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Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review

What we are writing today is our Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review which discusses the chassis. This product from Fractal Design is a successor to its Focus G, which was released four years ago.

We know this family of cases is due for an update, and that is where Focus 2 comes in. It offers all the current elements the company envisions a $70 to $80 case would have. 

Plus, it is available in various colours: black with steel panels in black/white with clear glass sides. Or, you can go for black and white with ARGB features.  

For our Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review, the version we have is the RGB white TG Clear Tint.

Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Packaging

Like the new Pop series of Fractal Design, the Focus 2 RGB arrived in a simple-looking cardboard box. It shows an illustration of the case in front, while a blow-up diagram is present in the rear. 

Both side panels of the box only feature the company logo plus a sticker that states which variant you purchased. After, we opened the box to see what Fractal Design included with the case. 

fractal design focus 2 review1 Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review

The Focus 2 RGB is kept in place by foam spacers in the front and back. There is also a white plastic bag to prevent fingerprints and scratches on the case. 

The company taped the user manual and a few accessories to the exterior of the included bag.

These accessories include zip ties, an assortment of screws, plus six rubber rings for mounting a hard drive. The latter has two extra pieces that are already pre-installed within the case. 

You will also find a magnetic metal mesh dust filter. Placement should be at the top portion of the enclosure.

Moreover, Fractal Design includes a collection of brackets for offsetting radiators in the ceiling of the case. It allows you to position it away from the board as possible. 

Do note that this is not considered an optional accessory. Instead, it ships with all the Focus 2 cases. 

Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review – Design and Functionality

Our Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review now focuses on the design and functions the case has to offer. Out of the box, the Focus 2 RGB did not focus much on its overall exterior appeal. 

When you first lay eyes on the Focus 2 RGB, it will give you a positive first impression. It is a mid-sized tower that is pleasing to the eyes. 

It sports a simple yet modern design, and no elements went overboard, so it still has an appealing exterior. Additionally, the product has a single-compartment form and looking closer, a few highlights specific to FD are present. These also align with the company design details we are used to seeing on the Pop series.  

The front of the case features a fine metal mesh panel that allows you to see the 140mm intake fans. You can remove this cover to reach the cooling units inside. Then, it can accommodate two 140mm or three 120mm fans in front. 

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Alternatively, there is extra space for a radiator that is 360mm in size. 

The case looks classic with the PSU bay at the base. Also, there are seven expansion slots available. 

The left side panel of the case has clear and cleanly-framed glass. If you inspect it closely, you will find two metallic strips at the bottom and top. These are for filling the panel space and for concealing any mounting holes.  

Remember, the Focus 2 does not feature a fully-fledged shroud. Instead, the company placed a metal strip inside the glass with the company branding. The opposite panel is solid metal. 

It has captive thumbscrews for securing the left side of the chassis (tempered glass). You can apply the same solution to the solid panel on the right. 

Our Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review will also look into the rear panel of the Focus 2 RGB. At the bottom of the rear is a PSU bay that sports sets of mounting holes. On the left of it is a little logo of Fractal Design. 

Above it are seven expansion slots protected by reusable covers. And at the very top, you will find extra space for another 120mm fan with stretched mounting cutouts. These allow you to modify its vertical position. 

The base of the mid-tower, aside from the filtered power supply opening, does not have much here. Its power supply filter is finely-designed and encircled by a plastic frame. 

It facilitates the installation and removal of the panel for thorough cleaning. Moreover, the chassis stands on four plastic feet concealed by layers of rubber that help protect the base while decreasing vibrations. 

Here is the place where you will find the standard front I/O panel. You can find it on the right side of the topmost portion of the case. 

The selection has two USB 3.0 ports, two buttons to switch the system on/off, and an audio jack. You can also make LED adjustments in this area. 

An optional element is a USB 3.2 Type-C port which is not installed on the case by default. It is an excellent addition, but it is not ideal for those who keep their chassis on the desk. The reason is that reaching ports tend to be challenging in this setup. 

