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Infuse 7 Video Player Review

Today we are writing our Infuse 7 Video Player Review to share essential details about this product. It is an app that lets you convert or transcode files quickly and efficiently. In addition, its powerful playback engine allows you to create video files in varying formats.

With Infuse 7, users can effortlessly browse and play videos stored on different devices. It works with MacOS, iOS, PCs, NAS, and media servers. Also, this video player is ideal for downloading metadata/artwork for movies and TV shows. Additionally, the software provides real-time playback progress monitoring, ensuring that all devices are in sync.

Continue reading our Infuse 7 Video Player Review to learn about its design, functions, features, and how it performs. These will help determine if the Infuse 7 Video Player is suited for your needs. 

Infuse 7 Video Player Review – Design and Functionality

Infuse 7 has a unified home screen, offering more customisation options. These include a feature that lets you pin movie lists to your home screen via playlist, rating, unwatched, etc. 

It uses iCloud to store playback progress, metadata, and library settings in sync between devices. In addition, you can play videos on an iPhone and continue where you left off when moving to Apple TV. It will also sync your playback status when using other devices like Plex.

While using this app for our Infuse 7 Video Player Review, we enjoyed this feature. Since our devices were in sync, we did not need to find the part where we stopped watching.

Infuse 7 has a variable speed playback, which is handy when working on a backlog of content. It allows speeding up your video to 1.5x to 2x.

Infuse 7 Pro

We will also discuss some details about the Pro version of this app in our Infuse 7 Video Player Review.

Although Infuse 7 is downloadable for free, you can enjoy more features by purchasing the Pro version. It is available via an in-app subscription or a one-time purchase.

In Infuse 7 Pro, you can share all in-app purchases with family members via Family Sharing features from Apple. In addition, it unlocks more file formats, 24-bit Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD MA audio, and AirPlay support.

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Key Features of the Infuse 7 Video Player 

Our Infuse 7 Video Player Review will share a list of features you need to know about this video player. These details tell you what the product offers and if it is on par with your needs and preferences.

All-in-one Excellence

The Infuse 7 Video Player not only looks great with its user-friendly user interface. It also lets you play anything you throw at it and is surprisingly powerful. 

Top-notch Playback

Enjoy smooth and seamless playback of 4K Ultra high-definition HDR10+ and HDR videos. Do this with adequate decoding of h.265 and h.264. 

Convenient Subtitles

Add or bring your subtitles in seconds using the free, single-tap downloads via

Drag-and-drop Transfer

Conveniently move files using iTunes, AirDrop, or your favourite web browser to transfer videos. If you use iOS devices, you will not need cables to do these. 

Sync Using Trakt

Link with Trakt to keep an eye on what you recently watched. You can do this by scrobbling ratings and play history to your account. 

Customised Collections + Playlists

Make your collections and playlists of your favourite movies, shows, and home videos quickly. Once you do, loop and shuffle your files whenever you please.

Watch Videos on the Go with Infuse 7 Video Player

Stream via SanDisk Connect, AirStash, or other WiFi travel drives to play content anytime, anywhere. 

Smart Groups 

Automatically tag and then group multiple versions, cuts, and duplicates of a movie before displaying these as a single item.

Home Theatre & Projectors

Versatile crop, zoom, alignment options, and aspect ratio can work with high-end theatre environments. 

Up-to-date Video Upscaling

Intelligent video upscaling lets lower-resolution videos look perfect even when you view them on big screens.

Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin

Take advantage and connect using Emby, Plex, and Jellyfin to play videos while keeping your ratings and history in sync. 

Upgrade and Get More Storage!

You can get up to 256GB of storage by adding the SanDisk iXpand drive. It is the best external lightning flash drive in the world. 

Parental Controls on Infuse 7 Video Player

Manage the kind of content your children can access with the help of easy-to-configure ratings and folder controls. 

Pro Infuse 7 Video Player Features

The Pro version will let you receive additional features, which we will discuss in our Infuse 7 Video Player Review. On top of those we already mentioned, you can enjoy and take advantage of the following: 

Extra Video Formats + HD-quality Audio with Spatial Audio

Enjoy more video formats to avoid wasting time on hours of file conversions. Aside from this, you will hear every essential detail with enhanced support for high-resolution DTS-HD and Dolby audio.

AirPlay & Google Cast

Stream your videos on the big scream with the boost of surround sound and subtitles. You can use Google Cast and AirPlay to achieve this feature.

Cloud Streaming

This feature will allow you to stream directly from cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, YandexDisk, pCloud, and MEGA. 

Get Updates for Life 

Receive access to future updates, including major releases like v8, v9, and more. Plus, you can also get a subscription to Infuse Pro.


Infuse 7 is an excellent option for anyone who needs reliable and powerful software to play video files. It can handle a range of file formats, such as MP4, MKV, M4V, and MOV. So you do not have to worry about compatibility issues when playing different videos.

Moreover, the video player supports Dolby and DTS audio, thus, providing a cinematic audio experience for users. You can enjoy videos with high-quality audio, making it ideal for watching movies/TV shows or even listening to music. Overall Infuse 7 is a versatile and feature-packed software for playing various video/audio formats.

Hands-on with the Infuse 7 Video Player 

We used this app for our Infuse 7 Video Player Review to see how well it works. Also, sharing our user experience will give you an idea if it is a good video player.

When we installed Infuse 7, we immediately noticed its clean interface, making navigating easy. In addition, all our files were easily accessible for watching various videos.

One of the best things about Infuse 7 is its support for 4K (Ultra-HD) HDR video playback. In addition, it delivered efficient hardware decoding and allowed us to download subtitles. Surprisingly, this video player worked smoothly and seamlessly even when playing videos from different sources.

In high-end theatre environments, Infuse 7 also worked with versatile aspect ratio, zoom, crop, and alignment options. Plus, it supported Picture-in-Picture and native Split View on compatible devices.

Infuse 7 Video Player Review Summary

If you are looking for a versatile app that allows 2x playback speed, Infuse 7 is the ideal video player. It has all the excellent features that make a robust video playback app. Plus, it works with Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

What makes Infuse 7 excellent is you can access it from anywhere, and it plays most video file formats. You can also browse and play videos stored on various devices, including PC, Mac, NAS, Plex, Jellyfin, Dropbox, etc. 

With the playback engine of this app, it can support all your files. When we used it for our Infuse 7 Video Player Review, we did not experience any issues. It worked seamlessly, and we enjoyed watching the available content on our different storage devices.

We highly recommend Infuse 7 for its outstanding features, convenience, and versatility. However, if you want to maximise its use, you can opt for its pro version.

To learn more about this video player, visit the official product page of Infuse.