fractal meshify2 lite rewview Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review

Nowadays, finding quality and affordable cases is easy. But with the number of options to choose from, it can get quite overwhelming. In our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB review, we’ll share the newest cases from the company.

Recently, the company introduced their latest cases from the Meshify 2 series: the Meshify 2 LIte and Meshify 2 RGB. These are both high-performing cases featuring bold and stealthy aesthetics. Their exteriors have flush and bolt-free tempered glass as well. 

The Meshify 2 RGB has a fully-removable top for better access to its interior. Then, it has a front with a hinged mesh panel, USB-C, and a removable nylon filter. 

With its dual-layout interior, the Meshify 2 RGB supports big storage arrays. It even works with multi-radiator arrangements that make cooling easier. 

Our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB review will also look into the Meshify 2 Lite. The front portion of this case sports a hinged, iconic mesh panel, plus an expansive interior supporting multi-radiator setups. 

We will provide you with a detailed review to help you see the differences between the two products. Here, you’ll learn about their features, specifications, design, functions, installation process, and how they performed during our tests. 

But before getting to those details, let’s check out their packaging and inclusions.

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Packaging

We were expecting to see some exciting designs and aesthetics on the boxes of these products. Unfortunately, the cases were shipped in plain-looking cardboard packages instead.

fractal meshify 2 lite review2 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 rgb review1 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review

The packaging for both cases looks nearly identical to each other. The front of the box displays an illustration of the chassis, while the back showcases its blow-up diagram. 

Both sides of the box don’t necessarily provide essential elements. However, the sticker in this area tells you which variant is in the box.

Fractal omitted the use of their branding on the inner part of the package for cost-saving measures. But, they still included thick Styrofoam spacers to hold and protect the cases in place. The company even covered the products in plastic bags to keep fingerprints and scratches at bay.  

Aside from the cases, each package contains a collection of extras from Fractal. For the Meshify 2 Lite’s box, you’ll find the case itself, a user manual, and a little accessory box inside. You’ll also find a microfibre cloth, tons of zip ties, a pair of multi-purpose mounting brackets, and a screw set.

Lastly, Fractal included a very informative multi-language manual for your reference. 

The Meshify 2 RGB package contains the case, the user manual, and a large accessory box (HDD trays). Fractal also included a small accessory box that holds the smaller accessories, including numerous screw sets and cable ties. You’ll also find standoff tools and a reservoir bracket.

fractal meshify 2 rgb review12 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s discuss the design and functions of the case in our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB review.

Both the Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB that we have for review are coloured white. We love how clean and premium they look, and these would perfectly fit any build. 

If the white cases aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry since Fractal also offers these PC cases in black.

The two products have a lot of similarities, but they also have their unique aspects, like RGBs. The Meshify 2 RGB features these, while the Lite version doesn’t. 

Meshify 2 Lite

If you have or know how the original Meshify 2 case looks, you’d mistake the Lite for it. Nothing changed in terms of the design, and its exterior feels and looks the same as the fine-mesh grille. 

The front of this case has a metal mesh similar to the classic Fractal Design cases. It also sports a logo on the bottom-left corner to showcase Fractal’s branding. 

fractal meshify 2 lite review3 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 lite review4 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 lite review8 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 lite review9 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 lite review10 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 lite review6 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review

You can swing open this section of the Meshify 2 Lite to readily access its three retail-grade, pre-installed 140mm fans. If you want to install liquid cooling or change the fan’s setup, don’t worry. Simply remove the whole front panel frame to show every screw-mounting position. 

The Lite version doesn’t feature a fine dust filter, unlike the Meshify 2 RGB. It’s an element you can insert from the rear of the case’s front panel. 

Because of its absence, the only dust protection this version has is the front panel with large 1.5mm holes. Since this is the case, remember that Meshify 2 Lite’s efficiency against dust is weaker.

The top panel of the Meshify 2 Lite provides a regular grille featuring perforations usual to most mid-end chassis. It’s good to note that, unlike the Meshify 2 RGB, the Lite version doesn’t have barrier-free access from the top. And because of that, the case ceiling may be slightly in the way when installing components. 

