EPOS|SENNHEISER GSP 601 Gaming Headset Review

With the number of gaming headsets readily available in the market, it may be hard to pick the headset that is right for you. But here in our EPOS|SENNHEISER GSP 601 Gaming Headset review, we will show you a reliable alternative for all the mainstream brands out there.

EPOS|SENNHEISER is releasing more and more products and gaining traction in the process. The GSP series, a dark horse in the gaming headset race, is becoming more and more impressive with its improvements, innovations, and myriad of features.

Today we will tackle all of what makes the GSP 601 significant, and more, in our GSP 601 Gaming Headset review. Let us begin.

EPOS|SENNHEISER GSP 601 Gaming Headset Packaging

Let’s take a look at the first thing we see when the GSP 601 arrives at our doorstep: the packaging.

When the box arrived, we went on and measured it for good measure. The dimensions of the headset packaging are as follows: 220 mm in length, 100 mm in width, and 240 mm in height. It weighs in around 995 grams.

First of all, looks-wise, the packaging for this was simple and not over-the-top. The image of the headset takes up almost all of the front, further emphasizing its form. The product name can be found at the top left corner and the brand name at the top right.

Next, we’ll take a look at the sides. On the right side, the assembly diagram is displayed in more detail. Along with it are some other information at the bottom portion of this area.

These are the frequency response, impedance, and other technical data. We will discuss these specifications in more detail later on in the “Specifications” section.

Inside the Box

Once we take the headset off and shift our focus further inside, you can see a foam material in the cutout of the headset’s shape. When you place the headset back on, you can see that it fits perfectly inside.

The design choices that went into the GSP 601 Gaming Headset packaging were wise. Great layout, wise material choices and the foam cutout assures that the headset is cushioned securely and avoids shaking and potential damage during transit.

Furthermore, inside the box, we can find a quick start guide, a safety, guide, and warranty information for the GSP 601 Gaming Headset, all supported in different languages.

Let us now look at the design and functionality of this headset in the next section of our GSP 601 Gaming Headset review.

EPOS|SENNHEISER GSP 601 Gaming Headset Review – Design and Functionality

Now let us tackle the bigger picture by inspecting the GSP 601’s overall functionality and its design.

The GSP 601 Gaming Headset is a gaming headset designed to give the player a truly immersive experience. With its noise-cancellation and superb sound quality, each gaming session will be as immersive as possible.

Using a wide array of frequencies in the audio spectrum, the GSP 601 can masterfully reproduce each sound of the game down to the smallest details; as what was intended by the developers.

Not only that, but the GSP 601 Gaming Headset also functions as your everyday headphones. Given the features above, it is also great for watching movies and listening to music.

Hear intricacies in your favourite artists’ songs that you’ve never heard before. It’s just the way they intended for you to hear.

From the crispiest of highs down to the lowest of sub-basses, you will get a better idea of what’s happening in the entire audio field—allowing for an immersive experience never heard before.

The GSP 601 Gaming Headset is also great at communication, thanks to its high-quality microphones. From video conferences to everyday communication with loved ones, the GSP 601 Gaming Headset is a great all-rounder and will serve you in many aspects of your life, not just gaming.

Let’s now jump to the features section of our GSP 601 Gaming Headset review.

Key Features of the EPOS|SENNHEISER GSP 601 Gaming Headset

Now, let’s talk about all of the standout features that make the GSP 601 such a great headset.

Maximum Comfort

First and foremost, the GSP 601 Gaming Headset has great, sufficiently-sized earcups. The GSP 301 sports a thick cushion. Other than enabling excellent noise isolation, it also provides a comfortable rest on your ears.

Leather material is used on the surroundings of the earcups, but the material used where the ear makes contact (at the bottom), is suede. This means there is no heat buildup when the headset is worn.

This also allows for a comfortable fit, sufficient noise isolation, and removing strain during long periods of use.

Superb Noise-Cancellation

Speaking of which, the GSP 601 Gaming Headset’s closed-ended design allows for ambient and outside noise not to get through and interrupt your gaming sessions.

The earcup design is just right for your ears and strikes an outstanding balance between comfort and functionality. This ensures an immersive audio experience whenever you’re using the GSP 601 Gaming Headset.

A Robust and Reliable Build

At first glance, the build of the GSP 601 Gaming Headset is different. It may look bulky to some, but that added “bulkiness” enables the GSP 601 to resist fall-damage, some flexing, and sports some degree of abuse resistance.

The GSP 601 Gaming Headset is built well and rigidly to ensure the components of the headset are intact. This is also to withstand mishaps, such as an accidental drop or pulling of the chord via the chair,

Tactile Feedback

Both the volume control and the microphone have “locks” in them that click when set on a certain length. This means that you can easily adjust the microphone and volume more quickly and seamlessly.

