of the camera.

Additionally, the front features the microSD card slot and microphone. For the card slot, it provides support for cards reaching up to 256GB.

The rear of the camera sports the Ethernet port, a speaker, power connector, and the reset button too.

What we learned about its memory is that you can decrease its resolution to 720p. It’s to boost the capacity of the memory card but will decrease the video resolution’s quality.

The RJ-45 Ethernet port is set on the rear of the camera’s base. Next to it is the reset button and micro-USB port to power up the camera.

As for the speaker grills, they’re placed behind the DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera. Specifically, it’s on the area that pans together with the cam. Plus, it supports two-way audio, allowing you to utilise it efficiently and effectively like how you would use an intercom system.

Key Features of the D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera

Our D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera review will now focus on the different key features of the camera.

Monitor All Angles of the Room

The DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera provides a 360-degree view of a room. Its pan-and-tilt technology, as well as its panorama view, lets you see every angle and part of the area.

It also has efficient auto-motion tracking, 5-metre night vision, edge-based person detection, and compatibility with virtual assistants. With these, you can easily and readily keep an eye out on every corner and space in your home.

Maximum Discretion + Privacy Mode

Privacy and security is the most sacred element to have in the comfort of your home. With the help of the Privacy Mode that’s accessible through mydlink, you won’t have to worry about anything further.

Simply access the mydlink app, and the camera’s lens will be entirely covered for privacy. With this, you have ultimate control over privacy whenever necessary.

Auto Motion Tracking

The auto motion tracking feature turns the full HD camera to an all-seeing and extremely responsive tracker. It’ll work to find the target no matter where they move, and it will occur automatically.

Extra Peace of Mind 24/7

Night monitoring is quicker and easier, thanks to integrated infrared LEDs in this camera. You’re allowed to view up to 5 metres in the dark, and everything will be sharp and clear.

Hear and Be Heard

The DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera allows you to set the volume thresholds to know the sound levels for triggering an alert. It’s excellent for detecting the noise made by intruders or even the cry of a child.

With its integrated two-way audio, you can listen to live audio coming from the camera’s live view. Then, readily speak via mobile device to anyone close to the camera.

Edge-Based Person Detection

Optimised AI identifies human motions. So, the DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera won’t get triggered by moving bugs that land on its frame.

The edge-based technology that it uses processes data onboard. With that, there’s no need to send videos to the cloud to get refined and processed. With that, you can ensure to get alerts as needed, and when someone is detected.

Ethernet Connectivity for Increased Reliability

With the optional wired connectivity, you won’t have to deal with dead WiFi zones. Your camera will still receive high and reliable internet speeds. Ethernet connectivity reduces latency and interference for better video recording.

Wireless Encryption

The newest 128-bit wireless encryption provides the most advanced security standards for your D-Link camera. It offers improved privacy throughout users’ networks and devices.

The next part of our D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera review will focus on the camera’s specifications.


The DCS-8526LH utilises 802.11g/n 2.4 GHz WiFi for its connectivity. Plus, you can utilise the Ethernet for wired connection. As for the video compression, the camera has H.264 streaming as well.

When it comes to the camera’s video resolution, its main profile is 1080p (1920×1080) @ up to 30 fps. Its audio support is MPEG-2 AAC-LC.

The power adapter of the DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera has an input of 100 – 240V AC; 50|60Hz. For its output, it reaches 5V DC 2-A (micro-USB). Speaking of power, its total power consumption is 6W ± 5%.

Operating temperature of the camera is 0 to 40-degrees Celsius, while storage temperature is at -20 to 70-degrees Celsius. And for the DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera’s overall weight, it’s only 320g.

Hands-on with the D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera

Our D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera review will be incomplete without us talking about its performance. We’ve got the chance to get hands-on with the camera. So, we were able to test if it’s as good as they claim.

First, let’s take a look at how the set up went and how we fared with the mydlink app.

Setting Up and Using the mydlink Application

Setting up the camera was extremely simple, and it took us less than three minutes to install. Once you plug in the DCS-8526LH’s power cable, open the app via a smart device. Doing this will have the app auto-detect the camera via Bluetooth.

You can also link the camera wirelessly to WiFi, or, go wired using the Ethernet cable. Any method will do since both connections are great and did not give us any issues.

Overall, the mydlink application is intuitive. It can readily adjust sensitivity, select what areas you watch over, as well as scheduling setups.

If you need to talk to anyone on the other end, simply press the talk button. This is found on the app, and you’re good to go.

As for setting up the push notifications, it’s easy and automatic. Plus, you can even set up certain actions and events to fine-tune the process.

We liked that the camera informs you via LED lights regarding its status and performance. The green LED means it’s linked to your WiFi and mydlink. For red, it means that the camera is booting while yellow notes that it’s ready for set-up.

When the light flashes red/green, it indicates that there’s an upgrade happening in the firmware.

Motion tracking was extremely useful for us. Instead of just showing that someone moved by the camera, it’ll also display the movement in other areas.

For the IR LEDs, its night vision was highly efficient even in the darkest areas of the room. Of course, the video quality was excellent, and the camera gave us a clear and sharp outcome at 30 fps.

D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera Review Summary

Before writing our D-Link DCS-8526LH Full HD Camera review, we tested this for several weeks to see its performance. After that, we were able to conclude that this camera is not only rich in features.

It’s a flawless security camera that every home should have.

The DCS-8526LH Full HD offers wide coverage, is easy to set up, and comes with a user-friendly application. Not only that, but it’s fully customisable, making it another superior product from D-Link.

If you want to get your hands on this camera, you can buy it from the company’s official website.