The good thing is there’s still room for handling since the space from the motherboard to the ceiling is 44mm.

fractal meshify 2 lite review7 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 lite review1 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review

To access the case’s interior, you only need to pull off the tab of each panel. We appreciate Fractal for including a metal shroud on the base. This addition allows you to set two SSD trays for displaying your solid-state drives.

The Meshify 2 Lite sports two plastic covers for any liquid-cooling setup. It even works with those that occupy the entire chassis’ height. But thanks to its elongated frame, this will barely have any real-world impact on the GPU’s maximum length. 


When you look at the opposite side of the case’s interior, you’ll notice its differences from the original Meshify 2. This area is where the “Lite” aspects come in, but Fractal guarantees its functionality and quality. 

Gone is the chance to pile up individual hard-drive cages in its interior or the rear end-mounted multi-purpose plate. Instead, you have a straightforward metal extension of the motherboard tray that will let you mount two 3.5” drives. 

Similar cutouts align with its two metallic bars, which ship as part of the product’s accessories. You can utilise these to install reservoirs within the chassis’ interior. 

The Lite version still sports three pre-installed Velcro strips, but you won’t find the plastic cable channels. Without these, some people find assembly more convenient. So, there isn’t any tangible loss there. 

Furthermore, you still have two separate metallic 2.5” HDD plates that you can move to the shroud. This aspect is vital if you want to show off your drives instead of concealing them behind the board.

In front, you will find two additional hard drive trays located in a detachable cage. You can find these trays beneath the shroud. So out of the box, the Meshify 2 Lite has seven 3.5” drives available. 

Include the two 2.5” trays, and you’ll have a quality nine-storage drive. 

Above that is a place for air intake or liquid cooling. It lets you place radiators measuring up to 360mm if you’re willing to sacrifice the 5.25” spot. 


If you inspect the PSU bay along the rear, you’ll notice how spacious it is. That means you can have your preferred option when speaking of the unit you’ll use. 

However, you can opt to install a 280mm radiator or two 140mm fans in this area. You can do this by removing the HDD cage and utilising a compact PSU instead. 

Above these, there are seven expansion slots with beautifully-designed covers featuring thumbscrews for quicker removal. At the very top, you will see the quality-made rear exhaust fan. 

All expanded mounting holes in the ceiling are positioned as far away from the board as possible. Not only that, there is a lot of height clearance in this area. 

Meshify 2 RGB 

The front panel of Meshify 2 RGB feature the company’s logo, attractive angles, and access to its dust filters. Fractal’s protruding logo isn’t just that since it also works as a handle to open the front portion. Remember that this part of the case has snap-on hinges to keep things in place. 

A plastic frame helps link the front panel to the Meshify 2 RGB. This layout takes you to a case structure that lets you secure the glass side panel via screws. Additionally, you can also use it for making various modifications to the case. 

The Meshify 2 RGB comes with a detachable top that features perforations. On top, you will also see a 25.4mm hole that lets you conveniently fill the water cooling expansion tank. Underneath this section, you will find another fine dust filter. 

fractal meshify 2 rgb review2 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 rgb review3 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 rgb review4 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 rgb review5 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 rgb review6 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 rgb review7 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 rgb review8 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review

The top I/O panel also features two 3.5mm jacks specifically for mic and headphone connections. There are even two USB-A connectors and a power button in this area. 

The only difference between the RGB version’s I/O panel from the Meshify 2 Lite is the integrated USB-C connector and RGB control button. The latter is for changing the case’s lighting modes. 

The Meshify 2 RGB case allows you to remove its top portion while having barrier-free access when installing hardware. These are the most dominant features of full-sized Meshify 2 products. The Compact case, the smaller version of the Meshify 2, also sports these features.

The rear portion of the Meshify 2 RGB case has a frame for mounting a power supply unit. We aren’t big fans of it, yet setting a power supply via the hole along the rear is convenient. 

The centre of the Meshify 2 RGB displays detachable PCI Express expansion card covers. For the Lite version, you won’t be able to mount a card vertically.  

