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Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review

We know that streaming takes a large portion of the digital and entertainment market. Not only that, numerous TVs offer different types of integrated streaming services with dedicated media players too. In our Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review, we will look at what product the company is offering.

Generally, the Max Vision 4K is a full-sized premium 4Kp60 HDR10+ and Dolby Vision media player. It is on Realtek RRD-1619D with two HDD racks and HiFi audio. Other than these, it has additional notable features like advanced connectivity, high-end toroidal PSU, an OLED display, etc.

This Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review will discuss its design, functions, features, specifications, and more. Of course, we will look at its performance and how it can optimise your entertainment and media enjoyment. 

But before we get deeper into the product, we will check its packaging and inclusions.  

Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Packaging

Our media player arrived in a simple-looking cardboard box sporting the branding of Dune HD and the product name. You will not find much in its design since Dune HD kept things simple and minimal. 

After inspecting the box for our Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review, we continued checking what was inside. Aside from the Max Vision 4K, the container also has a premium IR remote and two WiFi antennas. There is a Bluetooth antenna, a BT AirMouse remote, a power EU & US plug, and an IR extender.

Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review12 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review14 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review13 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review11 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review

The company even included an HDMI cable, four AAA batteries, one quick installation guide, and two 19-inch rack mounting brackets. And lastly, there are sets of screws for the mounting bracket, 3.5-inch HDD, and 2.5-inch HDD.

Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review – Design and Functionality

Our Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review will discuss the functions and design of the media player. Like every other product from the company, the Max Vision 4K sports a black metallic chassis. Other than that, each detail on it is perfectly integrated. 

Unlike its predecessor, the Max 4K, the current version has plenty of notable changes on its exterior. Dune HD did this to match the upgrades they included in the product. 

The company opted to increase the chassis’ height to almost the same as its front panel. Doing so provides a more seamless and efficient feel. 

Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review1 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review2 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review3 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review10 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review4 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review5 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review

Meanwhile, the front details are optimised to give you a bigger LED screen shifted to the left. This change in position creates enough space to house an HDD tray to its right. 

On each side of the media player’s chassis, you’ll find heat dissipation slots for stabilising temperature during operation. It limits the impact of the component system’s performance even when used for long durations.

Connection of the Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player

Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review6 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review7 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review8 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review9 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review

This product has rich connectivity that allows you to enjoy and access content from numerous sources. These include internal HDD, USB through USB ports, computer/network hard drives, detachable hard drives, etc. 

The media player’s Ethernet port can support up to 1000 Mbit/s. You can guarantee the smoothest experience when indulging in high-volume online content. 

Its output ports have one of the latest generation HDMI 2.0b out ports. It is an excellent addition to the product since it lets the player output video signals using 4Kpp60 HDR quality. 

Its audio isn’t inferior to the RCA since they opted to use XLR balanced ports for the Max Vision 4K. They work by outputting audio from the built-in DAC to a complete sound system.

Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review15 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review
Dune HD Max Vision 4k Review16 Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review

Dune HD included two remote controls for use. These are a Bluetooth remote and IR remote which gives you plenty of options to choose which remote would be best for you.

The latter is a full-sized premium remote that features backlight and a learning function as well. This lets you configure the remote to make it work with TVs and other devices you have.

The Bluetooth remote is a compact piece that sports the AirMouse function and integrated mic.

Key Features of the Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player 

It’s important to discuss a product’s key features. So, we will focus on them in this section of our Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review.  

Premium Full-size Casing

The Max Vision 4K sports the basic 43cm design that perfectly fits most video/audio racks.

Hi-Fi Analogue Audio Output

The product features high-fidelity analogue stereo audio outputs based on an excellent 32-bit DAC. Plus, it comes with the leading low distortion characteristics available today. 

The feature allows you to play tunes using the most updated DSD format in the Direct DSD mode. You can also play audio using a variety of lossless formats like FLAC/PCM up to 384kHz.

Hi-End PSU

The Max Vision 4K uses a toroidal power transformer with separate circuits for analogue and digital parts. 

Big OLED Display

The front panel of the Max Vision 4K has a large matrix OLED display. It shows the current time, playback position, and currently played song. Also, it supports navigating menus of the media player even with the TV powered off.

Two HDD Racks

You can use the front panel hot-swap HDD racks to replace 3.5-inch SATA HDDs quickly and easily. The rear panel slot for HDDs is for installing a 3.5 or 2.5-inch HDD or SSD.

Advanced Silent Cooling

With its 120mm Hi-End ultra-low noise fan from Noctua, this media player has an efficient and quiet cooling system.

