eufy c220 smart lock review Eufy Smart Lock Review - One of the Best and Most Simple Smart Locks

Eufy Smart Lock Review – One of the Best and Most Simple Smart Locks

Today, our Eufy Smart Lock Review will look into a product for safeguarding your home or office. Our review model is the C220, and it can fully protect your home or office without hassles.

The Smart Lock also does not limit you to unlocking via fingerprint. You can also open your doors using an app, a keycode, and even a key. 

Learn more about its design, specifications, functions, performance and features by reading our Eufy Smart Lock Review. We tested it for a week to see how it fares and if it is a product worth considering.  

Eufy Smart Lock Packaging

The C220 ships in a thick white cardboard box that has blue accents. The front displays an image of this Smart Lock, the company branding, its name, and its details. 

eufy smart lock review1 Eufy Smart Lock Review - One of the Best and Most Simple Smart Locks
eufy smart lock review2 Eufy Smart Lock Review - One of the Best and Most Simple Smart Locks
eufy smart lock review3 Eufy Smart Lock Review - One of the Best and Most Simple Smart Locks

Eufy packed the following items inside the package:

  • Exterior assembly with attached 10.16cm cable (12-pin plug)
  • Deadbolt assembly
  • Interior assembly back cover
  • Interior assembly
  • Strike plate
  • 8x AA batteries
  • 2x long bolts (length: 42.9 mm)
  • 2x strike plate screws (length: 19.05mm) 
  • 3x 7mm M4 screws for interior assembly
  • 3x deadbolt screws (length: 19.05mm) 
  • 2x Keys
  • Window decal
  • Silicone plug
  • Quick start guide
  • Customer support card

Eufy Smart Lock Review – Design and Functionality

When we unboxed the product for this Eufy Smart Lock Review, we expected it to be small. We were wrong. It is massive compared to similar products and comes in two parts that fit on either side of your door.

Its outer part features a keypad, fingerprint reader, and a keyhole. The inner portion houses its motor, large rechargeable batteries, and a manual latch mechanism. 

The C220 lets you unlock the door in three different ways. These include fingerprint scanning, passcode input, voice commands via the app, Bluetooth, and traditional keys.

The fingerprint scanner at the topmost portion makes unlocking your door highly convenient. Eufy claims it has superior precision and can unlock your door immediately. It also eliminates the need to pull out your smartphone or enter a passcode.

When we tested it for this Eufy Smart Lock Review, it unlocked the door in 0.3 seconds. It impressed us since we expected it to respond slowly, like many fingerprint scanners.

Another method of unlocking is by entering a passcode using the number pad. The best thing about this feature is it does not limit you to one code. For enhanced security, you can set a unique passcode for every person entering your property. 

Aside from setting unique passcodes for each authorised person, you can issue temporary guest codes. The Eufy Security mobile app allows you to set schedules and time limits for the accessibility of these temporary codes. This feature is ideal if you hire cleaners and maintenance people who enter your property once a week or less.

Key Features of the Eufy Smart Lock

8-months of Battery

The Eufy Smart Lock has eight AA batteries, which last eight months. You can enjoy the utmost convenience thanks to this long-lasting power solution. 

However, the battery life may vary depending on the frequency of the C220. 

Self-learning AI

It is a notable feature we will talk about in our Eufy Smart Lock Review. With advanced and matching algorithms, the reader of the C220 analyses frequently used fingerprints on every press. 

The fingerprint recognition becomes more accurate with every touch, preventing you from trying non-stop to enter. Thanks to this feature, you will never feel awkward or annoyed at unlocking your door. 

Touchscreen Keypad

This element gives the C220 a sleek and premium design to match all door styles. It offers an interactive and quick way to control and manage your lock. 

Moreover, it is resistant to dirt and smudges, leaving it looking nice and premium. 

Unlock the Smart Lock in Different Ways

Experience swift access in under a second with the fingerprint-enabled locking mechanism. You can open your door with the Eufy Security App, keypad, or a key. It is also possible to open doors with an Apple Watch 

or voice via Google Voice Assistant or Alexa. 

Control No Matter Where You are with Integrated WiFi

Freely control your Smart Lock anywhere using the Eufy Security App. No setup hassles while enjoying access management, event history, and real-time notifications. 

Voice Controls

We learned about this feature while testing the product for our Eufy Smart Lock Review. This Smart Lock is convenient in every way possible since you can unlock the door even with your voice. 

If you are preoccupied, you can speak to unlock your home or office door – completely hands-free. 

App Remote Control

Thanks to its integrated WiFi connectivity, you can manage your lock anywhere using the app. 