Above all of these is an I/O hole for the motherboard. Then next to it is an opening for the exhaust. 

Numerous manufacturers in the business utilise beehive shapes for the rear perforations. However, Fractal opted for a structure that alternates rectangles and squares for their Meshify series of chassis. 

Additionally, you’ll still find a couple of sharp edges here, and the open area for these cases is about 50%. 

Looking at the bottom section of the product, you’ll see one massive dust filter over the whole surface. Once you remove the dust filter, you can readily access the four HDD and SSD position screws. 

For your convenience, move these in the hole’s range to a certain extent. However, if you don’t specifically require these positions, you can use the space for two 120 or 140mm fans instead. If not the fans, you can even opt to use a water cooling radiator that measures 280mm. 

fractal meshify 2 rgb review10 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review fractal meshify 2 rgb review9 Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review

This Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB review will also discuss the RGB version’s interior. It has a nice, clean open layout that offers a more streamlined area with extra headroom. Also, this space provides additional reservoir/pump mounts and room for installing thick front radiators. 

The inner portion offers a lot of space for every possible hardware you can imagine. It can support different motherboard types, ranging from ITX to M-ATX and ATX to E-ATX form factors. The latter’s size can even reach 285mm wide, and the case can still support it.

The total length of graphics cards that you can use can go up to 450mm. Then, you can use tower CPU coolers measuring up to 185mm. 

The product’s increased space and depth efficiency allow you to utilise GPUs measuring 450 to 451mm long. Plus, you can even install front fans with these. 

Adequate Space to Fit Wide Radiators 

Another notable aspect of the RGB version is that it can fit radiators measuring up to 143mm wide. You can also mount three 120/140mm fans or radiators that measure up to 360mm directly on the case’s ceiling.   

Its bridgeless slot covers remove possible obstructions and hindrances at the bracket. This feature guarantees quick and easy installation while allowing airflow-enhanced vertical GPU installations using the Flex B20 PCIe riser. Do note that the riser is something you can purchase separately. 

For cable management, the Meshify 2 RGB features velcro and plastic containers that allow for gripping all the cables and splitting them out to look more organised.

Continuing our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB review, we’ll discuss both products’ key aspects. Most of their features are pretty much the same, but they have some differences too. But despite the differences between them, they’re both quality products to choose from, so let’s check these out. 

Key Features of the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB

We’ve listed all the key features of both the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and RGB. It’s to give you an idea of what makes them click. Knowing these will also help you determine which case is best for your build. 

Bold, Stealth-inspired Aesthetics of the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB

The cases have angular mesh designs offering proper airflow. Another noticeable aspect of the Meshify 2 Lite and RGB is the stealth-inspired aesthetics. The classy design of these cases makes them great for enhancing the overall look of most builds.

Massive Space + Extreme Flexibility

The cases from Fractal Design have adaptable and spacious interiors. These are perfect if you plan to use motherboards measuring up to (and including) 285mm E-ATX form factor.

These cases are undeniably spacious, and you won’t have any problems building your rig. You won’t have to bother with stuffiness or cluttered interiors because this specific feature does the job. 

Because of all the space, both cases can also support huge radiators that measure up to 360mm in front. The Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB can also handle 360mm radiators on top or 280mm at the base. You can base the latter on the Meshify 2 RGB’s default open layout. 

Ventilated PSU Shroud

Both Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB cases sport ventilated PSU shrouds. These have two-part detachable covers for favourable cable concealment plus front radiator support. 

Quick Access with the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB

These two cases from Fractal Design sport toolless, top-latching side panels that allow easy access to their interiors. This feature simultaneously helps prevent any accidental drops.

Outstanding Cooling Capacity

These two products feature excellent cooling capacity with the help of nine 120 and 140mm fan mounts. 

We tried using these for our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB review. From here, we proved the effectiveness of their cooling capacity. It’s all thanks to the fans available right out of the box. 

The RGB version features four preinstalled Aspect 14 RGB PWM fans. Then, the Lite version has three preinstalled Aspect 14 fans. 

