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Best Media Player for AppleTV in 2023

Digital entertainment requires having access to an outstanding media player. No matter if you prefer movies, binge-watching TV series, music concerts or just listening to podcasts – having the best media player can significantly elevate the experience – this is especially true if using AppleTV; with its sleek design and HD output capability this premium platform deserves to have access to only top quality media players.

With so many media players available, selecting the best media player for AppleTV may seem impossible. That’s where we come in – in this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine some of the leading AppleTV media players, discussing their features, benefits and drawbacks so that you can make an informed decision.

Relax and join me as I embark on this quest to discover the best media player for AppleTV.

Why You Require the Ideal Media Player for AppleTV

When it comes to enjoying movies, television shows and music, the quality of your media player can make all the difference. An exceptional media player not only ensures smooth playback but also provides various features to enhance your viewing or listening experience.

AppleTV users know the value of selecting an ideal media player is even higher; AppleTV is known for producing high-quality output, so to maximize its capabilities you need a media player capable of matching its performance.

Here’s why you require the best media player for AppleTV:

  1. Superior Performance: For optimal media player experience, look for one with smooth and lag-free performance to guarantee smooth movie or music playback without interruption.
  2. Wide Format Support: While different media players support various file formats, the top ones offer wide format support so that you can play a wide range of media files without any difficulties.
  3. Enhanced Features: From creating playlists to customizing playback speed settings, media players offer plenty of features that enable you to personalize your viewing or listening experience.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: An ideal media player provides a user-friendly experience, offering simple navigation features for effortless use.
  5. Reliable Support: When shopping for media players, choose ones with reliable customer support so that when you need assistance you can receive it promptly.

Below we will cover some of the top media players for AppleTV to help you select one that best meets your needs. Let’s begin!

Top Media Players for AppleTV

Finding the ideal media player can be a difficult challenge, so we did the hard work for you and have listed here the top AppleTV-compatible media players:

VLC Player is an Open Video Player Compatible With Apple Devices

VLC Player is a household name among media players. Free and open source, it supports an expansive list of formats – making it the ideal solution for AppleTV users.

  • Provides wide format support, even for more unusual formats like DVDs. This means that almost any media file can be played back on an AppleTV without any worries of compatibility issues arising.
  • Supports network streams such as HLS, MMS and RTSP to allow you to stream content directly from the internet.
  • Gives you full control of your viewing experience with its advanced controls that offer playback speed manipulation and fine seeking features, among many other benefits.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Bluetooth headsets, including spatial audio on AirPods Pro and Max headsets, so that you can enjoy content without disturbing others.
  • Stands out by being completely free and provides access to its amazing features without incurring a single cent of cost.

PlayerXtreme Media Player: Outstanding Features to Enhance Viewing Experience

PlayerXtreme Media Player is an innovative media player designed to ensure an exceptional viewing experience on AppleTV devices. Its advanced features provide an effortless viewing experience.

Key Features:

PlayerXtreme supports an expansive variety of media file formats, making it possible to play nearly every media file on AppleTV.

  • Streaming Support: With PlayerXtreme’s streaming feature, you can effortlessly stream your desired content directly from the internet for an uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • Subtitle Download: PlayerXtreme makes subtitle download easy for anyone watching foreign films or simply preferring having subtitles with their media files. With its convenient subtitle downloading function, PlayerXtreme lets you take control of what media files contain subtitles for you to watch or listen to.
  • Folder Hiding: Enables you to keep certain media files hidden from guest users.
  • Pro Version Available: While PlayerXtreme’s basic version is free to use, its Pro version features additional capabilities for an enhanced viewing experience.

PlayerXtreme is an excellent media player to consider for use with AppleTV, but there may be other great alternatives out there that might suit better. We will discuss more media players that might make an excellent fit with your AppleTV in future sections.

Infuse 7: High-Quality Playback for an Ultimate Viewing Experience
Infuse 7 best media player for AppleTV Infuse 7 best media player for AppleTV Infuse 7 best media player for AppleTV

Infuse 7 is a premium media player known for its superior audio/video playback quality and extensive format support, offering viewers with AppleTV a superior viewing experience.

Infuse 7 is known for its superior playback. It supports full HD 4K playback videos for an engaging viewing experience on AppleTV.

  • Wide Format Support: Infuse 7 supports an extensive list of media formats, such as MKV, MP4, AVI and more, which means you can play almost any media file without compatibility issues or limitations.
  • Streaming Support: With Infuse 7, you can stream directly from popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.
  • AirPlay and Google Cast support: Infuse 7 offers AirPlay and Google Cast functionality, enabling you to cast media files to other devices easily.
  • Beautiful Interface: Infuse 7 features an attractive, user-friendly interface that makes navigation effortless.

For a comprehensive review of Infuse 7, take a look at our review.

Infuse 7 is an incredible media player for AppleTV, but it isn’t the only option out there. We will explore another excellent media player which could become the ideal solution for your AppleTV in this next section.