We continued inspecting the case for our review, and we immediately noticed the absence of a shroud. Instead, its floor sports a design that can accommodate accessories such as pumps, controllers, or reservoirs. 

Another noticeable absence on the case is a power supply cover. Because of this setup, there are no divisions to provide separate chambers. Instead, it consists of one big area for two pre-installed case fans to freely move air to the primary compartment.

The layout behind the motherboard tray resembles the Pop PC case. It features an elongated piece for routing your cables. Fractal Design also installed plastic pins for mounting the drive.

You can install two 3.5-inch drives towards the front of the case. The integrated rubber ring is for holding the HDD securely. Also, you will need to screw the rubber ring to the HDD when installing three more SSD/HDDs. 

Also, you can install two additional 2.5-inch brackets to replace the slot for the 3.5-inch drive. Using these brackets will allow you to install six 2.5-inch HDDs.

The rear of the Focus 2 RGB is where you will find the PSU bay. It has rubber pads that work as vibration barriers. 

Above the PSU bay, you will find expansion slots with covers secured by thumb screws. The top portion is empty for installing a fan. 

The Focus 2 RGB only has default cables. Since the case does not have a reset button or LED indicator for HDD activity, the case also does not have wirings for these features.

It has a SATA power connector, which brings power to the ARGB controller. Inside the power button is the ARGB LED feature.

The included Aspect fans are from Fractal Design and have rifle bearings. Depending on the chassis version, it comes in RGB and non-RGB versions. You will find six hub-mounted addressable RGB LEDs available in the RGB version.

The power connection is a 3-pin connector, and the RGB is a standard 5V connector that can be daisy-chained. Its rotating speed is 1000 RPM, while its noise level is 19.5 dBA. 

The maximum airflow is 41 CFM, and static pressure is 1.02mm H2O. The total rated input current is 0.14A. Additionally, it has a 90,000 MTTF hour service life. 

Regarding the cable itself, it is a 500mm ribbon cable with chainable connectors.

Key Features of the Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case

Our Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review will share in-depth details about the product features. Knowing these will help you determine if this PC case is something you should purchase.

Direct Performance

With excellent precision, the Focus 2 RGB provides optimised airflow. With this PC case, you can use high-performing components and do heavier tasks while keeping them cool.

Focused Airflow of the Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case 

The Focus 2 RGB features an innovative interior layout for adequate airflow to maintain cool temperatures. It also offers an enjoyable building experience. Plus, the PC case comes with two 140mm Aspect fans from Fractal Design.

The sleek mesh that works like a dust filter is easy to clean and allows for high airflow. This case offers room for up to six 120mm fans or four 140mm fans for adequate ventilation.

Showcase Your Build

The Focus 2 RGB has a stylish design with a tempered glass panel that lets you showcase your build. It also has a cover panel attached to the tempered glass to conceal cables. 

This case has a solid construction with intuitive options for cable management.

Extensive Radiator Compatibility

In the front portion of the Focus 2 RGB, you can install a radiator measuring 360mm. You can also place a 240mm one at the top or 120mm at the rear.

Versatile Configurations with the Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case 

There are SSD quick clips behind the motherboard panel. These will allow you to assemble your components with ease. 

You can also mount your HDD directly to the motherboard panel. The case offers multiple ways of installing your drives, like using an SSD bracket kit or multibrackets at the bottom.


Because the product specifications are essential, we will include them in our Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review. It is necessary to gather details about the product to ensure it is suited for your needs. 

The Focus 2 RGB is a mid-tower chassis made of steel, tempered glass, and plastic. It weighs 6.4kg and measures 472 x 215 x 451mm. 

The chassis feature seven slots, two internal 2.5-inch drive bays, and two internal 3.5-inch drive bays. 