Expandable with Multibrackets

These products from Fractal Design feature versatile and functional multibrackets. This feature helps convert the unused fan positions to an SSD, HDD, or pump mount. 

The Meshify 2 Lite can utilise trays and cages, but remember that these items are sold separately for the case. Then, the Meshify 2 RGB has one multibracket included. 

Convert to Storage Layout

This feature for the RGB version lets you install up to 11 HDDs. The case goes with four dedicated SSD mounts (six SSD/HDD trays / two SSD brackets). The Lite version has two HDD/SSD trays and two SSD brackets for mounting four drives. 

USB-C Connectivity for the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB

The Meshify 2 RGB has three front USB ports, including one USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C. It has fast charging support accompanied by speeds that go up to 10Gbps. 

Then, the Meshify 2 Lite is also USB Type-C-ready. But since the case doesn’t have a built-in USB-C port, you can use the Model E accessory cable with its connectivity instead. 

Again, if you want to use it with the case, you can purchase it separately. 

RGB Controller (Meshify 2 RGB Only)

This feature is specific to the Meshify 2 RGB case. It’s an integrated RGB controller located on the top/front I/O of the case. 

It features the iconic Northern Lights effect from Fractal Design. 

Nexus+ 2 Fan Hub (Meshify 2 RGB Only)

Another feature that’s unique to the Meshify 2 RGB is the Nexus+2 Fan Hub. It’s an ultra-slim feature that links up to six 3-pin fans and three PWM fans.  


This section of our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB review tackles the two cases’ specifications. The first case we’ll focus on is the Lite version, followed by the RGB version. 

Meshify 2 Lite Specifications

The Lite version sports two universal drive mounts that support 3.5”/2.5” drives. There are also two dedicated 2.5” drive mounts, so four positions are available. Additionally, the Meshify 2 Lite has seven expansion slots. 

Fan Support

There are nine fan mounts on the Lite version, and these can accommodate 120/140mm fans. It can support three 120/140mm front fans, three 120/140mm top fans, and one 120/140mm rear fan. 

The case allows for two 120/140mm bottom fans, but it also has its own included fans. These are two Aspect 14 front fans and an Aspect 14 rear fan. 


The Lite version works with E-ATX (max 285mm), ATX, Mini-ATX, and mATX motherboards, plus it has an ATX power supply. 

This product supports PSUs with a maximum length of 250mm with the HDD cage installed. For the standard version, its GPU’s total length is 451mm, and without the fan, it’s 476mm. Its CPU cooler’s height is 185mm, and the case’s cable routing space measures 30mm. 

Radiator Support

The Meshify 2 Lite supports 280/360mm front radiators, top radiators measuring up to 360mm, and 120mm rear radiators. It even supports bottom radiators that are up to 280mm in size. 

Dimensions of the Meshify 2 Lite

Lastly, the Meshify 2 Lite measures 542 x 240 x 474mm (LxWxH). Without the feet, screws, and protrusions, it’s only 541 x 240 x 454mm.

Additionally, the product weighs 9.6kg (net weight). 

Meshify 2 RGB Specifications

Like the Lite version, the Meshify 2 RGB has six universal drive mounts that support 3.5” and 2.5” drives. It has 14 positions in total, plus three multibrackets included. 

The case has two dedicated 2.5” drive mounts with four positions total. Additionally, it has 7+2 expansion slots available. 

Fan Support

Like the Meshify 2 Lite, the Meshify 2 RGB also has nine 120 or 140mm fan mounts. 

These are three mounts for 120/140mm front fans, three top 120/140mm fans, and a 120/140mm rear fan. There are also two 120/140mm bottom fan mounts available. 

Fractal included Aspect fans to the case. Specifically, there are three Aspect 14 RGB PWM front fans and one Aspect 14 RGB PWM rear fan. 

Compatibility with Motherboards

The case is compatible with E-ATX (maximum 285mm), mATX, ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards. And like the Lite version, it supports an ATX power supply. 

The maximum PSU length it can support is 250mm with the HDD cage, while the GPU’s length is 450mm. In the Meshify 2 RGB, you can install CPU coolers with a height of 185mm. The case also has a cable routing space that measures 30mm. 