Plex: Access Your Media on Any Device

best media player
Plex best media player for AppleTV
Plex best media player for AppleTV

Plex is more than just a media player; it’s an all-in-one media server which makes organizing and streaming media across devices easy, such as AppleTV. When combined with the right NAS such as Synology’s DS723+ you can make the perfect Plex server!

  • Plex makes your media files easy to locate and stream – making streaming content simpler than ever.
  • Plex makes streaming media on any device easy: AppleTV, smartphone or tablet!
  • Plex Pass: Plex offers a subscription service called Plex Pass that includes additional features like mobile synchronization, live TV & DVR recording capabilities and premium music services.
  • Compatible With Synology DS723+: When combined with the Synology DS723+, Plex can become the ultimate media server in your home. The 2-bay NAS provides perfect streaming performance – for more details check out our comprehensive review.

Plex is the perfect media player and server solution for AppleTV users looking for an all-encompassing media solution. Offering both features at once, Plex provides comprehensive solutions to meet all of your media needs.

Summary of Each Media Player

Your choice of media player for AppleTV depends entirely upon your specific needs and preferences, but to help guide the decision-making process we will explore each media player further here.

  1. VLC Player is an innovative media player known for its wide format support and reliable performance, all for free on an open-source platform – perfect for budget-minded users! While offering many features similar to its more premium counterparts, however it lacks some advanced functions found here.
  2. PlayerXtreme Media Player is an advanced media player offering features such as streaming support and subtitle download, along with smooth viewing experience on AppleTV. However, its best features can only be accessed in its Pro version at an extra cost.
  3. Infuse 7 is a premium media player known for its high-quality playback and wide format support, making it the ideal solution for AppleTV users looking for optimal viewing experiences. Unfortunately, its price may put off some users.
  4. Plex is more than just a media player: it’s also a media server, providing access to your media across any device and organizing/streaming it at will. Pairing Plex with an appropriate NAS such as Synology’s DS723+ creates the ideal Plex server; though to access some of its most advanced features you will require a subscription plan for Plex Pass.

Next, we’ll look at how to select the best media player for AppleTV by considering factors such as compatibility, format support, user interface design and more.

How to Select the Appropriate AppleTV Media Player

Finding the “best media player for AppleTV” should not simply involve selecting one with lots of features – rather, it should involve finding something which best meets your individual needs. Here are some factors you should keep in mind when making this selection:


Ensure the media player you purchase is compatible with AppleTV – all the media players we’ve discussed in this guide are AppleTV-compatible, with media players such as Infuse 7 and Plex offering outstanding playback support.

Format Support

The range of formats supported by media players when choosing the ideal AppleTV media player is another critical factor to take into account when making a selection decision. Different media players support various file formats; those offering more support indicate greater versatility.

VLC Player is well known for its wide format support, enabling you to access virtually every media file on AppleTV. PlayerXtreme and Infuse 7 both also boast strong support for multiple media formats that ensure compatibility with most media files.

However, it’s not just the number of formats supported that matters: It is also how well each media player handles these formats – the perfect AppleTV media player must be able to play different formats seamlessly without any lag or quality loss.

So when selecting an AppleTV media player, be sure to carefully evaluate its supported formats list. And keep in mind that the best media player will likely support those formats you primarily utilize.

User Interface

Whilst selecting an AppleTV media player, user experience should always come first. An ideal media player for you should feature an intuitive and hassle-free navigation experience for an ideal viewing experience.

Look for a media player that organizes your media files efficiently. Features like search functionality, categorization and customizable playlists as provided by Infuse 7 should make finding and playing your desired content simpler.

Plex excels at this with its media server functionality, enabling you to organize and stream media across any device. Infuse 7 also boasts an elegant user-friendly interface which makes navigation a breeze.

Advanced Features

Advanced features can significantly enhance your viewing or listening experience, making them a key consideration when selecting the ideal media player for AppleTV.

These features may include streaming support, which enables you to stream content directly from the internet. Subtitle download can be useful if you like watching foreign films with subtitles, while playback speed manipulation makes watching media at your own pace much simpler.

PlayerXtreme Media Player stands out with advanced features such as streaming support and subtitle download, while Infuse 7 stands out with high-quality playback and extensive format support.

Keep this in mind when evaluating various media players: you should look for one with features most relevant to you and take into account both your needs and preferences when making your selection.


While many media players are free, others come at a cost. When looking for the best media player for AppleTV, keep your budget in mind – more expensive doesn’t always equal better; find one with the greatest value for your dollar.

By considering these factors, you can select the optimal media player for your AppleTV that meets all of your specific viewing needs and enhances the viewing experience. Next we’ll address some frequently asked questions regarding AppleTV media players.


Choosing the best media player for your AppleTV can significantly enhance your viewing experience. Whether it’s the versatile VLC Player, the feature-rich PlayerXtreme, the high-quality Infuse 7, or the comprehensive Plex, each media player offers unique features and advantages.

Remember, the best media player for you is the one that meets your specific needs and preferences. So, consider factors like compatibility, format support, user interface, advanced features, and price when making your decision.

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights to help you choose the best media player for your AppleTV. Happy viewing!