meshify 2 compact review

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact Review

Today, we’re giving you our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact review that focuses on the Meshify 2 Compact. Like its name says, it’s a smaller and shorter variant of the earlier Meshify 2.

The company is following the same MO by utilising the frame and tooling of the Define 7 Compact. Then, they added Meshify’s exterior with the airflow-focused top panel and front mesh style.

There are different colours and tint grades for the glass window. For our review, we opted for the grey TG light tint variant. To begin our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact review, let’s discuss its packaging and contents. 

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact Packaging

Our Meshify 2 Compact came in a typical-looking cardboard box where the front displays an illustration of the case itself. Fractal Design is written on the box’s upper-left corner, and below it is the case’s name. To the left of the illustration, details about the case are listed. 

Flipping the box, the rear shows a blow-up diagram of the case. Each part is named and noted for its functions. Both sides of the box hardly display any information aside from the sticker that lets you know what variant you purchased. 

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Inside the box, you’ll find a lot of Fractal Design’s branding. Yet when it comes to protection, the case is well-packed with two thick Styrofoam spaces holding it in place. It also comes with a plastic bag to keep fingerprints and scratches away. 

Other than the case, items included inside the box are an assortment of screws, zip ties, and a microfibre cloth. You’ll even find a detailed multi-language manual for your convenience. 

Let’s check out the design and functions in the next section of our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact review.

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact Review – Design and Functionality

The case features Fractal Design’s signature front panel that has contours forming a rough yet geometric surface. It looks great, and it does have a durable build. But to know more about its design and functionality, continue reading our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact review. 

Its front panel is built entirely of metal mesh which allows air to pass straight through the chassis. A pair of Fractal Design’s 140mm Dynamic X2GP14 fans are fixed at the back of the front panel. These are necessary to help accelerate adequate airflow. 

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The top panel also has a huge section of metallic mesh. It’s basically for air to flow easily in or out from that direction as well. 

Do note that it isn’t entirely a mesh such as that on the front panel. Fractal Design chose to instal the front I/O panel here, which features various elements. 

These include two USB 3.0 ports and a USB 3.1 Gen2 port. There are even separate headphone and mic/audio-out jacks, plus the usual reset and power buttons. 

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The right panel of the chassis is a simple piece of steel, while the left is made from tempered glass. 

Both sides utilise a screwless mounting system, but they aren’t easy to remove. You can remove the panels by pulling them to you from the top. Then, each panel sports a rubber grip to make the process easier.  

It’s actually good that removing the panels is tricky since you won’t have to worry about them accidentally falling off. And while you need to put a little effort to get them out, it’s still easier than dealing with screws. It’s also much easier than keeping a glass panel sturdy after removing the other. 

Fractal design Meshify 2 compact review 11

Looking at the back of the Meshify 2 Compact, it’s designed to let air flow freely out of the case. There’s a pre-installed fan on it, though it’s a smaller version of the Dynamic X2 GP12 model from Fractal Design. Compared to other similar products, it comes with three fans, a generous addition from the company. 

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When looking at the Meshify 2 Compact, you’ll notice that its case frame is shorter than the earlier Meshify 2. But technically, they look the same from all angles. So, you know that the company isn’t cutting any corners when it comes to function and design. 

Sound Dampening and SSD Trays

The solid top cover and side panel are lined with a material for sound dampening. We’ve seen this in other chassis under the Meshify series. 

To access the chassis’ interior, you only need to pull each tab on the Meshify 2 Compact’s panels.

The company includes a metallic shroud situated at the bottom. It can also be utilised for setting two SSD trays if you plan to show off your SSD’s. There are even two plastic covers available for any type of liquid cooling setup.

On the opposite portion, things are a bit more simple when comparing it to the Meshify 2. You won’t find any of the plastic plates that conceal the opening beneath the shroud. 

There are two 2.5″ metallic trays beneath the huge opening for the CPU cooler’s bracket. These are set in place by single thumbscrews for easier removal. 

HDD Trays

The front of the Meshify 2 Compact displays two hard-drive trays in a movable cage beneath the shroud. For extensive cooling, you may choose to remove the cage. Then, install a 120mm fan or radiator in its place on the chassis’ floor. 

Above that, you’ll find a dedicated space for liquid cooling or air intake. What’s great is that you can keep a radiator that’s up to 360mm.


The PSU bay along the rear is somewhat spacious, so choose your preferred power supply for it. However, you’ll need to keep the power supply compact if you plan to install active cooling beneath the shroud. 

The seven expansion slots along the primary compartment are easily accessible. This is because of the thumbscrews and the previous 120mm exhaust fan above the Meshify 2 Compact.


The chassis’ ceiling is where you can place any fan or radiator. You’ll get a lot of space to work with here.

When you remove the side panels, you can unscrew the top frame then pull it off. This will let you set up your liquid cooling build out of the case.

