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Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard Review

Today, we’re writing our Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard Review. It will discuss everything essential and related to the Clutch. 

It’s an excellent mechanical keyboard aimed at gamers. Plus, it has vital features that everyone will love. The company claims it’s the best option available, but is it worth upgrading and adding to your setup?

Read our Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard Review to find out. But before we get into the essentials, let’s look at what’s inside the box. 

Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard Packaging

When the keyboard arrived for our  Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard Review, we appreciated the artsy style of the package. You won’t always find a keyboard box sporting a design as detailed, so we loved that.

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It’s a great way of packaging, and it’s nice to see these from time to time.

Inside the box, everything is securely packed. Nothing will get disorganised while in transit, and you can be sure the keyboard will be safe from damage.

Aside from the Clutch, you’ll find two keycap sets (PBT double shot & puddings), plus a switch/keycap puller.

Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

Our Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard Review will focus on the keyboard’s design and functionality. What makes its build and design good elements for users? Are all its functions worth the purchase? Let’s find out.

To begin, one of the highlights and biggest pros of the Clutch is its aesthetics. It looks clean, the keyboard sports a minimalist design, and it has a compact & sleek form. Adding it to your setup won’t be a problem since it will blend nicely with your aesthetics. 

The Clutch sports a 65% form factor and has a knob on its top-right corner. Beneath the knob, you’ll find three buttons: the delete, page up, and page down buttons. We appreciate that Gamesense allowed these to be changeable and programmable via their Clutch software. 

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The Clutch mechanical keyboard comes with two levels of height adjustment. You can choose the best height to provide comfort while gaming. Plus, it will also help prevent any hand strains from occurring. 

When it comes to RGBs, you’ll only find them within the keyboard. However, these sure give out attractive and vibrant lights. 

The keyboard also comes with a USB wire set at the centre of the keyboard. Additionally, the Clutch has a silicon damper between the aluminium plate and PCB. 

Overall, the product looks like your regular mechanical keyboard. However, its form, build, and RGB lights make it a great option. 

We can’t deny how much we love the feel of its keypresses. Plus, it sounded great with enough clicks that weren’t too overwhelming. 

Key Features of the Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard

A product’s features are vital. That’s the reason why we’re discussing these in our Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard Review. Let’s check out what makes this product a hit among gamers.

Geared with the Gateron Pro Yellow Shaft

These make the keyboard user-friendly because of the outstanding pressing pressure. The Gateron Pro yellow shaft offers a smooth pressing feel since it has a lubricated oil coating. You will love typing with 100% consistency, a seamless feel, and reduced glare. 

Excellent Keystrokes

The keyboard has linear keystrokes with a 50g pressing pressure. It has a notable operating point at 2.0mm, 4.0mm stroke, and a keypress life cycle of 50M. 

PBT and Pudding Keycaps

The Clutch is a 65%-sized mechanical keyboard that’s easy to use. It sports PBT keycaps and comes with additional pudding keycaps if you want to use these instead. 

It has PBT keys with a two-colour formation (double shot) of white fonts on a black background. On the other hand, the pudding keycaps feature a translucent design that makes more RGB lights shine through the sides.

Hot Swapping? Yes

The Clutch mechanical keyboard supports hot swapping, allowing you to customise the Clutch based on your preferences. By default, you get two keycap types. One is a standard set of keycaps, while the other is a set of pudding keycaps. 

These pudding keycaps make the keyboard’s backlight RGBs shine brighter. The black keycaps give off a sleek and professional vibe. These also have a Cherry profile, and the pudding keycaps sport an OEM profile. 

The Silicone Pad and Volume Knob

The keyboard sports a silicon pad for the Pon with the Clutch mechanical keyboard. It also has a convenient volume knob that you can access immediately. This feature is handy when you need to decrease the audio of your game or music. 

We think Gamesense placed the volume knob on the right spot for better and more convenient access. 

Removable USB-C Cable 

The keyboard makes use of a detachable USB cable. So if the cable gets damaged, you can easily replace it with another one. 

Additionally, you can detach the USB cable and then store it compactly. It’s another convenient aspect of the keyboard that is essential for those who usually bring their keyboard around. 

Adjustable Keyboard Stand

Under the keyboard, there’s an adjustable stand with two height levels, so you can choose which is comfortable for you.

You don’t have to stay stuck in one position that isn’t comfortable. Adjust the keyboard according to your needs and preferences to enjoy your gaming experience. 

Stunning Vibrant Backlight of the Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard

The Clutch has an RGB backlight that will perfectly match then enhance your build’s aesthetics. It has vibrant and attractive lighting, so it will shine on your desk and make it easier for you to pinpoint keys.

Plug-and-Play Design

Once you take the Clutch out of the box, you can already connect it to your computer. It’s plug-and-play and ready to use, and you won’t need to download drivers to set it up. But of course, you can utilise the Clutch software to change some of its settings.

Next up, our Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard Review will discuss the keyboard’s different specifications. 


The keyboard has a 65% form and allows for hot swapping. It sports vibrant RGB lights, which look great with any setup you may have. This product has a wired, detachable cable, aluminium plate, ABS case, and silicon paddings. 

We love that Gamesense used the Gateron Yellows, which are factory lubed. 

It has a 50g pressing pressure, a 2.0mm actuation point and a 4.0mm keystroke. It has over 50M switch life durability, and that’s one of the other things we love about the keyboard. 

The Clutch has RGB LEDs available, and it uses a USB connection. 

When we speak of its dimensions, the keyboard measures 330 x 115mm (W x D) and weighs 1.3kg. Its cable is a Type-C to A USB cable that’s 1.8m long.

Lastly, the Clutch mechanical keyboard comes with a one-year warranty period. 

Hands-on with the Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard

We used the Clutch mechanical keyboard for more than a week to see how well it performs. It’s also a way to determine if the claims about the keyboard are legit and if it’s a good option.  

The first time we used it, we didn’t experience any huge issues with the keyboard. Its pre-lubed stabilisers were decent out of the box, though we noticed slight rattling when pressing on the keys. 

Its RGBs were vibrant and eye-catching. They looked great with the keycaps that were on by default. But when we swapped these with the included pudding keycaps, the keyboard looked better and more attractive. Plus, it offered a more enhanced RGB experience. 

Again, it sounded great for us. The clicks were there, but these didn’t sound obnoxiously loud. Other keyboards we tried had more prominent clicks compared to the Clutch. But in the long run, the sounds ended up becoming annoying for us. 

We can’t deny that we enjoyed the key presses of the Clutch, everything was great with the Clutch mechanical keyboard, and we had an excellent experience using the product. 

Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard Review Summary

The Clutch is a high-quality mechanical keyboard with excellent design and construction. It’s a good product, considering it’s the first keyboard from Gamesense.

Its sleek design is one of the best things about this product, but what makes it better is the included pudding keycaps. While the pre-installed keycaps already look good, the pudding variant is ideal if you want more vibrant RGB lighting.

During our product tests for our Gamesense Clutch Mechanical Keyboard Review, we had a great typing experience with this product. It wasn’t perfect, but it was responsive and flawless. The pre-lubed switches offered smoother keystrokes.

Another thing we loved about this keyboard is it’s fully customisable. So if you want different keycaps or switches, you can freely change these. The Clutch software also allows adjustments of various settings to achieve the best user experience.

Overall, we were satisfied with the Clutch. We highly recommend this product since it’s a solid option if you want a sleek and mechanical keyboard. It’s also ideal for beginners getting into the keyboard customisation hobby.

To learn more about the Clutch Mechanical Keyboard, check out Gamesense’s official product page for more details.