Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor Review

Do you want to level up your gaming experience with a new gaming monitor? Maybe an upgraded monitor with a higher refresh rate? Or perhaps you have plenty of options in mind, but you do not know which one to choose? We got you with our Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor review.

Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor is the new addition to Gigabyte’s Monitor gaming family. In April 2020, Taiwan’s tech giant launched the new Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor along with several new gaming monitors.

The Gigabyte G32Qc is Gigabyte’s first attempt entering the bigger screen market packed with a lot of features.

Could this be the perfect gaming monitor you are looking for? Well, the only way to find out is by going through our Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor review.

Let us begin by having a glance at its packaging.

Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor Packaging

Like most monitors, the Gigabyte G32QC ships out in a normal-looking brown box printed with product branding and outlines the monitor’s back and front part coming as a dual-use packaging.

As we open the box, we can see the monitor secured with styrofoam to prevent breakage. Also, inside the box are three cables, the USB 3.0 upstream cable, HDMI cable and one display port.

Aside from the cables, inside the box is the base part of the stand. It is kind of huge to be able to carry the weight of the panel. We can also find the arm part of the stand, which is similar to most monitors.

Also included are the discrete 900W power brick and the UK and European cloverleaf power cable. Last but not least, it comes with the user’s manual and some documentation.

Let us now move on to the design and functionality section of our Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor review.

Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor Review – Design and Functionality

Aside from the technical features, it is also vital to include this section in our Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor review. This will help us understand the purpose and value of its design and functions.

Not only that, this somehow will help us to have a glimpse of experience using the Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor.

The base stand of the Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor is massive, to be able to support the added weight of the panel. But it has a relatively low profile and takes up a lot of space in the table. This comes in handy if you want to place things on its feet.

The base also has a cut-out region with diagonally sloped sides, which is useful when you want to place your keyboard at an angle.

The arm stand is similar to the standard ones, and there is a dedicated cabling hole. With this, loose, dangling cables will not be a problem.

With the base and arm part being modular, the two can be joined together without utilising screws and screwdrivers. The monitor has a 100×100 VESA mounting which gives you a lot of mounting options.

The stand has four screw mounts to attach the stand into the body. This makes the installation a bit longer. However, we think that the screws are necessary to support the body.

The stand has a height adjustment to adjust the height and panel tilt, but lacking the side tilt. Unlike the AORUS models, the Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor does not have an RGB backlit, looking more stealthy and decent from the back.

The adjustable stand offers 100m of maximum height whereas, at the lowest point, the base is 48mm from the stand. The monitor can be tilted vertically at 5° forward and 20° backwards.

The ports are placed in the middle of the rear, each with name labels for easy identification.

The left side has a 3.5mm audio jack input, a pair of HDMI 2.0 ports and a display port 1.2. On the right is a type B USB port, a pair of USB 3.0 ports and the power input on the far right side.

At the right side of the rear, a 5-way joystick is placed to navigate the Gigabyte OSD (On Screen Display) sidekick menu for adjusting the monitor settings. At the bottom front right side, the small square power LED is found. It turns white when the monitor is powered on.

The screen has the classic 16:9 format and has a curvature of 1500R. If placed on a flat surface, Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor’s curvature is the largest on the market.

Let us now look at the key features of the  Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor as we move on with our Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor review.

Key Features of the Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor

AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro

The new Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor has been certified with AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro to step up your gaming experience.

AMD FreeSync™ Premium is a technology found on specific gaming monitors to fight out screen tearing, stuttering and input latency.

With AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro, you can enjoy playing games with the Gigabyte G32QC up to a maximum refresh rate of 165Hz and 1ms response time.

It also comes with a guaranteed HDR Support, a minimum of 120Hz refresh rate at Full HD resolution and a Low Framerate Consumption.

But, to support this feature, you will need to have an AMD Graphics card installed in your motherboard.

NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatibility

Aside from AMD FreeSync™, this monitor also supports NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology, which is perfect for users who have NVIDIA as their graphics card.

VESA Certified Display

The Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor is also VESA display HDR Certified because of its vivid display and quality.

VESA Mounting

As mentioned, the VESA mounting feature of the Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor gives you a handful of mounting options. One example is when you want to throw this monitor to a VESA 100 mount and a monitor arm.

Thin Bezels

The Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor sports a thin 9mm (top and sides) and 21mm (bottom) thin bezels that seemingly disappear when the monitor is turned off.

Native 1500R

Like most curved gaming monitors from Gigabyte, the Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor presents a 1500R native curvature for the better and immersive gaming experience.