Radiator Support

The product supports front radiators measuring up to 280/360mm, while it can support up to 280/360mm top radiators. Additionally, it can handle 120mm rear radiators and 240mm bottom radiators. 

Dimensions of the Meshify 2 RGB

Lastly, the case measures 542 x 240 x 474mm (LxWxH) and has similar dimensions as the Lite version. Without the feet, screws, and protrusions, it’s just 541 x 240 x 454mm. Speaking of its weight, the Meshify 2 RGB weighs 11.1kg. 

Hands-on with the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB

Our Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB review will discuss our experience with both cases. We’ve used them simultaneously for more than a week to see how they fared. 

Installation Process 

We think that many people shopping for PC cases overlook the entire building and installation process. It usually happens when you purchase a chassis that seems to have a good value. But in the end, it turns out as a challenge to build inside. 

The usual complaints with these cases include not being able to place parts a certain way or having inadequate space. Another common issue is unable to hide and organise the wires inside. 

Thankfully, Fractal created and designed their Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB well. That means you won’t have to deal with these building and installation issues when you use these cases.

It’s all because the two products allow for intuitive and comfortable building processes.

Mounting hardware in both Meshify 2 cases was quick, easy, and convenient. Why? Because the products offered easy to access spaces in their interiors. The front door panels easily popped out, and again, there were tons of room to work in the case.   

However, these cases are not only about having spacious areas.

The Meshify 2 RGB has a detachable ceiling which proved to be advantageous. It allowed us to have easier access to the top of the board during installation. 

When it comes to the Lite versions, you will see its advantages in the size of its holes. These were perfect for cable management and were positioned ideally and vertically in the case’s centre. 

When we tested the Meshify 2 Lite, we had more freedom to position cables how we wanted. Plus, it was much easier to handle in the grommets. 

Aside from these, there was a lot of flexibility in installing the radiators. So, we successfully placed a radiator anywhere we wanted in the case. 

After installing everything, the interior of both the Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify RGB looked extremely clean. It’s all because of the proper placement of openings with rubber grommets and the well-thought-of motherboard tray. 

The two products’ plastic cable channels made things slightly cleaner and straighter. Once we finished assembling, the cases made a great impression with their windows. 

The Lite version didn’t have an embedded dust filter in front. But despite that, its fine metallic mesh was able to keep out dust and grime. Aside from that, we were able to see the fans in action. 

When it came to the Meshify 2 RGB’s lighting, we were pleased with this too. The vibrant lights enhanced the overall look of our setup, which was great. With the RGB controller, switching from one mode to another was convenient.

The RGB controller had five modes of glowing lights. Four of these modes allowed us to choose from twelve colours.

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB Review Summary

With the popularity of Meshify 2, Fractal expanded this product line with a new range of budget-friendly and high-end options. The Meshify 2 Lite retains most of the original model’s features, functions, and quality even with its new simplified design.

The Meshify 2 RGB, on the other hand, is like the original Meshify 2 but with RGB. It comes with preinstalled Aspect RGB PWM fans, an integrated RGB controller, and extra design tweaks for better lighting effects.

Those who want an expansion tank for water cooling but also want to spend less will prefer the Lite version. It’s also great for those who need to install a lot of drive bays. 

Although it has a missing built-in USB-C port, you can still use it with a separately sold accessory.

The pricier Meshify 2 RGB is ideal for those willing to spend more on RGB. Other advantages of this variant are the RGB controller, built-in USB-C port, and front panel dust filter.

Like the two products’ similar features, both cases also delivered outstanding cooling and acoustic performance. Since these cases had adequate room for cooling components, we were able to install high-performance coolers and fans. With that, our CPU and GPU remained cool even under heavy loads.

Overall, we were satisfied with the Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB, and we have no complaints about these. Both products have the design, features, and quality that a good case should have. Aside from that, the Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB come with enough accessories for ease of installation.

With their prices, these PC cases are a smart purchase.

If you want to know more about these products, check out Fractal’s official product pages. You can find them here for the Meshify 2 Lite and Meshify 2 RGB.