Cable Management

Like we mentioned earlier, cable management is the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact’s strong point. All but a single access point between the case’s rear and board compartment feature rubber grommets. These are essential for keeping everything neat and organised.

Not only that, but the case has an organised cable management system with cable guides.

A number of plastic mounts have Velcro strips for clean and easy cable management and channelling. These will result in an extremely clean look once the system is completely assembled. These accessories will allow you to alter your hardware setup easily.

Lastly, all cables in the chassis are of the default type. Plus, they’re also sleeved black to match the aesthetics.


Filtering is available on every possible area of intake, and that includes the top exhaust. The front filter can be removed easily by swinging its door open, pulling off its hinge, then removing the filter.

You can easily access the top-most filter by removing the top panel from its rear.

We also appreciate the case’s bottom filter since it can be removed from the front. If the back of your PC sticks to the wall, then you’re like us. So, you know the frustration of moving the whole chassis just to access the PSU filter.

Key Features of the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact

Our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact review will delve into the key features of this chassis.

Type-C Interface

The Meshify 2 Compact features USB Type-C ports. With these, you can expect fast charging and up to 10 Gbps transfer speeds which is pretty convenient.

Smooth, Quiet Operation

The steel drive trays have cushioning rubber grommets that reduce vibration. This feature results in your system’s quiet operation.

Better Cable Management

The integrated Velcro straps and cable alignment clips allow for improved cable routing. Using these while installing your components lets you have a neat and more organised build.

Filtered Airflow

With the Meshify 2 Compact’s nylon front filter, your system will have a smoother airflow path.

Compact and Spacious

Although the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact has a compact layout, it has a spacious interior. It can accommodate ATX, mATX and mITX motherboards.

Easy Access

The Meshify 2 Compact features a new front panel design. It has a tether-free bezel and removable hinged mesh to easily access the front fan mounts.

Additionally, the modular chassis design with a fully removable top panel lets you access the interior on three sides.

Iconic Design

The Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact’s unique aesthetic makes it a great addition to your system. It features an angular mesh front that provides filtered airflow and a bold, stealth-inspired design. Aside from that, it has a seamless tempered glass panel with steel frame support.


Our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact review will now look into the chassis’ specifications. 

The Meshify 2 Compact is a mid-tower ATX that supports Mini-ITX, ATX, and Micro-ATX motherboards. It utilises a 169mm CPU cooler, a 341mm GPU with front fans, or a 360mm GPU without the front fans. There’s also a 165mm PSU with HDD cage, or you can go for a 200m PSU without the HDD cage. 

For its dimensions, the chassis measures 18.7 x 8.3 x 16.8″ (H x W x D). Its maximum GPU length is 14.2″, CPU cooler height is 6.7″, and the max PSU is 6.5″.  

The chassis comes with two 3.5″ and two 2.5″ internal bays, seven expansion slots, plus a 1-year warranty. 

Now, our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact review will get more hands-on with the chassis. 

Hands-on with the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact

The chassis from Fractal Design is quite user-friendly and easy to build. If you’re someone who often switches motherboards from your build, the Meshify 2 Compact is ideal. Of course, it’s also great for one and done PC builds if you’re more into that. 

The motherboard tray can handle up to ATX-sized boards. What’s great is that they’re easy to fit into place without anything getting in the way. 

When it comes to mounting a power supply, it’s easy as well. That’s all thanks to the Meshify 2 Compact’s detachable mounting plate for the power supply.

To add in the power supply, just remove the plate then fix it onto the PSU using its screws. After, slide in the PSU before screwing it back into place.

We actually prefer this mounting system for the power supplies. That’s because you won’t have to try and position the PSU in place while bolting it on. It’s also possible to pre-route the PSU cables while inserting the body from the case.

Overall, Fractal Design’s Meshify 2 Compact is an excellent product and it’s a PC that we’d highly recommend. It’s sturdy, durable, and looks great, plus it’s perfect for anyone who usually switches their boards and more.

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact Review Summary

The Meshify 2 Compact is heavily based on the Fractal Design’s existing designs. But, the only difference is its smaller size. It’s a simple case without flashing RGB lights, but its sleek aesthetic makes it easy to match with any theme.

Fractal Design did a great job with the Meshify 2 Compact. Its look is appealing to the eyes, and its excellent layout provides easy interior access, allowing for easy building. Thanks to its design, moving interior panels around is no longer necessary.

Other than the layout, we also appreciate the integrated Velcro straps and cable alignment. These made cable routing easier and faster for us, thus, making our build look organised enough to showcase.

Most importantly, the chassis allowed our system to perform well. While using the Meshify 2 Compact, our PC stayed quiet and cool. It’s a great foundation for thermally demanding ATX systems. 

We didn’t experience any issues with it, so we’re completely satisfied with how it performed. Overall, the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact is a superb chassis, so we’re recommending it to you. 

If you want to have this product for your PC build, check out the company’s store locator to find retailers.