epson space robots Epson to Invest in Space Robot Development Startup GITAI

Epson to Invest in Space Robot Development Startup GITAI

SYDNEY, 17 March 2021 – Epson and its subsidiary Epson X Investment Corporation will subscribe in the third-party allocation of sales for GITAI Inc., a startup company developing general-purpose space robots, and invest in the company through their EP-GB Investment Limited Partnership.

GITAI is a startup company that aims to develop general-purpose robots for space stations, the surface of the Moon and Mars, as well as offer Raas (Robots as a Service). With space development increasing including resource development on the surface of the Moon, additional Mars exploration missions, and the commercialisation of ISS, there will also be increased requirements for labour in space, including the construction of new space stations and bases on the Moon and Mars, as well as the removal of debris.

However, even general labour in space has the potential to be dangerous and expensive due to the costs of training and transportation. In response to this, GITAI aims to lessen the risk and burden on astronauts, and dramatically decrease the overall cost of transportation and training when it comes to space labour through the development of general-purpose robots that can make space development both safe and affordable.

Epson will investigate the applicability of a variety of GITAI’s core technologies including to robotic solutions, dispatch engineers to GITAI, and will actively promote open innovation through personnel exchanges.

Going forward, Epson will continue developing synergistic relationships through a variety of partnerships centred around its unique technologies, products, and services in order to contribute to a sustainable society.

About Epson X Investment

Epson X Investment Corporation is a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) firm wholly owned by information equipment and precision instrument manufacturer Seiko Epson Corporation. It established the EP-GB Investment Limited Partnership with independent venture capital firm Global Brain Corporation, an independent venture capital firm specialising in CVC management, and participates in investment activities.


GITAI is developing general-purpose robots that make labour safe and affordable in the below space territories.

  1. Work inside and outside space stations.
  2. Docking, lifespan-increasing efforts, repair work, and maintenance work for orbital services (increasing the lifespan of satellites, removing debris).
  3. Exploration and base development on the moon.

A technical demonstration of the capability of GITAI robots to do general labour General-purpose robot developed by GITAI

r is scheduled to take place on the ISS (the International Space Station) in summer of 2021.