Fractal Design created the chassis to accommodate mini-ITX, ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards. Plus, it can work with three 120mm or two 140mm front fans. Note that the case has two bundled Aspect 14 RGB fans. These are optional, but you can use one 120mm rear fan and two 120mm or 140mm top fans. 

You can use radiators, and the case accommodates 360mm/280mm front radiators. It can work with 120mm rear radiators and 240mm top radiators. 

The I/O ports on the case include two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack, and a mic jack. It has an integrated RGB controller and is compatible with the following elements. 

The case can accommodate a 170mm CPU cooler, 405mm GPU, and a 175mm PSU with cable routing access. Remember that the latter is compatible with 250mm PSU without cable routing access. Lastly, the Focus 2 RGB comes with a 2-year warranty from Fractal Design.  

Hands-on with the Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case

We assembled our build using the case for our Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review. To see how it performs, we used it for over a week. 

During the whole testing period, we took note of different elements related to the product. And today, we are sharing our experience with the Focus 2 RGB with you. 

Routing cables behind the motherboard tray was not very challenging. We only had to plug the power cable into the board, and that was it. 

There were various options to mount an SSD/HDD. So, the Focus 2 RGB offers enough space for six 2.5-inch/3.5-inch drives. The default section for two 2.5-inch SSD/HDD is under the board backplate. 

Additionally, the chassis provides a 3-pin ARGB connector for its brightly-lit front fans. The button on the I/O panel is for controlling it. 

Radiators measuring up to 360mm can fit in front. Also, it can accommodate 240mm radiators at the top and 120mm at the back. Simply put, the installation procedure was versatile, quick, and convenient.

Even without a PSU cover, the finished product has an attractive appearance. The steel lip on its side window helps make the lower section barely noticeable. 

Visually, non-modular PSUs can likely achieve better results when used with Focus 2. However, accommodating the cables at the back of the board tray would be tricky. It becomes more evident if you want to utilise a 3.5-inch data carrier on the rear. 

Overall, it was not difficult to fit all the test setup cords inside the case. Plus, the space for the wires at the back was sufficient. 

Before we fit the motherboard onto the tray, the EPS power line did not need pre-routing. During the installation process, we did not encounter any problems or concerns. 

After building a PC with the Focus 2 RGB, we used it to see its thermal and acoustic performance.

During our tests, the temperatures of our components were within the average range. With the two bundled 140mm fans, our whole case had good airflow even with lowered fan speeds. Lower RPMs also allowed for quiet operation.

The temperature of our CPU on idle was 27°C, and with load, it reached 69°C. For the GPU, it was 43°C on idle and 77°C with loads.

None of our components exceeded 80°C, which proved that the Focus 2 RGB is a well-ventilated case.

We did not expect large changes after removing the top filter. But to our surprise, it efficiently released hot air, which was helpful during long gaming sessions. Removing the top decreased the temperatures of the CPU and GPU by around 3°C.

After conducting these tests, we recommend removing the top panel when engaging in demanding activities like gaming and video editing. Doing this will effectively allow airflow in the case and keep temperatures lower.

Overall, we were pleased with the performance of the Focus 2 RGB. With adequate room for cooling components, it is ideal for heavy users who need a lot of ventilation.

Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review Summary

The Focus G was a favoured case for low and mid-range systems. However, its design is compatible with limited water cooling systems. As a result, numerous users wished for an upgrade, and Fractal Design released the Focus 2 RGB.

The company retained the notable features of the Focus G in the new PC case. We loved the sophisticated design, superior build quality, and all the available room for huge components. 

Building with this PC case was also seamless, thanks to its available space. We did not need to deal with cramped components and cables since there was adequate room for everything we installed.

After testing our build for our Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB Case Review, we were surprised by the exceptional results. It delivered a satisfying performance even with loads. 

Since it has an excellent design, layout, and features while offering notable performance, we highly recommend this product. 

Learn more about the Focus 2 RGB Case by visiting the official product page of Fractal Design.