With the C220, you can set passcodes for family, service people, or guests and remove individual codes when necessary. Additionally, you can save a maximum of 50 fingerprints on the Smart Lock. 

Built-in Eufy Ecosystem

With the Eufy doorbell in your office or home, add the C220 to have maximum control with keyless entry. Manage everything via the Eufy Security App. 

Convenient Installation

You only need 15 minutes to install this Smart Lock. Additionally, you will only need a screwdriver and can do without drilling. 

Security, Durability, Efficiency

The company tested the C220 by locking and unlocking it more than 100,00 times, giving it a BHMA Grade-3 certification. The Smart Lock will send you an alarm if anything unusual triggers or attempts to open your door. Additionally, it is IP53 waterproof. 

Physical Keys

You can unlock your C220 with physical keys in the package during emergencies. 

Hack-proof Emergency Power Port

You can power up the Smart Lock with a portable charger if it suddenly runs out of power. 


General Specifications

  • Lock Type: ‎Deadbolt
  • Material:‎ Aluminum
  • Style: ‎Built-in WiFi and Fingerprint Sensor
  • Connectivity Protocol: WiFi
  • Batteries: ‎8 AA batteries (included)
  • Battery Cell Type: ‎Alkaline
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 11.4 x 11.2cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 1.48kg
  • Warranty: One year

Door Compatibility

  • Lock Type Compatibility: Single-cylinder
  • Cross-bore diameter: 54mm or 38mm
  • Backset: 60mm or 70mm
  • Diameter of door hole: 25mm
  • Door thickness: 35mm or 55mm
  • Distance from centre of top hole to top of bottom hole: 45mm minimum

Hands-on with the Eufy Smart Lock 

We tested this product for a week to share our experience in this Eufy Smart Lock Review. During the testing period, we observed how it performed. We did this to give you insights into whether it is worth considering for your office or home. 

Setting up the Eufy Smart Lock

Before installing the Eufy Smart Lock, remove the deadbolt and latch from your door. Once removed, install the included latch in the package.

Once the latch is in place, take the outer part that features the keypad and fingerprint sensor. Feed the cable through the door and attach the back plate on the other side to secure the keypad with screws.

Next, attach the back cover that houses the manual latch mechanism and batteries. Once secured with screws, you can install a battery pack or eight AA batteries. You can configure its settings, issue passcodes, and register fingerprints via the Eufy Security app.

Eufy Security App

The Eufy Security app is available on iOS and Android. It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making the setup process quick and easy.

To set up the C220, open the app and press the plus button to add a new device. Select the C220 and follow the instructions that follow. 

Another method is to scan the QR code on the C220 to register it into the mobile app. On-screen prompts will also follow to complete this process for setting up. Once registered, you can enrol fingerprints, set passcodes, and configure other settings.

The Eufy app allows registering up to 50 fingerprints and 100 passcodes, which is more than enough for any household. You can assign up to 100 users and revoke access or set limited rights.

The Eufy Security app allows you to monitor who enters and leaves the property. Plus, it provides detailed notifications, such as who came in, how the door was locked or unlocked, etc. Other settings include automatic locking when the door is closed and protecting numeric passcodes from onlookers.

Performance of the Eufy Smart Lock

The C220 was highly reliable when we tested it. This Eufy Smart Lock detected fingerprints precisely and immediately unlocked the door. When it recognised our enrolled fingerprints, the ring around the sensor emitted a white light before unlocking.

Aside from being responsive to registered fingerprints, it rejected unregistered ones, which was impressive. When unauthorised people tried to open the lock via the fingerprint sensor, the C220 did not respond. After several attempts, the ring emitted a red light.

The C220 was highly responsive and unlocked the door quicker than other fingerprint locks we tested before.

We also tried the other unlocking methods, which worked well without any issues.

Eufy Smart Lock Review Summary

The C220 is a well-designed Eufy Smart Lock. It has a premium aesthetic, a simple yet durable construction that makes installation straightforward, and a user-friendly mobile app. This product also has all the necessary features to guarantee security, such as data encryption.

When we tested the Eufy Smart Lock for this Eufy Smart Lock Review, its primary functions and features worked seamlessly. We were impressed with its responsiveness and accuracy since it recognised registered fingerprints only. Also, it did not work with other keys when we unconventionally unlocked it.

We highly recommend the Eufy Smart Lock to anyone who wants to implement modern home security solutions. It works better than other products with the same functions and technologies and costs less.

Visit the official product page of Eufy for more details about the C220 model of the Eufy Smart Lock.