RTD-1619DR Media Processor

The Max Vision 4K uses the latest RTD1619DR media processor. It is the advanced processor from Realtek with Dolby Vision support.

Two HDMI Output Ports

The extra HDMI output port offers the optimal picture and audio quality in all scenarios. As a result, you can enjoy your media while using a 4K/HDR TV. This media player will also give you the best quality when you use an A/V receiver that does not support 4K/HDR.

Dolby Vision and HDR10+

The Max Vision 4K supports HDR technology like the previously released media players. But it also works with the newest and most advanced Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

In the beginning, conventional HDR technology sets the brightness range. It doesn’t change in-between. As a result, bright and dark scenes may have insufficient detail.

The latest Dolby Vision and HDR10+ optimise the brightness range for each frame to deliver maximum picture detail.

Dolby Vision VS10 video processor

The Dolby Vision VS10 is an advanced video processing engine that ensures the highest image quality for any content. This technology enhances conversion when playing Dolby Vision, HDR, or SDR with other compatible video output signal quality. Additionally, it reduces posterisation or banding due to advanced video processing.

ISO / Folder Structures Playback

The Max Vision 4K allows direct movie ISO/folder structures playback in FEL and MEL (Dolby Vision formats). It uses and transmits the extended Dolby Vision information to the TV to improve the picture quality. That is thanks to the unique video playback and output engine that Dune HD created.

Highly Versatile with the Largest Support for Dolby Vision File Formats

All popular file formats like MP4, MKV, TS, M2TS, ISO, and movie folder structure support Dolby Vision. It also works with the most used Dolby Vision profiles like P4, P5, P7, P8, MEL, and FEL).

Dune HD Dolby Vision Purifier

Dolby Vision Purifier is a technology unique to Dune HD media players. It optimises Dolby Vision files on the fly to work with Realtek RTD-1619DR. The feature guarantees the most stable playback, including incorrectly encoded files that often cause stuttering, freezing, and out-of-sync audio.

VP9 Profile-2 and YouTube 4K HDR Support

The Max Vision 4K supports the old VP9 video codec and the newest VP9 profile 2, which supports HDR. It is also for 4K HDR content on Youtube.

Faster CPU and GPU

The media player features a 6-core ARM A55 CPU. It is 77% faster than the previously used 4-core ARM A53. The product also has the new GPU Mali-G51, which works 50% faster than the Mali T-820. 

Enjoy the faster performance with the Max Vision 4K Media Player.

4 GB RAM and 32 GB Flash 

With 4GB RAM, the Max Vision 4K Media Player works two times faster than the older Dune HD media players. It provides better performance for the heaviest apps. 

Plus, the product has 32GB flash – an increase in storage space that is two times faster than previous media players.

Android 9

Android 9 provides enhanced support for the latest Android apps.

Bluetooth 5.0 and Built-in Bluetooth

From Bluetooth 4 of previous Dune HD media players, the Max Vision 4K Media Player comes upgraded with Bluetooth 5. With its integrated Bluetooth interface, you can easily connect different wireless keyboards, remote controls, mice, audio speakers, headphones, etc.

Full 3D support

The flawless playback of Full HD video in 3D can be enjoyable with support for the top-to-bottom, side-by-side MVC formats.

Optical Disc Drive support (USB)

Play media files from optical discs by attaching an external USB optical disc drive. Note that it only works with non-encrypted optical discs.

Dual-band 802.11ac 2T2R WiFi and 1Gb Ethernet

You may stream high-bitrate content through the air with dual-band WiFi. It supports 802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz + 5.0 GHz), 2T2R support, and two external WiFi antennas. With wired connectivity, the 1Gbit Ethernet port enables you to achieve optimum performance.

Premium IR Remote with Learning and Backlight

Premium IR remote control and learning capabilities enable programming the Max Vision 4K to operate as a media player. It can also work as a TV or other devices.

IR Input Port and IR Extender

The IR input port allows linking an IR extender to enhance player installation flexibility.


We will continue our Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review and discuss the product specifications. 

The Max Vision 4K uses a Realtek RTD-1619DR processor, a 4GB operating memory, and a 32GB flash memory. It has a dual-band 2.4+5GHz 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2T2R connection and two external antennas. Plus, it has Bluetooth 5.0 with a separate external antenna.

For cooling, it uses a 120mm hi-end ultra-low noise fan for effective yet silent cooling. It has a matrix OLED for its front panel display, and its power supply is a toroidal power transformer. 