This is ideal for race games and multiple task tackling. The purpose of curved panels is to offer a similar distance of the panel from your eye at each point.

The Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor is the first model of Gigabyte’s attempt to enter a bigger screen market.

1440P Resolution

The Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor sports a Quad HD resolution display, a perfect feature for a 32-inch monitor.


Now let’s go on further with our Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor review and see what makes it stand out against other gaming monitors.


The Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor has a 32.15-inch Vertical Alignment display in a native 1500R curvature. It has a Display Viewing Area of 697.34mm x 392.26mm.

It sports an edge type Panel backlit type and a non-glare display surface.

Attached to the stand, its physical dimensions are 710.5(W) by 552.2(H) by 234.8(D). Without stand the dimensions are 710.5(W) by 423.3(H) by 102.8(D).

Panel Features

Gigabyte G32QC has a true resolution of 2560×1440 Quad HD and a colour resolution of 94%DCI-P3 / 124% sRGB. It comes with a 0.2724*0.2724 Pixel Pitch and a 350 cd/m2 (TYP) brightness.

The panel has a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 12M:1.

The viewing angle of Gigabyte G32QC is 178° Horizontal and 178° Vertical and sports an 8-bit colour display.

It sports a fast 1 ms Moving Response Picture Time (MPRT) and a 165hz Refresh Rate. Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor is a VESA Display HDR 400 certified and is flicker-free.

Rear Ports & Connectivity

It comes with a signal input of two HDMI 2.0 ports and a single Display port 1.2. It has no speakers, but it comes with a 3.5mm earphone jack. This also goes with a pair of USB 3.0 ports.

The Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor can be powered through a power adapter, which port is also found at the back. It has a maximum power consumption of 75W, consumes a 0.5W at power-saving mode and 0.3W on a power-off mode.

The voltage input is 19V DC, with an input current of 4.74A.

More Features

As mentioned, the Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor has a tilted angle from -5° to +20°. The maximum height adjustment is 100mm and has a VESA mount of 100mm x 100mm.

It also sports a Kensington lock slot, to secure your monitor with a Kensington lock if necessary. However, only shops will mostly benefit from the Kensington lock.

The Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor has an estimated weight of 7.8 of net weight and 10.8 gross weight.

Next up on our Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor review, we will talk about the gaming experience and its performance to witness how well this monitor performs.

Hands-on with the Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor

This is an exciting part of our Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor review as we test the product ourselves. This will aid you in deciding to see if this is the right gaming monitor for you.

The Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor works perfectly for work and entertainment purposes. It provided a lot of screen room for spreadsheets and word applications and provided an excellent room for video editing.

This makes this gaming monitor rather useful in this regard. The native 1500R curvature did not affect the monitor’s performance to get through the day to day tasks.

The monitor’s colour and contrast are ideal for every application. Video watching is also excellent, as most 16:9 screens will deliver, displaying a full screen.

Sitting three feet away from the screen provides an IMAX-like watching experience straight from your desk.

Some 24-inch to 27-inch VA panels can look curved, but don’t feel like one. But with a 32-inch screen, it has a significant impact, also noting the screen height.

The Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor supports HDR that enhances your overall gameplay & experience.

Boost your brightness and luminance by enabling this setting in your monitor menu or through the OSD SideKick software

We also found out that there were no issues in running the AMD FreeSync™ or NVIDIA G-SYNC. Even with HDR enabled, the monitor operated smoothly while enjoying the 165 Hz screen refresh rate without screen tearing and no input lags as well.

Using an NVIDIA GPU on the G32QC isn’t also a bad option, since we didn’t encounter any problems.

Overall, AMD and NVIDIA’s Adaptive-Sync feature performed well and made games much more playable.

Now that we’ve discussed everything about this monitor, it’s time to wrap things up.

Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor Review Summary

Now it’s time to summarise everything in our Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor review.

If you are looking for a gaming monitor that will step up your gaming experience to the next level, then the Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor is the perfect pick for you. With a reasonable budget, you will undoubtedly get a lot from this gaming monitor.

For day-to-day work using different applications from basic to complex computing tasks, this is also a great product delivering the best performance.

It is also ideal for gamers who want a higher resolution, maximising each game with a higher refresh rate, delivering a smooth performance with no screen tears and input lags.

Also, running games with a 2560×1440 resolution on a 32-inch is what makes it great which improves the gaming experience.As we end our Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor review, we highly recommend this not just to gamers but to all who want better viewing experience at a reasonable price.

To know more about the Gigabyte G32Q monitor, simply head over to their official website.