This just adds to the whole immersive nature of the GSP 601 Gaming Headset. Additionally, the headset adjustments both lengthwise and above have this same feature.

Adjustable Pressure Sliders

The adjustments for “above” mentioned before are a new and innovative feature that the GSP 601 Gaming Headset has. These so-called pressure sliders are meant to accommodate different facial shapes and sizes.

Instead of only going for the usual headset adjustments, these ensure that the proper fit is achieved. Thereby achieving not only maximum comfort but preventing sound leaks and adding to the noise isolation by getting that perfect fit.

Esports-grade Microphone

Last but not least, the GSP 601 Gaming Headset has an excellent quality microphone that ensures clear communication to you and your teammates. No distortion can be heard. And the mic placement is optimal for maximum ambient noise cancellation.

Most notably, when tested both in-game and in more everyday tasks such as video calls, the microphone performs excellently, accurately picks up the sound of your voice and projects them very clearly.

We’ll talk more about it in our hands-on observations. For now, we’ll go to the next section of our GSP 601 Gaming Headset review.


Now that we’ve talked about the bigger picture or the key features in our GSP 601 Gaming Headset review let’s take a look under the hood in the smaller details.

By looking at the specifications, we can see all the numbers and the components that make the whole GSP experience work.

Firstly, as per technical data, the GSP 601 Gaming Headset has an operating temperature range of 0 – 40 C. This is while having the same storage temperature range of 0 – 40 C.

Secondly, the dimensions of the GSP 601 Gaming headset are as follows: a length of 80 mm, a width of 190 mm, and a height that measures 165 mm.

Next, the GSP 601 Gaming Headset weighs 395 grams. It also has a cable length that spans 2500 mm in length.

The GSP 601 Gaming headset uses a transducer principle of dynamic closed. And the warranty for this device lasts up to two years.

Lastly, the GSP 601 Gaming Headset is compatible with MacOSX, PCSoftphone, PS4, XboxOne, and the Nintendo Switch.

Hands-on with the EPOS|SENNHEISER GSP 601 Gaming Headset

Now we’re on the hands-on section of GSP 601 Gaming Headset review. Let’s talk about our first impressions and overall experience when we finally got our hands in the GSP 601.

The first thing we noticed before the sound quality was the comfort. The padding on the headband is thick. Also, there was no excess force being exerted on the top of the head as well.

Overall, we can use the GSP 601 for long periods without feeling strain or discomfort.

Talking about the adjustment pressure sliders on the top, it helps fit in virtually any head shape. And by adjusting them, the bottom earcup doesn’t exert so much force, therefore striking a perfect balance. We found it to be quite Innovative. Not to mention it also has tactile visuals and steps. You can find your most comfortable setting with each click.

Now that we got into testing the sound quality, we noticed how discreet the volume knob was and how it fits seamlessly with the whole design. The volume knob had clicks or tactical feedback on them on each level.

And when we turned the knob down all the way, there was no audio, as expected at zero volume (not that we could say the same for other headsets we have tried in the past).

Conversely, when we turned the volume up all the way, we heard no clipping or distortion. The sound quality still sounded loud and clear, and overall was not compromised.

Relating to what was said before, there was also a click or tactile feedback on the mic. This was when it was turned up all the way, or when on mute. This is an excellent physical indicator and avoids confusion as to why you cannot be heard.

Not to mention, it is also attached tightly without being hard to move, owing to the robust build of the headset. They may look bulky to some, but for us, it fits right into our gaming headset, which they were marketed for in the first place.

Also, the headset was engineered to have the support for rigidity and to be as closed and isolated as possible from all outside noise after all.

Moreover, the microphone quality is fantastic and we were delighted with the noise cancellation.

For some users, the closed nature of the headset may bother them. It’s because you cannot hear yourself when speaking. But that is owing to the noise cancellation deafening all outside noises.

Overall, we were very satisfied with what we saw. With all the aspects we tested, the GSP 601 Gaming Headset passed with flying colours.

EPOS|SENNHEISER GSP 601 Gaming Headset Review Summary

The GSP 601 Gaming Headset has it all: maximum comfort, superb sound, excellent build quality, innovative ergonomics, and top-of-the-class noise cancellation. These are its main selling points, not to mention the myriad of other features mentioned.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the GSP 601 Gaming Headset. And we would use it in our daily tasks and gaming sessions. We highly recommend this headset for all gaming enthusiasts and casual users alike.

To close this GSP 601 Gaming Headset review, the EPOS|SENNHEISER brand keeps delivering with each release and seeks to improve more and more with each iteration of their GSP series. We look forward to their future models.

Looking at the  GSP 601 Gaming Headset, the trend seems to be rising upwards. The future looks bright for the folks at EPOS|SENNHEISER.

Thank you for reading through our GSP 601 Gaming Headset review. We hope you found it helpful. If you want to purchase their product, it can be found on their website here.