The product runs on AC ~220-240/110-120V | 50/60Hz. And it is compatible with Android 9.0 and the Linux-based Dune HD operating system. The dimensions for the media player are 425 x 310 x 76mm (WxHxD). 

Additional Specifications for the Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player

Media sources of the Max Vision 4K include the internal SATA HDDs, external USB HDDs, and USB devices. Other sources include external optical USB disc drives, PC & NAS in local networks, and other internet/local network media sources. 

The media player supports video file formats such as MPEG-PS,  MKV, MPEG-TS, VOB, and M2TS. It can also open WMV, AVI, ISO, MP4, MOV, QT, ASF, and folders.

The Max Vision 4K is also compatible with the following video and audio codecs. The video codecs are MPEG 2 & 4, VC1, XVID, WMV9, H.265 10-bit, H.264, H.265, and VP9. It also supports VP9 profile-2 and high-bitrate videos that reach 100 Mbit/s or higher. 

Audio codecs include MPEG-1/2 layer I / II / III, LPCM, AAC, FLAC, Vorbis, multichannel FLAC, APE (Monkey Audio), and WavPack. It also supports DTS, ALAC (Apple lossless), AC3, and SACD DSD (stereo).

You can play audio files in the following formats too. These include MP3,  M4A, MPA,  FLAC, AAC, WAV, Ogg/Vorbis, WavPack, ALAC, APE (Monkeys Audio), SACD ISO, and SACD DSF. Also included are AC3, DTS, DTS-WAV, and SACD DFF files. 

And lastly, the picture files this media player supports are PNG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP formats. 

Hands-on with the Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player 

How did the product fare during our tests? Did it perform excellently, or should you look elsewhere? We used the media player for over a week. So, we will share our experience with it in this Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review.

The colour, sync, offset, size, and encoding of subtitles can be regulated using the interface that Dune HD designed. You can change everything, and all adjustments made are displayed immediately. 

We cannot deny that its interface is intuitive and user-friendly. However, you will need some time to get used to it. 

This hybrid operating system combines Android OS with the Linux-based Dune HD OS. The mix guarantees excellent performance and smooth media playback.

Once you complete the initial setup, you will shift to the main menu. It is the central location from where you can access the features of the Max Vision 4K. Additionally, the menu consists of an array of icons.

When we saw it, we noticed it had more icons than most media players. However, not all of these are essential for everything. But we appreciate that plenty of the items present can be expanded/suppressed. 

Additionally, the layout of this software is slightly challenging, especially when trying to locate a few things. The reason is that numerous essential apps were under the Android OS. It would be better if these were under its exclusive Dune HD category. 

It is undoubtedly more complicated than it needs to be. And, we think Dune HD should design a more simple format that is easier to use.

The Max Vision 4K processed all jobs faster than its predecessor. That is thanks to the configuration of a 6-core ARM A55 chip and a GPT graphics chip.

We were able to conceal the media player from view and conveniently operate it via smartphones and tablets. All you have to do is utilise the Dune Control application on iOS or Android.

Our movie collection played on the Max Vision 4K without any issues. Any format, including the DVD/BD menu, ran seamlessly without hiccups.

Different sound formats, such as DD Atmos and DTS-X, played adequately using our AMP. Additionally, the BD Full Menu support was better than the others we tried. We did not encounter any menu-related BD disc issues, including 3D discs and UHD.

The temperature of Max Vision 4K was always stable and balanced during operations. There were no instances of noise compromising its sound quality. 

The additional HDMI output of the Max Vision 4K offered optimum picture and audio quality in each movie we watched. We enjoyed the high-quality detail and excellent brightness settings that the features of this media player provided.

Its sound array proved that Dune HD paid adequate attention to enhancing this high-end media player. Thanks to the AK4493EQ DAC chip, it delivered an outstanding audio quality that was rich in detail. Also, there was minimal distortion compared to its predecessors.

Its dedicated signal outputs made using the player with audiophile sets easy. The unique toroidal power supply reduced the toroidal noise of the Max Vision 4K, which maintained excellent audio signal quality.

Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review Summary

The Max Vision 4K is another excellent media player from Dune HD. The added features efficiently delivered superior audio and image quality in all content we played.

When we tested it for our Dune HD Max Vision 4K Media Player Review, we noticed how fast it performed. Its upgraded RAM and flash made our user experience more enjoyable.

Most importantly, the unique features of this product improved our overall viewing experience. It exceeded our expectations with its high-quality picture and video, which was satisfying. With that, we highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to bring more excitement to their home entertainment experience.

To learn more about the Max Vision 4K Media Player, visit the official product page of Dune HD.